Something In The Water

I’ll never forget the time I received my first ice-water enema. It was a punitive scene and I (of course) was the one being punished. I believe that we started out with me on the bed, on my knees with my chest pressed into the mattress. This, of course left my tail high up in the air. This is an absolutely delicious position to receive an enema in. Mrs. Trav was administering a warm soapy enema (very useful for cleaning out in preparation for larger volumes that might be administered later). All the while, she kept reminding me that I had to take the entire enema…or suffer the consequences.

Soapy water has the property of producing the most interesting cramps and I was starting to squirm a bit. As I watched the bag empty, I thought that I might be able to hold on until it was done but the cramps were getting pretty strong and I was feeling very full. Suddenly, she left the room. Shortly she returned with another pitcher of soapy water. Refilling the bag, she reiterated that “I had to take the entire enema…or suffer the consequences.” We call this little trick the ‘endless enema’ and have used it in many scenes as an excuse for further tortures delights.

Well, it didn’t take long before I was in serious trouble. We don’t really have a safeword for this but it is pretty obvious to her that I REALLY had to go. At that point she stopped the flow and asked if I was sure that I didn’t want to continue. “You really won’t like the consequences if you don’t take it all.” she said. I think I was halfway to the bathroom before she finished speaking.

When I returned from the bathroom all cleaned up and ready for more action, she was waiting for me. The restraining straps were attached to the corners of the bed and she was holding a 2” leather belt. “I told you that you wouldn’t like the consequences.” she said, grabbing my wrist and buckling on a cuff. Shortly I was securely attached spread eagle, face down on the bed and my ass was being warmed by the belt. This went on for quite a while.

As an aside, the problem with being spanked (?) with the belt is knowing when to stop. Initially, the belt stings and I squirm a lot. But after a while, I get into the pain and just kind of float with it. My head seems to go to some special place, and I feel like it could go on forever (I have read other posts about similar feelings here on asb). It’s an incredible feeling. At some point however, she either stopped the whipping or maybe she was able to move the bonds between strokes, but I found myself tied, ankles to wrists. To make things more interesting, she removed her panties, stuffed them in my mouth and secured them by tying a pair of pantyhose around my head.

So, there I was, hog-tied and gagged, face down on the bed. I was pretty sure that I was going to get another enema at this point but the thought of ice had never entered my mind. I watched as she partially filled the enema bag from the pitcher. Then she left the room.

I couldn’t figure out what was going on. She came back shortly with a tray of ice cubes and proceeded to put them in the bag. I really didn’t want any part of this but I was truly helpless! I tried to tell her no, but the gag had me effectively silenced. I had never experimented with ice and didn’t know how I would react.

If we were using a safeword (or safe signal) at that time I probably would have called it. One of the advantages of a long term relationship is we know each other well enough to be able to play without safewords. She wanted to push my limits and she sure did that evening.

She smiled as she inserted the nozzle and said coldly (sorry again), “You were complaining about how hot your ass feels, well, I think we can cool you off.” The effect was amazing. The temperature sensation was …hell, I still can’t describe it… and the cramps were astounding. I think my intestines were trying to curl up in a little ball to keep warm (we all cultivate our favorite ways of getting into our pain here, well this is one of mine).

She proceeded to make me take the whole bagful very slowly with frequent stops. The enema must have lasted for half an hour. I was sweating and freezing at the same time. An amazing roller coaster ride. Fortunately, she didn’t refill the bag this time but it wasn’t until after I had taken every drop, that she eventually released me and I hobbled off to the bathroom.

When I was finally able to navigate, I cleaned myself up and came back to the bedroom. The ice water had lowered my body temperature and I was shivering. She was waiting for me under the covers with a big grin. “Come here.” She said and stretched out her arms towards me. I crawled into her arms and we cuddled until I was got warm. We made passionate love and fell asleep in each others arms.

Love to you all….