The Boy: An Enema Story

The story starts when the boy was fourteen years old.

His mother called him one afternoon, “Alec, the nurse has arrived. Come here for the treatment.” His heart jumped to his throat.

While he was bathing a few days ago his mother unexpectedly entered the bathroom. She surprised him. His cock was partially erect. His mother immediately noticed his constricted foreskin.

Their family could not afford a doctor. His mother would discuss all family ailments with a nurse who lived a few houses down the street. She was about forty, short and strong of posture, ample hips cradled on soft sensuous thighs, and with a strict but attractive face. After the discussion his mother informed him that the nurse would come to push his prepuce back. Since pinworms plagued all the children in the neighborhood she would also de-worm him at the same time….Whatever that might mean.

“Alec….are you coming!”

“Yes, Mom,” he said as he entered the kitchen. “Good afternoon aunt Etha,” he greeted the nurse.

The nurse was carrying a large bag. “OK Maggie, you can leave. Alec and I will remain in the kitchen. I prefer to be alone with my patient,” aunt Etha said.

She spread a large towel on the kitchen table.

After his mother had left the nurse told Alec, “Come my boy, down with your pants and on your back on the table…”

Alec hesitated.

“Come, come boy, you are wasting my time,” she urged Alec. He unfastened his belt and dropped his short khaki pants. Boys of his age did not wear underpants. He crossed his hands in front of his heavy swinging cock and lay down on the large wooden table.

The nurse was unpacking equipment from her bag. He could hear metal hitting against metal. A red rubber tube coiled in her hands. She poured water into some metal container. Strange odors filled the air.

“Let’s see what we’ve here…..Take away your hands…..I’ve seen many cocks in my time, young man,” she said. Slowly Alec pulled his hands away.

“Gosh boy, But you are well hung!” the nurse exclaimed.

She took hold of his flaccid member and started rolling his tight foreskin under her fingers. The skilled fingers concentrated on the freneum area. Alec felt a pleasant stirring in his groin. He looked down his body and watched ashamedly as his member rapidly increased in size. Her fingers continued their enticing activity. His tight foreskin stretched painfully about the swelling glans. She produced a tube from which she squeezed a yellow ointment. Her fingers spread it into the small opening of his foreskin, working some under the tight skin. His cockhead began to feel numb.

“This is an anaesthetic ointment,” she said.

His cock had risen to an impressive length. Thick veins encircled the huge shaft. The large erection pulsed in the hands of the woman. She was conscious of slick moisture seeping between her own thighs.

“Good grief boy, I’ve heard that they come in this size but I have never seen one like it on such a young boy before! You are going to be the women’s delight when you grow up…..Let’s get down to business…This is going to hurt somewhat, but you are a man, are you not?”

Her fingers tightened on his foreskin… They could no longer encircle the thick stalk. Then she pushed down in a powerful motion. Hot pain engulfed the boy’s member.

“Uhhhhh……,” he groaned.

The circumference to the opening of his foreskin burst into many tiny cracks, stretched, and then slipped to expose the huge purple head. A fishy smell mingled with the other odors in the room. She wiped the exposed cheesy substance away with a damp cloth. Blood oozed from the tiny wounds.

“There young man, now you can wash under your prepuce, and you will be able to do your job with the girls…..From now on you must regularly peel back your foreskin, and keep it clean underneath.”

The nurse tested her work and again pushed his prepuce back. His erection had lost some of its strength. She placed his hand on his cock. “Now you try to peel it back,” she instructed. He did so. A new wave of hot pain cursed his cock. It dropped to a flaccid slab on his stomach.

“OK, that job is down. Now we must de-worm you. That is going to take much longer….Listen carefully. I want you to kneel on the table and bend down on your elbows and knees, then drop your shoulders to the table and turn your face to the wall.”

Before he submitted to her instructions, Alec took a swift glimpse over his shoulder. The nurse was holding a big white enameled can in her hands. From it snaked a length of red rubber tubing. Aunt Etha was spreading Vaseline onto a thick black spout that decorated the tip of the red tubing. She said, “Come boy, don’t be curious. The less you know the better for you.” His eyes fixed on the spout in the woman’s hands. It was six inches long, the bulbous tip was at least three quarters inches in diameter and was deeply fluted with tiny holes in the bottom of the flutes.

Alec’s stomach tightened. His mouth was parched. He dropped his shoulders to the table, arse in the air. Beyond the wooden surface of the table he saw the shiny green enamel painted surface of the wall. Behind him the nurse was making her ominous preparations. She thrilled to the length of limp penis hanging between his hairy legs.

She touched him between his buttocks, spread some slippery stuff on and into his arse. He hated the feeling of being so totally at the mercy of the nurse.

“Alec, you must now co-operate fully or you are going to find this treatment very unpleasant. I am going to slip the nozzle into you. You must push down with your bottom muscles like when you shit.” Alec’s heart raced in his mouth. “Come, do it now,” she encouraged him. He pushed. He sensed the bulbous tip pressing against his sphincter.

“Push harder.”

He complied. The cold hard nozzle opened his body. The bulbous tip spread his anal orifice, remorselessly pressing, pressing and then slipped in, almost easily…. The boy cried out and begged the nurse to stop….

“That’s it, my boy…. Open yourself, let it go inside…… It does not hurt……It is nearly there…. Take it like a brave boy…… I know it is long and thick…. Good, good……very good,” she soothingly cajoled him. The long nozzle continued its slide, far and deep into his bowels. It felt huge, gigantic as it stretched its way in, and in, and in. The object in his rectum filled not only his body but occupied his total consciousness.

The coil of rubber tubing lay cold and heavy with fluid against the back of his thighs.

“Alec, I am going to run a saline solution into you. It contains a mild toxin to kill the pinworms. In order to be effective we run the enema in very slowly. After you has taken the full two liters in this can you must keep it in for twenty minutes. If you do not manage, we start all over again.”

An enema!!….. Alec realized with a start what was going to happen to him. He had never experienced it before but had heard about that notorious treatment. At that moment he became aware of the spreading chill in his lower stomach. Water was running into his bowels. The nurse’s right hand massaged his tummy. Her left hand was manipulating the projecting stem of the spout in his anus. It rubbed an exceptionally sensitive spot deep inside. His limp member stirred.

“That is good. Just relax. It takes about ten minutes for the solution to run in.”

The coldness in his belly spread above his pubic bone. His intestines jarred. He could hear the gurgling of the flowing water in his tummy.

The nurse watched the contents of the enema can. She expected the first sharp cramping in her patient after about half a liter of water had flowed in. She said: “It is going to cramp, but just relax then the cramping will become better and we can continue.”

“Uhhhhh…….I thought you were almost finished,” complained the boy.

“I told you this is going to take long,” the nurse said while her inventive fingers moved the stem of the nozzle. Her right hand moved to the boy’s chest and found his nipples. They were hard and swollen. Pleasure fused through the boy’s body, blending with the discomfort in his guts. The nurse could feel the cold weight gathering in his stomach. She worked the nozzle stem to stimulate his prostate. The giant penis gained a new strong erection. A large drop of clear fluid formed in the eye of his urethra. It drew a gooey silver strand in the air as it dropped to the table.

Half the contents of the enema can had flowed into the boy. “Please I’m bursting!” he exclaimed. Her fingers stroked between his buttocks, soothing him and at the same time causing flashes of pleasure in the area.

“Shhh…..shhhh…….a little while longer…. Good boy, you can take it all….Relax, feel my fingers helping you…” she tried to comfort him. Her fingers kneaded his stomach. His penis throbbed against the back of her hand. His balls were drawn up tightly against the root of his cock. The muscles around his anus were contracting frantically as he fought to stop his body from disgracing him.

The nurse felt her upper thighs slipping against one another. The crotch of her panties was soppy wet.

The cramps in the boy’s belly would build to a crescendo, stopping the flow from the can. The pressure in his intestines took a while to force the liquid beyond the obstructing fold and he would hear and feel the gurgling flow deep inside. For an instant he felt mild relief. Then the discomfort would build to an even higher crescendo. His bladder manifested its overfull state. The straining erection kept the urine in.

The nurse knew the boy’s distress. She knew that every part of him seemed full to bursting point and that it would be hard for him to distinguish flashes of pleasure from the cramping pain. She grabbed the opportunity to explore his body. She weighed his large balls in her hands. One filled her palm. His cock reached from her wrist to the inside of her elbow. It was at least eight and a half inches long and as thick as her forearm. Her fingers could not encircle the large circumference. Her womb contracted passionately, craving to feel the massive stem in her vagina and the large head pressing against her cervix, impaling her body.

The boy’s stomach hung down in a weighty bulge. Its contents sloshed against his diaphragm, impeding his breathing.

“I am drowning!” cried the boy, “You must stop. I cannot hold it in any longer.”

The nurse played the tip of her finger over the eye of his cock. The pleasure that shot up his cock distracted him long enough for the last liquid to drain from the can. The nurse closed the stopcock in the enema tube.

“OK young man, you have taken all the water. Now we must keep it in for twenty minutes. That might be the hardest part. You may now lie down on your stomach. Careful, don’t hurt yourself. We are going to keep the nozzle in your arse so that you can clench around it. That will make it easier to keep the water in.”

The boy moved to lie down, the thick long nozzle in his rear passage hurt somewhere deep inside. The nurse ensured that she trapped his erection between his stomach and the table. He groaned his discomfort. Two liters of poisoned water pounded in his intestine. He cursed the pinworms and hoped that each and every one would drown in the infusion. His senses were drowned in his all consuming urge to empty himself. He was hardly aware of the nurse’s hand under his stomach and her persistent manipulation of the nozzle in his rectum. Her left hand continually worked the stem of the nozzle against his prostate. She slowly pulled the nozzle out, then pushed it back in so that it slid across the boy’s agonized gland.

Sharp contractions gripped his stomach. His bowels twisted and turned. His prostate was trapped under the weight of the water. Strange shooting sensations generated around his anus, shot through his ball sack and traveled between his thighs, thrilled up his spine….

“I am going to…..going to…….please let me go!” the boy pleaded.

“What are you going to do?” the corrupt nurse inquired innocently.

“I’m going to come!”, he groaned.

Pain-joy bolted in his body and struck home…… His thick member pulsed in the nurse’s hand. She felt his hot semen spilling over her skin while his monster spewed its potent load in powerful jet after powerful jet. The strong chlorine like smell of his seed hung heavily in the air.

“Uhhhhhhhhhh……!” the boy verbalized his fierce pleasure, “I cannot help it………Uhhhh,….uhhhhh,…….it feels so good!!” His hips bucked against the table while his hot seed seeped into the towel. After what seemed like an endless climax, his hips came to a slippery stop in the puddle of semen under his distended stomach.

Then the full impact of his brimful bowels hit him. His stomach heaved. Cramps cascaded in his lower belly. His buttocks clamped frantically about the stopper in his backside. It felt enormous between his bottom cheeks, and even so drops of yellowish liquid leaked between his anus ring and the black plug extending from his body.

“I think you’ve had enough,” said the nurse. “I am going to remove the nozzle. You must clamp very tightly. We do not want a mess”. She wrapped a large wad of tissue paper around the nozzle and while she pressed down against his arsehole, she slowly withdrew the nozzle.

He ran for the bathroom, dripping as he went.

Etha quickly cleared the wet towel away and sprayed air freshener to dampen the strong semen aroma that hung in the room. When the boy’s mother entered the room, she was packing her bag. Her own intimate moisture was tickling down the inside of her thighs. A powerful sexual urge, to copulate with this potent virgin boy, flamed in her womb…..She wanted to feel the stretch of that thick stalk filling her cunt and the powerful spurting of his hot seed against her womb.

She said to the boy’s mother: “Alec will have to have a follow up de-worming in a week’s time.”