Sarah's Humiliation

My name is Sarah and I experienced an humiliating medical exam.

It was last winter, I got a new job and Ii was asked to have a medical check up at the company’s doctor.

I reached the doctor’s office wearing a navy skirt vest and a cotton blouse. I wore my new high heels and stockings .As I entered the office the doctor’s secretary handed me a plastic cup and told me to fill it with my urine so that they could check it. Fortunately I brought one of these cups already filled with my first morning urine and handed it to her. I asked her if the exam would take a lot of time she replied negatively with a very rude face.

As I was waiting for the doctor I was strolling around the waiting room looking at my beautiful new shoes when suddenly the door opened and the doctor called me in.

I sat on a chair and explained him that I needed a physical exam for my new job. He was looking at me strangely and then he ordered me to undress and left the room.

I removed my dress and untied my skirt and waited for him. As he entered the room he told me that I should remove everything from my hair pin to my stockings. I noticed that their was no place I could undress as the exam room had no closet.

I slowly removed my blouse, bra, skirt. I stopped at my panties and looked at him when he said in a hard voice “hurry up miss I don’t want to loose my time”. I removed my panties and slipped my heels and removed my stockings.

I climbed on the exam table and he began to check my heart , blood pressure, etc. He examined my breasts slowly as if he was massaging it and was enjoying it. I curled my toes nervously when he told me to spread so that he could have a closer look at my pussy. He touched my clito and inserted his fingers inside my vagina.

He inserted another finger and began to play with my clito and said that he was checking if it was responding correctly. I began to feel an orgasm coming and I began to shiver like a leaf. He told me not to worry and he removed one finger and inserted it into my anus. He continued his pervert examination by inserting a speculum, this was very uncomfortable. He asked me if I had a pap’s test recently. I nodded and he immediately did the test, his finger was still on my clito and I was completely wet I could feel the water running out of my pussy.

When he finished he took one leg and examined it from my hip to my toes carefully spreading each toes. He felt my heel, sole and told me that I had nice feet. He did the same thing with my right leg this time he explained that he was looking for any trace of drugs being injected. He slowly rubbed my foot in his hand, each single toe was examined.

He then asked me to roll over my belly and examined my anus, rectum and he returned to my heels. He took my foot and began to suck them. I tried to pull them but he said he was a foot fetish mania. He continued for fifteen minutes and he ordered me to get dressed. He handed me my report and asked me to come back for another exam.

I never went back to see him as I found a female doctor and I’m more at ease with her .