Seven Enemas For Anita

By Anonymous

Anita was having lower back pains and symptoms of a clogged-up lower digestive tract. After much reading on the subject in Holistic medical books, we decided a thorough cleaning was needed.

Anita has undergone a complete cleansing session with multiple two quart fillings. She took the first lying down on her side. With her face down, I gave her a relaxing massage, finishing by rubbing and lubricating first the outside then the inside of her anal opening with vitamin E oil. For the enema, we started with her on her left side so the descending colon would fill easily. I massaged upward along her belly, following the line of her descending colon (reverse of the peristalsis movement) to help break obstructions and assist the water in filling her. As she filled, she rolled over on her back, and we continued the massage, now moving up the descending, and left to right along the transverse colon. Finally, she rolled onto her right side to drain the bloated bag. In this position, I massaged her entire colon, working the water deep into her bowels, and helping it clean away any old fecal matter crusted on the walls of her intestines.

When she had the whole bag in her, we stopped the flow. I kept the douche nozzle in her rear to help hold back all that water. I was gently cradling it in my hand, and I know she could feel the shivers of my excitement at seeing her yield herself so submissively to this humiliating treatment. I let her lie there, rolling over onto her back, and kept up the massage of her abdomen for as long as she could take it. When she was ready to get rid of the water, I gently helped her roll over. I removed the pipe from her and helped her keep the flood inside by squeezing her delectable derriere together with one hand. With the other hand, I lovingly cradled her bulging tummy, and I helped her to the toilet. To show my devotion to her, I stayed with her throughout the expulsion process, now massaging her colon in reverse, timed to match her own spasms and help expel the smelly wastes and bursts of gas.

As she was finishing and cleaning her rear, we refilled the bag, and repeated this process. This time she couldn’t quite take two quarts. Perhaps some of the previous filling was still in there. The water that came out on her second enema was almost as dirty as the first. Our goal, as recommended in Klauss’ book, Back to Eden, was four-quart enemas until she ran clear. (However, Dr. Klauss points out that different individuals have differing capacities, and I think Anita is one who will never reach 4 quarts. A 2 quart enema is just as brutally fulfilling to her as four quarts are to me.)

We filled the bag a third time. For this enema, she knelt on a towel on the floor, put her head down, and left her pretty rear sticking invitingly up in the air. I must confess, it took the greatest of discipline, as much as I love the sight of her beautiful backside, to stick to the business at hand. I put some vitamin E oil on my finger and lovingly lubricated her. Then I slipped the douche nozzle inside her and started the flow. I had to reach between her legs this time to give her the colonic massage, and this brought my face so close to her. Every time I moved my arm through the massage, it caused my other hand, holding the spewing nozzle in her, to move gently, a slow and inconspicuous fucking in her ass. She was so open and exposed in this position. I could smell the excitement as her pussy wettened, but she refused to let on that this was anything more than a medical procedure, and I was equally determined not to do anything beyond what she could take in stride. Still, she couldn’t take the full bag before having to mince her way to the toilet and expel, and still, the end of the enema came out putrid and brown.

We filled the bag a fourth time. This time we tried it with her standing, and me kneeling behind her to insert the enema. I find this the position that allows me to most easily take 4 quarts, but she again had trouble taking one full bag. The position did give me a thrilling view of the process, though. As I watched her tummy swell outward with the flooding enema, I remembered how beautiful and sexy she had looked when she was pregnant with our little boy (now 8). Four enemas, and still she hadn’t gotten past 2 quarts, nor had she fully cleansed her colon. Obviously, the process needed doing.

For her fifth enema, she returned to laying on her side. I was, by this point, bold enough to cuddle up against the back of her thighs, insert the enema tip, and massage her tummy with my arm stretched between her legs. She was soaking wet. I know she got more than a washing from the process. But she said not a word about any eroticism in the procedure. Of course, I was sporting a raging hard-on, and leaking lubricant to beat a fire hydrant myself, and there was no way to hide this from her, so she clearly knew what effect she was having on me.

We did two more like this, languidly filling and emptying her till the water ran clear right to the end. At that point, the wretched enema stench was gone, and in its place, the water, the room, and her delightful derriere, had taken on the faint, almost sweet smell left when water exits a well-cleaned colon. We both knew something very special and intimate had happened, and decided that such treatments should be done on a regular basis.