Sweet Surrender

By Anonymous

Holly wondered why she was there. She had no good explanation for it.

The images ran quickly through her mind. The crowded smoky Blues Club, the touch on her shoulder, the woman’s eyes. Yes, the eyes, that was it! Way she had looked deep into Holly’s soul and saw things no one else did. The eyes that captured her soul, pulled it from her being and toyed with it in fits of rude lust. The woman owned her from that moment.

Even as she departed from the club, Holly had known it. The matchbook clutched in her palm, she knew she would call that number. She knew she would surrender herself. She knew she would do things with this woman that no man would ever be allowed.

Turning the corner, she was at the door. She knocked softly and waited for admission…

…”Glove me.” Gina commanded.

Without a word, Holly, opened the pair of surgical gloves and in turn helped her mistress fit each of her hands into the thin latex. She stood silently and watched as Gina wiggled and flexed her fingers, knowing full well where they would soon be. She wanted and dreaded what might happen. Her mistress had been cranky all week, she cringed at what was to come.

Even so, like a moth to a flame, she was drawn in by the dominance of her lover.

Her bum cheeks still stung. Each of her white buttocks reddened and burning from the spanking that Gina had laid on them. Twenty strokes of the rubber strap on her cheeks. Each one expertly laid on her firm round bottom. She’d had to count each stroke aloud as the rubber had bitten her smooth skin and her tears had flowed.

Now, she was standing naked in the bathroom while her mistress filled a huge red enema bag with hot water. Soon, very soon, those gloved fingers would be invading her tight tender bumhole. Could she take it? Perhaps she would have to resort to her safe word. Only twice had she ever used it, but her mistress was very angry tonight. When that happened, Holly, knew her anus was going to take the brunt of the punishment. If that was the case, and the whipping had been only a prelude, then she may well be forced to call a halt to things.

“Bend over.” Her mistress instructed. “I want to see how dirty you are.”

Holly trembled slightly as she bent forward at the waist and presented herself for inspection. As she had anticipated, Gina wanted no preliminaries and roughly thrust a finger deep inside her tight asshole. Obedient to a fault, Holly said nothing as she braced herself against the tub and allowed the violation of her anus to proceed. She felt the finger probing high inside her, pushing in as far as it could and being twisting around inside her rectum causing maximum discomfort.

“My, my, aren’t we tight tonight? I think I’d better loosen you up a bit.” Gina taunted. “I think some more fingers are called for.” With that, Holly felt a second finger enter her backdoor.

Two fingers wasn’t bad, especially since her mistress was using KY Jelly as a lubricant. If she had chosen instead to apply Mentholated ointment, the fingers would have been secondary to the burning that would be happening. As is was, things were uncomfortable enough, and she was sure that a third finger would soon be stretching her anus to the maximum.

Of course, that is exactly what happened. The truly fascinating thing was that Holly, rather than being close to stopping things, was starting to feel herself get wet. The pain and discomfort was slowly turning to tingling. She felt it in her loins and knew that she was beginning to ooze juices between her vaginal lips. She felt her nipples started to engorge and harden. She wanted more.

Then, suddenly, and leaving her with a strange feeling of emptiness, her mistress’s finger were gone.

Gina waved the gloved fingers in her face compelling Holly to look at the stains on the white latex.

“Yes my darling, you are a dirty girl and we’re going to have to clean you out very thoroughly.” Gina mocked as she brandished the rubber clad digits.

“Give me the inflatable nozzle and be snappy about it.” The domina sternly instructed.

Holly handed the rubber contraption to her mistress and, without command, turned and bent to make her wrinkled asshole available. She felt the tip and deflated balloon of the inflatable nozzle enter her. It was followed once more by her mistress’ gloved fingers as the device was roughly forced into her rectum. The fingers were removed and the balloon inflated inside her. She could feel it expanding to begin the sealing off process that she would soon want ended.

The second, external, balloon was pumped up and the inflatable nozzle held her anus tight. Gina tugged on the device to be sure that is was well seated and then hung the enema bag from the towel rack on the bathroom wall.

“On your knees.” Gina admonished as she sternly pointed a finger to the hard tile floor. “I need servicing and you will not be finished until I’m satisfied.”

Holly knelt on the cold hard tile and waited for her mistress to seat herself in the comfortable chair in the corner of the room. The enema would soon begin and she was steeling herself against its intrusion. She wanted so badly to give her mistress pleasure, but she was afraid that she might fail or that she might have to utter her safe word. The cramping and pressure would be immense because the bag had been filled at least three quarters full. Two quarts of hot enema water was lots, that extra quart would be even tougher. Thank God Gina hadn’t added soap to the bag. That would have been too much, but at least she’d been spared that torture.

“Relax and let it ride over you.” She silently told herself. “Embrace the pain and make it turn to pleasure. Ride with it and let the water take you into the darkest pleasure imaginable.”

Her mistress was now seated and had pulled her skirt up to reveal herself. She took Holly by the hair and pulled her face to the lips of her womanhood.

“Eat me, slave.” Was all Gina uttered before releasing the clamp on the rubber hose.

Holly softly and gently parted the outer lips of her lover’s vagina and flicked her tongue lightly along the folds hidden beneath. The enema was not yet bothering her as she went about her task. Trying to focus on the taste, feel, and scent of Gina’s pussy, she momentarily blocked the feeling of the hot water slowly inching up into her bowels. Holly knew her lover’s desires, so she began to use her fingers as well. Tickling slowly up each inner thigh, she let them dance lightly across the smooth soft flesh. Feeling her way along the cleft, she skated her fingers across the swollen labia and placed one at the very entrance to Gina’s wet pussy.

The enema was causing discomfort now. The hot water had begun the peristaltic action inside her gut. Her colon was trying to expel the purgative, but the inflated inflatable nozzle was damming the way. It was starting to hurt.

Ignoring the pressure, she kept licking the lips and clitoris while a single finger slowly entered her mistress. Careful not to go too quickly, but trying to bring pleasure nonetheless, Holly, bent to the task and focused on the wet pungent flavor of Gina’s flowing juices. She was making progress. Her mistress was beginning to breathe more heavily and moan very softly.

Expertly, Holly slid a second finger into the now sopping and eagerly open vagina. She had the tempo just right as her tongue danced and fingers pumped. In and out, flick and lick, in and out, suck and kiss; the rhythm was perfect.

But that damned enema hurt so bad. She felt the tears welling in her eyes as the water relentlessly flowed inside. The hot water was churning through her colon. Her anus was spasming as it tried desperately to eject the rubber intruder. There was no way to stop it short of uttering the word, but she stubbornly refused to do so. If only she could touch herself down below, she could easily endure, but doing so would surely bring about even further punishment and that would be too much.

Then she broke through. The pain became immense pleasure and the servicing of her mistress became like a focused beam of light. Within moments, Gina began to buck against Holly’s lips and fingers and her moaning turned to loud shouts of delight as orgasm swept over her. It was done, the deed was done.

Holly had taken in the huge enema and had brought her mistress to the verge of Nirvana. She had made it without surrendering, and even though her gut was heavy with water and hung down ponderously with its burden, she had won.

As she slowly withdrew her fingers, her mistress leaned forward and kissed her full on the lips.

“Oh my dear sweet baby, you have pleased me greatly.” Gina whispered. “For your kindness and endurance you will be rewarded. Now expel your enema.”

With that, Holly stood and saw her swollen belly in the bathroom mirror. She sat weakly on the toilet as Gina deflated the bulbs and her asshole exploded in relief. The crush was gone, she had survived.

Then her mistress spoke. “My dearest, empty yourself out. I want you to have your reward.”

“I am giving you the very special pleasure of being allowed to eat my asshole while your soapsuds enema flows in. You are a dirty girl and you need more cleaning!”

As the hot water gushed from her anus, Holly softly uttered, “Yes mistress, please, I want more.”