The Barn

“Sorry isn’t good enough, young lady” I hear you say. “You’ve been a bad girl, Maura, and now you have to take your punishment. Take your pants and panties completely off. NOW!! Now, put your hands behind your back, where I’m going to tie them together.” You take my panties and shove them into my mouth as a gag…then wrap a cloth strip around my head to hold it in.

“Now let’s go out to the barn, young lady. MARCH!!”

I realize now that it is futile to argue with you or fight with you about it. I go with you to the barn, you grabbing my arm and leading the way. I just hope no one passing by on the road can see my embarrassing walk between the house and the barn.

We get to the barn and you lead me down the center between the horse stalls. I can smell the hay and horses and hear them moving on either side. I sense that the doors on either end of the barn are open wide. You bring me to an empty stall and fasten wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs to me. Then you slip rope through the rings on the cuffs. You spread and raise my arms so they are stretched above me and to either side….and you tie my ankles wide to either side of the stall gateway. My body is spread-eagle in the shape of a big X. You take large scissors and cut off my sweatshirt…then unhook my bra and cut that off, leaving me totally naked and defenseless.

I feel something against my right leg…..sniffing. It can’t be the dog! I’m so humiliated to even let HIM see me like this!

I feel cold and helpless against your strength. I feel a cold nose on my body and see something moving around below me, but I can not make out the animal. You have taken me out here in the dark. It is chilly out and the night air has made my nipples very erect and my shaved pussy very exposed.

I watch as you put on latex gloves and lube up your hands. You approach me and clamp my nipples with very tight clamps, making me cry out in pain. You get behind me and I feel you very quickly stick a finger up my ass, making me squirm and buck against the restraints. Then I feel two fingers entering my rear hole. You take your other hand and place two fingers up my tight pussy.

You finally withdraw your fingers from both of my holes….and pick up a large butt plug. You lubricate it thoroughly…before you bend down and separate my asscheeks once again. I feel the tip of the butt plug find the very center of my brown crinkle…and feel it enter me. You push it slowly, twisting and turning, until it is all the way up inside my rectum. My anal muscles close over the detent, while the wide flange rests securely between my asscheeks just outside my asshole.

You take an egg-shaped vibrator and coat it with KY as well. You separate the lips of my pussy slit….and slide it up inside. You turn it on to half speed, and I can feel the vibrations course through my whole pelvic region.

I begin to squirm and strain against my bonds…much to your amusement as you watch me respond and approach my orgasms.

I feel all the vibrations and multiple orgasms hold my body taut. One right after the other as you watch with a wicked smile on your face. You love seeing me bound and gagged, available for your every amusement. You take out a wooden paddle and smack my ass a few times hard as you tell me I will obey you always and to start acting like the perfect submissive slut that I am. I feel you moving around me, toying with me. You pull out the butt plug and you leave momentarily.

I hear water running outside….then I hear the screen door slam, and slam again as you exit back out of the house. Water runs again. You come to me carrying a large red bag. You hang it from a beam overhead and attach a large nozzle, the biggest I have ever seen. I cannot protest, as you still have me gagged. I hear you humming softly and telling me how I will behave for you in the future.

You push the nozzle in swiftly and before I know it, water is jetting in to my ass, filling me up, so full. You come around and slowly rub my tummy and finger my clit. The egg vibrator still in my pussy, now turned up to high speed. You tell me to relax, because we will be out here for a very long time tonight….