Tender Loving Care

By Anonymous

Michelle Brown was 34 years old and had been a nurse at the Lexington Sports Medical Clinic for almost two years. One of the best medical facilities of its kind, it often played host to a variety of professional, college, and weekend athletes. The usual injuries ran from a bad sprain or compound fracture to a totally destroyed knee.

Most of the patients were male, and were usually very young. Every day the halls were filled with men whose bodies had been molded to physical perfection. Michelle always had a weakness for jocks. Even though she had been married for five years, and her husband was no less lacking in physical looks, Michelle couldn’t help but get an erotic charge dealing with all of those hard bodied men.

Some days it was an agony for her to just look. It was Saturday afternoon when they had brought in Craig Thomson. He was the star halfback from the local university and had dislocated his knee in the season championship. One look at him as the doctors did their examination told her that this time she had to do more than look.

The nursing supervisor was more than glad when she volunteered for the graveyard shift.. After all, few of the young unmarried nurses wanted to work midnight to morning, especially on the weekend. Her husband wasn’t too happy about it but right now she wasn’t thinking about him.

It was the second night, about two in the morning that she let herself into Craig’s room. She stood there in the semi-darkness admiring his body. Craig stood about six foot four, and weighed two hundred and sixteen pounds. Every ounce was hard muscle, sculptured like a stature of some Greek god. What her husband and most of her friends would find so shocking was that Craig’s skin was as dark as the night.

Somehow her presence must’ve alarmed Craig. He jerked awake and looked around. “Who’s there?” He asked as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

“Shhh,” Michelle said softly. “It’s just the nurse checking on you.

She put her small white hand on his dark chest and eased him back onto the bed. His chest was like a steel banded barrel. The sheet had been tossed aside when he jerked upward, leaving Craig covered by only a tiny pair of bikini briefs.

Continuing her role as concerned nurse, she checked the bandages around his knee, trying hard not to stare at the large bulge in his briefs.

“I….I was having a dream…” Craig said as he noticed her stealing looks at his crotch.

“I can tell,” Michelle laughed softly.

She sat on the edge if the bed, her hand still resting against his chest, her fingers teasing the black tightly curled hairs. She smiled as she saw the bulge in his shorts jerk in response to her caress.

“It was a pretty nice dream,” Craig said with in a throaty chuckle.

“”I feel guilty for interrupting it.” Michelle said, knowing she had already used up every legitimate reason she had for being in this young mans room in the middle of the night.

She took a deep breath and decided to go ahead.

“Maybe I can make it up to you.” She said as she reached down and put her hand beneath the elastic of his briefs. With a quick motion she freed the long black snake hidden there.

Michelle could’ve help gasping in wonderment. Craig’s cock was almost nine inches long and twice as thick as her husbands. She had seen black cocks before in her duties but never one in this state. She curled her fingers around the thick shaft, causing a glistening hint of pre-cum to appear at the tip.

She bent over and took the tip of his big black cock into her mouth, licking the drop of pre-cum, savoring the forbidden taste. Michelle then ran her tongue over the ebony pole, wetting the stiff shaft. Her lipstick smeared across the dark flesh, she would worry about cleaning it up later. Then she ran her tongue in circles around the shiny red rings she’d made.

“Easy,” She whispered as Craig’s hips pushed upward. “Don’t hurt the knee. Doctor D’Angelo will have my ass if he has to do the reconstruction all over again. For a second she realized the absurdity of what she just said. Like they wouldn’t fire her if they found out she had sucked the cock of a patient. Not that she cared at this moment. There was something so erotic about sucking this black boys cock. A forbidden nature that make her much more oral than she usually was. She drew in a breath of air through her nostrils, reveling in to heady scent of his cock and balls. She reached down and cupped his balls as she tried to get more of the enormous shaft into her mouth.

The big black cock jerked to life the head hit the back of her throat. Then she worked her vibrating tongue southward again, kissing the side of the dark pole, nuzzling his hairy balls. She tried to take each of the balls in her mouth when she saw his reaction to her licking them.

“Just relax and let me suck you off.” Michelle whispered as she looked into his dark brown eyes so he could see the passion her own blue ones. “Let the Nurse take care of you.”

Michelle knew she was alone on the shift so there wasn’t any real need to hurry, it wasn’t like a real hospital where they had late night emergencies. Still there was always the chance one of the other patients would wake up and call the nurses station looking for her.

Her fingers caress his tender black sac that held his cum-filled balls, stuffing more and more of his huge hard-on in her mouth. Michelle milked and sucked confidently as she got used to the size of the big black prick.

Craig moaned with approval, he knew he was close to climax.

Michelle knew that he wanted to fuck her, the thought has a great deal of appeal. But that would definitely open up the stitches in his knee. So she held his belly down and continued to make love to him with her mouth. She felt his hand sliding under her uniform, cupping her sex. Sliding a finger past the edge of her white panties, Craig found her clit with his middle finger, flicking the swollen bud in time with her pumping mouth. Now it was Michelle’s turn to groan as she quickened the pace further.

Craig bucked spasmodically in her mouth, his cock swelling even larger seconds before a torrent of hot cum spurted, coating her tonsils with salty sperm. Michelle swallowed greedily, getting off as her patient drove two fingers up into her pussy. She swallowed each burst as fast as she could, but it still began to leak out of the corners of her mouth and down her chin. She felt like it would never stop.

Finally it did, and Craig collapsed back into the bed. Michelle licked his big black cock clean, marveling that even in its softened state if was still so huge. Finally the last of his cum had been licked away.

“Go back to sleep now,” She whispered as she pulled the sheet back over his body. “I have to finish my rounds, but I’ll check in on you again.”

Craig healed up nicely and Michelle was sure to visit him every night to check on him until he was released. The better he felt the more she stopped by. In fact the night before he was released, Michelle finally got to feel that tremendous black cock inside of her. It was an experience she would never forget.

Craig went on to play in the NFL. Michelle’s husband could never understand why sometimes she would sit with him and watch the games —- or why she was always so horny afterward. Not that he ever complained. End