Sisterly Love

I have never been able to get up enough nerve to reveal the secret I have carried around since I was a teenager. There were many times I wanted to talk to my mother, but I just couldn’t take the chance of ruining the life of every member of my family, including my own.

There were four children in our family plus my mother. My father died in an airplane crash in an Airforce training exercise, so it was left to our mother to raise us. We were quite comfortable financially and lacked for nothing really, except our father. Julie, my sister, was four years older than my twin brother and me. Then there was Ginger our little sister. She was ten. My father never saw her, which always made mother sad to talk about it. Ginger never knew who it was we were missing so much.

Mother was a work-a-holic. She said it was only because she couldn’t stand being alone in our house all day without having something to do. As if we weren’t enough. She obtained her law degree and was accepted by a large firm for her articling. She enjoyed the work and we were very proud of her. Now and again she would bring home a guy for us to meet, but I think, when they saw us, they were scared away. Mother was quite attractive and kept herself in shape, running and exercising every day.

Kelly, my twin and I were identical but we went our own ways. We were both into sports but never played on the same team. We had a swimming pool in our yard, and there was always some sort of party going on around it. Kelly and I held separate swim parties entertaining our own friends, not that we weren’t allowed to crash the affairs, but we were different. We were in the same class at school and our marks were in the top five in our school. No competition between us normally.

Julie had her parties as well, only these we were not invited to. Mind you, we got our share of top notch spying in. We were very good in the Peeping Tom Business. Sometimes seeing things we shouldn’t have. I have to say both Kelly and I were quite knowledgeable in the matters of the opposite sex. We both had girl friends whom we walked home from school and took to parties and things like that. Mother watched to make sure we weren’t getting too involved. I can say, without a doubt, we were not getting too deeply involved. As new girls came along we kept an open mind about introducing ourselves just to be friendly.

My secret, if I can call it that, started with Julie, my sister. She had no trouble dating guys, as witness the number of guys who were always hanging around like flies on a piece of meat. Julie played them off against each other, just so she could sit back and watch them making plays for her attention. I told her one time that I didn’t think it was a good idea the things she was doing. She would tease them right out of their minds. I know I used to listen to them talking and smooching on the lawn swing by the pool. There was a huge rhododendron tree right behind the swing which offered excellent camouflage for spying. I really didn’t mean to be nosey, it was just that I was afraid she was going to get into trouble. You know, sex and all that stuff. I knew mother would kill her. It wouldn’t be any good for anyone.

One evening when mother was out, Julie and her boyfriend Kevin were making out on the swing. Kevin was coming onto Julie and was all over her. Julie managed to stay just out of reach and danger, but when things simmered down again she would start teasing the poor guy and he would almost go crazy trying to get into her bra.

I thought of being the big hero brother and rescuing her, but she seemed to be doing fine on her own, and besides she would know I had been nosing around.

Then there was Scotty.

He was really a nice guy but dumber than a fruit cake. He was on the football team and was built like a brick, you know what. Well, Julie wasn’t used to having a boy on the swing who wasn’t trying to make out with her. I think it kinda annoyed her. She was all over him, but he just sat like a bump on a log, smiling and being very nice.

What’s with my sister anyway ? I was not an authority on things of love and what comes afterwards, but I could tell Julie was attracted to Scotty, and he wasn’t buying it. That didn’t surprise me much.

For days she moped around and there were a few other guys on weekends swinging with Julie. None of them seemed to be what she was looking for. She was not a happy person. The rest of us tolerated her mood, but I think I was the only one who suspected the cause. Mother had a big case she was working on and didn’t have much time with us. We had a housekeeper, who I am sure, had an idea of Julie’s problem.

I was walking past Julie’s room one day when the phone rang in the hall. Julie ran out and answered it. I knew it would be a long conversation like always. Mother had removed her phone, and mine, because we ran up some terrible phone bills and so she had one phone installed in our hall way landing.

Julie had been in a hurry to leave so I just poked my head in to see what she had been busy reading. She had been very engrossed in whatever it was. The first picture I saw was a naked guy with a huge erection. I lifted the book to look at the cover.”More Joys of Sex”.

I thumbed through the pages until I couldn’t stand to look any longer. You name it, it was in that book. There was a chapter on “How to turn Him On.” No wonder Julie was so engrossed. I left the book back where it had been and at the same naked guy. I didn’t think any dork could ever get that size.

For several days I couldn’t help but think about that book and why Julie was reading it. I wished I had never seen it, because I was getting an erection laying in bed and thinking about some of the pictures I saw. This was dangerous, and I tried to put it out of my mind.

One night, I was laying on my bed after showering, with just a towel over me. My door was shut and I was listening to music on my stereo set. I heard a light knock on my door. I thought I was hearing things and didn’t pay any attention. I had my stereo up pretty full.

I had an erection and it showed under my towel. I was enjoying relaxing after my shower, and didn’t hear the door open. I liked to read and had a copy of the latest “Dr Death” magazine in front of me. The next thing I knew, Julie was sitting on the edge of my bed, making shussing signs with her lips for me to be quiet.

I grabbed my earphones off and rolled over onto my side to hide my dork but the towel slipped off my butt end and Julie gave it a little pat.

“Julie what are you doing here ? Why don’t you knock before you come in? “I asked.

“I knocked but I guess you couldn’t hear for the stereo. I just wanted to talk to you about a few things,” she said rather awkwardly

“Okay Julie, what do you want to talk about?” I asked. This was the only time I can remember my sister coming into my room wanting to talk. I was a little curious.

“Philip. I like this guy, and I know he likes me, and, don’t ever say anything to Mom, but I’d like him to go a little further with me. But he doesn’t seem to get my messages. You know what I’m talking about ?” she asked. ”I want to really turn him on.”

I was afraid I did understand, and wondered what the heck she would be coming to me for. I was still a virgin and probably for years to come.

“Philip. I saw what was poking at the towel when I came in. That never happens to this guy. I don’t know what’s wrong. Maybe it’s me ?” she asked.

“Well you weren’t supposed to see.” I scolded

“Come on Philip I’ve seen every inch of you since you were a baby. You don’t have to be embarrassed with me. I’m your sister remember?” she sort of chuckled.

My erection had vanished so I rolled over on my back again to listen to what she was wanting to talk about.

“I got this book from a friend and it has everything in it about sex. It is the coolest thing you have ever read, but I’m sure you don’t know anything about sex. That’s why I want to ask you do to something for me,” she said coyly.

“There has to be catch in this somewhere and It’s going to cost me huh?” I asked.

“Philip, one night I would like to come into your room when the lights are out and sort of surprise you. I want to practice what I read in the book on how to turn a guy on. Please Philip. I have to know and make sure I don’t make a mess of things with this guy,” she begged.

“Julie ! What are you saying ? I’m your brother. No way. You want to have sex with me ? I’m just a kid and your brother at that. I’m just as much in the dark as your friend is,” I snorted.

“That’s the whole idea Philip, don’t you see ? You are innocent just like Kevin. You don’t know from anything and that’s why I need to try it out first. I am as dumb as you, except for what I read in the book,” she explained.

“Julie. Forget it. No way. I wouldn’t know what to do. Nope, I can’t. It wouldn’t be right. You know that,” I said with a note of finality.

“Philip do you remember the time you took Mom’s car for a spin when we were at the lake, and you dinged up the fender ? You had it repaired and didn’t tell Mom about it.” she threatened.

“Yeah I remember, but you can’t prove a thing, and I’ll tell Mom what you’ve just asked me to do,” I returned her threat.

“Know what this is Philip? It’s the bill from the repair shop. If I happen to show this to Mom you’ll be grounded for months and you won’t get to take the driving lessons she promised. I’ll deny I ever said such a thing. She’ll believe me,” she said smiling.

I knew she had me. How did she get the bill ? I had hidden it. I had used every penny I had ever saved to repair her car and I was broke. Mom would kill me that’s for sure, and I wasn’t about to be grounded.

“What am I supposed to do?” I asked

“Nothing Philip, that’s the whole point. I do everything and all you have to do is just lay back and let whatever happens happen. Easy as anything.” She sounded excited.

“When do you want to do it?” I asked.

“Is it a deal?” she asked

“Okay but you have to give me the bill after huh?” I agreed not having the foggiest idea what I was getting in to.

“I’m not going to tell you. It will be a surprise,” she said and left.

A week went by and I had almost forgotten my deal with Julie. She seemed happy and no longer in the doldrums. Her knight in shining armor visited often and sometimes I think things may have resolved themselves if left to time.

I had a difficult time falling asleep for the first few nights, then I dismissed it from my mind and everything seemed back to normal.

I had a habit of laying on my stomach and didn’t move around very much. I woke up to feel hands feeling up and down my back and my butt. ”Julie ?” I asked

“Shhssss!,” she whispered and preceded to feel up and down my back and my bum. I was getting very uncomfortable because I was laying on an erection which I didn’t want her to see.

She ran her fingers down the insides of my legs and I could feel her pulling at my undershorts. She reach under me and pulled on the waste band. Her hand touch my dork but she kept on pulling until I lifted a shade so they would come off. I was naked under my sheet. I still laid on my stomach turning slightly to reduce the pressure .Then she pulled the sheet away and I could feel her tongue licking at my legs and my butt. This was embarrassing, but I couldn’t help laughing because it tickled. I knew she must have got this idea from the book.

I was getting excited, but tried to behave like it didn’t matter. I heard her removing the lid from a jar, then I felt her greasy fingers exploring my butt crack. She was driving me crazy. I wasn’t laughing any more. Well like she said, it wasn’t as though she had never seen me naked before.

Her fingers kept sliding up and down my crack and then pressed into my hole. In and out she pressed. I was going mad. The book sure had one thing right. It could sure turn a guy on. I’m glad the room was dark cause she would see me going mad. While the one finger was entering my butt in and out, her other hand moved underneath me to my belly and then to my huge erection. Huge for me that is.

She removed her finger and preceded to roll me over. I was on my back now with Julie’s lips kissing up and down my stomach and them my dork. I couldn’t stand much more of this, and again I couldn’t help laughing This was ridiculous, although I was getting really turned on..

She moved my legs apart so she could get her finger into my hole again, then took my little dink into her mouth. I think she took a couple of pulls on it and I ejaculated. I had never had any fluid come yet, but I think it did this time. Julie never stopped until I had settled down a bit. Not once did she stop plugging and unplugging my hole. Then she removed her finger and kissed me on the stomach and then on the cheek. She left without a word.

Words can not describe what I was feeling after she left. To say I had mixed feelings would be putting it mildly. I was upset in a way, and in another way I was so pumped up I could hardly sleep. I wondered how we could look each other in the face at breakfast.

Breakfast went fine. There was the usual conversation about school and about Julie’s new heart throb. Mother said she hoped the rest of us wouldn’t have to go through such a turmoil in our lives. Julie was radiant and bubbly. Not her usual glum complaining self. She looked at me once and gave me a wink. I quickly turned away but I knew she was watching me. I felt guilty like I had really done something bad, like when I took Mom’s car, only this time I knew it was over. I had the bill from the body shop laying on my pillow next morning. I destroyed it. That piece of evidence could never be used against me again.

A week later as I was sitting doing my homework Julie walked by on her way out the door.

“Would you mind having a visitor later on tonight?” she asked.

I looked up startled and stared right into her eyes. I didn’t reply.

“See you later Philip,” she said as she left.

“Yeah see you,” I replied.

As much as our debt had been squared away, I secretly wanted a repeat performance and hoped she would come again. This time I would be ready for her. I left my shorts off and crawled under my one sheet. I had an erection just thinking about when she might come. I knew this was naughty, but who would ever know, and besides it made me feel good. I wondered if Julie had had an opportunity to perform on her boy friend. He would sure come around I was sure. No one could stand that sort of action.

Chapter 2

I fell asleep before Julie arrived. I was sure she had changed her mind about coming, so I went off to sleep. I don’t remember what time it was but I was sure it must be early morning. The sheet was off me and I could feel hands playing all over my body as before.

Julie was sure getting some good practice on me. The room was pitch black and I could only sense her presence and feel what she was doing. I was sure she was on the right side of my bed. She stroked my back from my neck to my tail bone and back again. then from my knees up to my crotch. That sure tickled but I was too wild to laugh. That was a very sensitive area along my inner thigh, and I had another erection. She ran her fingers up and down my crack only this time there was no grease, at least so far. This was making me pant for air. No one could stand up against this treatment without getting completely turned on. I was turned on and with my own sister.

I felt her hands under me and rolling me over. I rolled over onto my back and just lay there letting her work all over my stomach just like before. although this time something seemed different. I couldn’t tell what it was but the feeling was different. Her greasy hand then started to massage my stomach from my navel to my penis. Then down to my balls, and back again.

It felt fantastic I wondered what Kelly would have done under the circumstances. We were both the same build. He would sure have received a shock had he come in to my room. There was a bathroom between our two rooms which we shared. We never locked the doors. Then Julie raised my right leg bending it at the knee. Then my left leg at the knee. Then came the grease as before up and down my crack and into my ass. What a turn on. I started to wonder about a few things that were going on. I couldn’t see and held my hands down by my side as she had previously instructed, but something was different. My knees were being spread apart. That part I could understand she was going to do something to my penis and my bum at the same time much like before, only this time my legs were being lifted up so that my knees were almost on my chest. How did Julie do that?

I was about to whisper to her when I felt my penis being massage and a finger going into my butt. But my legs were still being held in the air. Then Julie went in between my raised legs and started to suck on my penis like the last time, but my legs were still in the air and the finger was still working on my ass. Like last time I blew, only twice as strong as last time. I had trouble preventing a slight whimper leaving my lips as I climaxed. My legs were lowered and the finger removed and the grease wiped off.

My cover was placed back on top and I drifted off into a glorious sensuous sleep. I am twelve, what do I know about sex other than having jerked off a few times, and listening to boring biology lectures. But I was learning plenty more from my sister.

Neither Julie or I ever mentioned her night escapades, and I wasn’t about to have things changed. I didn’t mind being her guinea pig for practice. In fact it was the greatest. I secretly wondered how much more practice she would need. The other thing I thought about, was how was Julie able to hold my legs up over my head, finger my hole, and blow me at the same time. It would require two people to do that, and I thought Julie was in this by herself. Good grief. What if she wasn’t?

Well not to mind, I’d find out how she did it one day. I knew one thing and that was that Julie was as hot as I was as she did her thing. Still?? Julie’s friend Creda, was frequenting our house quite often with Julie after school, that is when they weren’t drinking sodas at the local ice cream joint. I couldn’t have ice cream because of the milk. I couldn’t drink any dairy products.

Julie asked me if I was going to be home on Friday, as she and some friends were coming over and she wanted to have the house to herself. I said I’d be out for most of the evening. Probably home by ten or eleven. Kelly and I had been invited to a birthday party. Yes there were going to be girls there. I wondered if other girls performed on guys like Julie, and came to the conclusion they did.

Kelly and I talked about girl friends and he admitted he would be too chicken to , you know, do it. Even if he ever got the chance. He said we were too young to be thinking about real sex with girls.

I warned him he had better not let Mom hear us talking like this. We both laughed, but I think we were laughing about different things .

The next weeks went by and I had a couple of nocturnal visits from Julie. Mom made a remark at the breakfast table one day, that she had never seen Julie so happy, and pleasant to have a round the house. She had changed and all for the better. Julie and Mom were getting along together like a mother and daughter should. The whole house seemed to be changing. everyone , for once, was being civil with one another, and we were becoming more like a family. The only thing that was different was me.

Oh I was happy and things were going better than ever including my school work. I actually enjoyed being home for meal times. It was something Kelly and I had never been much in to.

Everyone sort of went there own way. That was how our house was run. Julie and Creda were very close friends and often entertained there friends with swimming parties. I wondered what else they were doing. I wondered at the cute winks I got from Creda every time we passed. In any case as I think back , my sister and I had become very close as good friends a relationship I don’t think we ever expected. Who ever needed a big sister to order and bully around. ?

Kelly was, as always Kelly. Nothing spectacular ever occurred, at least so he complained. Nothing ever happened to him, and what did I have to be so damned happy about all the time. I decided that I was going to let him find out, and have a little fun at the same time. If I had not taken the time to snoop through Julie’s things, I might never have discovered some of the other things she could do to “Turn Me On” as if she needed anything else.

I felt that after four practices, she was going to pass with top honors at least for all I knew about it. The book showed graphic displays of “Far Out” things. I would really call them kinky. Little did I know I was about to find out just how kinky they were and a few other things as well. I knew Julie enjoyed playing with her brother and it was beyond practice now.. Julie usually came to my room on Friday nights. She could recuperate on Saturday morning

Me too. I was putting my devious mind to work, and in spite of the fact I wanted another practice session, I wondered how my unsuspecting brother Kelly, would fair under Julie’s ministrations. I planned to ask him to trade beds for this coming Friday night.

He had a video game attached to his TV and We had changed before so I didn’t think there would be any problem. Kelly was due to have the time of his life if Julie didn’t scare him half to death. Kelly was a little more on the timid side than me, and that thought worried me a little.

Wednesday night I came in late because we had had a basketball game and I was in need of a shower. I heard the shower running and new Kelly had beat me to it. I sat and read until I heard the water shut off. Like me , he usually dried off in his bedroom. I showered and returned to my bedroom and as it was a stifling hot evening, I laid down on top of the bed and laid the towel on top of me. I fell asleep almost immediately .

I awoke to discover an enema hose up my behind and water gushing into my ass. Julie was rubbing my back and my bum all the time I was being filled. I didn’t know what to do, and I wanted to ask her what the hell she thought she was doing giving me an enema, and at this time of night. I suddenly remembered seeing some poor guy getting the water treatment in Julie’s book. Kelly and I got an enema from Mom once or twice a year just to keep us healthy . This was not on the schedule. I was starting to fill up and Julie rolled me over and began blowing me until I nearly lost everything. I came .

Geee whiz. I thought I was going to crap all over the bed. The tube was removed and I ran into the bathroom. I didn’t turn the light on. Kelly’s door opened to the bathroom and he asked me what I was doing. He could hear me from his room. I woke him up he said.

“You got the diarrhea?” he asked.

I whispered that I did have and that I would be okay. He looked at me kinda funny like he didn’t quite believe me. The next morning at breakfast Kelly asked me how I was feeling. ”Mom, he had the trots in the middle of the night. Woke me up too.” he declared.

“You feeling all right Philip?” she asked.

I assured her I was fine and that it must have been something I ate. In fact it was somebody who ate me. Julie was radiant and kidded me about eating the wrong things in the school cafeteria. She was enjoying my situation knowing full well what she had done. I didn’t think Julie was going to be back for another week, so I let my guard down and delayed my plans for Kelly, at least I thought so, until Julie told me that Mom was going to a business meeting and wouldn’t be home until Saturday night. She was baby sitting us.

Some baby sitter. I knew Julie was going to visit me so I went to work on Kelly. There was no problem. He liked my room because it looked out over the front street and he liked the street light shining in. I always kept the blind down when I was in the room.

Kelly slept differently than I did. He always slept in the fetal position with his knees drawn up to his chest. That should make it easy for Julie, I thought as I pictured Kelly being deflowered by his own sister. I made up my mind I was going to leave the bathroom doors open so I could hear how Kelly took the onslaught. I wished it hadn’t been so dark,

I heard my door open and close, but couldn’t see Julie. I knew she was there and going to start work on me—-Kelly. I couldn’t tell what was going on I could only imagine. She was probably greasing his crack and his hole.

I heard him say, ”Hey what the heck are you doing?” He didn’t know who he was talking to I’m sure. He must have rolled over onto his back to escape the rectal prodding and then the fun started. There was no way he could withstand that treatment. He tried every way to get hold of his attackers but his undershorts tripped him. It was a good thing Mom was away or she would have heard the ruckus from her room.

The next morning nothing was said, but Kelly looked at me in the strangest way. Julie had a smile as big as all get out and her friend Grega was over having breakfast with us. Kelly kept looking at me questioningly, as though seeking some explanation of some kind. I think he suspected me somehow.

“Philip? Did you hear any noises from your room last night? I had a nightmare I think. It was sure weird.”

I advised him I had heard nothing. I had been too tired.

A few days went by and the following Wednesday, he asked if he could trade beds again.

Ha! So the horny little turd wanted to get put again. It was really funny because I knew exactly what was happening and he didn’t know I did.

Part 3

“Philip can I talk to you about something. It’s kind of embarrassing but I have to talk to someone, and Mom sure wouldn’t understand . She’d think I was lying.” Kelly asked sitting down on the swing beside me.

“The other night when I was sleeping in your room something strange happened. I know it sounds crazy and I don’t understand it myself, but I was molested in bed.” He looked down his face getting red.

“You were what? “I asked trying to sound startled.

“Someone came into your room and while I was sleeping attacked me sort of. I was on top of the bed with just my shorts on and I usually sleep on my left side. It was so dark in your room when you pull the blinds I couldn’t see anything but I could feel someone rubbing grease or Vaseline , something like that on my bum and butt hole. I knew I had been wearing shorts when I went to sleep, but now they were down around my knees and someone was sticking their finger up my butt and- Kelly hesitated looking embarrassed but with a little smile of his face, sucking on my penis. Well you know what happened. I tried to get hold of the hand but it pulled away and was gone before I could see anything. I heard the door click shut. Was I ever surprised. I knew it wasn’t you because you don’t wear perfume,” He said.” You won’t tell anyone will you?” He asked.

“You’re kidding me aren’t you?” I asked. “Were you frightened at what was happening?”

“Well a little. I liked it kinda. I was just shocked that’s all. I got a boner from it and I know I squirted.” he admitted with a bit of smile on his face.

“Was that all that happened. Sounds Kinda’ neat to me, I wish someone would attach me like that. Well I have no idea who it could have been.” I said.

“I’ll trade back so you won’t have that trouble again.” I suggested.

“Well it didn’t bother me that much I just wondered who was doing it,” he said. ”I’d like to stay again and maybe catch who it was.” he suggested.

“Kel, why not wait until the weekend maybe Friday night then I’ll trade with you again.” I suggested figuring Friday would be the next visit of Julie.

I wondered if she knew it wasn’t me in my bed, but Kelly, that would be interesting.

Friday night came and Kelly never let me forget that we were trading beds. In fact he kept reminding me throughout the week that we were trading.

“Kelly. Leave your shorts off this time. Just lay naked on the bed. It should be interesting. You’d be able to get up faster without tripping over your shorts,” I suggested wanting it to be easier for Julie and still give Kelly a real go. He obviously didn’t get the full treatment last time.

It was one thing letting someone do those things to you knowing who it was. But how was Julie going to get to Kelly’s penis without him grabbing her. I wondered if she knew we had changed, and I tried to make eye contact with her to get her alone so I could talk to her.

I tried to keep my eyes open so I could take in Kelly’s deflowering, however I fell asleep. I don’t know what time it was. I was awakened to hear someone in the bathroom pouring there guts into the toilet just like I had. Oh Oh. Kelly got an enema without knowing it, I thought. I went to the bathroom and Kelly looked at me sheepishly.

“Philip. You know what ? Someone gave me an enema. I didn’t even feel a thing until I started to get a belly ache. I guess I fell asleep waiting . I remember waking up and I knew there was a hose in my butt and water was pouring in, but by the time I turned over, the tube was out and the door closed. I would have chased them but I had to crap so bad.” Kelly said with a smile on his face.

“Who is doing this to me Philip?” He asked.

“Do you want to sleep in my bed anymore?” I asked.

“Philip do you think that was what happened to you the other time when you had the trots. Maybe you got an enema like me ?” Kelly asked.

“Well if I did, I sure didn’t feel anything like that,” I replied lying in my teeth.

A week later I was sitting on the swing finishing some homework when Julie and Creda came and sat down beside me.

“Well how’s my favorite little brother these days?” Julie asked.

“I’m fine Julie how about you?” I asked.

“Been getting any practice in lately?” I asked

“Not really but that’s what Creda and I want to talk to you about.” I looked surprised to hear Creda knew something about what Julie was doing.

“Now Philip, you just sit still and listen. Creda has been with me on every practice session. She knows you like a book, and that’s fine. I knew you wouldn’t care, because you never knew until now.” She said. I guess deep down it all made sense when I realized it had to be two people in order to hold me like they did.

“Philip we’re sort of, well we like working you over and watching you climax. I guess you think I’m a freak. Well maybe I am, but I can’t help it. We like it and just with you.” Julie said patting me on the shoulder while Creda patted my leg. Oh boy!

“Philip you can’t tell me you don’t enjoy it as much as we do. We could never find a guy who would let us do what we’re doing to you. That’s why we wanted to talk to you.”

“Will you let me and Creda give you another enema ? Only we won’t do it in the dark. We want to watch. Please Philip. I’ll even pay you. Come on I know you need the money,” she stated knowing she had struck the right chord.

“Julie did you know it was Kelly you did it to the other night?” I asked watching to see get some sort of reaction. They told me they knew what I had done, and decided between themselves it would be more exciting knowing that Kelly knew nothing about it,” She laughed.

“Come on Philip. I’ll give you fifty dollars,” Creda said. She always had lots of money, coming from a very wealthy family. I wondered who had put who up to what. Creda or Julie. In any case they seemed hooked on the book and its many detailed illustrations and also onto me.

“When do you want to play your little game?” I asked not quite sure it was worth fifty dollars.

“How about right now. Everyone’s out of the house. They’re shopping with Mom. They won’t be back until later. I think they were talking about a show. Come on Philip how about right now ?” Julie pleaded her eyes flashing with excitement.

“Okay I’ll do it, but you have to tell me what your going to do,” I said feeling a strange stirring in my groin.

“You don’t have to do anything but just lay on your bed. You can leave your shorts on,” Creda instructed.

I gathered my books together and took them to my room. The girls went some where else. I never noticed. I went to the bathroom to pee, then took my shorts and T shirt off and lay down on my bed. The girls didn’t know it, but I had a boner when they first suggested their plan. Maybe Creda saw it as it would be hard to hide.

I lay on the bed with my towel like always and my dink was sticking up like crazy. The girls liked that and I wasn’t embarrassed anymore.

They both came in wearing their Bikini’s, and told me to close my eyes and just enjoy. They had the book in their hands. I guess they were going to follow instructions right to the letter.

Julie reached under the towel and pulled my shorts off. I almost had to laugh as she couldn’t get the wasteband of my shorts over my erection. I was so damned excited I was near to blowing my top. My erection was throbbing like mad as I anticipated what the girls had planned for me. I knew I should not be doing this with them, especially my sister and my conscience was bothering me, but I was as excited as they were.

Creda was in the bathroom getting things ready, I presumed. It seemed more embarrassing in daylight where I could see their eyes and they could see all of me. Julie pulled my towel off and stood looking at my body and of course my dork.

“Philip you have a beautiful body for a little brother,” she said as she started to stroke my stomach then my balls, pushing my legs apart. Good grief I don’t know how much longer I can go, and I still had their other game to play.

Creda came in and she too stood and gave me the once over. ”Nice build Philip, it must run in the family. Okay lets go in and get the game started,” she said and they walked with me to the bathroom. There was the enema bag hanging in it’s usual spot on the shower rail.

“Philip I want you to kneel on the edge of the edge of the bathtub with your hands down on the bottom. Okay? Now spread your legs wide apart.” Julie said. She helped me shift my weight so I could spread apart. I have never felt so vulnerable in my life with my asshole open in such a way. I couldn’t see what was going on behind me as my head was down in the tub. This was weird.

My bum was greased and I got the finger treatment. This felt so cool and I was sure both were getting their fingers into me. This went on for a few minutes. I complained the blood was running down into my head. ”Not much longer Philip.”

Both girls were panting and I knew they were excited as I was, perhaps even more so.

I felt the enema tube going in. It wasn’t the one Mom used. This one was bigger. Longer and fatter. It didn’t hurt just felt different. They moved it in and out and around, then one of them reached between my legs and started to masturbate me. Then the water started. It was coming very slowly and I hardly felt it. Then my stomach was rubbed and my bum patted and all the time I was being jerked off. The girls knew I was getting close to ejaculating.

My knees were getting sore from kneeling on the tub, and It was awkward being in this position. I guess the water just ran downhill from the way I was positioned. I was almost bursting and when I complained they stopped it.

The tube was pulled out and I was allowed to stand up. My dork was pounding as they never brought me to climax. I didn’t have to go to the toilet too bad and wondered what next. Both girls were in a frenzy .

Creda knelt down and started to suck my dork. Up and down her head went.

Julie in the meantime was stuffing her finger into my water laden hole , making it almost impossible for me to hold the water anymore. Julie went into near hysterics when I blew and her finger was in my ass. She said afterwards that she could feel my hole muscles opening and closing as I climaxed.

The girls cleaned up everything then stepped into the shower with me as I was enjoying myself. I was about to blow again as they soaped me all over. I think they wanted me to do something, but that was going too far and I wouldn’t have had a clue about what to do anyway.

Later we were sitting around the kitchen table talking as though nothing had happened. They told me that I had made them climax as well. I never touched them but I guess they were so turned on they couldn’t help it. I know I couldn’t.

“How did you like it Philip?” Julie asked getting up and standing behind me as she gave me a huge hug and kissed my cheek. ”You are some little brother and I love you Philip,” She said emotionally.

“Me too Philip. would you do it again sometime please?” Creda asked.

I didn’t want to seem too anxious, but reluctantly agreed to let them maul me again. Enema or no enema it felt wonderful and I was a new man. Now Julie was asking about Kelly and did I think he would do it. I told her I was pretty sure he would if the price was right.

When I advised Julie and Creda that I was pretty sure Kelly would be interested in some of their nocturnal games, I really had no idea what Kelly’s response would be. For one thing I was feeling guilty about what had been going on. I reasoned that , although it wasn’t hurting me none, it might possibly be doing irreparable harm to the girls. I often laid awake wondering why the girls were doing these things, and wondered of they ever did get to practice for real on their boyfriends. I laughed when I thought about the big turkey who Julie wanted to grope with. I wished I could have had a box seat to watch that encounter. Poor guy would never know what hit him. Well be that as it may, I was still wondering about Julie.

The whole family had never seen her in such a radiant mood. Everyday she was bouncing around the house like a bee was in her bra. Happy was hardly the word to describe how she was behaving. Mother questioned her many times about why she was in such a good mood, but she would just laugh and tell her it was just the way she felt. Mother’s words were “Wonders of Wonders”. It was difficult to believe that her moods had changed primarily because of her occasional visits to me and Kelly. Oh yes Kelly had bitten hook line and sinker, and waited for the visits and of course, the money. He was more mercenary than I was and took the girls money whenever he could. His daylight enemas got him the most money. ”The nightly encounters are just a bonus,” he’d say.

I asked him one day about what we were doing and what he thought about it. He replied that it was okay with him, but had , like me, wondered why she was doing it.

“I’ve never heard of sisters doing this. I’ll bet we aren’t the only brothers who have encounters of the ‘Best Kind’ with their sisters?” Kelly said , speaking in a spooky voice trying to imitate outer space aliens.

“I don’t think it’s right and what would Mom say if she ever found out?” I asked

“Don’t even think about it, and besides she will never know,” he said, sounding confident Mother would be kept in the dark.

Creda and Julie continued their games with us at least once a week and sometimes twice depending on how horny they were. Kelly and I were always ready and willing. I liked it better when I wasn’t expecting it. Kelly , the little turd, slept naked every night until Mom came in and caught him laying on top of his bed. She asked him why he wasn’t wearing his pajamas. He advised, quite shocked at being caught, he had just got out of the shower and was resting a bit.” It ‘s a good thing Mom hadn’t gone into the shower and found everything dry and Horror of Horrors, found the enema bag hanging behind the shower curtain. She very seldom came into our bedrooms let alone the bathroom unless we were sick or something. Her enema apparatus was still in the linen closet. The one on the shower rail was Julie’s’.

The young gentlemen callers still maintained their interest in Julie and Creda, and were still, forever, trying to be gentlemen, regardless of how the girls floundered all over them. I made up my mind I was not going to spy on the girls anymore. It was up to them how they handled their individual situations. Kelly and I always attended the girls pool parties, which was one thing she never allowed us to do before. We considered we were now in the “In” group. Well I guess soooo!

We were surprised one day when Mother announced that our cousins were going to be spending a couple of weeks with us while my Aunt and Uncle were away on a holiday. Jo (Joanne) and her brother John, were about the same age as Kelly and I. Actually John was fourteen I think. Both he and his sister were bigger than we were, and prided themselves in being on ever athletic team in their school. They were forever informing us of the number of medals and trophies they had sitting on their dressers and on their living room mantel. Kelly, Julie and I, could only boast a few second and third ribbons for our sports activities.

I almost had a heart attack when Julie started making eyes at John. I think she was trying to get Him to accompany her to the local convenience store where she could be seen by all her friends. John as good looking kinda. Kelly and I tried to lower our voices to sound more mature. We were still hairless and our voices hadn’t changed.

John was allowed to share our bathroom , while his sister used the general upstairs facility. This guy afforded us very little peace and was forever in our rooms snooping through our books and other effects. He was nice enough but always hanging around. John enjoyed displaying his hairy arm pits and balls while we washed. and he showered. He wasn’t the least bashful about his nakedness. Well neither were we, at least until he came. Then we wore a towel around our waste. We were not about to let Mr. Athlete see our puny hairless dinks.

I cornered Julie one evening and told her in no uncertain terms she was to leave nature boy alone. ”No hanky panky with him,” I instructed.

“Phillip he’s our cousin I wouldn’t think of playing around with him, although I would sure like to,” she confided.

“Julie. Cut that out don’t even think about it. You’ll only get yourself into trouble and maybe me and Kelly,” I warned

“Hey little brother put your mind at rest. He’ll leave just as we found him .A self centered “Know Everything,” she grunted as she walked away. I knew that tone of voice and now I was even more concerned. I had good reason to be and I told Kelly about it.

John was showering when Kelly came in from ball practice and was waiting in his room for the shower to be free.

“Hey Dude. Who gets this thing used on them ?” he questioned. Kelly asked what he was talking about as he walked into the bathroom. There hanging on the shower rail was Julie’s enema bag with its hose dangling down into the tub. Kelly stumbled around for a reasonable answer.

“Oh sometimes me or Kelly when we’re ill or something,” He stated blushing.

“I guess you’re going to get it today huh? It wasn’t here this morning,” John stated fondling the hose between his fingers.

“You like getting enemas?” He asked Kelly , who was feeling awkward talking about his favorite past time in front of his cousin and wondered why all the questions.

“Is it going to be for you Kelly?” he asked inquisitively.

Kelly replied he had no idea why the enema was hanging there, nor did he know who was getting it.

John let the hose go and it swung back and forth the nozzle banging against the tub.

“How did you know what it was?” Kelly got up enough nerve to ask.

“I just know that’s all and besides that’s why I’m so healthy,” he replied. Kelly wondered if that was the case, why wasn’t he as big as John, he had had enough of them.

Nothing more was said about the matter, but Kelly told me about what had happened and what John had said regarding the enema and his health. We wondered why it was back there after we had told her to take it down. We ‘d ask her at supper time.

We all went into our pool for a dip before going to bed. I noticed John hung around our bathroom looking in every now and again pretending he had to use it. We knew what he was looking for and Julie had retrieved it. John presumed it had been used on one of us and finally couldn’t stand it any more.

“Who got the enema ?” he asked. ”Why the big secret ?”

Kelly and I replied it wasn’t us. We explained that Mom probably took it down. I don’t think he was buying that at all. He was convinced someone of us had been given one and he was dying to find out who. He sure was preoccupied with the enema and who got it.

Julie in the meantime, had made a plan whereby she was going to seduce her cousin. Kelly and I were unaware of this at the time, although we were afraid she and Creda were up to something.

Kelly and I were in bed first before the cousins and of course Julie. She always stayed up late watching TV, or fooling around with Creda. Actually they were fooling around with us was more like it. I heard voices coming from the pool area and wondered who was there. I looked in Kelly’s room but he was asleep so left him alone, I went downstairs and snuck up behind the swing. No one could ever spot me there behind the big Rhododendron. John and Julie were talking .

“Julie Which one of the twins got an enema today?” he asked .

“I didn’t know either of them got one. Why did you ask?” she chuckled.

“Well it was on the shower rail in their bathroom and then later on it was gone. I just presumed it was for them,” he said.

“Why did you want to know John? You know about enemas? You ever have one ?” Julie prompted.

“Well I just was interested to see which one got it so I could ask them about it. Yeah I know about enemas. I get one ever week that’s why I never catch the flu or get a cold. I am real healthy,” he bragged. Julie was warming to the subject being as it was exactly what she wanted to hear.

“You like them John?” Julie asked as she moved closer on the swing.

“Julie you better watch what your saying,” I thought from my hiding place. I needed to pee but didn’t want to miss anything.

“We get them too every now and then especially when we start to get a bug. Who gives you yours?” Julie asked

“My Mom most times but sometimes my Dad. I like it when my Dad does it cause he makes me relax more,” John said smiling.

“I sometimes give my brothers an enema. They like it when I do it. Mom is too straight laced about it, while I make it fun,” Julie spilled her guts.

“You like giving them? Isn’t that a bit odd for a sister to want to do it. How do Kelly and Phillip feel about what you do to them?” He asked

John shifted on the swing putting his hand in his pocket. He had a boner and Julie asked him about it. Boy would she never quit?. John wiggled around a bit then stood up and told Julie he thought he had better go to bed before he had an accident.

“What do you mean an accident John ?” Julie asked coyly. She knew damned well what kind of an accident John was going to have if he hadn’t already shot his load into his shorts. I was nearly ready to jerk off just listening to them.

“John… How would you like me to give you a good cleaning out ? A real proper enema like the way I give them to the twins?” she asked as blatantly forward as I have ever heard her. Had she no shame?

“Would you like to? When would you do it without anyone being around?” he asked still panting like a steam engine.

“Do you want me to give you one or not?” Julie persisted.

“Yeah I guess so,” he said. ”When?”

“John follow me into the change room . No one ever comes down here at night so we can lock the doors and no one will bother us.” Julie offered the shaking John her plan.

“Maybe we should wait for a day or two. You know get used to the idea,” John tried getting out of it, although there was no question he was dying for her to do it. Can you imagine how I felt listening to all of this.

I raced as fast as I could, not making a sound, to the change room. There were two dressing rooms each with its own toilet and wash basin. I hid in the linen and towel room. No one would ever see me in there even if they came in for towels or something. The room was across from the rooms.

Well Julie did come in. She reached the shelf where she stored her enema bag, and grabbed a towel and headed for the vacant dressing room. She ordered John to remove his shorts , as that was all he had been wearing. He was growing as red as a beat, and had a monster erection which he had long ago given up trying to hide.

“I’m going to turn off the lights John and leave the night light on. That will be enough to see. I want you to lay on the towel first and close your eyes. I’m going to relax you before your enema,” She explained. John was beside himself with anticipation, but feeling guilty as well. Nothing was going to deter Julie in her program to seduce her cousin. I wondered what got into her the way she was always so horny.

Julie worked over John just like she did Kelly and Me. He moaned and groaned and I think he must have been close to blowing. Julie removed her shorts and top and lay down beside John rubbing his chest and stomach. He was going mad. So was I.

She rolled over onto John. He squirmed a little but stayed on the towel. I don’t think he had bargained for this, I certainly had never seen her go this far. John as unable to control himself as Julie kissed him all over his body and massaging his dork. It was as big as a mans She parted her legs and steered the poor blithering John into her cavity. She started bouncing up and down and John was meeting her ever stroke. He was about to lose his virginity. I was now convinced Julie had long since lost hers, the way she was manipulating her cousin’s dork.

John bucked and groaned and finally heaved a huge moan as he blew his dynamite shed. Wow. I had had a first hand view of a deflowering. I wonder how John was feeling and he hadn’t even had his enema yet.

She was still laying on John as she reached up and took the enema hose and reached around behind her she inserted it into John’s waiting anus. I was certain this wasn’t the first time Julie had performed this neat little trick. I guess she just felt along his butt crack until she came to his doorway. I was almost wishing they would quit they were making so much noise.

They washed and cleaned everything up and kissed and headed for bed, while I jacked off in the swimming pool. I knew in my own mind I would never allow Julie to do that to me, as much as I might have liked it. I wondered what it would feel like to be inside someone like that ?

Boy would I ever have a story for Kelly if he’d have believed me.