Soccer Game

Today was a day that made this year all worth while. I am the assistant coach for a Girl’s Soccer League. Dorothy is our head coach, she’s a very dedicated women in her 50’s. Today was their final game against the rival East side team. It was a very challenging game for the girls, and despite the lousy cold weather, they were victorious 36 - 14. The turnout was good for being on ‘enemy territory’ and everyone in the stands was cheering loudly as the last seconds ticked off the clock.

I was very proud of the girls. They had worked very hard to become the champions for the year. Unfortunately, I wasn’t too happy with them as several of the larger, stronger girls picked up the 2 water coolers on the sidelines and dumped them onto their team-members. I hadn’t expected this and therefore hadn’t warned them not to do it!

The bus ride back to our school was a long one (even though it was only 20 miles away). Several of the girls were soaked pretty good and complaining of being cold. Most could not stop shivering even though we tried to turn up the heat on the bus. I would have preferred to let the girls ride back with their parents, as most of them had family watching the game, but school policy mandates that they ride to and from sporting events on the school bus.

Dorothy had expressed her concern with me that the girls were becoming hypothermic. The ride back to school must have given her an opportunity to plan her response to the situation and as we pulled back into the school parking lot, she announced that she wanted to inspect each girl for heat loss. Then it was a mad dash for the locker room.

Dorothy and I quickly carried all the soccer equipment into the locker room and unlocked our coaches office. Our school was one that was very good at being prepared and well equipped for everything. We had one of the finest sports medicine facilities around. The big room on the side of the locker room was nick-named the “Medical Room” by the girls. Among the equipment in the room, there are ample supplies for splinting and immobilizing fractures, hot water tubs, 4 large soft leather tables, which are used primarily for treating muscle injuries and giving massages, etc. In a large cabinet in the corner of the room, there are 6 fully stocked first aid kits, each in a large orange tackle box.

Dorothy walked back out into the locker room and asked the girls to line up in front of her. I watched in amazement as she went down the line, briefly hugging each girl, congratulating them on a job well done and separating them into two groups. Some she would tell to, “Go into the ‘Medicine Room’ and have a seat” and others she would tell to, “Get showered and dressed and meet by the chalkboard.”

As she had finished this with the last girl in line, she walked back to where I was standing. I couldn’t help but ask “What was that all about?”

Dorothy just looked at me with that unquestionable confidence that was her character and said, “Now I know who’s really cold and who’s not!”

“Oh. Ok,” I just nodded my head.

Dorothy and I walked into the medicine room and she asked me to close the door behind me. (Closing the door was one of those “symbolic” things, it didn’t matter a whole lot, since there was a large 6 foot by 10 foot glass window that divided the locker room from the medicine room.)

Dorothy sat down on top of the desk and began to speak to the 5 girls who were chosen to enter with us. The girls were scattered around the room, 2 timidly standing against the wall and 3 who looked rather relaxed sitting on the large leather tables. Dorothy said in a low, serious tone, “I’m concerned that you girls have lost a significant amount of your body heat.”

Glancing around the room, the girls’ faces drooped, like they were going to be in trouble - that sad, pouty, fearful expression. Then Dorothy finished her thoughts, “So, I’m going to have to take your temperatures to make sure you’re all right.” The girls smiled at the conclusion that all they were going to have to endure was a quick stick in the mouth.

The girls relief was short lived as Dorothy began to speak again after a 10 second pause “Unfortunately girls, school regulations require that I take your temperatures rectally.” Amanda, one of the girls seated on the table, stood up and announced “No way!! I’m not a little girl!”

Dorothy just calmly replied, “I’m sorry sweety, that’s the rules!” Amanda just looked at me with that pouty look of defeat and sat back on the table. I quickly scanned the room to size up the other girls’ reactions to this announcement. The other 2 girls who were seated on the tables looked somewhat thrilled to find this out (maybe that’s really what they wanted to hear). Of the 2 girls standing, Emily looked like Amanda did, but was too shy to open her mouth in protest. The other one, Jenny, who was also a shy, but loving and energetic young lady, looked very interested in the events unfolding.

This rule was also news to me, so I was curious myself as to what was going to happen. Dorothy was in charge and I felt comfortable to just sit back in the corner and watch. Dorothy asked the girls to “Strip out of all your clothes and throw them in the hamper.” I watched as each girl slowly pealed off their wet uniforms, then their underpants and deposited them in the hamper. Now there were 5 girls huddled in a group, completely naked. Next Dorothy asked the girls to “Climb up on the tables and lay on your stomachs.” She soon realized there were 4 tables and 5 naked girls. She told Emily to lay next to Amanda on her table. (Did Dorothy also size up their reactions and pair them together for that reason? Or was it just a coincidence?)

This was no doubt getting good. 5 girls spread out on their stomachs on soft leather tables, their perky wet buttocks wiggling in the warm air of the heater vents. I was content so far to stay in my vantage point. Dorothy went over to the large metal cabinet in the corner and opened the doors. As she reached for the first of the 6 orange boxes, she looked back my way and asked, “Can you come help me with these?”

Without thinking, I was on my feet and walking past the girls towards Dorothy. I grabbed the two boxes on the top (as I was a foot taller than Dorothy) and set them at our feet. Dorothy looked at the girls, who’s eyes were all glued on us, then back at me “Can you help me with these temperatures?” I said “No problem” and picked up the two boxes I had just set down.

I walked over to the table where Amanda and Emily were laying. Two cute girls, both about 4 foot long with short dark hair. As I bent over to snap open the first box, I noticed how muscular their legs and buttocks were. They were tight, not a bit of fat on them. Amanda’s buttocks were larger that Emily’s and her hips were starting to look like a women’s. I snapped open the first case, and quickly found a single thermometer and a cute little jar of Vaseline. The Vaseline looked new, as I quickly confirmed by opening the top. The only thermometer was a rectal, with the blunt tip (I guess they do only take rectal temperatures around here?! But wait, what about the older older girls! I’ll have to ask about that one later!). I stood up and Amanda looked back at me with that ‘I can’t believe you’re going to do this to me!’ look. The adrenaline was pumping and I just rattled off something that ‘Just relax and this’ll be over in a flash!’ as I coated the glass thermometer with Vaseline.

I laid my left hand onto Amanda’s cold moist buttocks. She squirmed as our skin contacted each other. If her buttocks felt cold to me, then my hands must be awful warm to her! As I dug my fingers into the crease of her buttocks, Amanda quickly retaliated, tightening her buttocks together with all her muscles. I quietly asked her to loosen up. Amanda didn’t listen, so I lightly swat her across the buttocks twice. Amanda was caught off guard and lost her control over her muscles. I quickly spread her perky cheeks apart and took aim at the center of her pink rosebud. A strong contraction spread through her body as the thermometer wormed its way deep into her rectum, no doubt causing some noticeable friction against her rectal wall. I released the thermometer from my grip and cautioned Amanda to lay still.

As I finished administering the thermometer into Amanda, I looked over to Dorothy, catching a glimpse of her spreading Sarah’s cute little bottom. Sarah was ready and willing, spreading her legs apart for Dorothy at just the right time as Dorothy guided the jellied silver bulb down into her little bottom. Sarah really seemed to enjoy the feeling of the thermometer going deep into her rectum, as she moaned and put her head down on the soft leather.

Next was Emily. I reached into the identical spot on the next First-Aid box and pulled out identical items, preparing them in the same way. I stood up holding the readied thermometer in my right hand and bent over Amanda to separate Emily’s buttocks. I brushed against the thermometer planted in Amanda’s behind, actually by accident, but pleased as I watched Amanda squirm on the table and tighten her buttocks for a moment. Having watched my dealings with Amanda, Emily was quick to relax her buttocks and I soon had them spread, her tightened dark anus in full view. ‘Nice and easy’ I thought to myself as I nudged the bulb of the thermometer through the center of her anal opening. Emily actually grunted as the thermometer began it’s decent into her. It seemed as though she really didn’t want me to be taking her temperature this way (how embarrassing!). The thermometer slipped in surprisingly easy and I went farther into her than I realized, ‘Maybe I had better pull it out some’ I thought and pulled back on it. Wow! Emily tightened her buttocks right up on me and pressed her hips into the softness of the leather table cover.

2 down! I again looked over at Dorothy, she was keeping pace slightly behind me, as she laid her hands on Julie’s buttocks. Julie was a well endowed 18 year old, about 5 foot tall with long dark hair. Her buttocks were the size of a teenagers’ and her breasts were noticeable against the leather sport table. Like Sarah, Julie was quite a participant, spreading her legs generously as Dorothy placed her hands upon Julie’s buttocks. Julie was undoubtedly looking forward to the moment when she would feel the cold wet thermometer push it’s way into her sensitive anal canal. Dorothy, not able to see this expression on Julie’s face, proceeded slowly to move her hand and the thermometer closer to it’s point of entry. There, it was going in, and you could tell it by looking at Julie’s face. Pure satisfaction! (Did this young lady have to beg for this at home or was it a normal routine?!). Julie looked almost proud, laying prone on the large soft sport table, her legs spread apart lewdly, with a thermometer freshly protruding from her anus.

I beat Dorothy back to the metal cabinet to retrieve the 5th medical kit and walk over to Jenny to administer the 5th thermometer to her. She was the most muscular of the group, her legs soft and firm and her buttocks incredibly firm and perky, the curves flowing into one another with absolute perfection. Jenny was hesitant about the procedure, squirming at the slightest touch. She seemed to get more nervous as I opened the box and prepared the instrument. I gently reached my fingers into her crack. She allowed me to separate her buttocks completely, uncovering a relaxed and very moist anal opening at the center. I told her to take a deep breath to relax and as she blew it out, I administered the tip of the thermometer into her waiting rectum. Jenny squirmed slightly, her buttocks making a gentle attempt to come together, sort of expecting what she felt as the thermometer pushed in, but not being able to prepare for it well enough. Jenny also seemed to enjoy the exquisite pressure from the thermometer pushing its way into her rectum. She also put her head down as I finished placing the thermometer into her.

Well, all done with the first part. Dorothy and I exchanged glances and went back to looking at the 5 cute girls sprawled out on the tables, naked butts up, with 5 thermometers protruding varying lengths from between them. It was strangely silent in the room. None of the girls seemed to know what to say, but then what would they say to each other? ‘So, how’s your thermometer feel up your butt?!’

The silence was broken by the noise of girls coming out of the showers, yelling and screaming, and all eventually finding their way to the window to peer in and she their team mates in this most embarrassing situation. I noticed several girls pointing to thermometers as they whispered to each other. Dorothy noticed them massing at the window and made a gesture at them to shoe them away.

5 minutes passed and Dorothy and I collected the thermometers from our respective girls, announcing each temperature out loud to each other with some happiness that today’s mess up hadn’t affected anyone’s health. Amanda was 98.3 degrees, Emily was 98.5 degrees, Jenny was 98.0 degrees, Sarah was 97.9, and last but not least, Julie was 98.2 degrees. Dorothy told them to head for the warm showers and to stay in there for at least 10 minutes, then get dressed and meet the others by the chalkboard.

I took all the thermometers and washed them off, and shook them down. Smiling as thought about these having been in 5 cute girls.