Shelley’s Step-Mother

By Anonymous

Shelley walked up the drive quickly, carrying her satchel. She noted with pleasure that her step- mother’s car was not parked in the driveway, so there would be nothing to delay her. She could go straight to her room and get out of her clothes. She had been distracted all day - could not concentrate on her lessons. She had woken up horny and now her moist pussy demanded urgent attention.

She did not bother to close her bedroom door but started undressing in front of the mirror. She loved looking at her naked body. She was in love with her pert little breasts and pretty blond bush. She caressed her breasts and rolled the nipples between her fingers. Oh, it felt so good… She slipped her fingers between her pussy lips and was amazed at how wet she was.

Getting on to the bed she lay on her right side, her back to the door, and hugged her pillow to her, pressing it against her lower abdomen. She began squeezing her thighs together and scooping some of her juices with her left hand. She slipped a finger into her asshole. She worked it back and forth and kept squeezing - Oh how she wished she could reach deeper into that tight little hole!

She did not hear her step-mother’s car nor the footsteps on the stairs. Marion now stood in the doorway, watching her step-daughter desperately trying to reach her climax. She walked quietly into the room and knelt beside the bed. She gently removed the girls finger from her ass.

“Shhh. It is OK. Don’t stop - I’ll help you,” she said softly.

She spread some of Shelley’s pussy juices on her fingers and pushed a finger deep inside her ass. She worked it back and forth taking it as deep as she could. The girl gasped with pleasure. Soon she had two fingers in and Shelley had relaxed enough to continue squeezing her thighs together. In a while her pussy began the familiar contractions. Her anus contracted around Marion’s fingers and she climaxed as she never had before.

When it was over she turned to look at Marion, who smoothed the hair from the girl’s forehead.

“That was a good one, wasn’t it?” she smiled.

She bent and kissed the girl lightly on the lips and then got up and left the room, closing the door behind her. She went straight to her own room and shutting the door she prepared to take care of her own needs. Her wet panties were evidence of the excitement she had felt as she helped Shelley.

Nothing was said about the afternoon’s activities and all was normal in the house when Peter got home from work. Shelley sat at dinner that night and listened to Marion chat to her father and began to wonder if she had imagined the whole thing.

When Shelley got home from school the next day, Marion’s car was in the driveway. She went up to her room to put her books down before looking for her. When she got there, Marion was waiting for her. She stopped in the doorway as she took in the scene. Her bed was covered by a rubber sheet and several thick towels. A small table stood next to the bed and bore a tray bearing a number of articles that were covered by a white towel. Marion was wearing a thin cotton house-coat and was clearly naked underneath it.

“Come in dear, get undressed, I have a treat for you today,” Marion said, taking Shelley by the hand and drawing her into the room. She closed the bedroom door and turned to the girl.

“Don’t dawdle, Shelley. Take everything off and get on to the bed.”

She walked into the bathroom and Shelley heard water running and other sounds she could not identify. She began undressing slowly, a knot of apprehension in the base of her stomach. Marion returned with two large jugs of liquid. Soapy bubbles brimmed over the top of one and the other smelt faintly of lemons.

“Have you ever had an enema, Shelley?” Marion asked, as she put the jugs down and took the cover off the tray. A collection of rubber bags, tubing and nozzles were revealed.

Shelley shook her head and slowly stepped out of her panties.

“Mmmmm. I thought not,” said Marion. “I noticed that you needed one when I put my finger up your bum, yesterday. Relax dear, I promise you that you will get to like them and look forward to them in future. Everyone should have an enema at least once a week.”

Shelley got onto the bed, as instructed. She lay on her left side and Marion pushed her right leg up against her chest. Her bottom and anus were beautifully exposed and the older woman enjoyed the sight as she dipped her finger into a jar of lubricant and applied it to the little brown rosebud. She slipped her finger in and spread the lubricant in the girl’s rectum. She filled a 2 quart enema bag with soapy solution and selected a nozzle. It was about 6 inches long and slightly flared and fluted. A single hole at the tip ensured a strong flow. She slipped the nozzle into the girl’s waiting anus, slowly, working it back and forth, knowing that the girl enjoyed anal stimulation. When she had pushed it half way in, she hung the enema bag on the stand which she had put next to the bed and released the clamp.

Shelley felt the warmth as the water began to flow into her. She sighed with pleasure as Marion began working the nozzle deeper, fucking her ass with it. Marion raised the bag a little and the flow got faster. Suddenly, Shelley began feeling very full and had an uncontrollable urge to evacuate.

“Oh stop, please. I have to go.”

Marion clamped the tube and stopped the flow. “Relax, breathe deeply - the feeling will pass and you will be able to take more.”

Soon Marion released the clamp again. She slowed the flow and holding the tube deep inside the girl with one hand she reached around with the other and began fondling her step-daughter’s breasts, rolling and pinching the nipples. Every time the pressure got too much for Shelley she would stop the flow for a while. It took only twenty minutes for Shelley to take the full 2 quarts.

“Good girl, I just knew you would be a natural!” She removed the nozzle and replaced it with a plug. “Roll over on to your back, dear. I want you to hold that for a few minutes more.”

While Shelley lay, desperately trying to hold the enema, she began preparing another. Shelley looked on in horror as a much larger bag was filled from the second jug.

She helped Shelley off the bed and into the bathroom. She sat her down on the toilet and reached down to remove the plug. A torrent gushed from the girl as she groaned with relief. Marion washed her hands and turned to smile at Shelley, who was embarrassed to be evacuating like this in front of her step-mother. Besides, what was coming out of her filled the bathroom with an odor that was anything but pleasant.

“It is OK dear. You have never had an enema before so there is years of rubbish to get rid of. You will see, in future it will not be so bad.” She began a firm circular massage of Shelley’s abdomen, ensuring as complete an evacuation as possible. When Shelley had finished, Marion helped her clean up and led her back to the bedroom and made her lie down again.

The large red enema bag was hanging from the stand beside the bed and she noticed that Marion had attached a strange looking nozzle to the end of the tube.

“This is called a inflatable nozzle,” said Marion, applying lubricant to the strange rubber device. It seemed to have soft rubber folds near the top and Shelley’s anus contracted in anticipated pleasure. Marion smiled and separating the girl’s ass cheeks with one hand she began to insert the inflatable nozzle. Shelley gave a little gasp of surprise and pleasure as it slipped past her sphincter. Marion twisted it this way and that as she pushed the nozzle deep inside this delicious butt. Satisfied that it was in deep enough, she began to inflate it. This brought another little gasp of surprise from her step-daughter.

Marion released the clamp and the warm water, laced with fresh lemon juice, began to flow into Shelley’s already prepared colon. She knew that this solution would soon start producing the most delicious cramps as it flowed higher and higher. After a few minutes she made Shelley roll onto her back and then onto her right side - making sure that the water filled the entire colon. Shelley had taken about two quarts and the bag was only half empty - she was moaning softly in pain and pleasure when Marion rolled her onto her back again.

“Pull your knees up to your chest dear, hook your arms around them to hold them there.”

The sight of the fully exposed pussy with its glistening pink lips as Shelley’s juices oozed between them and the plump behind with the tube coming out of it was so exciting that Marion could no longer stop herself from reaching down to her own drenched sex and slipping a finger into the slit to find the engorged bud. She sat on the bed, beside the girl and slipped the thumb of her other hand into the waiting slit. She spread the girl’s juices over the little love bud and as she rubbed her own with one hand she did the same for Shelley with the other.

Shelley was experiencing pleasure as she had never known it. The warm flow into her bowels and the now delicious cramping as well as her step-mother’s gentle massage of her clit soon had her over the edge and climaxing loudly. The sounds of Marion’s climax joined hers. Marion bent and placed a lingering kiss on her lips and Shelley parted her lips to receive it. As the last of the enema flowed into her, she reached up to caress Marion’s breast and smiled.

Both women knew that this was only the first of many pleasant interludes ….

“I would like to give you an enema,” Shelley whispered. Marion nodded and prepared to remove the inflatable nozzle and help Shelley into the bathroom.