Shaving Preparation

I called you from the office, later than I said I would. “Be over in 15 minutes so start getting ready.” I knocked on the door and you greeted me with the towel wrapped around you, still dripping from the shower. We walked into your bedroom, you spread the towel on your bed and laid down on your back. I pulled up a chair and opened the prep pack. It was time for your shave.

When I was ready, I had you scoot down to the edge of the bed and place your feet on my thighs. Your still-wet pubic hair readily accepted the shaving foam from the kit and a large mound of foam slowly formed between your legs. The razor slowly removed the foam and fur and exposed beneath it was your beautiful mound. When it was time to shave your puffy outer lips, I stretched them tautly as I removed the last hairs guarding your vagina. I talked to you as the shaving progressed but you didn’t have much to say.

With the front now shaved bare, I turned my attention to your bottom. I helped you turn over and gently positioned you on your hands and knees, then slowly had you place your head and tits on the bed. Your knees were then spread wide to allow me to finish the job. Your pink bottom rose, the source of so many fond memories, caused me to momentarily forget what I was there for and then it was back to work. More foam and more shaving followed until not a single hair or stubble was left. Wiping you clean with a warm wet rag, I had to admire your exposed femininity; you were truly a sight to behold. I removed some aloe-based lotion from my bag and, reaching between your legs, applied some to your just-shaved mound. The same process was repeated on your rear, well almost the same. I could no longer resist penetrating your asshole with my wet fingers and gently introduced two into your bottom. You pushed back on my fingers, pleased with this turn of events but we both knew I couldn’t stay and play. We had an early engagement tomorrow.

Ms. Jones from the local high school had called my office weeks earlier to ask about the possibility of me speaking to her senior level health class. The topic was to be the human female and her anatomy. I accepted the invitation and then remembered how you had once spoken about exposing yourself in front of a group of high school boys. Ms. Jones willingly agreed to let me bring a training aid to the school for the talk. You were to be my aid.

As I waited for you to answer the door the next morning, I wondered how well you had slept the night before. I know I slept very little knowing what I had planned. Looking at you in the outfit you were wearing made my heart race; those high-school boys didn’t stand a chance. Your sheer white blouse made it easy to see the skimpy lace bra that lifted and separated your full breasts. Your erect nipples were plainly visible through the material. Soft, brown leather pants and 4” heels were the finishing touch. You obviously had been looking forward to this!

Greeted in the lobby by Ms. Jones, we were escorted down to the nurse’s office where, due to the nature of the material, today’s class would be conducted. Everything was arranged as requested; the examining table with stirrups, a flexible floor lamp and a screened area for you to disrobe. The students’ chairs were crowded into the room so that the ones closest to the front would be able to reach out and touch you. These were sure to be the prized seats. As the boys entered the room, I had you go behind the screen and strip completely. I introduced myself to the boys, told them what they would learn in today’s lesson and then had you come out and be introduced. Although you had the sheet wrapped around you, it was clear to the boys that you were naked beneath it and equally clear that this was not going to be a regular class. The sound of the bell told me it was time to begin.

I directed you to sit on the end of the examining table and positioned the sheets so you were exposed to the waist. As your breasts were exposed, there was a collective gasp from the audience. The proud way you displayed your chest combined with the cool air and your arousal made your tits ride high and firm; each breast topped with an engorged nipple. I explained the composition of the breasts and what function they performed. I showed them how a breast exam is performed and what to feel for on their girlfriends. As I grasped a nipple to illustrate a point to the class, I could feel it swell even more to the touch. My lab coat hid my arousal while the boys were forced to sit in their chairs and deal with theirs. Fifteen minutes later we pulled the sheet back over your chest and had you lean back against the inclined table.

This was the part of the class everyone had been waiting for, myself included. After I had you slide your buttocks to the edge of the table, I helped you put your feet in the stirrups and then pulled the sheet away from your crotch. You could have heard a pin drop if not for the sound of the blood throbbing in the penis of every guy in the room. Shaving you the night before had its desired effect; everything was plainly visible and nothing would interfere with the boys’ lesson. I slipped on some gloves and began this part of the lecture. I started with the outer lips and then gently peeled them apart to expose the inner lips.

Before I got to it, I was asked where your clitoris was. Carefully opening your upper lips, I had no trouble showing them the deep pink organ, swollen now so that the hood did not need to be retracted. I hadn’t planned a digital internal exam until the G-spot question was raised but it now seemed like a good time to perform one. No lubricant was needed as I inserted two finger in your vagina and pressed them against the spot. Your moan told the boys I had found the spot as I explained what they should feel for and what to do when they found it. Removing my hand, I picked up the speculum from my bag, warmed it under running water in the sink and inserted it into your vagina. This caused a sigh from the attentive audience as they imagined their penises in the place of the speculum. Each boy then had an opportunity to come up and view you now exposed cervix through the speculum. After all their questions were answered I removed the speculum, making sure to point out the secretions that covered it, where they had come from and why the were so copious.

I finished up the planned part of the lecture by addressing that sensitive area between vagina and anus and then discussing the anus itself. I explained that many women are fond of anal stimulation. However, I was afraid to excite the boys any more than they already were so I decided not to spend too much time on the anus and rectum. For now.

This concluded the lesson as I explained it to you weeks before. However, Ms. Jones, who had quietly left the room without anyone noticing, was now at the door rolling in a cart. I had prepared this cart earlier in the morning before I had come to pick you up. As I had instructed, Ms. Jones had filled the two pitchers with warm water and rolled it up to the table. The mineral oil and other supplies were also on the cart. Out of the closet cam two IV stands which were quickly positioned on either side of the table. After I mixed the contents of each bag, a bulging hot water bottle was hung on each stand. The clear plastic hose from each would allow the audience to see just what was flowing into you. I had you raise your bottom as I placed several highly-absorbent towels under your cheeks. Your fantasy was about to come true.

The first hose was attached to a six inch, ribbed nozzle about an inch in diameter. I explained to the boys just what an enema was and how it was administered. This one, I told them, had a heavy dose of mineral oil in it while other types of enemas could also be administered for differing effects. Finding no further reason to delay the inevitable, I inserted a lubricated finger into your bottom. You responded to this with a tight clenching of your sphincter. I explained to the boys that this procedure was necessary since the rectum has no lubricating glands.

Removing my finger, I then held the nozzle in front of them as I applied lubrication to it. I explained that the diameter insured that you would feel it in your bottom and that the ribs would help you keep from expelling the nozzle as the enema became increasingly difficult to retain. One of the boys wanted to know how something so large could pass through a hole so tiny. Without any words I showed him, introducing the nozzle through your tight anus and then slowly and steadily inserted it into your bottom until less than an inch was exposed. Just as you began to get comfortable with that, I picked up the other nozzle. This nozzle would enter into your vagina and a douche would be administered; the boys might as well learn it all! This nozzle slid into your creaming vagina and you were now plugged front and back.

With no warning, the clamps were released on each hose and the water entered your pussy and butt. Your moans really excited the boys who had repositioned themselves for the tenth time to deal with their now-unbearable erections. The douche flowing out from between your lips onto the absorbent pads did not escape their attention and they all noticed it at about the same time. Just as the last of your enema entered your bottom, the bell for the next class rang. The boys reluctantly left for their next class, exhausted and horny from the spectacle they had just witnessed. Ms. Jones walked up to the table, speechless. However, she willingly agreed to remove the douche nozzle and then the enema nozzle when I offered her the chance. She directed you to the lady’s room to deal with the demands of your enema as I packed up the equipment I had brought. You dressed and we were escorted out of the building. Ms. Jones invited us to come back again soon saying that she found the class to be stimulating and educational.

In the car you were in a dream-like state, your mind apparently replaying the actions of the last hour. I spoke not a word, not wanting to intrude on this special time. We got to your door and I walked you in, having one last bit of business to attend to. I hugged you briefly, gently turned you around and then slid your pants and panties down your legs and off your feet. Still not saying a word, I bent you over the arm of the couch, bottom up. Knowing you would still be slick from the oily enema, I had only to slip on a condom, spread your lovely butt cheeks and insert my rock-hard penis up your butt.

After five minutes of stroking, a sound began to come out of your mouth indicating that your climax was near. We came together, screaming from the overwhelming intensity of the anal sex and the activities that had just concluded. I stayed in your bottom a few more minutes and then I carefully withdrew. I had to go. We hadn’t spoken a word since leaving the school and I didn’t want to spoil the mood now. I left you bent over the couch arm, your beautiful bottom slick and shiny and your smoothly shaved vagina dripping with the fluid of your desire. I wished all the boys in the class had a chance to take you, two at a time. But, hey, they had to have something to look forward to one day.

This was a day I’d never forget. Hopefully, you wouldn’t either.