The Bad Little Boy

We were having a really good time at the party Friday night until he decided to pull a “jealous fit.” I am an attractive, thirty-something female and although I don’t solicit male attention, I still get a lot of it. My live-in lover, a very attractive man in his early fifties, has trouble dealing with it on occasion. And tonight was one of those occasions. After we left the party he was rather cold and distant to me. Typical jealous behavior for a Capricorn male some would say, but I thought he was behaving rather childish and told him so. The next morning was even worse. He was acting as if I wasn’t even there. Well I decided I’d had enough. I left the house to do some errands and to pick up a few things to teach him a lesson with.

When I got home nothing was any different. I tried talking to him and reasoning with him but to no avail. I didn’t exist. So I lost it. I started to yell at him that he was being ridiculous and behaving like an insecure four-year-old and if he insisted on acting this way then I would treat him like a four-year-old. He just gave me a look and walked away. That’s when I went about the house setting up some of the things I had purchased earlier. When I was finished, I went to the living room, turned off the TV and led him by the hand into our bedroom. I sat down on the bed and told him that I’d warned him but he didn’t listen. I pulled his shorts down to his ankles and told him to lay face down across my lap facing the mirrored wall. As he was getting across my lap he made the snide comment “What are you going to do, spank me?” His smart ass comment infuriated me even more. But I calmly told him “If you keep it up, I will most definitely spank you. But first I’m going to take your temperature, because sometimes little boys misbehave when they don’t feel well”. Then I gently patted his bottom with the palm of my hand. I think he finally understood exactly what I was going to do because you should have seen the look on his face. I told him I expected him to behave or he would be punished and with that I put a pacifier in his mouth. I felt his cock go hard against my lap. My beautiful 6’6” lover then fell submissively quiet, just like a four-year-old who knows that mommy has complete control.

I picked-up a tube of vaseline and squirted a glob on my index finger. I parted his bottom with my left hand and proceeded to rub the vaseline up and down the length of his crack, down to his balls, and in small circles around his anus, gently inserting just the tip of my finger and twisting it around, until he was well lubricated. After wiping off my finger, I reached for the rectal thermometer and made a big show of shaking it down. I then stuck the bulb of the thermometer into the tube of the vaseline, slowly pushing it in and out to make sure it was well lubricated. (It looked as if I was fucking the tube of vaseline with the thermometer. I could tell by the look on his face that he knew I would soon be doing this to his bottom!) When I was satisfied that the thermometer was well lubricated, I put the tube down and spread his cheeks again. I could feel him breathing heavily. I placed the bulb of the thermometer against his anus for a second, and then slid it deep inside him. He was watching everything I was doing in the mirror, and let out a low moan as he felt the thermometer invade him. I rested my hand on his buttocks and held the thermometer inside him. I told him for little boys his size, a rectal thermometer needed at least 10 minutes to register and that he wasn’t to move. I also told him that if his temperature was 98.6 degrees exactly, I would give him a glycerin suppository and make love to him while he waited for it to melt. Then we’d re-check his temperature and if it was still normal, he could go about his merry way. If his temperature was 98.7 degrees or higher, a more extensive treatment was in order, with rectal temps every hour or so for the next day or two.

As he lay across my lap with the baby thermometer poking out of his beautiful ass, I lubricated my finger and started to gently rub the area between his balls and his asshole. When ten minutes was up, I slowly slid the thermometer from his asshole and read his temperature. 99.8 degrees, what a surprise! I told him I would re-check his temperature, just to be sure, before I started his treatment. I took another baby thermometer, lubricated it and placed the silvery tip just inside his asshole and held it there. He started to squirm around and I knew he wanted me to push it in deeper. I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction. After making him wait a few minutes, I pushed it on home and started to twirl it around inside him. He started to breathe heavily and his rock-hard penis was twitching in my lap, so I moved the thermometer in and out, slowly and deliberately. I told him this was how mommies fuck their baby boys but baby boys aren’t allowed to come unless mommy tells them it’s ok. I told him it wasn’t. For the next twenty minutes I alternated between holding the thermometer still, twirling it in his ass, and fucking him with it. With the pacifier still in his mouth, he was begging me to let him come. Of course I said no (payback’s a bitch, isn’t it!). I removed the thermometer, read his temperature, 100.2 degrees, and announced he had a fever. I told him that now I understood why he was misbehaving last night and this morning, but unfortunately since he was sick, mommy was going to have to make him all better.

I repositioned his penis tightly between my thighs, then let him rest across my lap for a few minutes, gently rubbing his ass before I started his treatment. I grabbed the tube of vaseline and squirted some directly on his asshole and then my finger. I teased my finger past his anus and slid it deep inside him. I pulled my finger in and out, twisting it around to get him well lubricated. I found his prostate and proceed to massage it until he was just about to come. I slowly removed my finger and grabbed the jar of glycerin suppositories. When he saw me opening the jar, he begged me to not do this to him. Ignoring his pleas, I removed a suppository and pushed it only halfway in. Of course it popped right out. I put it back in, told him to stop being a bad boy and hold the suppository. But the more he tightened his ass to hold it, the faster it would pop out. We must have continued this game 10 or 12 times. Finally I pretended to be mad and pushed the suppository all the way inside him until it rested on his prostate. Then I pushed another two inside him for good measure. I placed the bulb of the baby thermometer back in him, but only as far as his sphincter muscle, and told him to hold it there, that way the suppositories wouldn’t come out. The pressure of the thermometer on his sphincter caused his anus to contract. He looked absolutely delicious lying all helpless across my lap with the thermometer in his bum and a pacifier in his mouth. I placed my two fingers around the thermometer and rested my hand on his ass to help keep the thermometer in the exact place I had put it. I could feel his penis pulsing between my thighs every time his anus contracted. He held the suppositories and thermometer for about half an hour after which I fucked him with the thermometer again. This time I let him come. It was an amazing orgasm!

After my lover came out of the bathroom he kissed me and thanked me for one of the best sex session of his life. As I was mixing him one of his favorite cocktails, I very plainly told him we weren’t done and that he obviously didn’t here a word I said to him while he was face down across my lap. (As far as I’m concerned, a few glycerin suppositories isn’t the “extensive treatment” I had in mind for him.) I proceeded to pour his cocktail into a baby bottle and ordered him to lie down on the couch. I turned the TV on, gave him his bottle, removed his underwear and covered him with a blanket. I then sat down on the couch, had him lay in my arms and proceeded to feed him his bottle. When he was finished, I realized it had been almost an hour since I’d used the rectal thermometer on him for temperature monitoring purposes, so, it was temperature time again! I went to the kitchen to refill his bottle and then to the bathroom to get his special thermometer. I shook it down, lubed it and sat down next to him on the couch. I pulled his blanket down and told him to bring his knees to his chest, totally exposing his asshole and his rock hard cock. I gently pushed the thin, cold, piece of glass into him and within a few seconds, watched it fall back out. I put the thermometer in him again, and again it came back out. I got a bottle of baby bath soap, filled a paper cup with the soap and added a few q-tips to soak. I then dipped the bulb of the thermometer into the soap, inserted it into his bottom and it still came back out. I then took a soapy q-tip and pushed it against his anus. I left the tip of the q-tip just inside his anus. After 30 seconds or so, I pushed the q-tip deeper, then in and out and all around inside him. Removing the q-tip was not easy. His asshole grabbed it and held on tight. Needless to say, when I inserted the baby thermometer it stayed put this time. I watched the mercury shoot up as soon as it was re-inserted and knew I was going to have to give him another treatment. I was right. His rectal temperature was still way over 98.6! While I was getting his treatment ready, I popped the thermometer back in him and then added a soapy q-tip alongside the thermometer to make sure the thermometer stayed in place while I was gone. My big baby had two things up his bottom at once! (And a raging hard-on to boot, with very clear instructions not to masturbate while I was gone.) In the meantime, I went to mix him an enema made from a combination of liquid glycerin and liquid ivory soap, all meant to be delivered via an infant enema bulb (4-ounce capacity) fitted with an adult tip. After mixing, I put this mixture in the microwave to be warmed up. I brought my equipment over to the couch and using two hands, I started to alternately move the thermometer and the q-tip in and out of him. When he told me he was going to come, I stopped, removing both the q-tip and thermometer. I sat down on the couch and told him to get face down across my lap again. I gave him his bottle to help comfort him for what was to come. When he was settled I wasted no time parting his cheeks and inserting the lubricated nozzle deep into his asshole. I let the bulb of the syringe rest against his asshole; his cock was throbbing against my lap, in anticipation of the warm liquid being squeezed inside of him. When I was ready, I gave him a quick squirt of the hot liquid and then waited and let him squirm in anticipation of the next squirt from the nozzle. I repeated four or five quick squirts and then I emptied the rest of the bulb in him at once. He started to pant, I withdrew the nozzle and inserted the thermometer for three minutes. He was going to have his temperature taken in between each bulb full of liquid and I had mixed up a quart of liquid. After about eight bulbs of liquid and eight temperatures, the bowl was empty. I lubed a butt plug and pushed it inside him and then instructed him to lie on his tummy on the couch. I covered him with the blanket and left him face down on the couch with the remainder of his bottle to ponder his predicament. I went and warmed up some baby lotion and came back to give him a back rub. I squirted warm baby lotion all over his back, ass cheeks and down his crack. I took my time rubbing the baby lotion in, paying special attention to rubbing around the butt plug in his ass and his balls. Eventually I told him to turn over. I filled the palm of my right hand with the warm baby lotion and wrapped it around his hard-on. I started off stroking him very slowly, increasing the speed and the pressure until he came. After his breathing calmed down, I let him use the bathroom to expel the enema. He didn’t say a word to me when he came out. He just kissed me deeply and returned to lay on the couch.

After I finished having a glass of wine, I filled a two quart enema bag with cool, plain water and attached a douche nozzle to the end. I walked over to the couch and explained that mommy had to get all the soap out of him. I saw a look of almost fear cross his face when he saw the nozzle I intended to use on him. I told him to lie on his left side and bring his knees up to his chest. I slowly and deliberately lubricated the douche nozzle with lots of vaseline while he watched me. When it was glistening I pushed it deep into his asshole and told him to rest a minute and get used to the feeling. I hung the bag off the curtain rod and then sat down on the couch. I undid my bra and cradled him in my arms. I told him it was mommy’s turn to come and that he was going to suck my breasts until I was satisfied. Then and only then would I remove the nozzle and let him expel this enema. He put his lips around my nipple and started to suck. I spent some time moving the nozzle around in him, (paying special attention to his prostate) to make sure it was positioned properly. When I was sure the nozzle was in the right place near his prostate, I opened the clamp on the bag. I knew when the cool water entered his rectum because he started to suck my nipple harder and more urgently. His lips felt like heaven. He started to gently squeeze my other nipple. I was close to coming many times, but made him stop before I did. I wanted to make sure he held this enema awhile. When the bag was empty I disconnected the hose from the bag and left the nozzle in him. I had him resume suckling and this time had him insert a few fingers deep inside my honey pot. I told him to fuck mommy the way he wanted mommy to fuck him with the baby thermometer. He slid his fingers slowly in and out, twisting them around and then finally just in and out really fast until I came. I got off the couch, went and got cleaned up, then came back and gently moved the nozzle around inside him for a few more minutes before finally removing it. As the nozzle slid out of his ass, he ejaculated.

He came into the kitchen to have a cigarette, relax and party with me for awhile. (He thought we were finished with his treatment!!) I told him unfortunately it was time to check his temp again. I had him bend over the breakfast bar so I could insert his thermometer and after it was inserted I had him stand up. It was really wild standing around the breakfast bar partying with him and the whole time my beautiful lover has a rectal thermometer protruding from his backside. The sight of him like this was so erotic that after about a half-hour of partying I couldn’t take anymore. I was so horny that I went down on my knees and sucked him off. After he came I had him bend over the breakfast bar again so I could remove his thermometer. I took my time removing it. He looked so good bent submissively over the breakfast bar that I decided to play with him a little. I’d start to pull the thermometer out, say not yet and put it back in and hold it there. He’d grunt every time I pushed it back in. When I finally did remove the thermometer, his temperature was below 98.6 degrees because of the cool water enema so I told him he had a reprieve and we headed to the bedroom to make love.

When we were finished I suggested a hot bath to clean up and relax. He thought this was a great idea and left to get a bottle of wine and some glasses while I filled the tub. While he was gone, I got his thermometer and put a very large ivory soap dildo into the hot, bubbly water to soften. The bubbles from the soap hid the dildo well! My lover had no idea what was coming…… He got into the tub and I proceed to slowly wash every inch of his body, allowing him to linger in the hot water. (The hot water that was helping him to relax was also raising his body temperature.) When it was time to do his back (and backside), I had him kneel on all fours in the tub. I took the washcloth and started to wash him. While he was enjoying the sensation of the soapy cloth on his penis and balls, I took the thermometer from its hiding place and swiped the bulb across the bar of ivory soap to lubricate it. When he was getting really hot, I pushed the thermometer deep inside him and then heard him grunt. I knew he really liked this. While the thermometer was registering I asked him if he thought his temperature would be normal or if he thought I would have to give him a soapstick. He didn’t answer me, but turned to look at me with his hot, penetrating hazel eyes. ( I knew what he wanted; One time he told me his mother used to give him soapsticks every Saturday morning until he moved out of her house at age 40. After the soapstick was inserted and mom had gone, he would masturbate while waiting for it to melt.) I kissed him full and deep on the mouth. And as I was kissing him, I slowly removed his thermometer, never taking my lips off his. He still had a “fever” so I reached under the water to get HIS soapstick. You really should have seen the look on his face when he saw it. It was nicely softened from being in the warm water and needed no lubricant. I pushed it into him with slow twisting motions. Once it was deep inside him I told him to hold it until it melted, just like his mother had him do when she gave him a soapstick. The look of complete terror at having to hold this dildo-sized soapstick was too much for me. I started moving it in and out of his ass. When he was really getting into, I kissed him full on the mouth and reached under him to stroke his penis with my other hand. I fucked both his ass and his penis until he came yet again. I dried him off with a soft warm towel and told him to go lay down on our bed. I came in and slipped a large diaper under his ass. I got some warmed baby oil and rubbed his entire hairy body down, front and back. (He smelled wonderful when I was done!) I spread his cheeks and pushed several lubricating suppositories into his asshole. I then took the tube of vaseline and completely filled the entire area between his cheeks with it to ease the discomfort of prior treatments, and also so he would have a “squishy” reminder of who really was the boss. I pulled the diaper around him and fastened it, gave him his pacifier and told him it was time for bed. I fell into a deep bliss-full sleep. (I had always fantasized about having complete control over my lover and babying him, but given his age, size and the fact that he was a Capricorn {control-freak}, I never thought my fantasy would come true. IT DID!!!!! And he played along better than I could have imagined!)

A few hours into our sleep I woke up. It was time to take his temperature again. Luckily he was lying in a fetal position facing away from me. I gently undid the sides of his diaper and gently pulled the back and front down so as not to wake him. I reached over to the nightstand where I’d had the forethought to stick a thermometer into a jar of vaseline so it would be all ready when I needed it. I pulled the thermometer out of the grease and it had a nice thick coating covering it. His asshole was exposed already from being in the fetal position, so all I had to do was push it into him. In one steady movement I slipped the thermometer in. As it slid in, he became hard. He was moaning with pleasure in a half-asleep state. I slowly moved the thermometer in and out to wake him up fully. He kept moaning “Mommy, I don’t feel good” as the thermometer slipped in and out. I put his pacifier back in his mouth to calm him as his temperature registered. I pulled the thermometer out of his ass and read his temperature. I told him mommy knows you don’t feel good and she’ll make it all better. I got out of bed and went to the kitchen to warm some mineral oil. I filled the infant syringe and brought it back to bed. I had him lay on his tummy, slipped the syringe in and squirted his ass full of hot oil. It took awhile to empty the syringe because of the thick oil. When it was all inside of him, I put his thermometer back in to help him hold the oil. Then I had him lay on his side facing me. He put his mouth over my breast and gently licked and sucked my nipple. Then he slid his body down, positioned himself between my legs and started licking my clit. He reached up and started pinching my nipples at the same time. The feeling of his tongue on my clit and his big hands on my breasts combined with the sight of him lying on his tummy between my legs with a thermometer in his ass caused the largest explosion my body has ever experienced. When I was finished coming, he positioned his body over mine and entered me with the thermometer still buried deep in his ass. He started by fucking me slow and easy and then gradually increased the speed and intensity. He fucked me fast and hard and when he came he pushed his entire length all the way inside me and held still until the spasms were over. I watched the thermometer in his ass moving, as if he were fucking himself, with each spasm of his orgasm and this caused me to come again. Finally he collapsed on top of me and I held him and kissed him in the after glow of one of the best orgasms either of us had ever had. I left the thermometer in him for a few more minutes because I wanted to see how high his temperature gets when he comes. Finally I removed the thermometer and read it. His temperature was really high!! He left to expel the mineral oil and get cleaned up.

Over breakfast that morning we talked about what a fulfilling experience this had been for both of us. We both got to live out one of our fantasies. He said he loves having his temperature taken rectally best of all. I now keep rectal thermometers in decorative cut-glass jars all over the house: kitchen, bathroom, family room, bedroom, den, living room, etc. He wears only “easily accessible” clothes around the house now. (That way I can take his temperature at any time, without having to go through the big production of getting the baby thermometer and vaseline , then having him take his clothes off, etc…). I just fill the bottom of the jars with vaseline and then stick 4 or 5 thermometers into the grease. If I want to take his temperature I just have to open a jar and pull a lubricated thermometer out, tell him to get into the position of my choice, then slide it in. The jars are also a beautiful reminder for both of us of the control “mommy” really does have over him. Of course any one visiting our home who opened a jar might wonder …….