Secret Passion

By Anonymous

All my life I’d fantasized about erotic enemas. But it took my very perceptive wife to make my dreams come true.

The night she caught me indulging in my secret passion, I was so engrossed I didn’t hear her come into the room. It was late. I’d been working way too many hours, and I was in the den, trying to relax, surfing through one of my favorite Internet areas – reading stories and looking at pictures of people giving and getting enemas. I was mostly interested in the “getting” part. I’d thought Carol was asleep. I caught just a whiff of her perfume before her arms slipped around me from behind. Then her hands slid inside my robe to grasp my throbbing erection.

“Mmmm,” she said, rubbing gently as I gasped with pleasure. “Looks like they’re having fun.”

I was so embarrassed I felt like my face was on fire.

“God, honey, I’m sorry. I was just checking this out . . .”

I stopped, not wanting to lie to her. In the ten years we’d been together, I never had. But I didn’t know what to say. I was looking at a picture of a guy draped lovingly across his wife’s lap, his arms braced against the side of the chair as he leaned up and kissed her. He had an enema tube stuck up his butt and a half-empty bottle was hanging from her hands. It was the hottest picture I’d ever seen.

“Shush.” Carol’s soft, sweet voice drew all my attention to what her hands were doing as she leaned over and kissed the side of my neck. I groaned as she sucked very softly, then licked her way up so she was whispering right in my ear.

“Sweetheart, I know this is one of your favorite sites.” She bit my ear gently as she laughed. “I’ve peeked over your shoulder before.” The next bite was softer, a tiny nibble as she said, “I think that picture is incredibly sexy. He looks so relaxed, so turned on. Do you want to try that?” She moved her hand down from my now thoroughly engorged penis to tenderly cup my testicles. She tugged gently. “I’d really like to do that – run warm water up your bottom to see if it makes you as happy as it makes the man in the picture.”

I was so stunned I couldn’t make my mouth move. My wife was offering to make my most hidden fantasy come true, and because it was something “she” wanted to do! I couldn’t believe it! I pulled her hand up from my lap and kissed her palm – embarrassed and blushing and fervently nodding against her hand as she laughed against my back.

Carol’s face was reflected in the monitor, her head now resting on my shoulder, the cloud of her soft brown curls framing her face, a big smile touching her lips. Her eyes were twinkling wickedly.

“Come with me, Jake.” She tugged on my hand as she stood up and pulled me gently to my feet. “You can keep your robe on for now. I’ll take it off when it’s time to start your enema.”

The words sent shivers down my spine. I didn’t bother turning the computer off. I just followed Carol down the hall, my eyes glued to the satin peignoir that hugged her perfectly rounded curves, my feet moving like I was in a trance, matching the rhythm of her heels on the hardwood floor.

Hold on a second. Heels? At bedtime?!

“Carol!” I sputtered. “You planned this!”

“I most certainly did.” She wiggled her hips enticingly as she looked back over her shoulder and winked at me. “I’ve been waiting for my chance.” She squeezed my hand and grinned as we stopped at the guest bathroom. “Now let’s make you feel good, sweetheart.”

Her smile made me fall in love with her all over again. She opened the door, and I tripped right into her back, staring at what she’d done to the room. It was right out of the on-line picture. Her vanity chair was in the middle of the floor, on a large furry rug. The counter was lined with bottles and jars and measuring cups. And next to the chair, hanging on a shiny, silver hospital pole, was a bright red enema bag. The tube was already attached, draped back over the arm of the pole, a thick black nozzle jutting firmly out of the business end. I tugged my robe closed, trying to cover my raging erection. My cock seemed intent on peeking out to see this dream come true for itself.

“I see this meets with your approval.” Carol was laughing again as she let go of my hand and walked across the room to adjust the lights. Then she picked up a rectal thermometer, swiped a glob of petroleum jelly on it, and wiggled it at me. “Come lie over my lap and let me see if your insides are the right temperature for a nice, warm bath.”

As she sat down, Carol opened the front of her robe. I gasped at what she had on beneath it. A white lace half-bra lifted her small, firm breasts so that the luscious rosy tips were held up, waiting to be kissed. A satiny patch of panty barely covered her neatly trimmed pubic hair and the firm mound of her vulva. Her long legs were encased in white lace stockings that rose to meet her lace and satin garter belt. My wife looked even better than the sexy woman in the picture. And Carol was holding a lubed thermometer in one hand, curling the index finger of her other hand seductively as she beckoned me towards her.

“Come here, sweetheart. You can keep your robe on a little longer, while the room finishes warming up. For now, I’ll just lift it out of the way.”

Her words made me shudder with anticipation. This was better than anything I’d imagined. I grabbed Carol up halfway off the chair and kissed her with a passion I swear I hadn’t felt since our first night together.

We were both gasping when I finally leaned back and looked her in the eye. “Thank you.” It was all I could think of to say.

“You’re welcome,” she grinned, patting my bottom through my robe. “Now get over my lap and let me at that luscious backside of yours.”

I felt a little shaky as I draped myself over her legs. My robe fell open, so my erection was resting on her lacy stocking. I lowered my head towards the floor, balancing my hands on the soft, furry rug. Then I groaned as her hand slid up my thigh and slowly lifted the back of my robe. I shivered as her hands trailed up over my skin, caressing my lower cheeks.

“Such a beautiful bottom,” she purred. “I’ve always liked touching it. But then, you know that.” I groaned as her hand moved down to explore the crack between my cheeks.

“What you don’t know is that I’ve always wanted to do this, wanted you over my lap, with your bottom exposed.” She patted me gently. “Spread your legs for me, dear.”

I did. My cock rubbed against her and I felt the dampness from where I was leaking.

“I’ve always wanted to give you an enema.” I gasped as her fingers spread my cheeks and the cold thermometer slid into me. My cock lurched against her, twitching at the stimulation in my anus.

“I see you like that,” she laughed. “I bet you’ll like it even more when I slide the nozzle into you.” She wiggled the thermometer, ignoring my moans of pleasure as she continued to speak. “First I’m going to wash you out with a nice soapsuds enema. Then I’ll rinse you with lots of warm water. Then I’m going to fill you up with an herbal infusion that you’re going to hold for a very long time, until I’m convinced the enemas have soothed away all the stresses that are making you tense. Does that sound good to you, dear?”

It sounded like heaven. Carol was wiggling the thermometer as she talked. Not a lot, just enough to keep me totally aware that something under her direction had the complete attention of my anus.

“It sounds wonderful,” I choked out. I couldn’t remember when anything in my life had ever sounded – or felt – better. With each wiggle, my cock jumped.

“I’m glad you agree with the rest of your body,” she laughed, lifting her knee slightly so I felt the pressure on my erection. “By the way, I’d prefer if you held off coming until the last enema. But if you can’t, well, you’ll just have to come twice.”

“Oh, God, Carol,” I gasped, almost coming right then just thinking about it.

She laughed, sliding the thermometer out and patting my bottom gently. Suddenly, I felt very empty. I gasped as her finger touched softly, right in the middle of my anus.

“Don’t worry. I’m going to fill you right back up.” She emphasized her words with short, little touches. My breath caught on each one.

“Stand up, Jake.”

I did. Then I waited, motionless, watching her every move, as she carefully measured out one quart of warm water into a pitcher, stirred in a half teaspoon of castile soap, and poured the cloudy mixture into the bag. It bulged out, just the way I’d dreamed it would. I was starting to shiver, though by now the room was warm enough that I definitely wasn’t cold. It was all anticipation.

Carol ran the air out of the line, then clamped off the hose and hooked it back on the pole. She turned around and slipped off her peignoir, so that all she was wearing was her sexy underwear and those white stiletto heels. My eyes couldn’t decide where to look. They were torn between wanting to eat her alive and being glued to that bulging red bag.

She walked over to me, stood on her tiptoes, and kissed me full on the mouth.

“It’s time for your enema, honey.”

All I could do was nod as she loosened the belt of my robe. The thick velour slid over my shoulders and fell to the floor. Then Carol took my hand and led me to the chair. She sat down, moved her legs apart, and patted her creamy white thigh. “Come over my lap again, Jake. And remember to spread your legs wide this time. I need to be able to see your sweet little anus very clearly while I work the nozzle in.”

I felt like I was moving in slow motion as I laid across her legs. I rubbed my cheek against her calf, shivering, trying to concentrate on the feel of the lace under my cheek rather than the exquisite pressure on my cock where it was trapped against her stocking. Then her finger was against my anus, pressing in.

“Just a little lube, love, so the nozzle slides in nice and smoothly. “ I jumped, tightening hard in surprise as her finger slipped in, but it was gone before it really registered.

“Here we go.”

Before I could even think, I felt the hard tip of the nozzle slide up into me. I tightened involuntarily at the invasion. Then with a click, Carol released the clamp. The warm, sudsy water gushed up into my rectum, and I couldn’t think at all anymore. It was better than anything I’d ever imaged, anything I’d ever dreamed. I relaxed over Carol’s leg and I just let myself feel.

It was a wonderful enema. Carol ran the water into me slowly, letting my prostate enjoy every exquisite second of the gradually increasing pressure on my male G-spot. She’d positioned the bag so I could watch it empty into me. And all the while she kept wiggling and resituating the nozzle to keep my anus stimulated. With each tiny movement, my cock got harder until I was so turned on I could hardly stand it.

She made me hold the enema for 10 full minutes, too. She said that was the time recommended for a thorough cleansing enema, and she intended to be very thorough with me. That was the only part I’d been worried about. I’d heard that cramps were fairly common. But each time I felt a wave of peristaltic action flow over me, Carol massaged my belly until all I felt was the comfortable fullness and the incredibly sexy pressure.

I really had to go by the time she let me back up, though. I ran around the divider to the john. By the time I came back out, she was just finishing adding a teaspoon of salt to the rinse water. She poured it into the bag, then grinned up at me as I walked back into the room.

“What did you think of your first enema, lover boy? Ready for another round?”

“It was great,” I laughed, grabbing her in a ferocious hug. I ignored her giggles, kissing her with a resounding smack. “Bottoms up!”

She sat back down, I dove into position over a leg, and a moment later, I was groaning with pleasure again as the rinse water coursed into me.

The second enema went even better. I was cleaned out and opened, and I was most definitely relaxed. It was harder on my cock, though. With all the pressure on my prostate, every cell in my body wanted to come NOW. I could smell Carol’s pussy juice soaking into her underpants. When I told her how good she smelled, she said that giving me an enema had her so hot she had cream running down into her stockings. Thinking about that didn’t help my self-control, especially when she smacked my hand away from her panties and insisted that I just relax and enjoy what she was doing to my butt.

She dropped the real bombshell, though, when I came back from the john the second time. She’d just finished mixing what she called “the medicinal enema.” Something she’d gotten from the health food store. I could smell garlic and herbs, though I didn’t recognize which ones. And she’d taken off her panties.

“Jake,” she said, taking my hand and putting my fingers between her legs. My cock lurched as I touched her. She was dripping. “Honey, I’m afraid I’ve gotten too turned on for my own good.” She lifted my fingers to my lips. I eagerly licked them clean. Her juices were sweet and sticky and tangy. “This next time, when I give you your enema, you can’t release it, and you can’t come, until you eat me into an orgasm – one that’s every bit as good as what you’re going to feel when I make you come with all that luscious water filling up your tummy. Do you understand, sweetheart?”

I understood that I was going to be experiencing heaven on earth. I leaned over and kissed each one of her perky pink nipples, suckling them until they pouted up wetly at me. Then I dropped to my knees on the rug, wrapped my arms around her legs, and buried my face in her pussy. I kissed and licked as I tasted the sweetest nectar in the world. Then I stood up and sucked softly on her tongue so she could taste her own juices on my lips.

“For a night like this, Babe, I’ll eat you until your screams echo off the roof. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.” I wiggled my eyebrows at her, suddenly feeling as young and carefree as I’d been when we first met. “And thank you from the bottom of my bottom, too.”

Carol giggled. Then she slapped my backside sharply, and I was over her lap again, smelling her musk, watching the bag slowly empty as another wonderful enema washed up into me, making my cock twitch, pressing my prostate until I felt the fluid leaking out of my shaft. I was so relaxed my bones felt like Jell-O.

“Would you like this to help you hold it, honey?”

The bag was empty, and I looked up to see Carol holding a tiny pink anal plug. It was glistening with lube. As she removed the nozzle, I realized how much I wanted something cuddling up against my now thoroughly stimulated anus while I ate her.

I told her yes, then gasped, almost coming on her leg, as the slender plug, which suddenly seemed much larger, slid slowly into me. I braced my arms on the chair and arched up against her, kissing her with all the fervor of the man in the picture. Except Carol was better than any dream, any fantasy. And she was all mine. My bottom plugged, I slid down between her legs, grabbed her hips towards me, and buried my face in her pussy.

She was sopping, her nether lips slippery with her clear, sweet juices. I don’t know which of us moaned louder. I sucked her clit, teasing the swollen little nub out of its hiding place in her sensitive hood. The pressure inside me had my prostate screaming for release as I licked inside her, drinking the cream that slid down each time she shuddered under my tongue. Then we were both on the floor, on our sides, sixty-nining on the rug. Her lips were wrapped around my erection as she tapped the base of the anal plug. I could hardly breathe, it felt so good. I wiggled my fingers inside of her, pressing up against her G-spot as I lapped her pussy, sucking her clit, swiping my tongue all over her. She was arching towards me, taking me deeper into her mouth, the way she does when she getting ready to come really hard. When she’s getting ready to scream. As she started to shudder, I quickly stuck the index finger of my other hand in her pussy, then pressed my dripping finger into the hot, tight ring of her anus.

Her scream vibrated through my cock. I couldn’t remember her ever coming that hard before. My body responded with an orgasm that shook me to my bones. I erupted into her mouth, roaring as my semen shot out of me into her waiting mouth. I spurted over and over again as she shuddered against me, until finally I collapsed on the rug, my face nuzzling her thigh as my fingers rested inside of her. By then, she’d stopped shaking, and she wasn’t sucking me anymore, just letting my over-stimulated and very happy penis rest on her tongue.

I could have stayed there forever. Except a wave of peristaltic action like I’d never felt in my life seized my gut. Carol jumped up and held my cheeks together with a grip like steel while I lay there panting and sweating. As soon as the spasm stopped, I jumped up and I ran for the john. We slept in the guest room that night. In fact, I slept 10 straight hours – hadn’t done that in years. I woke up feeling contented and completely refreshed. And surprise of surprises, the office survived quite nicely without me for a few hours.

Carol has announced that she likes “tending to my bottom” so much that we’re going to be doing it at least once a month from now on. She’ll get no complaints from me about that. And my wife has also made it clear that she’s going to be visiting some of the web sites that I’ve been frequenting. I’ve drawn up a list of suggestions.