Sue Ellen's Exam

Sue Ellen sat nervously in the hall. “How could I have gotten myself into this mess ?” she thought to herself. “I knew the company policy on absenteeism. Why did I have to go to that concert, why ?” Sue Ellen was going over in her mind the speech she was given when she took this job.

“This is a very sought after position Sue Ellen. The pay is excellent and rewards great but the penalties are equally severe,” the boss had said. “Absenteeism will not be tolerated and any absence of more than two days will result in termination unless approved by the company and only the company physician, Dr. Flan. Is that understood ?”

You agreed and signed the form then. You had no idea you would miss work so soon into your employment.

You hear your name called. You go into an office and find yourself seated at the desk of the company doctor. You are surprised that he is so handsome and young looking for a doctor. He asks you to sign some forms and you do so without reading them. After checking the paper work, the doctor escorts you into a small examination room. “Please undress down to your bra and panties Sue Ellen and have a seat on the table while I go wash my hands.” You are surprised by this request and wonder why there is no gown to put on, but figure it is best to do as he wants. You slip out of your slacks and blouse and sit on the table as asked.

The doctor walks into the room. “I see you have not had a complete physical exam, miss and since you have missed three consecutive days I am afraid it is required if you want any chance of saving your job.”

You are shocked and wonder. “Am I really that close to losing my job ?” Better not chance it you think to yourself and tell the doctor you agree.

“But shouldn’t there be a nurse here Dr. Flan?”

“If you had read the form you signed it said you waived the right for a nurse to be here, as that would delay your appointment and cost you your job.” You realize that you must do as the doctor says.

Dr. Flan proceeds to check your pulse and take your blood pressure. He writes down his findings and then looks in your ears and throat. “No problems’ here, lets listen to your heart and lungs.” The handsome doctor places the stethoscope on your chest his hand brushes your breast slightly. “Sounds fine, now your lungs.”

The doctor moves the stethoscope around to your back and asks you to take a deep breath again he says you take another breath the doctor look concerned and then says, “ I think your bra is too tight. It is restricting your deep breathing. Please remove it Sue Ellen.”

You are shocked and begin to protest but the doctor cuts you off and says, “You must cooperate fully if you want to keep your job Sue Ellen.”

Reluctantly you take off your bra and your breasts spring free. The doctor pretends not to notice as he repeats the check of your lungs. “They sound fine. I really can’t find anything wrong yet miss but there are still many things to check. Now I shall check your temperature.”

You think nothing of this and the doctor turns his back to get the thermometer ready. You hear the sounds of a jar being opened and wonder what is taking so him so long. Your question is answered soon enough when he turns around and you see he is holding a thermometer smeared with Vaseline.

“Oh No doctor not that…”

“Oh yes Sue Ellen this is the most accurate way and so there will be no question if you have a fever or not. Now roll over on your belly and pull down your panties.”

You are shocked but seeing no choice. You slip down your undies and roll over. You feel embarrassed to be laying their bare bottom up about to have your rectal temperature taken like a little girl. Dr. Flan parts your cheeks and dabs a little Vaseline on your rectum. Then he slides the thin glass tube into your bottom he rests his hand on your butt as he waits the full five minutes for it to register. You feel your cheeks parted again as he withdraws the thermometer.

“No fever Sue Ellen. You seem fine to me, but we will continue with this exam. Now lay on your back so I may examine your breasts.”

You pull up your panties and roll back over. The doctor begins rubbing your right breast in small circles, you feel your nipple harden. You blush. He repeats this procedure on your left breast. Then begins to probe your abdomen. “Are there any tender spots ?” he asks. You think this might be a way to fake an illnesses and say, “Yes Doctor, it hurts down here by the right side of my belly.”

The doctor feels that is and decides it could be your appendix. “ It could be serious if it is your appendix Sue Ellen. That means we must do a pelvic and a rectal exam. So please roll over on your side your bottom toward me.”

“Oh no what have I gotten myself into now ? I can’t tell him I was lying,” you think.

You roll to your side and Dr. Flan helps you bring one knee up. This exposes all of your charms to his gaze and he puts on a rubber glove and lubes up your anus. He examines your bottom thoroughly and you feel slightly aroused as his fingers probe you. He says nothing as he withdraws his finger except to ask you to lie on your back with your legs spread.

“Oh God…” you think as you lay there open for him to see. The doctor examines your vagina and leaves you lay there while he writes something down. “You may sit up now Sue Ellen.”

You sit up and reach for your panties. As you begin to put them on Dr. Flan states that he has found nothing wrong and that you won’t get an excuse for missing work. “Please doctor give me an excuse or I’ll get fired…”

“I cannot do that miss. You must learn that discipline will be enforced at this company I shall have to tell your boss.”

“But can’t there be some other form of discipline Dr. Flan?”

“Well it is unusual but there is one and only one alternative.”

“What doctor ? I’ll do almost anything.”

“You are going to get a sound over the knee spanking from me and I’ll see that you keep your job.”

“BBBBut spanked…. Please not that.”

“That is your only choice.” As he sits down on the stool he pulls you to his side. “What’s it going to be Sue Ellen?”

“OK I’ll take the spanking Dr. Flan.”

The handsome doctor reaches out and pulls your panties down. You shriek and he says “Spankings are given bare bottom here young lady…”

Then you are draped across his lap bare bottom toward the ceiling. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK

The hard palm stings your bottom as it lands first one cheek then the other.

SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK. Your bottom is rapidly turning red. You yell for mercy and get nothing but more spanks.

SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK. “Please Dr. Flan, please stop.”

SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK is the answer you get.

Finally he stops and you remain over his lap sobbing soon he helps you to your feet and says, “Now now, Sue Ellen. Its all over. I will see you get to keep your job but, if you miss again you will be over my lap again.”

You nod and, not caring that your panties are at your ankles and your naked breasts are in full view. You rub some of the sting away. You get dressed and leave. The reminder of this visit will stay with you awhile.