Susie & Jay


Suzie had butterflies in her tummy as she anxiously waited for her 2nd date with Jay & wondered what surprises he would have in store for her this time. She remembered well what he had said to her after their first date, “wait until you see what I have in store for you the next time”. Ever since then she had been lightheaded with anticipation as to what kind of kinky games he

would play with her this time. She couldn’t help but to slip her fingers into her pussy & begin to play with herself as she recounted the details of their first date.

Suzie was a senior in high school and an honor roll student. She was a goody goody two shoes, at least her family and most others thought so, only her best friends knew she lost her virginity when she was 15.

Suzie had been after Jay for some time, a tall handsome, athletic guy on the football team, he was real popular at school and she wanted him bad, but he was so reserved and shy, she just couldn’t get his attention no matter what she did. She couldn’t understand it. She was used to getting any guy she wanted. She was a cheerleader for the football team he was on. She had long vivacious legs, long blonde hair, blue eyes and a body that attracted men in droves and brains, but for some reason she could not get to him.

As the school year was coming to a close she knew she had to act now or never. Finally she pulled him aside, summoned all her courage and asked him out. To her delight he said ok, but then he added a stipulation. He told her that he liked to play kinky games and that if she wanted to go out with him, she would have to submit to whatever kinky games he had in mind. The idea of kinky games excited her. Suzie didn’t know much about kinky sex but she knew it was fun and naughty. Suzie didn’t realize just what she was getting herself into.

They went out for dinner at a nice restaurant. Suzie wore a very revealing outfit with mini skirt and high heels. To her utter surprise the kinky games started before they even left the restaurant. Leaning over and whispering in her ear, Jay told her that he wanted her to go to the bathroom, take off her panties, ball them up in her hand , then return and hand them to him under the

table. She hesitated but Jay gave her a stern look so she complied. After handing him her panties, she was shocked when Jay went to the men’s room and put them on in place of his underwear.

She had heard of guys who liked to dress up in woman’s clothes but she had never imagined that Jay was one of them. This was kinky and it excited her. Suzie was also embarrassed at sitting there in a mini skirt with no panties on. She kept her legs close together and was careful about how she moved out of fear that someone would get a peek of her. She was both embarrassed and excited at the same time and little did she know then, this was her first step to eventually becoming a exhibitionist.

After dinner, Jay took her back to his place where they sat down on the sofa and began making out. First they french kissed, then Jay started kissing down her neck, slowly making his way to her tits. Her tits became firm and her pussy started getting wet as he reached behind her and unhooked her bra. As Jay began sucking on her firm tits and she became hornier and hornier, she reached down and unzipped his fly. To her surprise, he abruptly stood up and chided her for acting like a slut. I’ll teach you to be patient yet he snapped. His words cut through her like ice. She was confused, every other guy was delighted when she took down their fly and gave them a blow job, so why was this kinky guy acting like this?

Getting up, Jay undressed down to her panties which he was wearing. She immediately became fixated at the site of him in her panties and the huge erection he had in them. She just couldn’t believe how cute he looked in them.

Sitting down in a chair, Jay ordered her to stand before him & lift her dress. She flushed as she did so and then he ordered her across his lap, she hesitated but he gave her that look again and she knew she better comply.

His lap felt incredible and she could feel his erection pressing against her thigh and with her panties in between, it was just a incredible feeling. She tensed up as he lifted his hand and a moment later it came down on her bare bottom. Over and over again he spanked her but to her delight it did not hurt, he was doing it just hard enough to make her squirm and doing that felt

incredible on his lap. She was getting very excited & very wet.

You slut you, he yelled as he ordered her up off his lap. You are actually enjoying you’re punishment, I will teach you yet. Taking her hand, he led her up to his bedroom where he undressed her. He then ordered her to get in bed and lay on her back. Opening the dresser, he produced a spool of rope. She shivered in anticipation when she saw the rope. A very popular kink, most high school seniors knew of bondage. Jay ordered her to stretch her arms out behind her and he then proceeded to tie her wrists to the bed posts. He then tied rope around her ankles and tied the other end to hooks screwed into the ceiling. He had her so that her legs were up in the air, spread apart and bent at the knees. She felt so helpless and vulnerable and had never been so intimately exposed before. She marveled at how kinky this was & that only served at making her hotter than she already was. She was ecstatic when he knelt between her legs and began licking inside her thighs. Slowly he worked his way to her hot little box, which by now was hot as a oven. She tilted her head back and closed her eyes and moaned as his skilled tongue worked it’s way into her pussy. She thought she was in heaven. Never before had a boyfriend of hers had so much care to pleasure her, she was used to them pleasuring themselves. She began to twist and squirm as his tongue worked it’s way to all her sensitive spots. There was a moaning sound coming from deep inside her and she could feel a fantastic orgasm building.

She was approaching the point of no return when to her disappointment, he abruptly stopped and pulled away from her. Why did you stop, she cried? Please finish me off! But he coolly responded that it was time for the next phase and left the room. She was upset that he left her hanging. She wanted to touch herself but her hands were bound. He was gone for what seemed a excruciating long time and she could hear the sink running in the bathroom down the hall. What on earth was he up to she wondered.

When Jay finally returned, shock could not even describe the look on her face. It looked just like the bag her parents used on her when she was a little girl. It was a 2 qt. red rubber open top bag with long white hose & a black nozzle. What are you doing, she screamed: You are not going to give me a enema! I don’t need one and I don’t want one! Oh yes you do need one he retorted, you are a sassy, dirty slut and i’m going to clean that out of you!

I’m not going to let you, she barked but he just grinned and said “stop me”. Suzie struggled with the bounds but it was obvious to her that Jay knew how to make his knots. Jay could tell by her reaction that she had gotten a enema in childhood. Dipping his finger into a jar of Vaseline, he got a large glob on his finger and held it close to her ass. She clenched up but her anal muscles were no match for his probing finger. She let out a grunt as he gently pushed his finger all the way up her ass and began twisting it around. Nobody had ever put anything up her ass as a sex act before and she might have enjoyed it, as a matter of fact would have loved it if not for the apprehension of the enema that was to follow. Then to her horror, while he worked his finger in and out, he demanded that she recount for him the details of her childhood enemas. She sobbed in shame as she recounted how her mother and father held her down against the bathroom floor and how she cried as they gave her the


He made her feel like a little girl again. Helpless, at his mercy. She was in dread of the enema to come and thoroughly humiliated but there was nothing she could do. She tried to pull away as he held the nozzle to her ass but she knew it was in

vain. With one gentle push, the nozzle slid in like a hot knife through butter. Her whole body tensed up when he opened the clamp and the cool water began top flow into her. At first she tried to fight it but it was no use.

Before long she complained of cramps in her tummy so Jay responded by messaging her tummy. But the cramps persisted and she pleaded with Jay to stop it. Tell you what, Jay said. I’m not going to stop it , but i’ll help take it off you’re mind.

With that he produced a vibrator which he easily slid into her soaking pussy and turned it on. Expertly he maneuvered it and before long, Suzie was twisting and thrashing wildly. She couldn’t believe it but she was beginning to love the enema. She felt like she was getting fucked up the ass and in her pussy at the same time. She felt like she had a little penis in her ass that

didn’t stop cumming and with Jay working the vibrator in her pussy she was going crazy with desire.

By now jay had had all he could take and he removed the vibrator and climbed on top of her. She could feel the water sloshing around in her tummy as he fucked her hard and fast. She thrashed about in ecstasy like a wild woman and dug her fingernails into the wall. As the last bit of water went up her beautiful ass, he gave one final thrust that sent them over the edge. She

screamed so loud he was afraid the neighbors would hear, as she had the most intense orgasm of her life and at the same time he exploded deep inside her.

Quickly Jay undid the bonds and helped her up to the bathroom. Her legs felt like jelly and her knees were weak and she could feel his hot cum running down her legs as she made a run for the toilet. As she expelled, Jay caressed her all over. He stroked her hair and held her hand and whispered to her that it was ok, she would feel much better now.

She had never felt so secure and loved before and when she was finished cleaning up, he carried her back to bed. He then climbed in with her, wrapped his big strong arm around her and the two drift off into a deep sleep.

By now Suzie was working a dildo in and out of her pussy vigorously, had a butt plug in her ass and was on the verge of making it, when the doorbell rang. “Shit!” she thought as she jumped up to answer it, I hope he isn’t mad about my impatience. But whatever he had in store for her, Suzie knew she needed it. He had opened a whole new door of sexual horizons for her and there was no turning back. She was hooked.

Written by yitzie as a fictional erotic story. Hope you have enjoyed it. You’re correspondence is

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