Take Your Daughter To Work Day - Part One

By Schulzie

Carl Walters took the thermometer out of his mouth and read it. 102 degrees. Being sick in a strange hotel in a strange city was not his idea of how to spend a day off while on a business trip. He had hoped to use the day to do some sightseeing and shopping before giving his sales pitch tomorrow. But late last night, Carl began to experience nausea and pain in his lower abdomen. Then, in the middle of the night, he broke out in a sweat. Early the next morning, suspecting a fever, he walked to the corner drug store that was only a block away from the hotel to buy the thermometer.

Carl knew he needed to see a doctor for treatment, but he sure as hell wasn’t going to go to the hospital emergency room. He’d wind up sitting there half the day to pay an arm and a leg just to hear some intern from some foreign country tell him to take two aspirins and drink plenty of fluids. Fuck that!

Instead, he decided to hook his laptop computer up to the data jack on the telephone in his room, go online, and see if he could find a physician’s referral website on the Net. After clicking on a few links through the search engine, Carl found a site called Online Doctors Referral. Looking over the index, he clicked on a link to choose the city and medical specialty. About a dozen listings came up. He looked over the list to find a doctor nearby. Not knowing the town very well, the last thing he wanted to do was get lost trying to find the doctor’s office. Finding four doctors whose offices were nearby, Carl jotted down their addresses and telephone numbers and began to make calls to see if he could get an appointment as soon as possible. The first number was a washout. The receptionist told him that the doctor did not see out-of-town or transient patients and suggested he go to the emergency room or one of the clinics in town. No luck with the second number either. The doctor didn’t have office hours that day. Maybe the third time’s the charm, Carl thought to himself as he dialed the next number.

It was.

“Yes, I think we can get you in to see Dr. Young? Can you be here at 9:30?” said the receptionist.

Scribbling quickly, Carl wrote down directions to the doctor’s office on the hotel stationary.

“When you get to the corner of Willis and 3rd Street,” the receptionist explained, “turn right, and look for the sign that says A.J. Young, MD’, on the left side of the street.”

“Thank you,” Carl said, hanging up. Then he headed for the bathroom to take a shower. Getting dressed, he stuffed the directions to the doctor’s office in his shirt pocket, grabbed his keys, and headed for the hotel garage in the basement. It only took him about a half-hour to get to Dr. Young’s office. Once there, he parked the car, and entered the front door of the building.

Inside, he was greeted by the receptionist, the same receptionist he had spoken to earlier on the phone. She handed him some forms to fill out; medical history, insurance forms. etc. In what seemed like only a few minutes, a matronly, gray-haired nurse came out to the waiting area and asked him to follow her down the hall to one of the examination rooms. Once there, the nurse went through the usual pre-examination routine: took his temperature, blood pressure, asked him his symptoms, wrote everything down on his chart.

“Here. Remove all your clothes, place them on the chair over there, and put this on,” said the nurse. Then she handed him one of those flimsy, little, blue examination gowns that stays open in the back. Carl just rolled his eyes. I could have gone to the hospital if I had wanted to wear one of these, he thought to himself. As the nurse left the examination room, she turned to him and said, “Dr. Young will be in shortly to see you.”

Carl began to take his clothes off in the corner of the room next to the chair. The room temperature was a little on the chilly side and he was not looking forward to sitting and waiting in the cold room with nothing on but the paper gown the nurse had given him to wear. Down to his boxers, Carl tried to remember what the nurse said. Did she say take off ALL my clothes? Realizing that she HAD said that, he slipped off the boxers, throwing them on top of his other clothes on the chair. What the hell, he thought. As long as the doctor isn’t some flaming fag, no big deal. Then he went over and sat on the edge of the examination table. Even with the protective paper covering the table, he could feel the coolness on his exposed ass. Then he sat and waited.

In about 15 minutes, the door to the examination room opened, and in walked the doctor. Carl couldn’t believe his eyes. She was the most beautiful doctor he had ever seen. He had not expected the doctor to be a woman. Carl did not consider himself sexist. He had nothing against women being doctors. But in his mind, he knew that most doctors, even in this day and age, were men. And the name on the sign out front gave no clue as to her gender. It only said: “A.J. Young, MD” which had conjured up in his mind the image of some old, silver-haired family doctor. But what stood before him was not a silver-haired old man. No sir. This was a gorgeous auburn-haired vixen, standing about five feet, five inches tall, with a slender frame. In spite of her slender build, Carl could see that under her lab-coat, she had a shapely figure, with an ample bosom and perfectly rounded hips. All of this was topped off with the face of an angel: dark-green eyes, a slightly turned-up nose, and full, luscious lips and skin with a clean, clear complexion.

“Good morning…Carl, is it?” she asked, glancing down at his chart. “Hi, I’m Amy Young.” Stepping over toward the examination table, she extended her hand to him, shaking his hand firmly, yet not too firmly. It was a business-like handshake, but still very feminine. Her smile was warm and friendly, indicative of a good bedside manner. Carl immediately began to wonder what her “in-bed” manner was like. I’ll bet she’s a hot little tiger in bed, he thought.

But no sooner had he finished taking in all of Dr. Young’s physical charms when, following the beautiful doctor into the room, was a cute little young teenaged girl. Carl looked at the girl and thought the youngster had wandered into the examination room by mistake.

“Carl, this is my daughter, Courtney. Courtney, say hello to Mr. Walters.”

“Hi,” said Courtney, a little shyly.

Carl sat there puzzled. What was she doing in the examination room?

“Carl, I hope you don’t mind. Today is Take Your Daughter to Work’ day. You’ve heard about that, haven’t you? Once every year, working mothers are encouraged to take their daughters to work with them, to let the girls see their moms out in the world, contributing to society. It’s supposed to help build girls’ sense of worth and self-esteem. I thought Courtney might benefit from shadowing me today, to see what a typical day is like for a doctor.”

Carl didn’t know what to say. The girl had just walked in 30 seconds ago, and he hadn’t taken his eyes off of her. She was as beautiful as her mother. In fact, she was almost a clone of her mom, same features on that little angelic face. Long auburn hair cascading down from the top of her head, same eyes, same nose, same full lips. Looking at her, Carl figured she had to be about 13 or 14 years old, tops. She was almost as tall as her mother, and well on the way to developing a body just as gorgeous as her mom’s. In her hand, Courtney was holding a spiral notebook.

“You don’t mind if Courtney observes the examination, do you?”, said Dr. Young.

The full meaning of Dr. Young’s request hadn’t hit Carl yet. He was too busy admiring the strikingly good looks of both mother and daughter.

“Of course, if you object, I’d understand.”

Now, it hit him. The doctor was asking if her teenaged daughter could remain in the room while she poked and probed his body. Carl wasn’t sure how thorough of an examination the doctor had planned for him, but if the nurse had told him to remove all of his clothing, then surely Dr. Young planned to examine him all over. Being nude in front of a woman doctor was one thing. He assumed she intended to act in a most professional manner. There would be no funny business. Even so, he kind of liked the idea of being naked in front of this beautiful female physician. Carl had a damn good body for a 35 year old man. He kept himself in shape, and didn’t mind showing off his physique. He certainly didn’t object to the idea of displaying his body to Amy Young, MD. But he wasn’t so sure about being nude in front of such a young teenaged girl.

“But Courtney is a very bright, mature girl for her age. She wants to follow in my footsteps and go into medicine. She loves to look through my medical journals, and you’d be surprised how much she knows. Sometimes I quiz her, making up questions about an imaginary patient’s symptoms, and more often than not, her diagnosis is highly accurate.”

My, she is bright, Carl thought to himself. But bright or not, it didn’t seem right that such a young woman should stay in the same room while her mother examined a male patient. On the other hand, Carl was grateful to get in to see Dr. Young on such short notice, especially since he was not a regular patient of hers and being from out-of-town and all. And if Courtney was as bright and mature as her mother claimed she was, maybe it would be alright. A little embarrassing perhaps, but nothing he couldn’t get over.

“Okay, “ Carl told her, “I guess it will be alright.”

Both mother and daughter smiled. “Thanks, Carl. I appreciate your willingness to go along with this,” said Dr. Young. “Courtney, why don’t you close the door, and sit down on that stool over here.”

As Courtney went to close the door to the examination room, Carl stole a quick peek at her cute, little ass. Damn, she’s gonna be a little heartbreaker some day, he thought to himself. He watched her again as she walked over to the stool near the exam table.

“Now Carl, I see that the nurse didn’t record your height or weight on your chart here. Did she forget to take your height and weight?” the doctor asked.

“I guess she forgot,” replied Carl.

“Well, let’s get you on the scale over there and check them out, huh?”

As soon as Carl stepped down off the table, he realized that when he walked over to the scales, he would be directly across the room from where Courtney was sitting. The open back of the exam gown would expose his ass to her. Oh well, she’s probably going to see more before this exam is over, he reasoned. Besides, it’s just my ass.

Carl tried his best to maintain a little modesty as he walked toward the scale by attempting to reach behind him and holding the gown closed. But he soon realized it wasn’t doing much good, and gave it up as a bad job.

“Okay, Carl, step up here and let me adjust the scale,” said the doctor. Carl stepped up on the platform and as he did, he took a quick glance over his shoulder at Courtney behind him. She was looking at his ass peeking out from the gap in the gown. Then she wrote something down in her spiral notebook.

“Let’s see,” Dr. Young said, looking at the scale, “196 pounds.” She wrote that down on his chart. “And let’s see what your height is, shall we?” She brought the measuring device up level to the top of his head. “72 inches…6 feet exactly. Okay, fine. Now, back up on the table, please.”

Stepping down off the scale, turning to head back to the exam table, Carl noticed that Courtney was still scribbling away in her notebook. Wonder what she’s writing, Carl pondered.

“Now, the nurse wrote here on your chart that you came here complaining of a fever, nausea and lower abdominal pain, is that right?” asked the doctor. Carl explained the symptoms he was having, when they started, and how he was feeling now.

“Have you had a bowel movement in the past 24 hours, Carl?”

“Yesterday morning,” he replied, “but not since then. Why? Do you think I’m constipated?”

“I doubt it,” said Dr. Young. “Just curious. Tell me, do you feel like you need to move your bowels now?”

“Yes,” he said. “I tried to go this morning, but no dice.” He paused and looked at the doctor apprehensively. “You’re not going to give me an enema, are you?”

Dr. Young just laughed. “No, Carl, I don’t think that’s going to be necessary.”

Carl breathed a sigh of relief. He didn’t like enemas, and the idea of anybody, especially a woman - whether it was Dr. Young or that old maid of a nurse - giving him an enema turned him off altogether. And if Dr. Young DID give him an enema with Courtney present, he knew he would die of embarrassment for sure.

Dr. Young put her stethoscope in her ears and loosened the strings on the back of Carl’s exam gown. “Carl, I’m going to listen to your chest and abdomen, so let’s let this gown drop down to your lap, okay?”

And so, the gown fell to Carl’s lap and there he sat, almost totally naked in front of the woman doctor and her teenaged daughter. Courtney had still been jotting down notes in her notebook, but then set it down on the stool and got up to stand by her mother.

Dr. Young put the end of the stethoscope to Carl’s back first, and listened to his lungs. “I want you to take deep breaths for me, Carl.” Carl complied with her request, as she moved the stethoscope around on his back, listening to the upper and lower parts of his lungs.

“Do you mind if Courtney listens, too?” the doctor asked him.

“No,” said Carl, “that’s okay with me.”

Dr. Young handed Courtney the stethoscope to her daughter, and had Carl repeat the deep breathing again as Courtney listened to his lungs as her mother had done. When she was finished, Courtney asked, “Mr. Walters? Do you smoke? Your history doesn’t say anything about you having asthma or any lung disease, and I thought I heard some wheezing.”

I’ll be damned, Carl thought. “Yes, I do smoke. About half a pack a day.”

“Isn’t she something?” asked Dr. Young, beaming at her daughter with pride.

She certainly is, thought Carl.

“Now, let’s listen to your heart. Just breathe normally, Carl,” she said, taking the stethoscope back from Courtney. Dr. Young moved the end of the stethoscope around to listen to each chamber of Carl’s heart, then handed the stethoscope to Courtney for her to listen.

“Well, honey?” the doctor asked her daughter.

“Everything sounds normal to me, Mom,” she answered.

“Sure does,” replied Dr. Young.

Amazing, Carl thought. This kid is well on her way to getting a scholarship to a medical school.

“Carl, we’re going to examine your abdomen. Why don’t you lay back on the table?”

Carl repositioned himself on the table, reclining, trying to keep the gown from falling to the floor.

“Here, let me help you with that,” said the doctor. As Carl laid back, Dr. Young placed the gown over his groin area, just barely covering his pubic hair. Then she took the stethoscope and listened to his internal organs while probing and poking his lower abdomen with her fingers.

“Does it hurt when I push here?” asked the doctor.

“No,” said Carl.

“What about here?”

Again, Carl indicated no pain. Then he watched as, once again, Dr. Young handed the stethoscope to her daughter. “What do you think about his liver, Courtney?”

The young teen seemed to know what she was doing. He poked at him a few times, then listened with the stethoscope.

“His liver seems to be secreting normally. Good response to finger pressure. No signs of abnormally soft tissue or lumps, “said Courtney.

“That’s right,” said the doctor.

Carl couldn’t get over this young girl. It was as though she already had a medical degree. She acted as though she was an intern working under the tutelage of her mother.

Dr. Young wrote down a few notes on her chart while Courtney wrote something down in her notebook.

“Carl,” said Dr. Young, “I see nothing wrong with your gastro-intestinal tract. Everything seems normal there. At first, I suspected appendicitis, but you don’t seem sensitive in that area. I may ask for a blood test later just to be safe. If you have a high white blood count, I can’t rule it out totally. But for now, I need to check something else.”

Carl was relieved that Dr. Young was pretty sure his appendix was okay. An operation might put him out of commission for a few weeks, not to mention keeping him from earning his sales commissions. He looked down at Courtney who was sitting on the stool next to the table. She was still writing something in her notebook, seemingly oblivious to what was going on. That is, until her mother made the next statement.

“Carl, I need to check you for a hernia. I’d like you to get up off the table and stand right here,” said the doctor. Courtney’s ears perked up, and she looked at her mother, then at Carl.

Carl was a bit apprehensive about what was coming next, but if she needed to check him for a hernia, then he didn’t have much of a choice. He swung his legs over the side of the table, then stepped down gently onto the floor, right next to Courtney sitting on the stool. He stood there, clutching the exam gown in front of his crotch.

“Carl, I’m afraid I can’t check you for a hernia with you holding the gown in front of you like that. Just put it on the table.”

Gulping slightly, Carl put the gown on the table. Now he stood there, totally naked, completely exposed, not just to a beautiful female doctor, but her young teenaged daughter, as well.

Courtney was sitting on the stool, right next to where Carl was standing. Her head was practically right at the same level as his dick, and she was looking at it intently as it hung there, limp. Thank God, it’s limp, thought Carl, grateful that his cock wasn’t standing there erect in front of Courtney.

Courtney couldn’t take her eyes off Carl’s penis, her face only two feet away.

“Courtney, Mom needs to use the stool. Why don’t you get up and stand near the table next to Mr. Walters, okay?” said Dr, Young.

Courtney got up and stood just to the left of Carl who was leaning against the table. With notebook and pen in hand, Courtney was scribbling frantically. Carl tried to look over to see what she was writing, but he was quickly distracted by Dr. Young who sat down on the stool directly in front of him.

“Carl, my hands are a little cold, so I’m going to rub them a little bit to warm them up. I think you’d appreciate that.” As the doctor sat there in front of him, briskly rubbing her hands together, Carl noticed that Courtney had stopped writing in her notebook, and was paying close attention to her mom. Her eyes zeroed in on her mother’s right hand as the doctor reached out and put her hand under Carl’s scrotal sac, cupping his testicles.

“Carl, turn your head and cough, please,” said Dr. Young.

Carl hesitated for a minute. Even though he knew what was coming, and saw the doctor reaching out to take his balls in her hand, he was unprepared for the sensation of her soft hand touching his scrotum and tenderly lifting his testes up. Finally, after a few seconds, he complied.

“Again, please.”

The softness and warmth of a woman’s hand on his balls sent a shiver up his spine, making his cock twitch just a little bit. He coughed again.

“And once more,” said Dr. Young.

With that first twitch of his flaccid dick, hanging only an inch away from the sweet doctor’s hand, Carl was nervous, hoping he was not going to get an erection in front of the doctor and - worse yet - her daughter, who remained standing right next to Carl as her mother held the man’s balls in her hand.

“Well, Carl. You’ll be happy to know you don’t have a hernia,” Dr. Young informed him. At that moment, the doctor and her daughter looked at each other. The eye contact between them was intense and direct. Dr. Young looked at her daughter, then up at Carl, then back at Courtney. Some secret message seemed to have been communicated between the two of them.

“Carl? I know this is going to sound like a strange request, but…” Dr. Young paused, hesitant to finish her question. Plucking up the courage, she continued. “You see, Courtney has learned a lot about medicine and anatomy over the past few years, and I try to teach her things so she can gain experience to give her an edge in the future.”

“You seemed to have done a marvelous job so far, from what I can tell, Dr. Young,” said Carl.

“Thank you, but in all her experience, I’ve never let her conduct a hernia check before. Would I be asking too much if I asked you to let Courtney check you for a hernia?”

Carl was in shock. Here was this woman, an obviously competent doctor, asking him if it was okay to let her daughter, just barely a teenager, to check him for a hernia. She wanted him to let a young girl take his balls in her hand, letting his scrotum rest on her fingers, just so she could gain medical experience. His first impulse was to say “no,” this might be going too far. It didn’t seem right. Certainly, it wasn’t ethical. Yet, as he looked at Courtney, her eyes looking up at him, almost begging, his attitude softened. The girl was obviously gifted and intelligent, and there was no doubt in his mind that the teenager was going to be a marvelous doctor when she grew up. What the hell, he thought. Things have gone this far. One more thing won’t make a difference.

“Sure, I suppose it would be okay. Anything for medical science,” Carl said, jokingly.

A smile came on Courtney’s face as her mother rose from the stool and let the young teen sit down. Carl studied the girl’s face. Her eyes were wide and she had a huge grin on her face. He assumed that she was really happy to add another diagnostic procedure to her repertoire.

“Okay, Courtney,” said Dr. Young, “I want you to take your hand, place it under his scrotal sac, lift it gently so your fingertips are pressed up as far back beyond his scrotum near his perineum, and so his testes are resting on your fingers near your palm.”

The girl started to reach her hand out toward Carl’s balls as her mother had instructed her when Dr. Young cautioned her. “Now be very gentle. Men are very sensitive there. You don’t want to hurt him by squeezing his testicles.”

Courtney stopped and shot her mother a look. “I KNOW that, Mom,” she said, continuing to reach for Carl’s scrotum. Ever so carefully, she put her right hand underneath his sac and lifted them like her mother told her. Once again, Carl felt that wonderful sensation coursing through his nervous system at Courtney’s first touch of his balls. And again, he felt his cock twitch, a natural reaction to the stimulation he was receiving having his genitals touch by a female hand - a young, pretty girl’s hand. And just like last time, his fear of getting an erection was just as strong, if not stronger, especially since his balls were now in the hands of this young teenaged girl.

Courtney paused as her mother explained exactly what an inguinal hernia was, how it could be checked this way, and what a doctor should expect to feel if a man has a hernia. The entire time Dr. Young was explaining hernias to her daughter, Courtney had taken her forefinger and was gently tickling the tiny hairs on Carl’s scrotal sac. The combination of the girl’s warm, gentle touch, the sensation of her finger tracing little circles ever so lightly on his scrotum, and the entire situation itself was starting to excite Carl. His cock twitched again, and he could feel blood beginning to fill the erectile tissue in his penis.

“Now, since Carl doesn’t have a hernia, when he coughs, you should feel his testes jump inside his scrotum and immediately fall back in place. So, are you ready to see if you can feel them do that?”

“Yes, I’m ready,” Courtney answered.

Carl wasn’t so sure HE was ready. All of the stimulation from Courtney’s hand and fingers was causing his dick to grow. Even though it was still mostly soft and hanging downwards, there was no mistaking what he was feeling. He knew his cock was beginning to get hard and erect, and it would only be a matter of seconds before it would start to rise and eventually point skyward.

“Here we go, Courtney,” said Dr. Young. “Carl, turn your head and cough, please.”

Carl did, and as he coughed, not only did his balls jump, but his penis began to rise.

“Did you feel his testes jump, honey?” Dr. Young asked her daughter.

“I’m not sure, Mom. Can we try again?”

“Again, Carl?”

Once more, Carl turned his head and coughed. His balls jumped and his dick rose just a little more.

“Well?” asked Dr. Young.

“I felt them that time, Mom. That’s interesting the way they do that.”

Just then, Courtney pointed to Carl’s dick and said, “Look, Mother. Look at Mr. Walters’ penis.”

Oh, God, she sees it, Carl thought, realizing that the young teen spied the beginnings of his erection.

Dr. Young looked at Carl’s half-erect state and explained. “Courtney, that’s a very natural occurrence. It’s not unusual at all for a man to get an erection during an examination like this, especially since it’s being conducted by a woman…well…two women. You see, Mr. Walters is in the first stage of the human sexual response and…”

Courtney cut her off. “I know that, Mom. Remember, you had me read “Masters and Johnson” if you’ll recall. I’m talking about the skin at the end of his penis. Does Mr. Walters have an uncircumcised penis?”

It was true. Carl did have an uncut cock. The obstetrician who delivered him was an old European doctor who didn’t believe in circumcision, and he convinced Carl’s parents not to have the operation performed.

“Why, yes, dear. He IS uncircumcised. I was wondering if you would notice that.”

Courtney looked up at Carl and just smiled. Carl returned the smile, weakly. Even though Courtney was no longer holding his balls, his cock was still growing.

“You see,” said Dr. Young, reaching for Carl’s penis, “ an uncircumcised man’s penis has this extra amount of skin here near his glans, or head, of the penis,” she said, grasping his foreskin right under the head of his dick. “Now, normally when a penis is in its flaccid state, the head of his penis is covered and hidden by the foreskin…like this.” With that, she pulled the foreskin forward, up over the head of Carl’s dick, until the head was completely hidden from view.

“Now, when a man gets an erection, like Carl is now, the skin retracts somewhat, allowing the head of his penis to be visible…like this,” and Dr. Young proceeded to pull Carl’s foreskin back to expose the head of his rapidly hardening cock. “See?” She let Carl’s dick go, and now it was nearly totally erect.

Then Courtney reached for Carl’s cock, taking hold of the foreskin below the head of his dick. “So, Mom. When an uncircumcised man masturbates, is this how he does it?” Courtney began to move the foreskin, back and forth, over the head of Carl’s cock. Carl fought hard to suppress a moan.

“That’s right, honey,” answered her mother.

“But, Mom. With all that extra skin wrinkling up around the head of his penis, doesn’t it get dirty?” asked the curious teenager.

“Not if he keeps it clean,” responded Dr. Young. “Look. Take his foreskin and retract it. Pull it all the way up near the base of his penis. Hold it there.” Carl was in the middle of two feelings: ecstacy and misery. The feeling of Courtney’s forefinger and thumb, holding and squeezing his cock felt wonderful. Yet, at the same time, there was nothing he could do about it. Part of him wanted to beg her to stroke his dick, to jerk him off, to make him come. But he could never bring himself to do that, not with a young teenaged girl, and certainly not with her mother in the same room.

“Now with his foreskin fully retracted like that,” Dr. Young continued, “it looks like a circumcised penis, doesn’t it?”

“Uh-huh,” said Courtney.

“Now look closely. Do you see this horizontal ridge right at the edge of the head of his penis…you see?…where the head meets the shaft of his penis?”, said Dr. Young, touching it to point it out to Courtney.

Courtney nodded.

“That’s called the corona. Now, right next to that, at the beginning of the shaft is where some uncircumcised men have a hard time keeping themselves clean. Dirt, sweat, urine and semen can collect there and form a cheesy substance called smegma.”

“Smegma?” Courtney asked.

“That’s right. But an uncircumcised man who practices good hygiene can easily keep his penis clean. Everyday, when he’s taking a shower, he can retract his foreskin - like you’re doing now - and clean that area. As you can see, Carl is very clean there, so he must take care of his penis properly, don’t you, Carl?”

“Uh-huh,” Carl mumbled.

Courtney let go of the grip on his penis, and now his cock was completely erect and stiff, pointing proudly toward the ceiling. Under normal conditions, Carl would be feeling pretty smug right now. If he had a beautiful woman, alone, in his bedroom back home, he’d be proud to have her see his seven-inch organ standing stiffly at attention. But these were not normal conditions. Instead, he was standing in the middle of a cold, sterile examination room, nervously displaying his fully-erect dick to a doctor and her teenaged daughter.

“Now. Back to the examination,” said the doctor to her daughter, paying little attention to Carl’s stiff dick right in front of her.

“Well?” said Dr. Young, to her daughter, “Why don’t you really impress Carl and give us your diagnosis, Dr. Courtney?”

Without missing a beat, Courtney looked at her mother and said, “Prostatitis.”

Prostatitis?!?!? How did she come to that conclusion, Carl asked himself. Surely she can’t be right.

“I think you’re right,” said the doctor. “Carl, I agree with Courtney, but there’s only one way to be sure.” Then she grabbed Carl by the shoulders and turned him around to face the exam table. His still hard dick was pressed against the edge of the table.

“I’m going to perform a rectal exam on you, Carl, to see if your prostate is enlarged. If it is, then my…” Dr. Young stopped and looked at Courtney, “…I mean, “our” diagnosis was correct. The good news is, with a man of your age, we should be able to solve your problem fairly easily. With a prostate massage from me, and antibiotics from the druggist, you should be feeling much better by tomorrow.”

After all he had already been through this morning, here was the final humiliation. The pretty doctor was about to stick her finger up his ass, and her equally beautiful teenaged daughter was going to watch. Carl looked over at Courtney who again was sitting on the stool writing something in her notebook.

Dr. Young went over to the supply cabinet, opened it, and pulled out a rubber glove from a box. Then she reached for a tube of K-Y jelly and walked back over to where Carl was waiting. Waiting to have his anus invaded by the female doctor. And still waiting for his erection to subside. But it was just as stiff and swollen as before.

Putting the glove and K-Y down on the table, Dr. Young stood next to Carl and prepared herself for the procedure. Carl watched as she put the rubber glove on her hand, making sure the index finger of the glove was pulled taut over her own index finger. Then he saw her open the tube of K-Y jelly and smear a large dab all over her gloved index finger.

“Now, Carl,” she said, “I need for you to bend over the table. That’s right, good. Now please spread your legs a little. A little more, please. Okay, fine. Carl, you’re going to have to unclench your buttocks for me, alright? Just relax. I promise I won’t hurt you. I’m going to smear some of the K-Y jelly around your anal opening before I perform the rectal exam. It will make it easier for my finger to slide in and up your rectum, okay?”

Carl tried to relax, but only once before had he undergone a rectal exam. Before he went into the Navy, he had to go through a medical exam with a military doctor who had an enormous finger, and very little concern whether he was hurting him. The pain he experienced then was excruciating, and it was very hard for him to relax, even though he knew he was about to be penetrated anally by a kind, gentle woman with a much smaller finger.

Carl looked over at Courtney who had stopped writing and was now watching her mother preparing to shove her finger up his asshole. From her point of view, Carl realized she could see everything as Dr. Young spread his buttocks apart and spread some K-Y all around and just inside his anus. The coolness of the K-Y surprised him at first, making him jump a little. But the sensation of the doctor’s finger applying the lubricant to the sensitive nerve endings around his asshole was exciting him. He found the movement of Dr. Young’s finger around his anus highly erotic. Looking over at Courtney, he could see that the young teen had gotten off the stool and had step forward to get a closer look at her mother spreading the K-Y around his asshole. His cock, pushed up against the examination table, throbbed each time the doctor circled her lubricated, gloved finger around his puckered anus.

Then he felt what he had been nervously anticipating. Dr. Young, slowly and carefully, began to insert her dainty forefinger into Carl’s anal cavity. At first, he froze from the initial sensation of her fingertip penetrating his asshole. But with her gentle approach and her well-lubed finger, it didn’t feel as bad as he thought it would. In fact, it felt good. He liked it.

Looking back over his shoulder, he could see Courtney standing just a few feet away, next to her mother, watching as Dr. Young gradually put more and more of her finger up his ass, twisting it left and right against his rectal wall to help ease its way into his anal passage. Finally, he could tell that she had succeeded in getting her entire finger up his ass, and was now turning it over so her fingertip could touch his prostate.

“Carl? We were right. Your prostate is enlarged, very enlarged as a matter of fact. So much so that it’s pushing against the wall of your lower intestine which probably explains why you feel the need to have a bowel movement, but can’t.”

Carl was glad to hear that it was something that simple and not something more serious.

“Now, what I’m going to do is massage your prostate. This will help relieve the inflammation and you should be feeling much better within a few hours. Now, this won’t hurt at all. Frankly, you might even find it pleasurable.”

Dr. Young was right. Within seconds of her finger beginning to massage his prostate gland, he felt an extremely wonderful sensation. The movement of her fingertip applying firm, gentle pressure on his prostate was overwhelmingly sensational. He had never felt anything comparable in his life. The sensation was also causing his already erect cock to stiffen even more as it pressed against the exam table, throbbing.

As Dr. Young continued her massage, Carl -lost in an erotic dream world - closed his eyes and enjoyed the pleasure the beautiful doctor was giving him. He wasn’t even aware that he was beginning to moan with each stroke of the doctor’s finger on his prostate.

“Mmmmmm,” he moaned, as Dr. Young applied just a little more pressure to his enlarged gland. Carl now began to rub his cock up against the padding on top of the exam table. Each time the doctor stroked his prostate, his dick rubbed up against the padded table, doubling the pleasure he felt.

“Mmmmmm,” he continued moaning, unaware that he was doing so.

Courtney stood next to her mother, her eyes wide, her mouth open, as she watch Dr. Young move her finger around inside the depths of Carl’s rectum.

“Mom? Can I try it?” asked Courtney.

Dr. Young stopped and looked at her daughter. “Are you sure you want to, honey? You don’t mind putting your finger in Carl’s rectum?”

Courtney shook her head.

“Carl?” asked Dr. Young. “Do you mind if…” But she didn’t get a chance to finish the question.

“No…please…that’s fine…go ahead…I don’t care.”

Carl didn’t care anymore. The pleasure he felt from the prostate massage was so good, he didn’t want it to stop. He didn’t care anymore what Courtney did, as long as it felt good.

“Okay, honey,” Dr. Young said, “Go get yourself a rubber glove from the cabinet and let me put some K-Y on it.” While Courtney went to get a glove, the doctor slowly removed her finger from Carl’s ass, causing him to moan in disappointment.

Courtney got herself a glove and carefully put her hand inside, being sure that the fingers of the glove fit snugly. Her mother spread the K-Y all over the index finger until it was completely covered.

“Now Courtney,” her mother told her, “go slow. Take the tip of your finger and ease it slowly into Carl’s anus.” Courtney carefully pushed her finger forward into his puckered asshole. With her finger being smaller than her mother’s, and with all the lube spread around and in Carl’s ass, Courtney’s finger slip in quickly and painlessly, causing him to moan again with pleasure.

Once her finger was buried to the hilt up Carl’s ass, the doctor told Courtney to carefully turn her finger over so she could feel Carl’s prostate.

“Courtney, I want you to - very gently - make a come here’ motion with your finger against Carl’s prostate gland. As soon as the young teen did, Carl moaned loudly.

“Am I hurting him, Mom?”

Dr. Young grinned. “No, honey. I think you’re helping to relieve Carl’s discomfort. He’s moaning because it feels good.”

With that bit of information, Courtney went to town on the massage, her finger repeating, over and over, the “come here” motion her mother had told her to use. Carl moaned louder and louder with each stroke of Courtney’s finger against his gland.

Satisfied that her daughter was doing it right, Dr. Young went around to the other side of the exam table and stroked Carl’s head. Leaning over close to his ear, she asked softly, “Does that feel good, Carl?”

“Mmmmmm,” was all he could say.

Five minutes passed, ten minutes, and the whole time, Courtney just kept up that rhythmic stroking with her dainty fingertip.

Though he was barely cognizant of his surroundings, Carl became aware that his steel rod erection was beginning to ooze pre-cum. He could feel it flowing out of the head of his cock onto the tissue paper covering the examination table. He knew he might come at any second and he didn’t care. He didn’t care if he had an orgasm right in front of Dr. Young and Courtney. He didn’t care if he shot his cum all over the examination table. He was beyond caring. All he knew was that the tiny finger inside his ass was giving him more and more pleasure, and his dick was nearing the point of explosion.

Then, suddenly, he heard Dr. Young say to Courtney, “Honey, I think Carl’s had enough. That massage was more than enough to reduce his inflammation and shrink his prostate.”

Carl groaned as Courtney removed her finger from his ass. Carl just laid across the examination, unable to move.

“Carl,” said the doctor, “take a few minutes to recover while I write you out a prescription for an antibiotic. Don’t rush. It’ll take me a few minutes to complete your chart and write the prescription. Come on, Courtney. Come over here and sit by my desk with me while I fill out the paper work.”

So they both walked over to Dr. Young’s desk. The doctor began writing notes on Carl’s chart while Courtney resumed her writing in the notebook.

It took him a couple minutes, but slowly Carl began to come to his full senses. Carefully, he stood up straight, and reached for some tissues nearby to wipe the K-Y jelly from around his asshole. As he threw the used tissues away in the waste can, he became painfully aware that he still had an erection. A full, totally erect hard-on…still pointing straight up at the ceiling.

Dr. Young became aware that Carl was standing up next to the exam table. First, she looked at his face and smiled. Then, looking downward, she noticed his cock, standing at attention, throbbing. Then she looked at his face again. “Oh, I see you’re up.”

The play on words went right over Carl’s head. He was groggy and still not totally recovered from the prostate massage Dr. Young and Courtney had given him.

“Come on over here,” said the doctor, “and let’s talk about the rest of your treatment.

In spite of his enormous erection bouncing up and down in front of him as he walked toward her desk, Carl didn’t care anymore if Dr. Rogers or Courtney could see his hard-on. What did it matter? They had already seen it and touched it.

Courtney, who had continued writing away in her notebook, looked up at Carl as he approached, and noticed his huge, stiff dick. “Mom, what is that stuff coming out of Mr. Walter’s penis?”

Dr. Rogers turned to look at Carl’s dick. “Courtney, you know when a man has an orgasm, his penis ejaculates semen?”

“Uh-huh,” said Courtney. “Is that what that is? Semen? Did Mr. Walters have an orgasm?”

“Not exactly, dear. That’s what is called pre-ejaculate’ which seeps out of a man’s penis when he’s sexually excited. It acts as a kind of lubricant so his penis can more easily enter a woman’s vagina.”

“Is it the same thing as semen?” Courtney wanted to know.

“Yes, dear. Only it doesn’t have as many sperm cells mixed in with it as the semen that is ejaculated at orgasm does.”

“Oh,” said Courtney, as she continued writing in her notebook.

Dr. Young looked again at Carl’s erection and handed him a tissue from her desk. “Carl, why don’t you take this Kleenex and wipe off your penis with it?” Carl accepted the tissue and stood there cleaning his cock off. An hour ago, he could not have imagined that he could so casually stood in front of a woman and her daughter, wiping pre-cum off his erect dick right before their eyes. But it didn’t seem to make a difference anymore.

“Courtney, “ said her mother, “I need to speak privately with Carl for a few minutes about his treatment. Why don’t you go out to the hall and find Nurse Spellman and tell her I’ll be out in a few minutes to see the next patient. I’ll follow you shortly, okay?”

Courtney set down her notebook on the edge of her mother’s desk and left the room. Dr. Young beckoned Carl over and indicated he should have a seat. Still nude and still erect, Carl sat down in the chair that Courtney had been sitting in.

Handing him a prescription, Dr. Young said, “Carl, I want you to take these antibiotics, three times a day for ten days. I want you to take ALL of them until they’re gone. Just because you’ll be feeling better in a few days doesn’t mean the infection will be cleared up. You understand?”

Carl nodded.

Then, handing him a sheet of paper, she added, “Here’s a summary of the treatment I gave you. Take this and give it to your family doctor when you get home so he’ll have a record of it.”

Then she pulled her chair closer to his. “Carl, medical research shows that the more often a man ejaculates, the less likely it is that he will suffer from enlargement of the prostate gland. My advice to you is to ejaculate often. Don’t be shy about masturbating if you need to, there’s nothing sinful or shameful about it at all. Do it as often as you like. Take my word for it, you won’t go blind.” Then she got up from her desk and headed for the door. Before she opened the door, she turned around and, looking directly at his still raging hard-on, said, “As a matter of fact, Carl, take as much time as you need getting dressed, understand?” Punctuating that remark with a wink, she opened the door and started to leave. But not before turning back toward him, saying, “Oh, and Carl? Thanks for being so sweet and nice to Courtney.” And having said that, she was gone.

Her parting remarks were not lost on Carl. He took the hint. He knew she was telling him it was okay if he wanted to stay in the examination room a little while longer and jerk off. And that’s exact what he intended to do. There didn’t seem to be anyway his erection was going to disappear unless he stroked his cock until it exploded.

Sitting there in the chair, he wrapped his hand around his dick, stroking it slowly at first, but not for long. He was so worked up by everything that had happened in this room, he knew it wouldn’t take long before he would bring himself to a powerful orgasm. As he stroked his stiff cock, he noticed on the corner of the desk, sitting there in plain view, the notebook that Courtney had been writing in. At first, he thought it would be a terrible invasion of her privacy if he read it without her permission, But he was overcome by temptation, and he reached over to pick it up and read it.

What he read absolutely floored him. What she had written in her notebook were her thoughts and impressions of the examination he had just gone through. He could not believe what she had written about the events that had just transpired. As he began reading from the beginning, he stroked his dick.

“I just walked into the examination room behind Mom, and sitting on the exam table is a REALLY good looking guy. God, he is so hot looking even if he is twice my age….”

“I can tell he’s naked under his examination gown because I can see his boxer shorts laying on top of the pile of clothes on the chair in the corner.”

“I’m glad he said it was o.k that I could stay and watch. I hope Mom needs a reason to look under his gown, I’d like to check out his penis. I’ve never seen a penis before…only pictures of them in Mom’s medical journals.”

Carl was dumbfounded. He couldn’t believe what this seemingly, innocent teenager had written about him. He was surprised to read that she wanted to look at his penis. As he read on, he began to jerk off a little faster, his breathing getting heavier by the minute.

“He was checking me out while I was standing there. I know he was. He was looking me over from head to toe. I know a lot of guys my age tell me I’m cute, But this older guy was checking ME out!”

Carl didn’t realize he had been so obvious about it. Damn, he thought. Oh well, at least she seemed to be flattered. Carl kept reading and stroking.

“He just walked over to the scale so Mom could take his weight. Holy shit! I can see his butt! It’s so cute. His butt muscles look hard. I bet he works out. I’d love to get my hands on his butt cheeks and give them a squeeze.”

Carl’s mouth just dropped open when he realized that Courtney had been thinking lewd thoughts about his ass while he was standing on the scale. He knew she could see it, but he had no clue she had been sitting there thinking how great it would be if she could grab it. And now, his hand began to pump his cock a little harder and a little faster as he flipped to the next page.

“I love it when Mom lets me use her stethoscope to listen to people’s hearts and lungs. But this time it was really awesome. Mom let me listen to the sounds in his lower abdomen. All he has on is the exam gown barely covering him down there. I thought I saw some of his pubic hair peeking out from the gown. I wish there had been a way I could have pulled the gown off of him so I could see his dick. That’s what some of the girls as school call a penis. I like it a lot better than penis’ but Mom would get mad if I didn’t use the clinical’ terms as she calls them.”

Carl was really ready to shoot his wad now. He realized that Courtney had deliberately tried to get a look at his cock. Now he picked up the pace, beating his meat even faster, his hand sliding his foreskin more rapidly over the head of his dick.

“OH MY GOD! I saw his DICK! Mom told him she needed to check him for a hernia and made him put the gown on the table. And his dick was right in front of me, just hanging there. I don’t know if he saw me staring at it or not. I don’t care. I don’t know when I’ll get the chance to see a dick again. I wonder what it looks like erect.”

“I’ve never seen Mom examine a man before…at least below the waist. It was really strange when she was checking him for a hernia. My Mom had a guy’s BALLS in her hand. I wonder if Mom used to hold Daddy’s balls like that when they were married…”

Damn, Carl thought, realizing that Amy Young, MD was a divorcee. Maybe I can get her home phone number before I leave. The thought of fucking that gorgeous physician excited him, causing him to stroke his dick harder now, pushing him closer and closer to orgasm.

“…I wish I could find out what his balls feel like. I stood right next to him when Mom was checking him for a hernia. They look so funny close up. The skin on his scrotum looks like hairy chicken skin…”

“…I’m really kinda surprised his dick’s not hard because Mom was touching his balls…”

“I wonder if Mom would let me check him for a hernia. She’s always trying to find ways for me to learn about medicine and anatomy…”

Carl put the notebook on his lap so he could read the last two pages, stroke his cock, and play with his balls at the same time. He knew he was about to come, so he really started to work his dick now.

“I can’t believe it. Mom taught me how to check Carl for a hernia. And I can’t believe what I did. After I got his balls in my hand, I was looking at his dick, still wondering what it looked like with an erection. I remember reading in one of Mom’s sex manuals that guy’s like to have their balls tickled, so I used my finger to tickle his balls. It worked. His dick started getting hard. I didn’t notice it at first, but then I saw it start to stand up when Mom made him cough…”

“It felt really funny when his balls jumped in my hand, that was so cool…but I really liked the way his dick got bigger and harder…”

Carl was breathing very heavily now, sweating profusely, as he realized how very interested Courtney had been during the examination. He was amazed to learn that she had intentionally tickled the hair on his balls to make him hard.

“I wanted to touch his dick…to see how hard it was. But I couldn’t think of an excuse to get Mom to let me touch it. Then I thought about how Mom always likes to explain medical stuff to me, so I came up with a plan…”

“Mom thought I was talking about his dick getting hard when I pointed at it. Once she started explaining about circumcisions and foreskins and stuff, I knew she’d let me touch it…”

“I thought Mom was going to have a cow when I reached up and grabbed his dick, stroking his foreskin, and asking if uncircumcised guys masturbated that way, but she was cool about it…”

“When I let go of his dick, it just stood straight up. It was all hard and stiff! It must be seven or eight inches long!” (Underneath, she drew a freehand drawing of Carl’s erection and captioned it: “Carl’s Big Dick”)

Reading Courtney’s words on paper brought back memories of the event she was describing. He could picture in his mind Courtney’s hand on his cock, her little stroking motions. He wished she were here now, using her hand to finish him off, to make him come. But he kept stroking his dick, feeling his cum begin to churn inside his balls, waiting to shoot out.

“I think Mom was as surprised as Carl when I said I thought he had prostatitis. From all that I’ve tried to learn about male anatomy, I remembered reading about the prostate gland, remembered the symptoms, and took a lucky guess…”

That little devil, Carl thought, still rubbing the length of his dick, getting ready to come any second now.

“I didn’t recall reading about treating enlarged prostates, so I almost peed my pants when I saw Mom stick her finger up Carl’s butthole. I thought it was gross at first, but then I realized it was just another body cavity…”

“I can feel my little cunny getting wet. Playing with Carl’s dick and his balls is kind of exciting…but for some reason, watching Mom wiggling her finger around inside of Carl’s butt is really getting me hot.”

“Carl’s moaning…that sounds so sexy…Can a guy have an orgasm by having his butthole fingered? I hope so…I’d like to see THAT!”

“I just know Mom’s not going to let me massage his prostate. Checking him for a hernia and holding his balls is one thing, but I know Mom…no way is she gonna let me stick my finger in his butthole…”

Carl’s body was beginning to tense and tremble now as he felt his orgasm building.

“God! Mom didn’t care, neither did Carl. Mom told me to get the rubber glove so I could stick my finger in his butt…”

“I watched my finger go in and out of his butthole. I wonder if it looks the same when a boy’s dick is going in and out of a girl’s cunny?” “I must have had my finger up his butt for 10 or 15 minutes. Carl just kept moaning and moaning. Every time I rubbed my finger against his prostate, he moaned some more. I don’t know why Mom made me stop.”

Carl began to feel the cum rise up from his balls. He was almost there!

“Carl’s dick is still HARD! Doesn’t it ever go down?”

“I thought he had an orgasm when I saw that fluid dripping from the head of his dick…but Mom explained about pre-ejaculate’, and I was kind of disappointed. I would’ve like to have seen Carl have an orgasm.”

“I wish Carl would masturbate right now. I’d like to see him rub his dick real hard and show me how a guy shoots his semen out of his dick…”

That did it. Those words took Carl over the top. Just as Carl started to come, the door to the examination room opened, and in walked Courtney.

“Excuse me, I forgot my notebook and…”

Courtney walked in just in time to see the first blast of cum erupt from Carl’s swollen cock. Courtney gasped as she watched the first hot creamy glob of cum shoot up, three, maybe four feet, almost suspended in mid-air before falling back down, landing right on the middle of the page of her notebook.

Then another blast of Carl’s jism shot up into the air, then another, and another. Each shot followed almost the exact same trajectory, flying up in the air and landing on her open notebook. Courtney stood there watching as Carl kept stroking his dick in front of her, not caring that she was watching him, his hand rubbing his cock quickly as a few more wads of his cum came spewing out and covering the words she had written down on the pages of her notebook.

As Carl’s hand finished jerking off his cock, Courtney closed the door behind her, and walked toward Carl who sat exhausted, slumped in the chair, trying to catch his breath.

Courtney reached down and picked the semen-stained notebook up from his lap. She took a minute or two to study the globs of cum laying on the open pages, looking at the patterns the several splats had made on the paper. Then, she took her finger and scooped some of Carl’s cum off the page, and stuck it in her mouth, tasting it and swallowing it.

She looked at Carl and said, “I won’t tell Mom if you won’t.”