Shannon’s First Rectal Exam

I have been practicing medicine in the same town for about ten years now. Since my specialty is proctology I do not see a lot of young people. Of course I do get the occasional forty year old hypochondriac who is convinced that a bout of constipation is a sure sign that they are dying of colon cancer or some other exotic disorder. But other than that life in this particular specialty is pretty dull. At least until a week ago. One of the partners in our group practice said he had a relative visiting who was having some rectal pain and asked if I could have a look at her. I guessed that this would be one of his older relatives that he was having for the weekend, I told him to send her in and I would check her out.

About an hour later his twenty one year old niece Shannon came to my office. I asked if she had driven her aunt or someone over, she said no. She was the patient. Shannon was a attractive girl whom I had met several time before when her family was visiting my partner Tom. Shannon had tears in her eyes at the thought of needing a rectal exam, but she said the pain was getting worse and she couldn’t put it off any longer. I asked her what type of problem she was having and I assured her that I would make her as comfortable as possible.

Shannon explained that she had been having painful bowel movements for about two weeks and began bleeding a few days ago. She told me that the pain was getting so bad she was getting scared to go to the bathroom. I tried to assure her that there could be so many minor things that could cause her to have these same symptoms and that shouldn’t be scared. I led Shannon to the exam room, I handed her a gown and told her that she would need to remove her jeans and her underpants. Since she knew my daughter Suzie, I asked her if she would like her to stay with her during the exam. Shannon declined the offer, saying that she was embarrassed enough by the exam, and that since she would probably be crying through the whole thing she would rather be by herself.

As I turned to wash my hands and put on a pair of gloves I saw Shannon unbuttoning and slipping her jeans off without bothering to step behind the changing screen. As I turned back she finished removing her jeans, revealing a pair of beautifully tanned legs, she was wearing a pair of tiny white lace panties that made her tan legs seem even darker. She was so nervous that she put the gown on backwards, I asked her to please turn it around so it would be easier to do her exam. She apologized and turned the gown around before removing her panties. I placed her at the end of the table and told her to rest her upper body flat on the top surface, I asked her to relax while I raised the end of the table to put her in position for the exam.

As I started to raise the table I could hear her start to cry. I asked her to relax, and I explained that although sometimes these exams could be slightly uncomfortable, they are rarely as bad as people think. I finished lifting the table into position and placed myself behind her. I untied the gown and let it fall open. Shannon jumped as I reached down and began to spread her cheeks apart. Just as I was asking her to relax, saying that I would try not to hurt her, she began crying again. I promised that I would not do anything but look without warning her first, then I spread her cheeks again and began to have a good look. Other than some redness and a little minor irritation I saw nothing unusual. I told Shannon that so far there was nothing drastic to be worried about, but I would have to examine her internally to be sure. She started crying again but agreed.

I apologized and told her that I would have to ask her some rather personal questions before beginning the exam. I told her that I needed to know what I might be looking for. I started with a few questions about her bowel movements, regularity and discomfort, then moved on to questions about anal intercourse or inserting any other foreign objects into her rectum. She answered more calmly that I expected. She explained that she had no problems prior to this and that there was no sex of any kind, she was a virgin. The only foreign objects were suppositories hoping to clear up her problem. I became curious when she told me that her roommate at college helped her with the suppositories because it hurt too much to do it herself.

I picked up the tube of KY jelly and returned her to the position she was in, once again I parted her cheeks and this time I applied a generous amount of lubricant to her rectum. I instructed Shannon to remain very still and proceeded to insert my finger in her to lubricate her completely. I reached up as far as I could reach as she began crying harder than before. As I examined her I could feel some type of lump or bulge, but it was just past where I could get a good feel for it. I removed my finger and she let out a sigh of relief, saying thank god that was over. I explained that there was some type of lump that would need further examination, again the tears began to flow.

Shannon’s eyes widened as I removed the proctoscope from the drawer, she asked me what that was for and I explained that I would need this to continue her exam. She began shaking as panic set in, she turned her head away so she wouldn’t have to see it. I lubricated the scope, and then her again, hoping to make this as painless as possible. I inserted the scope ass lowly and gently as possible at first, Shannon was crying out loud now, and I felt pretty bad for her, but this was necessary, and had to be done.

After the scope was past the first inch or so (the worst part), I quickly pushed it the rest of the way in and opened it. Once it was all the way in the crying slowed down and eventually stopped. I reached up and took the sigmoidoscope down and began to lubricate it. Shannon still had her head turned and did not see what I was doing, since she stopped crying it was better this way.

There was a slight jump as I began to insert the long tube, after pushing it almost eight inches Shannon began to cry again, I explained that the worst was definitely over and that we were almost done. As I looked in the viewer I found the lump that I had felt. It was not a lump at all but some type of plastic object. I asked Shannon if she wanted to change her answer to the question about inserting things into herself, and she said that she had no idea what it might be. I used a pair of long tipped forceps to dislodge the item. Upon removal I looked at it, and noticed that it looked like a piece of textured plastic, like the materiel used in adult toys for women. I removed all the instruments and placed Shannon on her side. I prepared a enema to make sure there was no additional bleeding, and to be sure she was properly cleaned out. She started to squirm around a little as the large volume of warm fluid rushed in, although I could tell that the pain was gone and she was no longer crying.

After she expelled the fluid I did one more quick exam and assured her that her problem was over. I asked her to come into my office after she finished dressing. I asked her one more time how she thought that the object might have gotten there and she admitted what she thought what might have happened. She admitted that her college roommate was a lesbian, and one night they went out to a frat party and were pretty wasted when they got home, she more than her roommate Debbie. She had always wanted to ask Debbie what lesbian sex was like, but never had the nerve until now, being as drunk as she was. Debbie suggested that rather than explaining it maybe she would like to try a little, Debbie promised that if she were uncomfortable they would stop.

Shannon said that it sounded like fun and willing to try. Shannon admitted that this was a side if her that she didn’t know even existed until that night when she got drunk. She told me the last thing she remembered about that night was Debbie bringing out two large dildos from her dresser and feeling her panties being pulled down. She said she woke up the next morning feeling like she had a night of really great sex, but didn’t remember a thing. It was right after that she began having her problems. Since school closed for a two week break she hadn’t seen Debbie, but wait until school starts again.

She thanked me and left. I can only imagine what she has in mind for her roommate when she gets back to school.

The Medic