Summer Camp

My parents had been wanting to take an ocean cruise for many years, and finally the opportunity arose where they booked their cruise and at the same time booked my brother and I into an exclusive Boy’s Camp. I think the main reason for us going to this particular camp was that it was close, and had a wide range of activities for boys from the ages of eight to fifteen.

Allan and I both belonged to Scouts and enjoyed outdoor activities, especially gymnastics and swimming. We could both water ski so it looked like everything we liked to do would be available to us. Mother seemed delighted with the programs and had no hesitation leaving us for the three weeks they would be away. This was not the first time we had been away from home having been on Scout Camps and other overnight excursions with our Dad so we were not worried. We were looking forward to the vacation.

We were delivered to the camp by our Aunt, who drove us from the airport where we had seen our parents off on their holiday. We were excited at the prospects of meeting new kids and of what lay ahead. We had never been to a camp like this one before and we were sure it was costing our parents a lot of money.

I could tell the minute we drove through the huge gates, that this was a pretty swanky place. Huge trees lined the driveway to the main building. The gardens were well kept and were loaded with flowers. As we drew nearer to the buildings, I noticed how modern and well maintained they were, not like what I expected a boy’s camp to look like. There was nothing wilderness about this place, at least as far as I could see. Allan was all eyes as he took in the lake and docks that formed a sort of horseshoe around the camp.

When we were drawing closer to the buildings we notice that all the boys were dressed in similar clothes. White shorts, and light blue “T” shirts. White socks and runners. Everything looked a little too formal for my liking, but then we had just arrived. I was sure we would like it and we’d get used to it.

“Justin? Why are all the guys dressed the same. We don’t have clothes like that?” Allan asked. Auntie told us that this was a very exclusive Boy’s Camp and that everything would be provided. We were going to have the time of our lives. I didn’t like the sound of the word EXCLUSIVE. To me that meant snobsville with a bunch of very rich spoiled brats. I had read about some of those school and clubs. Our family were well off but we attended regular public schools. Oh well we would just take what comes and enjoy what they had to offer.

We were welcomed to the camp by a sporty good looking young man wearing a Yachtsman’s Cap.

“Welcome boys. We are happy to have you. You’re a couple of days late, but we have you assigned to cabins with boys your own age. Most of the boys are old timers here having been coming every summer for years, so you will be new to the scene. All you have to do is follow the leads of the other lads and they’ll tell you what to do and what not to do. I will give you a set of rules for the camp and also the plan of the camp layout. I know you will enjoy your three weeks here. If there is anything I can do for you, come to see me at any time. My Name is Paul. Allan I understand you’re eleven, and Justin you’re just about thirteen is that right ?” he asked.

We nodded and Auntie said her farewell shaking hands with Paul and pecking a kiss on each of us. She really wasn’t our favorite Aunt.

Paul called someone from the inside office to come and get us checked in “Do you have your doctor’s medical report we asked to have filled out?” he asked. I looked at Allan and we both shrugged our shoulders. I told him I hadn’t heard anything about that.

“Never mind I’ll have someone take you to the infirmary where they’ll take some details and make out some forms for you, just for our records in case you require special medication or have any allergies we should be aware of,” Paul said.

A boy about seventeen came into the office dressed smartly in his outfit. He must be on the staff as he was too old to be a camper although he looked quite young.

“My Name is Cory and I’ll take you to your cabins then up to the infirmary,” he said smiling a little too much for my liking. People who smiled like he did, usually were up to something. At least that had been my experience. There was something about him that was just too nice.

Allan was skipping along getting into the feeling of being on holidays and in such a nice place. His cabin was the first one we came to and it was beautiful. There were six beds in it , a small living room with leather couches and chairs and a TV, and to my surprise, a computer along with games. All the beds were made just so and it was very impressive. Allan was shown which was his bed, which happened to be the one farthest from the living room and closest to the washroom. We had last choice as we were late. Some choice. Anyway he had a chest of drawers where he could put his clothes and other belongings . We would use camp clothes throughout our stay.

There were no boys around when we arrived, I presumed out on various activities, so Allan followed along with me and Cory to where my cabin was. It was located close to the lake and also to the infirmary. The cabin I was assigned to was the same as Allan’s and lay rather secluded in amongst the trees up from the lake. Like Allan, I got the last bed and it was also by the washrooms but near a back entranceway. I had a window also that looked out onto the lake. I wondered how come no one had wanted that one.

Cory took us to the “Cook Shack”, as he called it. It was as nice as any restaurant I had even been in. This is where we ate our meals. We were required to be on time for the meals or we would miss out. I could go with that, although I knew Allan tended to be a little tardy at breakfast time always trying to get an addition minute to sleep. Allan was a night person, while I on the other hand was a morning person.

From the cook shack we went up to the stores building where we were presented with our outfits. Everything from our runners to our under shorts and ball caps. Each T shirt had the Camp’s Crest on the right side pocket. We were ordered to return to our cabins, change into the new outfits, then proceed to the infirmary to see the nurse.

Allan’s cabin was on the other side of the camp to mine, and I wondered if he would get lonely my not being close to me. Cory left us and told us he would be back to show us around after we were done in the infirmary. He figured we’d be about an hour. I wondered why it would take an hour just to fill in some forms.

I returned to my cabin to find a boy sitting at the desk writing. “Hi. I’m Justin,” I said introducing myself.

“So?” he replied.

“This is my first time here so I’m not familiar with everything yet.” I excused myself trying to make conversation. Jeff was not about to help me along and just kept on writing as though I wasn’t there. Well so be it. I went to my bed and started to change. I was a little embarrassed about changing in front of a stranger so took my things to the bathroom. The door was locked.

“Is there someone in there?” I asked Jeff.

“Door’s locked isn’t it?” he replied smartly.

I returned and changed at my bed, putting my clothes away and walked around the room . I thought I had better get up to the infirmary and get the forms done.

I left the cabin and headed up the sidewalk to the building with a sign on the outside stating “HOSPITAL”. I looked round to see if there was another building, but this was the only one, so walked in.

There was no one in the front office so I took a seat and waited. It was very comfortable being decorated like all the other buildings I had seen This was really far from any camp I had ever heard about. Rich. That’s for sure.

Allan arrived and he looked very neat in his camp clothes. He had a better build than I did, as he was the most athletic one in the family. We both did the same things as far as sports were concerned, he was just better at them even though he was a bit smaller.

“How long do we have to wait Justin?” he asked sitting down beside me.

“I don’t know I just got here, and haven’t seen anyone yet.” I explained.

We were wondering if anyone knew we were there so started to talk louder. Perhaps we would be overheard.

I got up and went through the open doorway behind the desk and counter. It lead down a long corridor with doors leading off to both the left and right sides except at the end which seemed to open out into a large room. I didn’t hear any sounds coming from the rooms

“Hulloo? Anyone here?” I asked without actually shouting. I opened one of the doors behind which was a bed like in a hospital with white sheets and a gown ready for the patient. It had a window and was very nice and bright. No one was there.

“ Hullooo? I’m here to fill out some forms, “I yelled louder this time. Allan finally joined me as I moved towards the end of the hall.

“Where is everyone?” he asked. “This is dumb.”

We came through the doorway of the large room at the end of the hall. It looked like an operating room. There was a big table with lights overhead. There were sinks and taps and IV stands and things like that. The room was lined with cabinets, which I presumed contained medical stuff. I think we both felt a little uneasy in this room not ever having had to spend time in a hospital before.

We were walking back down the hallway to the front desk, when we met the nurse, at least she was dressed like a nurse . She was young and quite pretty I thought. Even Allan mentioned that fact to me when we were following her to the front office.

“Sit down boys and let’s chat. I have these forms to fill out and I will want you to answer them correctly. Have you ever had any contagious diseases like measles, scarlet fever, chicken pox any of those ? She asked

“Yes Mam. I had the Measles and Allan got them too. That’s all we ever had,” I replied.

“Good. You must have been quite healthy, you certainly look like good specimens to me,” she commented. I smiled , she was very friendly. She passed both Allan and I the forms to complete. The questions were just “Yes or no” ones.

I checked off that I had taken all my shots and vaccinations. I was very rarely ill. “No” I didn’t get too many colds. “Yes” I usually had a bowel movement every day. Who was my family doctor and so on. Allan embarrassed me by asking what a Bowel Movement was. I whispered that it was going No. 2 every day. Allan answered the question more honestly than I did when he put down “no”. We passed the forms back to her and she looked them over.

“Allan you marked that you do not go to the toilet everyday. How many days do you go without having a bowel movement ?” she asked

“Sometimes a week,” Allan replied. I couldn’t believe he went a week without pooing. She asked us to follow her down to the examination room. We followed reluctantly wondering what she had planned for us. I was more apprehensive than Allan, as she had me sit up on the table and remove my shirt. She listened to my heart and my chest tapping me on my chest and back, Then she asked Allan to undress down to his shorts and sit on the table. Allan quickly obliged and hopped nimbly onto the table. There was a small step stool for little kids to use but Allan didn’t use it. He got the same procedure of listening to his chest heart etc.

“Okay sweety lay flat on your back Allan,” she ordered, in a sweet friendly voice. Allan lay back with his hands behind his head. Miss Temple reached over and pulled Allan shorts down to his knees. He reddened a bit but, obliged by lifting his bum up to allow them to come down. She pressed all over his stomach commenting on his very good stomach muscles.

“Does this hurt dear”? She asked as she pressed high on his left side. Allan flinched a bit and replied that it did. It hurt also when she pressed just above his dink on the left side. Allan was not ready for what came next as Miss Temple pulled on a pair of Latex gloves and lubricated a finger from a tube of jelly. I just watched with my mouth open wondering what she was going to do.

“Alright Allan, just so as we know where we stand with your tummy problems, I want you to lay over on your left side and bring your knees up to your chest. There’s a good boy exactly what I wanted. Now you just lay still for a minute and we’ll have a look see,” she cooed.

Allan still didn’t know what she was going to “Look See”. She pulled Allan’s bum cheek open exposing his little hole and inserted her finger well up inside him. He gasped and snorted and tried to roll back over on his back.

“There there, Allan I won’t hurt you. You be a big man now.” Miss Temple was stronger and held him while she prodded his asshole. He quieted down and lay still looking at me for an explanation. I just shrugged. I had no idea what was going on.

When she finally finished she rolled Allan onto his back and he had an erection. His dink was standing up. He tried to cover it up with his hands, but that didn’t do any good.

“That was a good boy Allan. I think we know how to look after you. I’m going to have to give you an enema .You’re quite constipated. Now you just lay still little man, while I get it ready. Justin you can keep him company. I won’t be long,” she said as she went to the other end of the room and busied herself with whatever it was, in the corner.

By this time Allan was getting a little apprehensive. He wanted to know why she was doing this to him, and that he felt fine. I told him I guess she knew what she was doing and that whatever she was going to give him would be good. Allan wasn’t so sure.

There was no door to this large examining room and I was surprised to hear someone come up behind me looking at Allan laying bare-assed on the table. It was another boy about my age. Steve was his name. He never spoke to either one of us but went down to where the nurse was and I heard him ask if he could be of any help.

She smiled at him and had him carry a large white enamel can with a long hose attached to it. I had never seen one of those before, and I’m sure Allan hadn’t either. He hung the can above where Allan was laying, on one of the IV stands. The hose dangled almost to the floor. He smiled at Allan.

“Hi I’m Steve and I sometimes work here with Miss Temple. You’re going to like this. What’s your name anyway?” he asked

“I’m Justin Scott and that’s my brother Allan. The nurse is looking after him,” I replied.

“So I see. He’s going to get an enema. Do you know what that is?” he asked Allan smiling even more.

He answered that he didn’t know but told him he thought it might have to do with his constipation?.

“That’s exactly right. Miss Temple is going to flush out your colon, “Steve advised.

“How’s she going to do that?” I asked although seeing the hose hanging there I didn’t think Allan was going to like it.

Allan in the meantime was examining everything that Steve had brought in and looked at me for support. What did I know. “It’ll be okay Allan just don’t worry about it okay?” I tried assuring him.

Miss Temple came back with a towel which she placed under Allan’s behind. “All right Sunny Jim over on your left side again and we’ll see what we can find inside you,” she laughed at her humor. I was starting to shake even more than Allan I think. When she told Allan to bring his knees up again, I knew then that rubber hose was going to go into his butt. She opened his crack again and slowly inserted the rubber tube. Allan never said a word just lay there. I was nearly crapping myself besides getting an erection.

Slowly the tube proceeded in further and further. Allan grunted a bit then she stopped and opened a valve or something.

“There’s something going into my stomach,” I heard Allan exclaim.

“Your having an enema Allan and I’m washing your colon with soapy water. It will help flush out all the hardened waste that’s been clogging your system,” she explained. “You’ll feel much better with all that out of you,” she offered.

Allan laid there not making a move. He complained a little about being full, to which she replied she would stop for a minute. “You have quite a bit to take yet,” she said telling him to relax.

“That’s a good boy. Your quite a brave chap aren’t you?” she smiled.

I wished I could relax .Here I was watching my brother getting his ass pumped full of water and I just stood watching. Steve went over to Allan and started to rub his stomach.

“That feels better,” Allan said. Steve smiled.

“Hey little man you got a hard-on huh ?”he laughed. Allan replied that he couldn’t help it, it just came. Miss Temple laughed as well as she reached over and felt Allan’s stomach.

“Well I guess that’s enough Allan, I’m really surprised you could hold so much in your tummy,” she said patting him on the stomach again. She pulled the long tube out. It must have been in him about a foot or more.

“Roll over on your back now Allan and just lay still for a few more minutes then you can go to the toilet,” she instructed.

I could tell Allan was embarrassed at his erection but there was nothing to cover up with so he just had to lay there while his little dink bobbed up and down. Steve massaged his stomach some more and showed me what he was doing and why. I really wasn’t interested, only in how much soapy water Allan had in there.

Miss Temple gave Allan the towel he had been laying on to cover up with as he went to the washroom. Steve commented that Allan was quite good. Whatever that meant. Good at what ?

When Allan and I were walking back , having completed everything in the hospital, I asked him what it felt like getting all that done to him. He just looked at me and smiled saying it was neat and it felt good. Oh my great Aunt ? How could he say that after what they did to him ?

“Allan you must be kidding. Didn’t it hurt. Weren’t you afraid of shitting your bed? “ I asked.

“Justin it was no big deal. It felt nice when that tube was going in. That’s when I got my boner,” he replied.

“You don’t know what you’re missing. I might get another one,” he said. I could hardly believe my ears. Well to each his own. I would watch out for him just the same.

Allan went his way and I returned to my cabin , still shocked by the experience and hoping to find someone from my cabin had returned.

When I entered the cabin it appeared that everyone had returned. Included amongst my new room mates was Steve, the nurse’s helper. He smiled at me and introduced me to the other roommates. These guys were really not interested in knowing who I was as they seemed to have their own clique so to speak. Things seemed to change when Steve told them that Miss Temple did a “Job” on my brother that afternoon. Miss Temple and he had looked after him.

“Justin here was able to watch and see how it is done. I don’t think Justin has ever had one either,” Steve laughed. Everyone laughed .

Brent, who seemed to be the cabin chief informed us we had better get ready for supper, and told me I could sit with them. Maybe I didn’t want to sit with them.

The eating building was beautiful, like all the others I had seen. The tables were designed to hold twelve boys. Two cabins could sit together. This was so the guys would mix a little. I looked around for Allan. There he was as big as life having a ball with his cabin mates. He gave me an enthusiastic wave. At least he was settling in and hadn’t suffered any after effects from his afternoon ordeal.. My cabin mates seemed like a bunch of stuffed shirts. Every time I started to speak or ask questions, one of the others would interrupt, breaking into the conversation. I decided to shut up.

That evening there was a film shown on a huge outdoor screen.

I sat alone while Allan was busy giggling and joking amongst his new made friends. At least he was having a good time. After the show everyone returned to their various cabins and prepared for bed. I returned to mine and found it empty. I reasoned they were up to something and decided I was best out of it. If they didn’t want to make friends with me then what could I do. I’m normally a very friendly person but I guess I wasn’t good enough for these jerks. Brent seemed to control everything everyone did.

I finally decided to go to bed. We were told we would sleep in our undershorts. That was okay with me as I slept that way all the time. I don’t know what time the others came in but they were very quiet and went directly to bed. The lights went out and after a short time I heard Steve and Brent laughing. They must have been visiting at Steve’s bed.

More laughing then from the other end of the cabin I heard Paul whisper to someone.”Get out of my bed you fag.” Then everyone laughed. I don’t know why, but I had a hard-on as I lay thinking about Allan and his enema. Things finally quieted down and I fell asleep.

Chapter 2

The next day seemed to go better as my roommates were speaking to me at least. Breakfast was a real treat with lots of joking and everyone seemed to enjoy this meal more than most of the others .Spirits were running high as we set out for our various activities and interest groups.

Claud and Peter, two other members of my cabin decided to join me in the pool then watched Allan and I on the high bars. I think we impressed everyone, because they came up and congratulated us on our show. We were just doing a simple practice routine but it was nice to suddenly have some friends here. Allan was already in the “Inside Group” and loving every minute of it. My cabin mates were slowly coming around especially after Peter and Claud reported about my gymnastic abilities. The older ones Brent, Jeff and Steve were not overly impressed, however they were including me in their conversations.

I overheard Jeff and Steve talking in the washroom that it was going to happen tomorrow. “What’s going to happen tomorrow?” I asked.

“Oh just one of the special activities for the older members. You haven’t been here long enough. You will if your back again next year.”

My curiosity was killing me. “Like what activities ?” I asked.

“Nothing special,” Brent said. “We get to drive the truck around the grounds and get things ‘filled up’. Stuff like that, “ he said. The others looked at each other and laughed as though there was more to the activity than they were telling.

We were adjusting to our new environment quite nicely and Allan even better than me. I was really surprised when Steve told me Allan had been into the hospital for another enema and asked if I knew about it.

The next morning when I awakened, Brent was passing my bed and remarked how peaked I looked. “You Okay Justin ? You sure look pale. You got a temperature or something?” he asked. Brent overheard and he too came over to my bed as I was getting up and he too thought I didn’t look too good. Funny, I was feeling fine, at least I was until they started telling me those things.

Steve came over and agreed with the others. I must be coming down with something. He thought I should have breakfast, if I felt like eating, then return to my cabin and report absent for activities. He volunteered to report me in.

I didn’t eat much. Maybe I really was ill. I returned to my cabin and sat around watching everyone take off for their activities.

I was by myself for only a few minutes when Steve and the nurse came in.

“Hi Justin. I hear your not feeling up to scratch,” Miss Temple remarked as she got out her thermometer and shoved it under my tongue. “You do look a little pale. Tummy upset maybe?” she asked.

I told her I felt fine.

“I know. I know how it is with you macho guys. Always afraid to let anyone know you’re not perfect all the time. I can’t figure out why you boys are afraid to report your not feeling well. Just don’t want to miss out on your activities I’ll bet. I hear you’re a whiz on the high bar?” she commented as she read my thermometer.

“Hmmm It’s normal, That’s a good sign but I want you to come to the infirmary and I’ll just check you over Okay?” she suggested pointing me and Steve to the door.

“I’m okay really I feel fine,” I protested.

“I know Justin, but just to make sure, parents get annoyed if their kids get ill while their here,” she said as we walked to the infirmary. Steve was smiling as usual.

“Okay Justin strip to your shorts I’ll be back in a minute.” She and Steve walked to the end of the room where she had her desk. I sat on the table waiting and wondering about what she was going to do, and worried if I was going to get an enema like Allan. What for I wondered.

They both returned and nurse snapped on her rubber gloves. Oh God. I knew she was going to go into my ass. I tried to protest further but she suggested I not be difficult and be as cooperative as my brother. “He is a real dear boy.” she exclaimed.

Her finger went into me as far as she could get it, and started to wiggle it around. It wasn’t as bad as I had thought it would be. It never hurt and in fact felt rather nice and sure different to anything I had ever felt before.

“Steve,” the nurse said.” Put on that glove and I’ll let you feel what we usually look for during this examination.” she said. “You’re a good helper here you might as well get your feet wet,” she instructed Steve who already had the glove on. If he had been smiling before he was sure glowing now, as he anticipated entering my ass hole with his finger pointer.

“I feel it. It’s easy to feel it. It’s there all right. He’s going to get an enema right Miss Temple?” Steve remarked.

“Right you are Steve. Now you know how you can always tell for sure right?” she smiled at the glowing Steve. I had a terrible erection and hoped it would be down before they returned.

Now I was to find out what Allan had been so turned on by. I was a little frightened because I had watched it before, but to have it done to me, was another matter and I wasn’t looking forward to it.

They returned and Miss Temple prepared everything and instructed my room mate how to insert the nozzle. I felt like a fool him doing this to me. He would tell all the others in our cabin he had given me an enema.

Well I got it. It wasn’t as bad as I though and I took the whole can full. I sure had to go, and Steve helped me up. He laughed at my boner. I hobbled to the washroom and let my guts fall out.

When I was done I felt great. Maybe I was not as well as I thought I was. I came out with the towel around me and was ordered back onto the table. I was apparently going to get another one to remove the soapy water still inside. This time the water was cold and I could feel it moving around my colon.

Steve never mentioned my visit to the infirmary, but I knew they all knew. They joked about Miss Temple and how much she enjoyed cleaning out the boys bums. Brent said she just like to see us with hard-ons.

Three days later when I had nearly forgotten my visit to Miss Temple, I bumped into Allan heading for the infirmary. It was late in the evening. “ Where are you going Allan ?” I asked.

“The nurse wants to see me,” he said smiling.

“Allan don’t BS me, it’s late in the evening she isn’t there tonight,” I said.

“Well she asked me to come in so I’m going,” he said as he darted up the walkway to the hospital which appeared to be in darkness. Well I guess he knew what he was doing.

Everyone was in the cabin, all except Steve that is. He came in just after lights out time. “You have one neat brother,” Steve said.

“I know. Why do you say that?” I asked.

“Well it was after hours and your brother needed attention so I looked after him,” he said jokingly. “He has a cute little bum.”

“Did you give him an enema? “I asked.

“Yah and he sure likes it. Not like most guys. Did you like it Justin?” he asked.

“Did Allan ask you to do it?” I asked.

“Yeah he has been bugging me for the last couple of days and being as I liked giving them, I agreed to do him after hours,” he explained. “Come on Justin. you have to admit you like them as good as your brother right?” he nudged me as he sat on the edge of my bed. He noticed my tent that I had been trying to hide. “See I knew you liked it.”

“I’ll give you the best feeling you ever had if you want me to give you one sometime time,” he said grabbing for my penis .

Several days went by and I was really enjoying myself. I may not have been on the inside group, but my cabin mates, especially Steve, were real nice and friendly. Allan of course was in his glory. He had become the favorite of the camp and especially of nurse Temple.

I was just about to fall off to sleep, having read most of the evening. The lights were about to go out as it was just about ten o’clock, when a couple of guys sat down on the edge of my bed.

“You still awake Justin?” Steve whispered. I was sure the other one would be Brent. I pretended I was still kind of drowsy and replied that I was awake.

“You wanna have some fun tonight, like right now ?” Steve asked.

“You mean what you mentioned to me before ? “I asked trying to keep the excitement out of my voice.

“Yeah . You game?” he asked.

“Come on Justin, you won’t be sorry,” Brent added.

I was a little frightened as this was against rules to be out of our cabins after lights out, but wanted desperately to join in. “Okay if you think it’s okay,” I whispered back.

“Don’t get dressed just stay in your shorts,” Steve ordered.

The three of us moved out of the cabin and up to the infirmary encountering no one along the way. Would they ever have got a surprise seeing three almost naked kids running through the gardens. Steve opened the back door . I guess he had obtained a key from somewhere. It was exciting as we crept along the now familiar corridor. The moonlight was shining through the windows casting an eerie glow in the examination and treatment room. It was quite bright and we could see everything.

“Okay who wants to be first?” Steve asked.

“I think it should be Justin as this is his first time.” Brent suggested.

“Right. I agree,” Steve laughed.

“You ready Justin ? I’ll bet your old heart is just a pounding huh ? “ Steve whispered patting me on the back.

“Get on the table and I’ll get everything ready. I won’t be long. Brent you stay and keep Justin company. Remember if anyone comes along, it’s each one for themselves. You know the way out,” Steve warned as he moved to the end of the room.

“Ever jerk off ?” Brent asked.

“Not really I tried it once but I got tired and nothing happened,” I replied rather ashamed

“Well tonight is your night to shine big boy,” Brent said chuckling quietly to himself.

“Okay Justin let’s get the show on the road. I’ll be very gentle and allow you to enjoy it,” Steve said as he hung the enema can from the stand. “Lay over on your back Justin and bend your legs up. This is a different way of giving it. you’ll like it better,” Steve said.

“Hold his legs way up Brent.” Steve ordered.

Steve parted by butt and I felt the nozzle being inserted. This was always the best part and I could feel my erection pounding in my groin. “Okay Brent lower is legs. You can lay flat now Justin,” Steve said as the tube now ran between my legs to the can.

I asked him to stop several times which he did, then proceeded towards emptying the can. He looked in it and stopped it just short of the full two quarts.

“Okay Justin now let’s see you jerk-off. You’re ready let’s see you get it on.” Brent ordered. I knew I was ready but fumbled around stupidly moving my penis up and down. Steve became annoyed at my action and told me to just lay flat with my hands by my side he was going to do the rest. He started to massage my penis up and down slowly getting faster and faster. I was feeling strange and knew that I was going to “spurt” as the guys called the point of ejaculation. Steve stopped just before. I was dying. “Don’t stop Steve, don’t stop,” I begged.

“Take the rest of the can then we’ll continue. Didn’t I tell you this would be the best night of your life?” he chuckled. I heard the can gurgle empty and Steve started again. It was only a matter of a few seconds before I exploded all over my stomach. I had never felt anything so wonderful in all my life. Why hadn’t I done this before ? I guess I squirmed and grimaced in a terrific spasm as I climaxed. Steve said he had never seen anyone blow so hard. It took me ages to get my breath back and I had all but forgotten I was holding two quarts of water in my guts.

After each of us had been “Done” Steve ordered us to clean up and get back to the cabin. We decided that being as we were all so exited pulling a fast one like we had, we would take off for the lake naked carrying our shorts in our hands.

We got to bed about midnight. It had only taken us about two hours. Wow. I would never be the same. One thing for sure, and that was Allan and I would be back again next year. It was the best summer holiday we had ever had.