Summer Camp Story


It happened when I was 14. I was at summer sleep away camp in New York’s Anarondac Mountains, going into my 3rd week when I became sick. I went to the infirmary and Nurse Kelly took my temperature and found I had a little fever.

She gave me some Tylenol & told me I would have to get some rest. Ok I promised and I was getting ready to head back to my bunk, when to my disappointment the nurse told me I would have to stay at the infirmary until I was completely well again.

Knowing I would be bored out of my mind there and wanting to get back to my friends I tried to argue with her, but she stood firm. It was a long standing camp policy that any kid who was not well had to stay at the infirmary until they were completely better. To accommodate this, the infirmary had 6 bedrooms and a bathroom with a bath & shower. Showing me to my room, the nurse summoned a counselor to go to my bunk & get me a change of clothing, my toiletries, my pajamas and whatever else I wanted.

I was not a happy camper, and thought was going to mess up a great summer vacation, but then I learned that there was one other temporary resident of the infirmary, Donna Johnson.

I became exited at the idea of spending a few days at the infirmary with Donna. A beautiful 15 year old brunette, Donna was one of the best looking girls at the camp and I had fantasized about her more than once. A shy 14 year old who was still a virgin, I had not even tried to talk with her before, due to a lack of confidence on my part and now there would be just the 2 of us in close quarters for the next couple of days.

Still I realized that it was unlikely we would become any more than friends and even in the unlikely event she liked me, we would always be under the watchful eye of Nurse Kelly and once we left the infirmary there would be even less privacy. I shared a bunk with 5 other boys & she likewise shared a bunk with 5 other girls.

By the time we were on the second day at the infirmary, Donna and I had become good friends. We had talked a lot and gotten to know each other very well. We also watched a lot of t.v. together and played games. Just as I knew from the beginning, things did not go beyond friendly and even if there was the potential, Nurse Kelly was always around. Still the second day was great. Donna and I discovered we had a lot in common and a close friendship was forming, my first with a girl. Like everything else, the day had to come to a end.

Bedtime at the infirmary was something i didn’t like. I found myself becoming very lonely at night. Before coming to camp I shared a bedroom with my younger brother and at camp I shared a bunk with 5 other kids. As I lay in bed I wished Donna and I could share a room. I fantasized that we shared a bed but in reality I knew we couldn’t even share a room.

I was still fantasizing about sharing a bed with Donna when I began to hear some sounds coming from her room down the hall. I could hear her and Nurse Kelly talking and it sounded like they were having a argument but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. The discussion or argument lasted for about 5 minutes and then stopped and was quite for several moments.

Laying in bed I was wondering what that was all about when I was startled to hear Donna let out a high pitched shriek followed by muffled cries of distress. What was happening to Donna I wondered and I thought of going over to comfort her, but decided I would get in trouble. If Donna wanted me there to comfort her, Nurse Kelly would come and get me.

The muffled cries and what sounded like pleading continued for about 10 minutes & and was then followed by some very strange sounds I could not place. Once it got quiet again, I thought about it for 5-10 minutes before I drifted off to sleep.

When I awoke the next morning, things started out pretty normal. First, Nurse Kelly took my temperature and then told me I still had a slight fever and then gave me some Tylenol. Normally she would then bring me some breakfast but instead she asked me when when I last had a b.m. commenting I hadn’t had one since i’ve been in the infirmary.

Embarrassed at the question, I assured her I had one just before coming to the infirmary. Not satisfied she said that was now 3 days ago and grasping my pajama shirt she lifted it up and pressed her palm against my stomach and commented that it was a little hard.

Have you ever had a enema before, Nurse Kelly asked? No I replied. She then asked me what my parents did when I couldn’t have a b.m. They gave me castor oil I said and quickly added that I hated that stuff, it tastes awful & messes up my stomach all day and takes several hours to work. I also added that the last time I was given castor oil, I nearly puked. I was hoping she wouldn’t give me castor oil and I asked her about the enema telling her I’ve heard of it but didn’t know what it is.

Nurse Kelly then told me that it was a injection of liquid solution that had a laxative effect. She admitted to me that it was a unpleasant procedure but that it acted immediately and once I had my b.m. there would not be any after effects on my stomach.

Because the nurse described the enema as a injection, which technically it is, I was under the false impression that it was a shot & i readily agreed to it. Thinking that the nurses description of it being uncomftorble was because shots are not comfortable but that would be much better than drinking that awful tasting stuff and messing my stomach up all day. I even wondered briefly why my parents never gave me an enema, but quickly realized that only doctors and nurses could give shots and that’s why my parents had to use castor oil.

O.k. Nurse Kelly said. I’m going to go prepare it. In the meantime I need you to undress & she promptly left the room closing the door behind her. Blushing, I felt embarrassed. I didn’t realize the shot was going to be in my buttocks. Slowly I lowered my pajama pants, exposing my bottom and lay flat on my stomach on the bed in order to hide my dick.

When Nurse Kelly returned I felt myself blushing again as I heard her bring several items in the room. No she said to me as she closed the door behind her. I need you to get completely undressed she said. Why I cried in embarrassment thinking of changing my mind and asking for castor oil instead.

So you’re pajamas don’t get in the way or get wet she answered. Thinking about it I realized that by taking my pants off all the way was only going to expose my legs and taking my shirt off was not a big deal, my bottom was already exposed to her, I reminded myself.

Reaching back I was trying to pull my pants off while still laying on my stomach, when Nurse Kelly told me she needed me to get up from the bed for a minute. Hesitantly I got up facing away from her and she spread a bed pad across the bed.

Getting a look at the other things she brought in the room, there was a stand with a large clear plastic bag filled with a white solution which turned out to be very warm water with Castile soap in it. The bag had a long clear tube hanging from it. I hadn’t realized until now that it would be a i.v. type injection and having never had one before and only having seen them on t.v., I

hoped it wouldn’t hurt much more than a regular shot.

The other thing I noticed was a portable toilet and I asked why I couldn’t use the bathroom and Nurse Kelly told me that the laxative effect was immediate and I may not have time to get there. She then told me to finish getting undressed. At this point I was feeling very embarrassed and was getting cold feet and was thinking of asking for the castor oil instead but I knew it was

too late.

Facing away from Nurse Kelly, I took great care to keep my dick from her view as I finished getting undressed. When I finished, she instructed me to lie over the pad on my left side and bend my knees slightly.

Surprised that I could not lay on my stomach, I felt my whole body heat up with embarrassment as Nurse Kelly hovered over me, having full view of all my privates. My body tensed as she grasped my buttocks and I was still expecting her to stick a needle into them, so you can imagine my surprise when instead, she parted them and pushed the plastic tube up my ass.

Ouch I cried out loud, what are you doing I exclaimed as my whole body jerked and tensed up, my eyes went wide with shock. Relax Nurse Kelly instructed as she messaged my buttocks, it’s just the tube that will inject the solution. All of a

sudden I realized how this injection was going to work and that it was no normal injection. My face was burning up with embarrassment and the tube in my ass was very uncomfortable. I had flashbacks of when i was a little boy and mommy

used to put the thermometer in there. That was something I really hated and I used to cry and fuss the whole time she sat on the bed with her hand on my ass, firmly holding the thermometer in place.

Okay, i’m going to begin the flow of solution now, Nurse Kelly said, if you start having cramps in your stomach then take deep breaths. She then opened a valve and I felt the warm water begin to flow up my ass. It felt really weird and I had had an immediate desire for the thing to be taken out of me, but just like when mom took my temperature when I was a little boy, Nurse Kelly had her palm pressed against my ass and was firmly holding the tube in place.

My whole body was hot and my face felt like it was on fire, I was never so embarrassed in my life. I also realized I was sweating profusely. By the time the bag was a quarter empty, I had to go to the bathroom real badly and I told Nurse Kelly that that was enough, I could definitely go to the bathroom now. To my surprise though, Nurse Kelly told me that in order for the enema to be completely effective, I had to finish all the solution. What I exclaimed, I don’t think I can take much more I pleaded. What Nurse Kelly said next really got my attention. Donna finished the whole bag last night and you can too! All of a sudden I recalled the noises I heard coming from Donna’s room last night and now knew that what I heard was Nurse Kelly giving Donna an enema.

Trying to visualize that in my mind, my cock twitched and I became aroused as iI imagined Donna laying naked with the tube going into her beautiful ass and Nurse Kelly standing over her, filling her up with the warm solution. What am I thinking, I said to myself? I cared a lot about Donna and would never want to see her suffer. Yet for some reason the more I thought about her getting the enema the more aroused I became, despite the fact that it was obvious from her cries that the poor girl had suffered through her enema.

It was at this time that I began to reassess my situation. Nurse Kelly was a very nice looking woman. In her mid 30’s she had fair skin, long silky brown hair and almond brown eyes and underneath her white nurses uniform I knew she had a beautiful body.

My feelings of embarrassment began to give way to becoming aroused at the fact that I was naked in front of such a beautiful woman and she was committing such a intimate act on me by putting a tube in my ass & filling it with warm water. I felt almost like I was getting fucked by her in a weird way. My dick was now throbbing and I was in ecstasy and to my surprise I began to love the enema. I even became aroused by the idea that a tube that was in Donna’s beautiful ass just last night was now in mine.

The bag was now two thirds empty and my fantasizing was suddenly cut short when I was suddenly hit with a awful cramp in my stomach. Oh god I cried out. Shutting off the flow, Nurse Kelly told me to take deep breaths and she messaged my stomach in a circular motion. Once the cramps subsided she resumed the flow and continued to message my stomach coming real close to my dick but always pulled away from it. It was tantalizing.

Everything was now bitter sweet in a unique combination of senses. I was very aroused by what this beautiful woman was doing to me and by the thought of what she had done to Donna, but I was also still very embarrassed by the whole episode. I was also very aroused by the tube in my ass and the water flowing in making me feel like I was getting fucked by this beautiful woman but at the same time it was very uncomfortable and the desire to go to the bathroom was becoming overwhelming. Never before had I experienced so many sensations at once that were in such contrast to each other and when the bag was finally empty I was both disappointed and thankful at the same time, that it was over.

After she took the tube out, I anxiously asked if I could go to the bathroom now. Not yet she said, you need to hold the solution for 5 minutes to receive the maximum benefit from it. In a lot of way’s this waiting period was even more difficult than the administration of the enema. I pleaded to be let to go to the bathroom as my stomach was racked with cramp over cramp and the desire to shit was becoming so urgent I couldn’t stand it. But Nurse Kelly held my buttocks closed tight and continued to message my stomach and in a soft feminine voice, encouraged me to maintain. Despite my discomfort I found that I relished this beautiful authoritative woman asserting such control over me and pushing me to the limits of my endurance.

I had been holding the enema for just over 4 minutes when I began to lose control. About a cupful of water leaked out of my ass and I felt the pad get wet under me. At this point I knew if I didn’t get to the toilet now I was going to have a accident in bed, but Nurse Kelly realized this and snapped okay to the potty now and she helped me up and onto the portable potty. I

wanted to hold out until the nurse left the room but she didn’t and as soon as I sat on the potty I exploded. Water, chunks of shit and loud farts poured from me without me having any control over it. I was so humiliated by this I thought I was going to die, but I also loathed in the fact that this woman had pushed me to the utmost limits of control and then exceeded it, causing me to lose control of my most intimate bodily function and all carried out with a innocent demeanor of a nurse doing her duties to a poor sick kid. But behind her professional demeanor there was the slightest hint of gratification on her face and a look in her eyes that left me wondering if she enjoyed giving me the enema as much as I enjoyed receiving it from her.

When I finished expelling and cleaning myself up I felt thoroughly drained and cleaned out. It was a exhilarating feeling of cleanliness but now I badly wanted a sexual release too. I had been really worked up by the lavage and now my dick was crying for attention. I was hoping Nurse Kelly would leave me a opportunity to release myself but to my dismay she told me I could get dressed now and she stayed in the room cleaning up while I got dressed.

Next we met Donna in the playroom where she was drawing a picture and the 3 of us had breakfast. I felt funny now sitting with the 2 woman and knowing that Donna had to have heard the tell tale sounds of what had occurred in my room and she had a funny look on her face. I could not believe my ears when after breakfast, Nurse Kelly told Donna and I that she had a staff meeting to go to and would be gone for a few hours. She then gave us a phone number of where she would be in case we had a problem or if any other sick or hurt kids came to the infirmary.

I could not believe it. Donna and I were now alone. We sat next to each other for 5 minutes and were so close I could feel her body heat but I didn’t know what to say. It was Donna that broke the ice. So she gave you a enema also she said in a

highly emotional voice and on her face was a unmistakable mischievous grin.

Written by Yitzie as a fictional erotic story, hope you have enjoyed. What happens next is left to the readers imagination. If you would like to type up you’re imagination of what happened next and send it to me I would be delighted to read it.

You’re correspondence is welcomed and encouraged.