Terri's Delight

By Uthur@aol.com

Part 1

Terri and Al had been planning this weekend for months. In anticipation of the event, Terri went shopping at Victoria’s Secret and picked out a very sheer, demi-cup bra, a lacy black garter belt and a pair of very smooth black nylons. She also stopped at the shoe shop and picked out a pair of 4” spiked heals to complete her outfit.

On Saturday morning, Al picked Terri up. Terry only took a small overnight case as she new that a massive wardrobe was not necessary for what they had planned. As soon as she got into the car, Al could see that she was only wearing underwear under her trench coat. The coat pealed back exposing her beautiful legs and Al’s hand quickly found the silky skin of her upper thighs

at the top of her nylons.

But Al had a surprise for Terri too. He reached into the center console and picked up the toy he had just purchased at the adult novelty store. He easily inserted the vibrating egg into Terri’s wet cunt as she moaned and wiggled in delight. Al clicked the buzzing device on and low hum filled the car as Terri gasped and rolled her eyes upward in pleasure.

Al played with the vibrator’s control just keeping Terri on the edge. As soon as she neared an orgasm, he would turn the unit off and let her wiggle and moan in frustration before he turned it on again adding to her pleasure. More than once Terri tried to move her fingers in position, but each time Al pulled them away from her crotch as she whined wanting to come in the worst possible way.

At last they arrived at the motel and Al checked in. As he opened the car door for Terri, he turned the vibrator on high and tucked the control in the pocket of her trench coat. Terri blushed and stammered as a low buzz filled the air. She walked the down the hall of the motel to their suite trying to keep the buzzing egg from falling out of her. As Al and Terri passed another

couple in the hallway, Terri knew that they could hear the vibrator that was driving Terri crazy with desire.

Al opened the door and ushered Terri inside. As the door closed, Terri strutted over to the bed and removed her coat. Al gazed at his beautiful enemate knowing that they both were in for a wonderful weekend.

Terri lay seductively on the bed with her legs wide apart. At last she had a chance to relieve herself and she positioned the vibrating egg right over her clit and moaned in delight. But in seconds Al returned wearing only a leather jock strap and carrying a towel-covered tray.

He quickly grabbed the control of the vibrator and turned it off, tugging on the wire that was connected to the dancing egg. As Terri gave out a low moan, the device slid from her dripping cunt and rolled on the bed between her legs.

Al removed the towel that covered the tray and took a washcloth and dipped it into a bowel of warm water. He then rubbed the washcloth all over Terri’s cunt. He laughed to himself, as Terri was so wet that he didn’t really need the washcloth. Terri gasped as she watched Al fill his hand with shave cream as the smell of menthol filled her nose. AL smoothed the shaving cream over the blond hair of her cunt.

Terri moaned in delight as the menthol tickled her clit and entertained her with new feelings of an impeding orgasm. Al carefully began to shave her mound moving on down to her wet pussy lips. As he spread the skin smooth to shave, his fingers worked her clit making it difficult for Terri to hold still. At last Terri grabbed her knees and pulled her legs tight to her chest. Al quickly finished shaving the crack of her ass leaving her smooth all over.

Terri squealed in delight as Al began to massage her freshly shaven cunt with baby oil. His fingers slid up and down her pussy lips and circled her clit. As one hand tickled her clit, his other hand played with her has. When Al pushed one, then two fingers into her tight anus, Terri bucked her hips as her orgasm approached. But again, Al denied his enemate an orgasm and left her

panting on the bed.

He picked up a piece of ice and shoved it high into her cunt making Terri writhe and squeal as the cold invaded her burning hot pussy. Al went back into the bathroom and Terri heard the sound of water running. The ice quickly melted in her cunt and water dribbled out of her pussy adding to the growing wet spot on the bed.

Part Two

Al walked back into the bedroom with two bulging red enema bags. Terri gasped as she saw Al hang the two-quart bags from the headboard of the bed. Al then walked over to his suitcase and removed a large waterproof pad and moved over to Terri. She cooed in delight as she lifted her backside off the bed as Al spread the pad under her. Al smiled as this position thrust her freshly shaven cunt high up in the air towards his face.

Slowly, Al positioned his lover on the bed. Terri lay on her back and Al parted her legs wide apart with her feet on the bed and her knees bent, almost as if she were being positioned at the doctor’s office. With practiced precision, Al snapped on a pair of latex gloves as Terri’s breathing increased in speed. He picked up a tube of KY jelly and squirted a large dab of goo on

his index finger. Terri groaned as Al put one hand over her wet cunt and then slowly began to insert his index finger into her tight brown anus. He pushed his finger up her ass as far as it would go and then began to finger fuck her ass. Terri moaned and closed her eyes as Al inserted a second finger into her backside. Again he finger fucked her ass hard and fast while his other hand massaged her cunt and clit.

Terri was on the verge of coming when Al pulled his fingers out of her bottom. She moaned in frustration as she watched her lover spread lubricating jelly over a double inflatable nozzle tube. Slowly he moved toward Terri and positioned the end of the tube against her anus. Terri involuntarily tensed as he began to insert the puckered rubber tube into her asshole. She began to pant as he inflated the first balloon in her rectum. Al gave the balloon three full pumps as Terri’s eyes grew wide. Terri gasped as Al inflated the second balloon tightly sealing her anus.

Al let Terri savor the feeling the huge device up her backside as he watched her wetness dribble down between her legs. In a low voice, Terri moaned, “Oh God……” as he connected the first enema bag to the inflatable nozzle tube. He made the final adjustments to the bag so it rested about 18 inches over her hips. Al leaned over and gave Terri a deep kiss as he reached over and opened the clasp on the tubing letting the warm water roll into her rectum.

Terri’s eyes grew wide as the water began to snake its way up her colon. Al moved into position between her legs and used his fingers to part her pussy lips exposing her clit. With a growl, he leaned over and began to alternately suck and lick her clit. Terri’s hips began to buck as Al inserted two fingers into her wet cunt and began to stroke her G-spot while his tongue worked her clit.

Al looked upward and saw the bag empty as Terri’s belly began to swell. Terri was in heaven as she relished the fullness in her ass and the attention she was getting to her clit and pussy. She could feel the water work higher and higher in her tummy. Finally, as the bag gurgled dry, Terri had her first long awaited orgasm. She grabbed Al’s hair and pushed his head deep into her cunt as sucked her clit and finger fucked her pussy. Her legs trembled and her hips bucked as the waves of pleasure rolled up and down her body.

Al laughed as he clamped off the inflatable nozzle and connected the bulging enema bag. He pulled off his leather jock strap and moved into a 69 position over his lover. Terri immediately began to suck on his balls and stroke his rock hard cock. Al began to tongue fuck her pussy as he opened the clamp sending more water into her ass.

Loud slurping noises accompanied Terri as she deep throated Al’s cock. Meanwhile Al began to tease her clit again with his tongue as he shoved two, three, and then four fingers up her dripping cunt. Terri moaned as the cramps in her belly added to her second crashing orgasm.

Al looked at the half empty bag as he moved between her legs. Terri’s stomach was so full that the water barely seemed to be dripping into her. Terri pinched her nipples as Al thrust his cock deep into her wet pussy and began fucking her. Her tits bounced up and down as his thrusts pummeled her bare cunt. Al moved on top of Terri and let more and more of his weight rest on her swollen belly. Terri let out a loud groan as it greatly increased the pressure in her belly. But the added pressure in her drove her into another orgasm. She screamed and tossed her head side to side as the second enema bag finally gurgled dry.

Terri’s moans and movements drove Al to the brink of coming. He pulled his cock from her cunt and straddled her head. Terri opened her mouth as Al grabbed her hair and pushed his cock into her mouth. She savored her own juices before his salty cum flooded her mouth and ran down her cheek.

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