Summer Vacation Enema

I could hardly believe my luck! My parents were going to Europe for the summer. I will have the whole house to myself. Party! That’s all I can think about…partying all summer. I am expected to be at dinner tonight…what else could my darling parents have up their sleeve?

“Now Nancy”, my father was talking but I could not focus on what he was saying. All I kept hearing was that my parents made plans for me to spend the summer with Uncle Paul…he isn’t even my real uncle. He’s been daddy’s best friend since I can remember. “But daddy, I protested, “I can stay by myself all summer. I will watch the house.”

Oh no, they were closing the house and I was staying at Paul’s. Well, how bad could that be? Paul lives in California about 3 blocks from the beach. I will just have to party at his house. He never married and I imagine he will be much too busy to worry about me. This could still be a blow-out summer! Celebrating my eighteenth birthday at the beach has a certain appeal to me.

“Nancy, are you listening to me? I am trying to tell you that Paul will have full authority over you while we are gone. If you misbehave, he has our permission to use whatever form of punishment he sees fit.” Coming out of the clouds I barely heard half of what daddy was saying. I was planning my summer vacation.

At LAX Paul was there to greet me. Wow! I had forgotten how tall he is….guess I never really grew up, coming in at 4’11”. Paul is a very successful doctor with a small private practice. Upon arrival at his home he took me to my room to stash my bags. I glanced into his room as we walked by and wondered why he had so many hooks in his ceiling. I even noticed a few on his poster bed. Funny thing, I can’t imagine someone like Paul using a poster bed. I guess to each his own. He showed me around the room with it’s private bath. He suggested I freshen up from my long trip and meet him in the kitchen when I finished.

Hmmm….something sure smells good. Could Paul be making dinner for me? There he is…cutting celery, onions and garlic…

“Whatever are you making?”

“Dinner will be served in 30 minutes. Relax and make yourself a drink. There is soda and iced tea in the fridge.” Soda and iced tea, I thought with a grin.

“Paul, why can’t I have some of that wine you are having?”

“Little lady, we will discuss house rules while we eat. For now, have some Pepsi. I think I will buy you some diet Pepsi. Looks like you could lose about 30 pounds.” Oh I can see I am going to have fun at this house. Already he wants to talk rules. I’ll bet daddy put him up to that. Daddy thinks I am getting a little too wild for my own good.

After dinner Paul put a bowl of fresh fruit on the table. He then got out a notebook and put his glasses on. “Now Nancy, these rules are for your own good. I expect you to follow them. If you don’t there will be consequences. I don’t feel it necessary to discuss those just yet. I see no reason we will need to in the future either. Now the rules are:

  1. You will be home for supper every night. I have dinner ready by 7:30 That gives you plenty of time for the beach and sightseeing.

  2. After supper you may go out until 11. You are only 17 and must be off the street by then.

  3. Absolutely, positively you are NOT to slam the screen door at the kitchen entrance. Just hold it until it is almost closed. I get very annoyed when I hear it slam.

  4. Nancy, your parents are concerned about your weight. I will provide you with healthy foods. Under no circumstances are you to buy junk food. If you plan to spend the day at the beach, take a little cooler with fruit and vegetables. There is plenty of mineral water in the cupboard as well. I should like to weigh you on Monday mornings before I leave for the office. I expect a one to two pound loss per week.

“Do you understand these rules Nancy?”

Why is he going on so much about some silly little rules. “Of course I understand them Paul. I am not a child.” With that he put the notebook away and suggested he show me around the city.

Finally Monday morning came. I was sleeping like a log when I heard a knock on my door. “Nancy, he called softly…I am going to leave for work in a few minutes. Kindly come to my bathroom so I can weigh you before I go.”

Oh gosh…we had such a good time over the weekend I completely forgot about weighing in. I think I will just pretend to be asleep. Again the knocking….a little louder this time. If I lie very still he will go on and leave me alone. Uh oh…the door is opening. I can feel him sitting on the side of the bed. What is he doing….the covers are slowly coming down. I stretch and yawn…”Why Paul, what are you doing in here?”

Smiling he took my hand and led me out of the room. I was so embarrassed that he was going to know how much I weighed.

“Step up, young lady. Let’s see how bad this really is.” I just glared at him. He set the scale weight at 140. Nope, that’s not enough. 150…160..uh oh…I must have gained a few pounds before I left home. Finally he stopped at 162. I could barely hold my head up from shame.

“Now Nancy, we both know that is much too much for your little frame. I think a 3 pound loss this week will get you started nicely. I must go now. Don’t forget my rules. See you at dinner.” With that he was gone. I had the house and day to myself. I knew what I was going to do. Head to the beach.

Cooler in hand, but not filled with his yucky old fruit and veggies, I headed off to the beach. I stuffed my towel and sunscreen into the cooler with room left over for food from the local corner store. I chatted for a minute with the clerk (who could melt a chocolate bar at 40 paces) and found out most of the kids my age hang around the beach right at the end of the street I was on. He promised to introduce me to his friends when he got off work at 1 pm.

By 6 pm, I had a whole new list of friends. They were leaving to grab a bite to eat and I was invited to go along. What the heck? Paul won’t be expecting me until 7:30…I have plenty of time. So off I went. They promised to have me home in plenty of time for supper. But hey…I didn’t need to eat at Paul’s…I was going out with them. Yeah. Why was I worried about supper?

I tiptoed into the back door at 11:30. The lights were off. That was a good sign. Slam….damn that door. I forgot all about it. “Nancy, come into the living room. We must talk.” With that the lights went on. I tried to walk straight. I really, really did. I only had a couple of glasses of wine. Paul didn’t seem to notice I had been drinking. He sat very still in an overstuffed chair.

“Where have you been?”

“Oh Paul, I found some new friends and they invited me to go out with them. I promise I won’t be late again. And if I am not going to be here for supper then I will call you. I didn’t take your phone number with me. I am so sorry.” (Little did he know I knew the number by heart.)

He just sat there looking at me. I could feel the color rising on my face. “Do you remember any of the rules we discussed, Nancy?” Rules, rules, rules…who needs them???

“Yes, Paul, I do.”

“Those rules come with consequences if broken, Nancy. Do you remember that part of the conversation” I nodded. “Go to bed. You are in no condition to be punished now. And don’t think I don’t know you have been drinking. I can smell it on you.” Yeah, yeah, yeah. This is going to be some vacation if he acts like the police all summer.

I slept very late the next morning. I was so happy Paul was gone when I got up. There was a note for me to be home no later than 4pm. There was a matter of punishment to be attended to. Smiling to myself I couldn’t imagine what a bachelor knew about punishing a teenager. Standing in front of the fridge I groaned. I was starved and wanted a donut. There was nothing in there but healthy food. Looks like I’m walking to the corner store for breakfast. Think I’ll pick up some goodies and hide them in the room. Nothing like a private stash on hand.

4pm rolled around and no Paul…4:30 and still no Paul…I must admit, I was getting a little impatient for this to be over. Where is that man? Finally at 5:24 I heard his car in the drive. I stayed in my room until I heard him call me into the living room. Again he was seated in that lovely overstuffed chair. “Are you feeling better now, Nancy?”

“Yes, Paul,” I replied.

“Good, then you can take your punishment now, can’t you?” Oh Paul, for goodness sakes just get on with it. What is it you want me to do? Clean your house? Do your laundry? Wash your car? “No Nancy. I have someone to do all those things. Strip.” What did he say? “Nancy, remove your clothes.” NOW, with the emphasis on NOW.

I started to protest that there was no way I was going to remove my clothes for him. I didn’t care if he was a doctor or not. With that he stood, grabbed my arm and pulled me back to him next to his chair. Next thing I knew I was over the arm of that easy chair and my skirt was up, my panties were being pulled down. Smack. Ouch. That hurt. Smack, smack, smack on and on until I thought I was going to scream. Finally his hand stopped, resting on my sore ass. “Nancy, I trust you will obey the house rules now?”

“Yes Sir,” I sobbed.

“Good girl. It will be worse next time. Trust me.”

The next few days were good ones. For both of us. Monday rolled around and I was happy I lost 1/4 of a pound. Paul was not pleased at all. “Why haven’t you lost more weight young lady? Are you eating any junk food behind my back?”

Now how could I tell him? So I lied. “No Sir.”

You supply lots of food here. “Hmmm….but you should be losing more than this. Let me check your room.” Uh oh…check my room…I hadn’t emptied the waste basket yet and he will see my trash. My crimson face gave me away. He knew I had been eating junk food. He confirmed it with my trash can. “Nancy, I am disappointed in you.” Would he believe the wind blew it in there?

Guess not. Better not make it worse then what it is. I started plea bargaining. I promised to do better in the coming week. No more goodies. He ignored my pleas and went back into his bathroom. Whew….thought he was going to be really pissed with that little episode. Back in my room, he said that dreaded word. “Strip.” Again…oh know…not another spanking. Took me two days to recover from the last one. My ass is finally feeling better. “You best do it now or I will spank you harder this time.”

“Yes Sir”

I tore my clothes off in record time. “Get on the bed.” I climbed on the bed feeling totally vulnerable. I did not like Paul looking at my chubby naked body. Yeah, I knew he’s a doctor but this was different.

“Turn over.” I rolled onto my belly protesting the whole time that I would change my eating habits. Paul left the room for a minute and when he returned he was carrying something but I could not see what it was. Seems he hung it on a hook on the wall. He told me to relax that I was going to receive a treatment for my own good. A treatment? What kind of treatment? “Nancy, you have all that sugar in your system. I am going to flush it away.”

Flush…as in an enema? Oh know….he can’t possibly give me one of those. I will die of embarrassment. I heard the snap of a glove, felt the weight of his body sitting on the side of the bed. My ass cheeks were parting. I could feel his gaze on my most private part. Something cold squirted onto my tiny opening. I clenched.

“Relax, it was just some KY. I am using it to lubricate your anus. Now you will feel the nozzle enter you.” More clenching. Slap. Ouch. What was that for? “I told you to relax.” Next thing I knew a hard and seemingly large shaft was being inserted into my tiny puckered hole. click…”You will feel the water in your tummy going in. If your belly starts to cramp tell me.” I have to potty.

“No you don’t. I just started this.” A few seconds more go by…I have to potty. click. Thank goodness. He is stopping the flow. Paul, take that thing out now. “On no my dear, you have hardly taken any water. I will let you rest a minute until the cramp subsides. Then we will proceed.” More??? This will take all day if I don’t stop complaining. click. Again more water flowed into my ass. Paul…this time I really am getting full. Please let me use the toilet. “You have done well dear. You have taken a full 2 quarts. I will help you to the bathroom. I must check your ass when you are finished expelling the water.” Oh my gosh…I can’t let him see me take a shit. Is he kidding? But that is exactly what he did. He stood over me the whole time the water was squirting back into the toilet. He allowed me to flush only after checking the bowl for contents. “I think you will think about eating junk food again, won’t you Nancy?”

“Yes sir.”

“Then I shall leave for work now, knowing you will be a good girl.”

But Nancy was already thinking about the party she was invited to next Friday night.