Teenager’s Enema Lesson

The first time I saw my Aunt Emma give an enema, was to her two daughters who were about 18 and 19 years old at the time. As a matter of fact, all of us got enemas that day, which will always remain fixed in my memory as one of the outstanding events in my life.

I was 17 years old at the time. It was about a month after I arrived at my Aunt Emma’s house that summer, her two daughters, Amy, about 18, and Linda, 19, and Aunt Emma and I went on a Sunday school picnic. A few hours after we ate lunch we all were experiencing some stomach discomfort. First Amy complained that she had a stomach ache, then I didn’t feel so well, and then Linda was next.

Aunt Emma put us all in the car, and on the way home said that we probably got into some bad food that was set out on the picnic tables. She told us that when she got us home she would have to give all of us a good enema to wash out whatever was causing the problem.

Good old Auntie, she never missed an opportunity to get out the old red enema bag. Both Amy and Linda didn’t take to the idea of having an enema that day and they both expressed their feelings in no uncertain terms. This was only fuel for the fire as far as Auntie was concerned. I could tell that both girls were embarrassed that their mom would mention something like that in front of me.

I played dumb, even when Auntie asked me if I had ever had an enema before, knowing full well that she had given me my first one only a month before. I remembered that it was supposed to be a secret between the two of us, so I said that I had never had one before. Amy giggled a little and said to me, “My mom’s going to give you one, too.”

By the time we got home, we were all feeling a bad case of cramps, and Aunt Emma decided that she would give me my enema first. She sat us all down on her big bed and since I was going to get the first enema, she proceeded to take off my shoes and socks, and pulled off my T-shirt so she could feel where my ache was located. She then had me stand up, unbuckled my belt, undid my pants and pulled them down. Now I was the one who was embarrassed, sitting there in only my white jockey briefs next to Amy and Linda, who were looking on eagerly. Emma then left me sitting there, only in my underpants, while she went into the bathroom to prepare the enema.

She came back into the bedroom and began to undress Amy, who began to put up a fuss. She said that she decided to give Amy her enema first because she complained of a stomach ache first. Amy was embarrassed that I was watching her mother strip her, and began to resist. Linda jumped right in and held Amy while her mother finished getting her clothes off. Auntie chided Amy to stop fussing or I would get the idea that an enema was no fun. Then Auntie gave me a big wink.

Amy was finally undressed down to her bra and panties, and her mom began to feel her stomach to determine where the hurt was.

She then took Amy by the hand and dragged her into the bathroom, with Amy putting up a struggle all the way. She got Amy into the bathroom, then stuck her head out and told Linda that she would have to help hold her sister down for the enema. She also turned to me and said that since I had never had an enema that she wanted me in the bathroom to observe Amy taking her enema. Linda asked if that was a good idea, and her mom replied that she thought it would be good experience for me. Besides, I would probably have to help hold Amy down, and maybe next time Amy has to have an enema she would think twice about putting up such a fuss.

When Linda and I came into the bathroom, with me still in only my underpants, Amy really began screaming, saying she didn’t want me in there seeing her without her clothes on. Auntie said that since I had never had an enema before that she was going to show me how it was done by giving Amy hers first. Amy was standing there really fussing when her mom said, “Then you can help when I give Bobby his enema.”

Amy cooled right down after that, giving her mom a chance to reach over and pull her nearly sheer panties down. I was really excited to see Amy’s little thin patch of pubic hair and couldn’t keep my eyes off of it.

Auntie got Amy down on the floor on her back and raised up her knees and spread them wide apart. She had Linda hold her shoulders down, reserving her feet for me to hold down. My gaze was switching between Auntie lubing up the enema nozzle and my young cousin’s exposed pussy. When the nozzle was greased, Auntie leaned down and parted her little cheeks, spread some Vaseline around her anus, and slowly pushed the full-sized black nozzle into Amy’s pink hole. What a grand sight I had of the whole operation, watching Amy blushing and squirming on the floor with the enema hose trailing out from between her cheeks!

Auntie began to slowly rub Amy’s tummy and massage around her little pubic area, causing Amy to quiet down even more.

As Auntie was rubbing Amy’s private area, Amy began to relax and move her legs together and apart. I didn’t know it at the time, but Amy was experiencing an orgasm with the rubbing, which caused her to take most of the contents of the enema bag.

After she gave a little moan and stopped moving her legs, she said she couldn’t hold it any more, and got up and went to the toilet. As Amy was expelling the enema, Auntie was filling up the enema bag again. She turned to Linda and said, “Linda, why don’t you show Bobby how to take an enema without all the fuss?” Linda started to object, but Auntie interrupted her by saying, “I insist.”

Linda said, “Well, OK, mom. If you really want me to.”

Linda began to get undressed while Amy was still expelling the enema and Auntie was greasing up the enema tip. Linda asked if she had to take it on the floor, and couldn’t she at first try taking it by bending over the edge of the tub? Auntie said, “All right, but if you can’t take enough, you’re going to have to lie on the floor.”

Linda began stripping down, until she got to her under panties. She hesitated a little, knowing I was watching her closely.

“I know it’s a little embarrassing for you, dear, but I know you understand. Besides, Bobby’s enema is next,” Auntie said.

With that, she slipped down her panties, exposing a larger crop of pubic hair than Amy’s. She knelt down and bent over the edge of the tub, exposing all of her beautiful private area to me. Because of her position, her bra had tightened and made her uncomfortable, so she removed it before assuming her final position.

“OK, Linda, I’m ready for you,” Auntie announced. With that, Linda reached back and spread her ass cheeks, expanding my view of her little brown hole and fuzzy pussy. Auntie wasted no time in applying the cold cream around and just inside her anus, then slipped in the trusty black nozzle to the hilt. Linda winced a little and pinched up her butt as the warm soapy water began to take its toll. About halfway through she began to cramp, so Auntie removed the nozzle and had her lie on her back on the floor like Amy had with her legs spread. Auntie leaned over, prised apart her cheeks and re-inserted the nozzle to finish the enema. Although I didn’t have to hold Linda down, I was getting an even better look at what a 19-year old crotch looked like. Auntie began to do her familiar rubbing on Linda’s pubic area, but Linda said she didn’t need to do that now.

In a minute the enema was done, and Amy got off the toilet to let her big sister get rid of her enema. I was really enjoying seeing my two cousins naked getting enemas, when I suddenly realized that Auntie was filling up the enema bag again. This time it was my turn. I told her I didn’t have a tummy ache anymore and didn’t need an enema. She smiled and gave me a wink, saying, “Now Bobby, you’ve had your fun. It’s time for your enema and the girls get to watch.”

I protested that the girls already knew how to take an enema, so why should they be in the bathroom to watch me get mine? “It’s part of their education just as much as yours, Bobby,” she replied.

While Linda was sitting nude on the toilet, Amy was standing next to me with her clothes off, eagerly anticipating seeing me stripped of my underpants, which would put me on a par with the two of them. Auntie warned me that if I didn’t cooperate, she would have the girls hold me down. I swallowed hard and began to turn away as I started to push my shorts down. Auntie took my shoulders and turned me around to face her and said, “Let me help you off with your underpants.” She knelt down on one knee as her fingers hooked the elastic band of my shorts, and tugged them down to my ankles. There I was, stark naked with my cousins watching every move.

Auntie said she was going to give me my enema lying across her lap. I was somewhat anxious about being in that position, but didn’t have the time to think about it as Auntie took my hand and pulled me over her knees. She positioned me so my growing erection was clamped firmly between her thighs, and my legs spread slightly apart. Amy was behind me and had knelt down so my exposed buttocks and testicles were now at her eye level. She grabbed the enema nozzle and offered it to her mom, who applied a liberal amount of cold cream, working it up, down and around the tip and shaft. Amy asked her mom if she could do the honors, and Auntie said OK, as long as she was careful, as she had to learn sooner or later. I looked back in amazement and saw a gleeful grin come across Amy’s face. Auntie and Amy spread my cheeks, while Amy dipped her finger into the cold cream and began applying it to my clenched asshole. My head was swimming. I couldn’t believe I was naked and being given an enema by my cousin, a girl about my own age, nonetheless.

Amy put the enema tip up to my anus and asked, “Is this right?” “Yes, it is,” Auntie replied, whereupon Amy thrust the nozzle in with a fast jerk, sliding it in all the way to the end, with even the hose starting to go inside me. Auntie said that was enough and she would take over. I lay there in agony as the pressure on my insides began to cause cramping. I told her I couldn’t hold it, so she had Linda get off the toilet and I promptly sat down and relieved myself. Both girls were standing there naked looking at me sitting on the toilet with my stiff pecker sticking up between my legs.

When I finished, Auntie said she would give me the rest of my enema on the floor. I wasn’t expecting this to continue, and a little shiver went through me in anticipation of what was going to happen. After a stern look as a warning, I reluctantly laid down on my back and assumed “the position.” Auntie knelt down beside me, leaned into the area between my legs, and pried apart my cheeks once again. After a dab of cold cream, she slid the nozzle home. She began to rub my lower tummy, and the girls came around for a closer look, anticipating their mom to rub me like she had rubbed Amy. She did brush my erect penis once or twice, but I just kept quiet about it. I told her I thought the enema bag was empty, and I had to get up and sit on the toilet. She checked the bag, and sure enough all of the solution was gone. She seemed disappointed that she didn’t need to do any more rubbing. “I guess you’re right, you can go to the toilet now,” she said.

The girls kept their eyes fixed on my as I stood up with a very erect penis and made my way over to the toilet. They moved a bit closer to get a good look at my little thatch of pubic hair and my penis sticking up between my legs. The girls both did a little giggle and smiled. Auntie said it was all over now, and asked if anyone still had a stomach ache? Well, none of us had, so Auntie took the girls back into the bedroom and helped them get their panties and bras back on, and told them to finish getting dressed.

The girls left and Auntie closed the bathroom door and turned to me and said, “Thanks, Bobby, for not letting on that I had given you an enema once before. It kind of made a little game out of it for everyone, didn’t it? Next time I give enemas around here, you’ll know what to expect, won’t you?”

I said yes I would, as I noticed her filling up the red bag again. I asked if she was going to give me another enema, and she said no, this one was for her. She asked me to put my underpants back on and leave the bathroom, as she didn’t want Amy and Linda to know that I had seen her naked. As I cleaned myself off and got my shorts back on, Auntie was quickly taking her clothes off, and in no time had made herself completely bare in front of me. She laid down on her back on the floor as we all had done. She said I had better go now, and as I was leaving, I saw her gently insert the black nozzle between her cheeks.

When I went back into the bedroom, Amy and Linda were still in their bras and panties. They asked if I felt OK, to which I replied that I did. They asked if their mom was fixing up and enema for herself. I fibbed a bit and said I think so, but I left the bathroom and didn’t know for sure. They said, “Follow us and let’s see.”

They took me around to Amy’s bedroom which had a door to the bathroom, and told me to be very quiet. Linda slowly opened the door a crack and we all peeked in to the bathroom to see Auntie on the floor on her back giving herself an enema. She had placed a big mirror against the wall so she could watch herself take the enema, and we could look in it and get a superb view. The girls whispered that she always gave herself an enema after she gave them one. Amy asked Linda if she thought I should see any more, and Linda said, “Why not? He saw you do it.”

I didn’t know what they meant but soon found out as Aunt Emma began to rub herself in the crotch and move the enema nozzle in and out of her butt. She moved her bent legs back and forth and kept rubbing her crotch until she made some groans and sighs and finally stopped, extending her legs outward.

Linda closed the door quietly and asked if I knew what her mom was doing. I said I think so, and Linda said that she’s “getting that good feeling,” or masturbating. “You know what that is, don’t you, Bobby?” I said that I did.

Linda looked down at my shorts and saw that I had a big bulge there, and asked, “Would you like to get a good feeling like mom and Amy?” I looked over at Amy’s bed and saw that she had taken off her panties and was fingering herself in her pussy.

I couldn’t believe this day. First, seeing both my young cousins bare receiving an enema, my aunt taking an enema, and now Amy was on her bed masturbating. Linda said, “come on, let’s all do it together!” She took me by the hand and led me over to the bed. And said, “Amy and I do it together a lot. It’s fun!”

Amy was lying on her back really going at it, while Linda was removing her bra and panties, and climbed onto the bed. Linda started to masturbate and told me to take down my underpants and join in.

My cock was as stiff as a board, and I eagerly pulled down my shorts and began to stroke it. Linda and Amy looked at me jerking off, and Linda moved over and told me to come lie down on the bed next to her and do it.

All three of us were lying there masturbating together, and watching each other do it made it even more exciting. Both girls were panting and moaning. I was just beginning to cum as both girls were looking right at me, and Amy said, “Look, Linda, he’s getting that good feeling!”

Linda replied, “Yeah, I know, and I’m getting another one, too.”

After I finished cumming, I felt ashamed, but Linda said, “Don’t be embarrassed, Bobby. We know that boys enjoy it, too.”

We all realized that Auntie had finished her last orgasm by a rather conspicuous moan, and thought that we had better get our clothes back on before she got out of the bathroom.

Amy was still fingering her glistening wet little crotch, lingering over her orgasm, when Linda said, “Come on, Amy. I think Bobby’s seen enough for one day, and as you know, mom believes in giving enemas.”

I said, “Yes, I can believe it now,” and thought to myself, What have you started, Aunt Emma?