Stay In School

I got a call at work one morning at 10am. Miss Bloom, the high school principal, phoned to tell me that my daughter Caroline, reported to her home room, but not to her other classes. Where was she? Miss Bloom also took the time to tell me that Caroline’s grades were declining, and she was not the best behaved young lady in school. I thanked Miss Bloom and hung up. What to do?

I decided to work a half-day, leave at lunch, and find Caroline. First stop; home. Bingo! There was Caroline, and her friend Judy on the sofa, still in their school uniforms, watching a talk-show on TV. I told Judy she ought to get along to school.

I sat on the sofa next to Caroline. “Well, Caroline, what’s the story?”

No response; just a sullen look. With that, Caroline found herself over my lap, with her plaid uniform skirt up over her butt. A few hand spanks on each cheek got no response from Caroline.

“Well, dear,” I said, “Perhaps if we pull these down, this spanking will be more effective.” Now I slid her white cotton panties down to her knees, and spanked.

Suddenly Caroline was not so brave. “I felt sick dad. That’s why I came home.”

“Really?” I said. “Is that why your grades are going south and your behavior is atrocious?”

Caroline repeated that she came home because she felt lousy.

“Okay, Caroline wait here, I’ll be right back.”

I returned with a thermometer and Caroline opened her mouth. It’s not that kind of thermometer I said. Caroline’s eyes widened in disbelief. “Roll over on your tummy Caroline.”

Caroline protested but did as she was told. I think her buttocks where still smarting and she didn’t want another spanking. I dipped the thermometer tip in petroleum jelly, parted Caroline’s buttocks, and inserted the thermometer into her anus.

A few minutes later I removed the thermometer and read it. A perfect 98.6.

I told Caroline she was lying about being sick.

“No,” she said. It’s true. “It’s my tummy I feel lousy.”

“Well, then, Caroline if that’s the case, go put your pajamas on.”

Caroline smiled, and went to change, thinking she had got by with a hand spanking and a little humiliation over her rectal temperature. Not quite.

“Caroline,” I called a short while later.

“Yes ?” she answered.

“Please come in here,” I told her.

“In the bathroom, dad?”

“Yes, dear.” Thru the door she entered. Caroline did look ill when she saw the sink full of soapy water, and the jar of petroleum jelly on the counter top, next to the 8 ounce adult bulb syringe.

“No,” she said. “Not that.”

“Oh yes Caroline, just like mom cured bellyaches before she left. Now remove those pajama bottoms.” Caroline looked more embarrassed than I’d ever seen her, as she pulled them down. I told her to get on her hands & knees, butt in the air. She clenched her buttocks closed to try to stop the procedure.

A few spanks on her butt and she let it relax. I poked my finger in the petroleum jelly and coated her anal area and the enema nozzle. I filled the enema, inserted the nozzle and squeezed the bulb. Caroline was miserable as I did this several more times. I left her alone to expel the enema.

After a while, she came out, went up to her room and got out her schoolbooks. Now, months later my Caroline is a model student who appreciates school.

By Jeff