The Camp Examinations

After the new Administration initiated its’ Special Recreation Camp program for adolescents I applied for and got a job as a Health Facilities Inspector. It was not a demanding job and involved a considerable amount of traveling. I was tasked with ensuring that all the camps adhered to certain medical standards, making out reports and conducting inspections on a random basis. I was allowed certain liberties in how I fulfilled my duties. For instance if certain standards were not being met, I was able to put in requisitions and procure equipment and supplies. The first 6 months I spent as a sort of glorified troubleshooter, sorting out problems, taking care of administrative mishaps and getting things done. Afterwards, the program got on a steady course and I received some of the credit and a raise in status.

After the first year of the program I heard rumors about a special facilities or training camp and made some inquiries. Apparently this camp was devoted to more than the avowed Health and Recreation program. I was getting very curious about this camp when I received an invitation from its’ administrator and camp doctor to make an extensive tour a few days hence. Of course I accepted.

First Day at Camp

As a Health Facilities Inspector, I arrived at the camp in time to meet the camp doctor. Much to my surprise, the camp doctor was a very attractive lady in her early thirties. The camp director told me that they had selected this lady so that the girls would not be intimidated by the medical examinations. For many of the girls, these examinations were their first experience with pelvic, rectal, and genital examinations. For many more it was also their first experience in being given rectal medicine and enemas. Of course, most of the girls had their temperatures taken rectally as children, but generally that had been a long while ago. I was told that a small number of the girls still had their temperatures taken rectally at home but were ashamed to admit it. Therefore it was camp policy to conduct all initial admission examinations in small groups so that each girl could see what was done. That way there would be no teasing in the dorms about who was treated in what manner. All were made to undergo similar treatment and examinations.

I met the doctor in the administrator’s office and we walked across the grounds to the medical building. The girls would be arriving in an hour, and the doctor wanted to make sure that her examining room was ready for the new arrivals.

We entered the camp medical facility and walked into the examination room. It was sparkling clean and equipped with an examination table with the stirrups already in place. The doctor checked to see that she had all of her supplies, which included a set of routine medical tools, a rectal thermometer, speculums, rubber examination gloves, and lubricating lotion and jelly. Hanging in the corner next to the examination table was a red rubber enema bag with a long hose. Attached to the hose was a douche nozzle. I asked the doctor why she used a douche nozzle and she told me that the water flowed in more thoroughly with this type of nozzle. She also opened up a medical cabinet and proudly showed me her range of anal and genital examination instruments. There were literally dozens of different types of enema and douche nozzles. They came in all sizes, from pencil thin to penis thick. Those were her own words which she used to describe them. Actually several vaginal instruments were even larger around. Some were smooth and of a uniform thickness from head to end, others were tapered or were molded with ridges at various intervals along the shaft. Most had an enlarged nozzle head perforated with holes to let liquids flow through. They could all be attached to standard size rubber tubing. Besides this, she also had an extensive array of viscose liquid insertion devices such as squeeze bulbs, plungers and small hand pumps. Personally she preferred using some form of mechanical pressure to irrigate the rectum. In her opinion vaginal douches were best done by using gravity to control the flow of liquid. She also showed me her array of probes, plugs, dildos, vibrators and measuring devices. Once the girls were settled in she conducted regular examinations to obtain further information. Paradoxically these were often of a far more intimate nature but the girls generally gave her less trouble than the first time they were examined. Most of her further exams were done either individually or at most on two patients at a time.

She didn’t have time now to go into all the details, but invited me come back at a later time if I was interested in her work here. I told her that I most certainly was and would be more than willing to take her up on her invitation. I was curious on one point though, and I asked her if she restricted her examinations to females only. She smiled at that and reminded me that this was a girl’s camp. However she continued and explained that no, she did not examine females only. If a male was referred to her by another camp she certainly gave him the same basic treatment. Only the genital examination was dissimilar she explained, and then just in minor obvious ways. She gave the boys an identical anal and breast examination, required that they wear identical medical gowns and underwear, use the same facilities in the same fashion as the girls and so on. She could tell that I was intrigued by all this but she begged my indulgence so that she could begin with today’s new arrivals.

An assistant came in with a tray holding 5 large cups. The camp doctor nodded at her to put it down. She checked all her instruments once again and after her inspection was complete, she looked in her files and made notes that there would be five new campers today. She set up files for these new girls and then laid out examination gowns and panties next to each girl’s file.

Soon, I heard the camp administrator coming toward the medical facility. She was explaining to the girls the procedure that they were about to undergo. Much to my surprise, there was some reluctance expressed by all five of the girls. I was under the impression that all of the girls had been examined internally at least once before their camp experience, and so should be familiar with the procedure. I was told that many of them did not like having their temperatures taken rectally and many of them were reluctant to receive an enema. Surprisingly the doctor told me that of the new arrivals, more than half had never been irrigated internally, neither vaginally nor anally. She thought it to be an important part of personal and sexual hygiene to receive regular enemas and stressed that vigorously at the camp. She made sure that each new arrival was initiated into the procedure and that all of the others were dutifully monitored in their personal hygiene habits. She personally supervised each girl several times during their summer stay, taking the slackers to hand severely. I suppose that the new girls didn’t like being examined in group either but the administrator explained that they had better get used to total nudity and close proximity to their fellow campmates. The door to the medical facility swung open, and soon there were five girls before me, waiting to receive their initial medical examinations.

As freshmen in college, all of the girls were at least 18 years old, and were wearing T-shirts, gym shorts or cut-off shorts. Only one wore a medium length dress. The girls stood before the doctor as she introduced herself and explained a few of the camp rules. The doctor introduced me as an administrator from the federal medical administration and explained that I was there to inspect the procedures.

First she handed each of the girls a large mug of warm tea, slightly sweetened and told them to drink it all. She explained that it was very soothing and would help calm any jittery nerves. Actually, the tea was a very mild enemic and it accelerated urine production as well. Within 30 minutes most of the young ladies would have very full bladders indeed.

Then the doctor handed each girl a gown and told them to undress, removing everything. They were to put on the gowns first and afterwards the panties if they so wished. These were permitted but not required. The doctor explained that during the latter stages of the examination they would be removed anyway. Two of the girls left their underwear off. The camp doctor discretely made a note of their names.

When the girls had donned their examination gowns they were told to lie on their stomach on one of a row of beds against the far wall. I noticed one girl, the one standing at the far end of the line with the dress. She appeared particularly reluctant to undress. As the rest of the girls began to disrobe, this girl was still surveying the room and its sterile furniture. The camp doctor approached her, and after some comforting words the girl, whose name was Jessica, unbuttoned her dress and slowly pulled it over her head. Turning from me, and the rest of the observers, she approached one of the beds and laid her clothes upon its far end. She then reached behind her to remove her bra. I could see her hands trembling as she fumbled with the clasps. As she pulled it from her body, I could see her firm young breasts that were placed so perfectly upon her body. It was obvious that these breasts had not been covered by a bikini, probably she had sunned in a very secluded place, or else made use of sun lamps.

Jessica put the examination gown on very carefully, making sure that it was securely fastened in the back. She then reached inside and grabbing the top of her own panties, started to reluctantly lower them. The camp doctor noticed this and made Jessica take the medical gown off before she was allowed to remove her flesh colored panties. Only after she was standing naked in front of us did the doctor permit her to don the gown. As she was hurriedly putting on her camp panties they fell from her hands to the floor. She bent over to pick them up from the floor and her examination gown opened, exposing her shapely tanned legs all the way to her buttocks. Jessica quickly realized her exposure, immediately stood up, securing the gown, and pulled it taut around her, as low as possible.

Meanwhile, I had watched the other four girls go through the same routine. Now, they lay upon the beds, on their stomachs. One of the girls appeared to be totally comfortable with the situation. Her name was Christine and she lay upon the bed with her legs partially open, the examination gown split above her thighs and falling to the side of her buttocks, exposing them to my view. She had short cut blond hair and I could just make out a hint of light colored pubic hair, peeking out from her partially opened ass crack. A second girl, however, lay upon the bed with her legs closed tightly together and the examination gown overlapping on her thighs. Although she was totally covered, the outline of her buttocks-and her panties-was clearly visible through the gown and she showed signs of shyness. The other two girls were laid upon their beds in ways somewhere between their extreme companions. And then there was Jessica.

The camp doctor approached me and explained that because Jessica appeared so reluctant, she would begin the examination with her to get it over with. She asked me to join her in Jessica’s area of the room. I walked with the camp doctor to “her corner” and took up a spot at the foot of the bed. The camp doctor instructed Jessica to lie on the bed on her stomach so that her temperature could be taken. Jessica exhibited signs of extreme reluctance. The camp doctor helped her onto the bed, and as she kneeled upon it (prior to assuming the final position) the examination gown separated mid-body. I could see her breasts and the outline of her buttocks and pubic hair was pressed tightly against her panties. Jessica quickly lay down upon the bed, making adjustments so as to cover herself. But this was not to last long. The camp doctor rolled a cart toward the bed, on which were several rectal thermometers, a box of latex examination gloves, and a tube of lubricating jelly. The camp doctor told Jessica to raise her hips so that her panties could be removed. After a slight delay, Jessica raised her hips and the camp doctor reached inside the gown, pulling Jessica’s panties down around her legs. Then, the camp doctor separated the examination gown and folded it back above Jessica’s waist. She put on a pair of latex examination gloves and requested Jessica to spread her legs wide.

Looking down at Jessica, the camp doctor noticed that Jessica had not spread her legs sufficiently for the doctor’s access. The camp doctor reached to the inside of Jessica’s thighs and spread her legs several inches wider. Jessica was noticeably uncomfortable being exposed in this manner. The view that I was afforded was very stimulating. I was looking at a young, maturing girl, lying on her stomach with her legs spread. Her buttocks were firm and round and they led to a bush of brown pubic hair. Through the pubic hair, I could vaguely distinguish the entrance to her vagina. It was nice and tight, of a light pinkish color although slightly open toward the bottom. I could only discern her outer lips at the moment and these were slightly protruding and taut. They looked very much like the proverbial slit, not like fully developed sexual organs. Maybe upon stimulation they would fill out and fold open, exposing her interior labia. The doctor noted that Jessica’s pubic hair grew between her inner thighs and around her vaginal labia all the way down to around her anus. Although there were no set rules in camp on body hair, copious growth of underarm, leg and genital hair was frowned upon. Most girls shaved heir underarms and legs as a matter of course. Doctor made it a point to strongly advise upon complete removal and cleaned the girls’ genital and anal regions of hair during the follow-up examinations. She explained this to Jessica, who did not really seem all too eager to have this done to her.

Jessica’s buttocks were rather large and round, but well developed and firm. Nestled between the twin globes I could see her little anus, puckered up tight, pulsing slightly in rhythm to her rapid breathing. The camp doctor told Jessica to try to relax, no part of the examination was painful, she explained, unless the patient tensed up and unconsciously tightened all her orifices. She asked Jessica if her parents had ever taken her temperature anally or given her an enema. Jessica replied she did not remember them ever doing so. The camp doctor replied that it was necessary to proceed at any rate. She did tell the blushing girl to try relaxing her rectal muscles by alternately pushing outwards and then pulling inwards with her anus as if milking a finger. I saw Jessica make an effort, her pink little fanny hole opening a bit and then retracting into itself again.

The camp doctor then applied lubricating jelly to her index finger and, with her other hand, separated Jessica’s buttocks. Immediately, Jessica emitted a moan of displeasure and closed her legs. But, the camp doctor, in her professional way, eased her legs open to their spread position and resumed the procedure. Jessica’s buttocks were spread again and the camp doctor’s index finger applied lubricant to Jessica’s anus. Jessica continued to audibly express her discomfort, but the camp doctor had seen many girls like her before. To try and calm her down before the insertion, the camp doctor massaged Jessica’s rectal region with several fingers. She began with the region outside the darker anal sphincter and teasingly pushed on the region immediately between the lower vaginal opening and the anus. Finally she closed in on Jessica’s little fanny hole, running her slippery finger around the rim and probing gently into her rectal opening. She continued to apply more pressure and began to slowly insert her finger into Jessica’s rectum. She pushed it in a ways, waited and then retracted it again. Again she eased it almost the full length inside, rotating it slowly, and then she slowly withdrew it. She repeated this several times until it appeared that Jessica had accepted her first rectal penetration. I wondered why the camp doctor had so thoroughly lubricated Jessica’s rectum simply to take her temperature. The camp doctor explained that this made it easier to do the pelvic and rectal examinations later. She confided in me that Jessica was most certainly an anal virgin, and had probably never even inserted anything into her asshole during sexplay or solitary masturbation. She had found it to be important that these inexperienced youngsters be gently but firmly initiated into anal penetration, be it of a sexual or medical nature. Girls must usually overcome a greater reluctance to accept rectal probing than boys. Therefore she proceeded with consideration, hoping to allow the girls to indulge in pleasurable feelings during subsequent examinations. If the patients cooperated more willingly, this made things easier on her as well.

As I now looked at these spread legs, with lubricant applied around the anus, I noticed that Jessica was becoming more comfortable with her environment and the impending procedures. The doctor asked if Jessica would prefer being prepared for her rectal examination and temperature taking by having an enlarging anal probe or plug inserted first. She took one from her shelf and showed it to Jessica. The doctor chose a medium sized inflatable rubber plug. It was connected to a squeezable bulb by thin tubing and could be enlarged by pumping. The doctor demonstrated this to Jessica, who immediately realized that the probe would be an even larger object to have inserted into her rectum. She declined the offer and the rectal plug was put away for the time being.

The camp doctor had now lubricated a rectal thermometer and was preparing to insert it. It was much thicker than a normal oral thermometer of course and was slightly curved with a bulging head. She again separated Jessica’s buttocks with her free hand and she slowly inserted the thermometer. Jessica did not like this at all. She tried to roll over but the camp doctor expected this. She merely applied pressure to the small of Jessica’s back and steadied her patient as she resumed her task. Jessica’s buttocks were spread and the thermometer was slowly inserted, some 6 inches deep into her bowels. The camp doctor allowed Jessica’s buttocks to close upon the thermometer, but, she insisted that Jessica remain lying on her stomach with her legs spread. The camp doctor removed the latex examination gloves and we waited for the thermometer to register.

After several minutes, the camp doctor removed the instrument. It slid slowly and smoothly from Jessica’s rectum, and her buttocks seemed to close further shut as the thermometer exited. The camp doctor placed the thermometer on the cart, and with some tissue, she removed the lubricant from Jessica’s genital area. Ever so smoothly, she again parted Jessica’s buttocks and wiped between the cheeks. The camp doctor opened Jessica’s buttocks further so that the lubricant could be wiped from her anus. Jessica had now relaxed, and appeared not to mind as her buttocks were spread and she was wiped clean. The doctor expressed concern that Jessica’s anus would dry up, so she took a small tissue and dipped it in a jar of moisturizing oil. Jessica’s buttocks were pulled open again and the oil drenched tissue was firmly pressed along her ass crack, keeping her asshole moist and lubricated. She was told to raise her fanny into the air so that the doctor could pull her panties back up around Jessica’s waist. The doctor pulled them up as high as she could, compressing the oiled tissue up around the girl’s anus.

After the camp doctor finished, she closed Jessica’s examination gown and assisted her to a sitting position. The camp doctor informed Jessica that her temperature was slightly elevated and that it would be taken again after the enema. Jessica expressed some concern over the need for an enema but the camp doctor insisted upon the procedure. Jessica was then led by the camp doctor to the examination table and told to wait while the other girls got their temperature taken in the same manner.

None of the other girls gave the camp doctor half as much trouble as Jessica had and the temperature taking proceeded smoothly and efficiently. Christine was the last to take place on the bed and had been avidly watching the proceedings. She prominently raised her gown and spread her legs wide as soon as she lay down on her stomach. Without being instructed, Christine raised her buttocks up in the air, presenting them to the camp doctor eagerly. The doctor was both pleased and amused by Christine’s attitude and complimented her on her willingness to comply to the examination. She drew my attention to the state of Christine’s genitals, which were enlarged and pouting, the lips of both inner and outer labia clearly visible. Her young vagina was moist with her sexual secretions and it glistened invitingly under our gaze. I couldn’t quite make out her clitoris from this viewpoint, but I was certain that it was erect and unsheathed, and that Christine was yearning for it to be caressed and handled. Even Christine’s anus was moist and dilated. The camp doctor asked her if it was necessary to lubricate her anus or if she could take the thermometer without any additional preparation. Christine said to forget using the jelly, she would like the instrument inserted without any aids. Doctor agreed to this but first did a manual probing with her index finger to check for any obstructions. Her digit entered Christine easily and she pulled it in and out several times without trouble. Somewhat mischievously the doctor then asked Christine if she would prefer a different sized thermometer. She showed the girl a vaginal model, which is as wide as a normal erect penis and somewhat longer. Just like it’s rectal counterpart it too was curved but did not sport an enlarged tip. Doctor informed the girls that she preferred to use vaginal thermometers on the few occasions she conducted the examinations on boys. Generally they didn’t complain about the size she explained, since they were more used having objects inserted in their bottoms during sexplay or masturbation. This brought forth a load of giggles from all the girls, Jessica included. Christine consented to the larger model and waited impatiently while the doctor washed the vaginal thermometer. When she was finished she decided that Christine was not in an optimal position to receive so large an object in her bottom. She had Christine stand up and approach a wall where several clothes hangers were fixed. Doctor told her to grab the highest two hangers and then to spread her legs open wide.

Se then asked me to stand to the other side of Christine and to help spread her buttocks open. Flattered to be asked to assist and very eager to feel the young girl’s body with my hands I gladly consented. I had to stand very near to Christine to be able to fit both hands around her backside, and I could not help touching other parts of her body. I think she welcomed this because she pressed herself closer to me than was necessary.

As doctor told her to relax her anus, Christine sighed gently and released the tension in her body. While the doctor bore upwards with the thermometer, Christine bent her knees and lowered herself unto it. It took a minimum amount of force to ease it into Christine’s rectum, but once past the sphincter muscles, the thermometer was quickly pushed up to its’ full length. Christine let out a sigh of contentment and twisted her hips ever so slightly. While we waited for the reading to register, Christine seemed oblivious of where she was. She nestled her head on my shoulder and continued to make small movements with her pelvis.

Doctor did not find any of this out of the usual and told me to hold my position. Afterwards she said that a sizable minority of the examined girls showed signs of extreme arousal during certain parts of the initial procedures. Many of those climaxed in the examination room, sometimes very visibly and loudly in view of everyone, without showing any shame or embarrassment, even several times during one session. She said she did not mind in the least and was even prone to encourage it. Most of the times, when she conducted advanced examination sessions, she would include a manually or instrument induced orgasm as a final part of the examination. This was done as an inducement to active and eager participation in the treatments and also to relieve the buildup of bodily and sexual tension. With shy girls such as Jessica, the pleasure and reward of climaxing helped overcome their natural reluctance. She noted that the shy and reluctant ones, often became very cooperative examinees as their stay at the camp went on.

Meanwhile sufficient time had passed for Christine’s temperature to register and the doctor announced that it was time to withdraw the instrument. Christine nodded and tensed her body against me. Once again she bent her knees, this time as Doctor retracted the vaginal thermometer. When it was completely removed, Christine gave a shudder and straightened herself upright. I closed her buttocks and stepped back. Doctor took the reading and then led Christine back to her bed, where she lay down on her back, legs spread open shamelessly. Doctor did not even bother to drape her examination gown over the girl, but left Christine to recompose herself.

None of the girls had taken their eyes off Christine during the past minutes and were all visibly affected. Even Jessica took several deep breaths and closed her eyes for a few seconds. Nobody looked at each other, though I don’t know if it was from shyness at witnessing another girl’s arousal, or because they didn’t want to show their own arousal.

Meanwhile some 30 minutes had passed since the girls had drunk their tea and some were showing signs of discomfort. Doctor knew that they all must be experiencing the need to empty their bladder so she announced that everyone was required to give a urine sample for analysis. She gave each girl a marked 2 liter container and explained how the girls were to proceed.

In the past, there had been several incidents of newly arrived girls either switching urine samples or of one girl providing urine for several others. It was very important that each sample be analyzed correctly, since not only were diabetes and drug use traced via the samples, but also hormonal levels and other important medical indicators. Therefore Doctor would monitor each girl individually as she passed water into the receptacle. An assistant was called in to watch over the girls while the designated girl accompanied doctor and myself to another part of the room. Jessica was allowed to go first again. This time doctor took hold of her hand as she led the girl over to a small table. Before mounting doctor made Jessica lift up the hem of her examination gown. She removed her tightly bunched panties, ignoring the damp patch where oil from the tissue had soaked into the cloth. Then she motioned for Jessica to climb onto the special table.

It was built slightly higher than the normal height and had a small reclining backrest at one end. In front there was a hole some 6 inches in diameter in the table top and two small surfaces placed at an angle in front. These were footrests for the examinee. Doctor took Jessica’s container and fixed it onto clamps that kept it in place directly under the table top opening. A few white hospital towels were placed around the opening to catch any urine spill. Jessica was instructed to sit with her legs open wide so she could direct her urine through the opening into the container underneath. Doctor pulled up her examination gown, exposing all of the girl below her breasts. Jessica wiggled around on the table until she was in a position to doctor’s satisfaction. She was sitting on her haunches, with her back reclining backwards against the support, much like the position taken in an old fashioned French toilet. Jessica’s knees and thighs were spread open wide and pressed up against her chest. In this position her front genitals were clearly displayed and easily inspected. Doctor parted Jessica’s labia and exposed her urethral opening. Not finding anything untoward she reassured Jessica that everything was in order and that now she could let go and pee to her heart’s content. Doctor kept Jessica’s labia open with one hand and when the flow started, used the other to direct the stream of urine by pulling or pushing on the area surrounding the urethra. As expected, some of the urine fell on the towels but most rained down into the container, almost filling it to the brim. This took some time, but as the stream continued, it was clear she was experiencing relief from the pressure on her bladder. When she was finished, the camp doctor instructed Jessica to try to squeeze every last drop out of her body. Doctor advised her to pump in and out with her abdominal muscles. She was rewarded with a few weak but satisfying spurts, most of which landed on the table top or leaked down unto Jessica’s vagina and dripped along her crease and anus.

Before she was allowed to get off the table, doctor took a small cloth and wiped the girls’ genitals clean. Then taking a small daub of liquid soap, she lathered it in her hands and gently rubbed it into Jessica’s outer vagina, cleaning her of all traces of urine. During her urination I had noticed Jessica’s clitoris. It was small and encased in a covering sheath, but it did swell noticeably when doctor either accidentally or purposely brushed against it. While washing Jessica’s sex organs, the camp doctor took more than normal care to lather the erect little pleasure bud and pull back the covering hood. At first Jessica tensed, but then gradually relaxed, spreading her thighs even wider and lifting her bottom up to bring her sexual organs into view. Doctor did not bring her to orgasm then, though I believe she could have had she continued the stimulation longer. The doctor withdrew her hand and had Jessica step off the table. She gave Jessica her lubricant stained panties to put back on and let her lower her examination gown.

Doctor suspected that the other girls were more than eager to take their turn peeing, especially after hearing the tinkling sound of Jessica’s container being filled. Jessica was sent back to her bed and one by one the other girls were allowed to relieve themselves. Everything proceeded without trouble.

After the jars were set away, the camp doctor announced that she would now perform a breast and pelvic examination. Once again she chose Jessica first. We both went over to her bed to lead her to the examination table. Clearly, she was not at all eager to proceed and once again had to be persuaded by the camp doctor. I found this odd, as just a while ago she exhibited signs of pleasure. Later the doctor told me that girls such as Jessica can exhibit rather abrupt mood swings, going from extreme shyness to shameless abandon, if stimulated properly. She took care to proceed carefully with such girls, in order initiate them into camp habits. She tried to gradually break down any barriers they had against group nudity, intimate examinations and sexual activity.

As Jessica rolled over onto her back, and raised her legs to get off the bed, the camp doctor stopped Jessica and told her that she wouldn’t be needing her panties anymore. She raised Jessica’s legs, and as the gown slid to her hips, the doctor pulled the panties down her legs. I was treated to the sight of the light colored pussy hair and the faint outline of her cunt.. She placed her feet on the floor and walks toward the examination table.

The doctor told Jessica to sit on the side of the examination table. Jessica stepped on the stool and sat on the examination table, keeping her legs tightly together and doing her best to pull the gown over her thighs. Then, the doctor approached her and reached behind, loosening the gown’s fastener and permitting the gown to drop to Jessica’s waist. Jessica was told to raise her arms as the camp doctor examined her breasts. They were firm and young. The room was air conditioned so the nipples protruded to their fullest immediately. The camp doctor then placed the stethoscope in her ears and listened to Jessica’s chest. Next she took each breast to hand and felt them in their entirety. The doctor took special care to probe deeply into the flesh. She did this firmly, using one, two or more fingers at a time. She cupped each breast separately and squeezed them all the while looking for any signs of abnormal growth or nodules. Jessica was still young and healthy and nothing out of the ordinary was found. The mammary examination proceeded and the doctor minutely scrutinized Jessica’s nipples. She took each nipple between her thumb and index finger and pulled the nipple away from the young girl’s chest. This smarted and Jessica gasped shortly from the unexpected pain.

The camp doctor took an odd looking instrument to continue the examination. A plastic squeeze bulb was attached via a short tube to a small glass receptacle. From this glass holder another longer pliable tube with a cup shaped end piece was connected. The camp doctor placed the cup over each of Jessica’s breasts and pumped the pear shaped bulb vigorously, creating a vacuum around Jessica’s nipples. The young girls’ eyes widened at the unexpected sensations, but the doctor calmed her saying this was done to see if her breasts were secreting any fluids. If this were the case then the suction would suck the fluids into the container and then they could be analyzed. Nothing however was forthcoming from either breast. With this part of the examination concluded, Jessica was told to lie back on the table.

The camp doctor lowered Jessica’s gown to her knees and removed it, so that she was lying completely naked on the table. This would be the most extensive part of today’s examination and quite likely the most intimate as well. First the camp doctor probed into Jessica’s underarm cavities and slowly worked her way down to her breasts. Then she palpated Jessica’s stomach and abdomen, poking one or several fingers deep into her flesh. She took special care in the lower intestinal region and the area just above the girl’s mons veneris.

Next, the camp doctor moved to the end of the examining table and pulled the stirrups out from the end. She raised them to the optimal height and fixed a pair of restraining straps to each stirrup. Jessica was told to slide down to the end of the table and the camp doctor helped her to do this by grabbing her thighs and “pulling” her to the required point. Then, she took each foot in turn and placed it in the stirrups, closing the straps around Jessica’s ankles. Finally, the camp doctor placed her hands between Jessica’s knees and separated her legs. Jessica raised quite an objection and immediately closed her knees. The camp doctor tried to comfort her, but the crying and the resistance had gone too far. The camp doctor reached below the table for a spreader bar. She attached a cuff to Jessica’s left leg, and then spreading Jessica’s legs apart for the final time, attached another cuff to Jessica’s right leg. The spreader bar was attached to each cuff and did an adequate job of keeping Jessica’s legs apart for the examination. Jessica realized that she had lost all control, and the crying and protesting ceased.

Donning a pair of latex examination gloves, and lubricating her right index finger with KY jelly, the camp doctor lubricated the area around Jessica’s vagina. When a sufficient amount of lubricant was applied, the camp doctor tried to inserted her index finger into Jessica’s vagina. As the finger passed the first knuckle, Jessica tightened and emitted a low moan. The camp doctor withdrew her finger slightly, began to slowly twist it in, and rubbed Jessica’s clit with her free hand. She later told me that this provided stimulation for the patient that took their mind off the insertion. Before long, the camp doctor’s finger was fully inserted and she was performing her digital examination. She then used two fingers and finally was able to enter Jessica’s vaginal opening with three. She pushed them into Jessica, rubbing her inner labia and feeling the texture of the young girl’s sex organ. It was not a very large vagina, but I did notice that it became moist very rapidly. While her fingers were probing Jessica’s inner sexual organs, the doctor pressed down on her abdomen with her free hand. Jessica gasped with surprise when the camp doctor did this and seemed to find this aspect of the vaginal examination very unpleasant. The doctor told the young girl to relax, that three fingers inside of her were not much. Upon completion, the camp doctor removed her fingers and reached for the speculum.

Although she was not a virgin, she told me that Jessica was quite small inside-and probably hadn’t had many (if any) sexual experiences involving penetration. For this reason, she elected to use the small speculum. Jessica again expressed some concern when she realized that the speculum was going to be inserted. The camp doctor used her left hand again to stimulate Jessica’s clit, and she used her right hand to stimulate her vaginal lips. As her cunt began to open, the speculum was inserted. Throughout the insertion of the speculum, the camp doctor maintained her clitoral massage and the stimulation of the area around Jessica’s labia. When the speculum was in place and opened, I could clearly see inside Jessica’s vagina. It was definitely a tight little hole, but also all nice and pink and wet, partially from the jelly and partially from natural secretions due to the doctor’s manual stimulation. The camp doctor peered inside, shining a small penlight into Jessica’s vaginal canal to view for any irregularities. There were none to be found of course and the visual examination concluded, the camp doctor closed and withdrew the speculum, much to Jessica’s relief.

It would be short-lived however since the camp doctor needed to conclude the pelvic examination with a vaginal-rectal examination. She told Jessica that this was to be the next procedure and Jessica began to squirm on the table. The camp doctor figured that if this was going to be a problem, administration of the enema was really going to be difficult. She reached in the drawer below the stirrups and pulled out a finger sized foil-wrapped object. I was told that this was a “downer” suppository that would have the effect of calming the patient. The camp doctor again thoroughly lubricated her right index finger and middle finger. With her middle finger, she began applying lubricant to Jessica’s rectal area, gradually inserting her finger into Jessica’s asshole. Then, she placed the suppository at the entrance to Jessica’s asshole, and in one movement, inserted the suppository and her finger the full length into Jessica’s fanny hole. Jessica let out a scream and began to really squirm on the table. The camp doctor told her to quiet down and steadied her hips’ movement with her free hand. Jessica apparently wanted to expel the suppository from her rectum and began to bear down, trying to push it out. The camp doctor had expected this from previous experience and therefore kept her finger firmly implanted in Jessica’s pulsing anus, holding the rectal suppo in place. The girls’ body heat soon caused the medicine to melt and be absorbed into her bloodstream via the colon wall. She began to rub along Jessica’s pussy lips with her index finger, and before long, it too, was inserted its full length into her small vagina.

As the suppository began to take effect, Jessica relaxed and the camp doctor was able to conduct the examination moving her fingers in and out of Jessica’s vagina and asshole. The doctor used her anally inserted finger as a backstop upon which she examined the texture and build of Jessica’s vaginal lining. The doctor also regularly squeezed both fingers together to gauge the thickness of Jessica’s vaginal muscles and those surrounding her anus and rectum. The doctor paid special attention to the presence of cysts, nodules and of hemorrhoids, but found none. She would be conducting a more exhaustive internal anal examination several days later, but said that she did not really expect to find anything else. She concluded the digital examination and first removed her finger from Jessica’s cunt, then she removed her finger from Jessica’s asshole.

When the camp doctor removed her fingers from Jessica’s twin openings, I could see that Jessica’s pussy lips were somewhat inflamed and the opening to her cunt was quite obvious. Below this, was a well-lubricated asshole. The camp doctor explained that the suppository had taken its effect and the patient was now uninhibited and was subconsciously enjoying the digital stimulation of her genitals. She felt confident that Jessica would not mind the last part of this examination : insertion of a speculum into Jessica’s rectum. The speculum was of a smaller size than those used for the vagina and instead of having only two hinged surfaces it was constructed with three. The camp doctor thoroughly lubricated the rectal speculum and, spreading Jessica’s asscheeks with one hand, firmly but slowly inserted the speculum into Jessica’s asshole. Yes, the suppository was working for there was not one word from Jessica.

The camp doctor removed the plunger, providing both of us with a view inside this young lady’s rectum. She shone her light into the opening and visually examined the fine pinkness of Jessica’s rectum. The doctor informed me that Jessica possessed a healthy and well formed anus and rectum. With proper hygiene and instruction she informed me, Jessica would be able to enjoy this part of her anatomy just as much as her genitals. Satisfied that the visual rectal examination had been performed, she turned off the light and removed the speculum. It slid smoothly from Jessica’s anus, and as it was removed, Jessica’s asshole remained slightly open, another indication that the suppository was having its relaxing effect.

The camp doctor announced that the examination was concluded. Following a cleansing enema and a verification that Jessica’s temperature had been lowered, she was free to enjoy her first week at camp. The camp doctor proceeded to the closet on the wall and removed a rubber enema bag. She filled it with warm water and explained to me that this was not to be a full cleansing enema. Nothing was added to the water the first time, this enema was just meant to be simple rinse and an introduction to the procedure. Because Jessica was reasonably well relaxed due to the suppository, she didn’t notice the camp doctor preparing the enema and hanging the bag next to the examining table. She carefully applied jelly to the colon tube and attached a small sized penetrating nozzle to the end, screwing it on tightly. It was dipped in a jar of lubricating cream. The camp doctor spread Jessica’s asscheeks with her left hand and began to insert the colon tube. Jessica hardly noticed the first few inches of insertion at first, but as the colon tube was inserted to its full 8” length, she let out a moan of slight discomfort. The camp doctor turned on the water, and as Jessica felt the warm water entering her bowels, her discomfort subsided.

Slowly the water left the bag and filled Jessica’s rectum and colon. Occasionally, Jessica would indicate that cramping was occurring. The camp doctor would massage Jessica’s stomach and the cramping would subside. As the water finished draining from the bag, the camp doctor clamped the tube and slowly removed it from Jessica’s asshole. To keep the warm water from leaking or from being prematurely expelled, the doctor took a medium sized rectal plug out of the drawer. This plastic object had a curved, pliable flange at the end and was considerably thicker at the tip than near the flange. This was to keep it in place once inserted into the patient’s anus. Since Jessica’s had shown a reluctance to accept objects into her rectum the camp doctor also took a constraining belt and attached it to the anal plug.

She let Jessica rest a few moments before removing her legs from the stirrups, and helping her to the bathroom. She was allowed to put her gown back on. The camp doctor returned to the examining room, cleaning up after the enema and examination, and preparing for the final check. She explained that the sedative suppository would only last as long as the enema was not expelled, so, when Jessica returned, she would gradually return to her inhibited state.

About this time, Jessica returned to the examining room, her gown fallen down to slightly above her knees and tied securely in the back in two places. The camp doctor told Jessica that she would be examined to insure that her rectum was not blocked and that her temperature would be checked again to insure that the enema had the desired effect. Jessica began to protest, but the camp doctor was successful in quieting her and getting her back on the table. This time Jessica was on her hands and knees with her shoulders on the table and her buttocks raised. To keep her from moving around during the examination, the camp doctor fastened Jessica’s hands with straps to the side of the examination table. Jessica’s eyes followed the doctor closely as she put on a fresh pair of latex gloves. The camp doctor approached Jessica and spread her legs wider at the knees. She then lubricated her right middle finger and placed it between Jessica’s asscheeks. Despite Jessica’s continued protesting, the camp doctor spread Jessica’s asscheeks with her left hand and steadily inserted her finger up the young girl’s anus. Once her finger was fully inserted, she moved it around and in and out until she was satisfied that there were no blockages. She then slowly withdrew her finger and wiped between Jessica’s asscheeks with a tissue.

I hardly noticed that the telephone was ringing, so fascinated had I been by the whole procedure. The camp doctor answered it, and after a few moments, hung up and approached me. She had been called away immediately. She asked me if I would mind concluding the examination, after all, I was a representative of the health department and this wasn’t a full medical procedure. I replied that I wouldn’t mind at all.

The doctor left the examining room and I approached the examining table and one very nervous Jessica. I took another tissue and spreading Jessica’s asscheeks with my left hand, made sure that the lubricant had been thoroughly cleaned away with my right hand. Not wanting to cause Jessica any further discomfort, I advised her that I would again lubricate her rectum before inserting the thermometer. I put on a pair of latex gloves and put a daub of jelly on my finger I placed it upon Jessica’s anus. Very lightly, I pressed against Jessica’s asshole until my finger penetrated it. Then, with a gentle squirming motion, I inserted my finger up to the first knuckle and waited. I could feel her tight sphincter closing around my finger. I continued pushing and gradually inserted my finger in as far as I could manage. To do so I had to raise my middle finger and it rested on the lower part of Jessica’s vagina. Not being able to restrain myself I gently rubbed her outer lips and slid my finger into her little sex organ. She did not complain or pull away. In her rectum, I hooked my index finer and turning it side-to-side, I insured that Jessica’s rectum was thoroughly lubricated before I slowly withdrew my finger.

Jessica had finally become more relaxed and I was able to insert the thermometer with ease. I placed it upon the opening to her asshole and I noticed that Jessica pushed back a little as to expedite its penetration. There was no resistance from her anal muscles and I easily slid the thermometer in place. Then, I stood back to enjoy the view.

Jessica’s gown had slid up on her chest and I could see her firm young breasts rubbing against the padding of the examination table. Her ass was high in the air, her legs spread wide, and the ½ hour or so of sedation and relaxation as well as the genital stimulation has caused her vaginal lips to open slightly. As I walked behind the table to take in the view, I got the best view of all, a raised bottom, an open vagina, and a thermometer in her anus.

Well, now the three minutes were up. I spread Jessica’s asscheeks one final time as I slowly, very slowly, removed the thermometer. I twisted it as it came out and her rectum seemed to miss the presence of the anal intruder as I fully removed it. Wiping the thermometer, and taking the reading, I informed Jessica that her temperature was perfectly normal : 98.60. I loosened the wrist restrainers and told Jessica that I was finished with her examination for the moment. Upon hearing this, Jessica lowered her ass, reached around to cover herself from behind, and got off the table, and very carefully walked to the bed to get dressed.

Soon after this the camp doctor returned and finished examining the other 4 girls.

We both walked to her office afterwards where we had an interesting talk on her policies and goals. She was very convincing with her arguments and continually stressed the health and hygienic aspects of her examinations and procedures. I had certainly spent an interesting afternoon here and was more than pleased when she invited me back to observe her follow-up exams and sessions. We made an appointment for next week. I was looking forward to it, to say the least.

The Follow Up

There were three girls waiting for the follow up examinations in the medical building when the camp doctor and I arrived. I recognized Jessica from my last visit, but when she saw me she blushed and averted her eyes The other two were girls I had not seen the previous week.

We were in a different part of the building now, there were no outside windows and only one door led into the large room. It was an examination room, but more extensively equipped than the one where the admittance exams were conducted. There were several beds, examination tables and chairs, numerous cabinets, rolling trays, a sink and toilet, even a shower stall in one corner. The walls were covered with gleaming white tiles, and overhead there were numerous lights, illuminating the whole room brightly.

The camp doctor told the girls to sit down while she explained what procedures she was going to perform today. Since this was going to be a rather extensive session for each examinee, she would give the other two a questionnaire to fill out in the meantime. She told me it was an abridged version of the standard Kitszler-Altmann sexual profile test, adapted for use with adolescents and youngsters. She instructed each girl to take her time with the questions and to please be truthful with their answers. Jessica was informed that she would be examined first. The other two girls, Kelly and Susan were given pencils and told to start on the test after changing into medical gowns.

The doctor took Jessica to a bed and told her to undress. This time she complied faster but was still somewhat shy and had to be asked to remove her panties. The doctor said that she was not going to receive an examination gown right now, since we would be starting shortly anyway. From now on when undergoing the medical procedures, all the girls would be required to remain naked throughout the examination.

First the camp doctor asked Jessica how she was enjoying her stay at the camp, who her friends and roommates were, what she thought of the activities, and other things of that nature. The talk soon turned to things of a more personal nature and the camp doctor was inquiring about Jessica’s health and hygiene habits. It appeared that she was having some trouble adjusting to the lack of privacy in the bathroom facilities, especially with the open toilet stalls. She hadn’t had a normal bowel movement in several days and was in serious discomfort. The camp doctor made a note of that and promised that she would help Jessica this afternoon. She told me that it coincided with her proposed treatment for today anyway, as all of the girls were due for a full cleaning enema. Jessica would therefore be given an even more effective irrigation than the others.

Next the camp doctor explained that she would start by removing Jessica’s genital hair. She was pleased to see that the girl’s underarms and legs were clean shaven, but said that all the girls at camp were denuded at least once and afterwards encouraged to keep their genitals free of any hair. Then she would be given an enema to relieve her constipation. Afterwards the camp doctor would perform a second genital-rectal examination to measure her and determine the girls’ maximum penetration ability and prescribe the necessary treatment to bring her orifices to standard requirements. When that was finished she would be given a copy of the Kitszler-Altmann test to complete. Afterwards, if they all cooperated in the examination and did not give her any trouble, the camp doctor promised them all a treat.

The doctor ordered Jessica over to the examination table. While she was assuming the position on her back, doctor rolled a cart next to the table. It contained an impressive array of instruments all neatly laid out. Seeing all the ominous looking devices and tubes for use on her intimate parts caused the girl’s eyes to widen with apprehension. Jessica’s legs were lifted into the stirrups, spread open and strapped tight. She was not as reluctant as the first time, but was still not completely at ease. Therefore the doctor once again decided to insert a sedative suppository. She unwrapped a large one and dipped it into a jar of lubricating oil. Opening Jessica’s buttocks the camp doctor quickly slid it up her rectum and kept it in place until it had begun to melt.

The camp doctor took a pair of scissors and cut off a large part of Jessica’s pubic hair. Next she took a tube of depilatory cream and applied a generous amount to the remaining hair around her genitals and anus, spreading it around gently with a plastic spatula. The camp doctor waited some 10 ten minutes for the lotion to dissolve the hair roots, meanwhile busying herself with preparations for the next part of Jessica’s treatment. When enough time had passed, the doctor began to scrape away the cream, leaving a clean bare skin behind. She took care to remove all the lotion and loose hairs without getting any onto Jessica’s sensitive labia. She then carefully wiped the area clean with several tissues and then rinsed it with a wet washcloth several times. There were still a few hairs that had eluded the treatment. These were shaven off with a safety razor.

When she was finished the camp doctor asked me for my honest opinion, didn’t I find Jessica to be a much more alluring and pleasing sight this way ? In truth I thought that she was a most beautiful young girl in any condition, and said so. However, if given a choice I admitted that a clean shaven pubic area presented a much more enticing view.

She rubbed over Jessica’s pubis and vagina and asked her how it felt, if she didn’t find this to be softer and smoother. Even though Jessica was under influence of a sedative, I could sense her embarrassment. She answered something non-committal and closed her eyes. The camp doctor seemed to be amused at her shyness and said that she would come to appreciate the hygienic, esthetic and sexual advantages once she had experienced being clean shaven for a time. Oral sex was especially more pleasurable she was told, but that would be for some later date.

The camp doctor informed me that the same procedure was performed on males, but that is was usually more extensive, as they had to have all their body hair removed, chest, leg and pubic. Generally they resented removal and let it grow back afterwards. Many girls however kept themselves clean shaven and reported that their sexual partners (male or female) appreciated it.

The camp doctor now announced that it was time to start with the enema. This was to be a more thorough treatment than her admittance examination, even more so since Jessica complained of irregularity. The camp doctor started by generously lubricating Jessica’s anus inside and out, and preparing the girl for intrusion by inserting her finger into Jessica’s rectum. The camp doctor then took a 6 inch long test tube shaped glass syringe and filled it with a solution of glycerin and various mineral oils. She inserted the tube into Jessica’s anus and pushed it deep into the girl’s rectum. Then the doctor slowly pressed the plunger in, expelling the viscose solution into Jessica. She was cautioned not to let the glycerin leak out. Then the camp doctor took an old fashioned looking apparatus and placed it on the table next to Jessica. She explained that this was essentially nothing more than an elaborate enema pump. There was a 2 liter large container that had two sets of plastic tubing attached to it. Nozzles of various types and sizes could be connected to one set of tubes, the other set was coupled to either a hand pump or faucet.

It was obvious that this was not a modern medical instrument, but the camp doctor told me that she had found this one to be just as reliable as any other irrigation device, even though it had been manufactured at the turn of the century. I stepped up closer to admire its’ fine craftsmanship. Many parts, including the liquid container, were made of copper and brass, and had been carefully cleaned. There were several small valves, and an intricately designed base plate in industrial Art Nouveau style, all gleaming under the examination lights above. The tubing had been replaced, but apparently the original set of twenty different nozzles was still intact as was the pump. The doctor was rightly proud of this contraption, which would not have been amiss in an Industrial Archaeology museum. She told me that she had several other different types in her collection, all in working order. She would sometimes find old equipment in storage rooms of the older hospitals in the country. She was always on the lookout for such items and kept an eye out during her holidays abroad as well, visiting facilities on so called courtesy calls. She had found the old Iron Curtain countries to be very rewarding areas to find old machines such as she was using today. Hospital directors in those countries were always quite willing to sell their antiquated equipment for hard cash.

Meanwhile, she had not kept still, and was busy preparing Jessica’s enema. The doctor poured a liter of warm water into the container and added several squirts of a mild liquid soap. She stirred the mixture, producing an amount of white suds and afterwards added several drops of glycerin, to strengthen the irritation to Jessica’s bowels when the solution was pumped in. The camp doctor then selected an appropriate sized and shaped nozzle for Jessica and settled for a long, curved, thumb sized model. She plunged the tip into a jar of lubricating jelly and then, rather perversely, I thought, handed it to Jessica to hold until she had readied the pump and made several adjustments to the valves. She later told that she had of course done this on purpose, and that it was meant to help acquaint the more reluctant girls with certain intimate aspects of the examinations. I noticed that Jessica could not help staring at the instrument that would soon be inserted into her anus and up her rectum. Her hands trembled a bit, but the camp doctor explained to me that it could have been from anticipation as well as from apprehension. By their second or third week at camp, many girls became quite eager to be examined, she confided. Even so, I seriously doubted that Jessica was one of those. But I said nothing and did in fact whole heartedly agree that ultimately the girls would benefit from their stay in the camp and from the extensive examinations and treatments.

The camp doctor told Jessica to relax while she slowly slid the anal nozzle up her rectum. When it had entered the whole length, the doctor opened a valve and began to inject the enema liquid by working the hand pump. The flow of the water was regulated to proceed at a slow and steady pace and gradually the whole liter was pumped into Jessica’s bowels. The camp doctor massaged the girl’s abdomen, pressing down on certain spots, or probing with the flat of her palm. She retracted the enema nozzle and fitted Jessica with a strapped on anal plug. Jessica was told that she might experience some intestinal cramping as the active ingredients in the enema started to work. When that happened she was to inform the camp doctor. Meanwhile she was unstrapped from the stirrups and allowed to leave the examination table. The camp doctor told her to lay down on a bed for half an hour. She was placed on her back and two pillows were put under her buttocks to raise them up, allowing the liquid to flow unhindered to the upper reaches of her colon.

The next girl, Kelly, was brought to the examination table and strapped in. She was not shy or embarrassed at all and quickly assumed the spread open position, sliding herself lower to expose her genitals even more prominently. She had kept herself clean shaven for which she was commended by the camp doctor. I admired her young vagina, which was already moist and distended. She was a slim girl, more of a boyish build with small, petite breasts and a narrow pelvis, her buttocks firm but small. The camp doctor proceeded directly by administering an enema in much the same manner as she had with Jessica, but did not use any glycerin or oils beforehand. Kelly was also told to go lay down on a bed until sufficient time had passed. Finally the last girl, Susan was given the same treatment.

I remarked that the camp doctor certainly placed a lot of emphasis on cleanliness through anal irrigation. This prompted her to give a concise but interesting commentary on the history of enemas. As with most medical practices, it was recorded as having been used by many ancient cultures, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans among them. It was in late 18th and 19th century France, however that the practice of giving enemas was widely spread. It was thought to improve the complexion, add vigor to one’s general constitution and to cure impotence. Since the administration of an enema to a male generally causes a very firm erection due to pressure on the prostate gland, it was quite understandable where that last idea came from. In some cases it was applied up to four times a day. Pharmacists trained in giving enemas were called ‘limonadiers des posterieurs’ (this translates into something like : rear-door soda-jerks) and had a wide variety of herbs and syringes the patient could choose from. Besides water and herb enemas, it was also popular to administer coffee and (of course) wine enemas, due to the effects of the caffeine and alcohol content. That this was a widespread practice could also be deduced from the large number of prints and paintings portraying pretty young damsels coquettishly presenting their backside to an older man brandishing an oversized clyster syringe. The not so innocent smile on the young lady’s lips lets us know that she is quite eager to undergo the treatment. It was also quite popular to administer tobacco enemas, smoke taking the place of liquids. Apparently this could bring on a rush, to which many became addicted. In France this was a popular method of reviving fainting women, which may be a reason why so many ladies were prone to swoon in the previous century. (*see notes)

I could not quite conceal my amused incredibility on hearing this, but the camp doctor was dead serious. She asked me if I had ever heard of the somewhat vulgar and out dated expression ‘to blow smoke up a lady’s ass.’ It implied that one had to pay attention to a girl, make her feel important and so on in order to receive sexual privileges. I was vaguely aware of having heard it when I was young, but could not recall any specific instances. The doctor explained that it had fallen into disuse after the Second World War and that originally if referred to the French practice. Of course, smoke enemas were no longer administered, since tobacco was considered to be a health risk. For medicinal purposes she preferred warm water mixed with various compounds : soap, oil, glycerin, salt or laxatives.

While she was giving me this impromptu lecture Kelly and Susan could not help giggling and blushing on hearing about such unusual customs. The camp doctor gave me a look as if to say ‘what can one expect from youngsters ?’

Jessica did not appear to be interested in any of this though. She was experiencing unpleasant abdominal cramps and had pulled her knees up to her chest. The doctor went over to her bed and made Jessica straighten out her legs again. She then massaged her belly, slowly pushing downwards and working in circles until the pain was gone. More than half an hour had passed in the meantime, so the camp doctor removed the anal plug from Jessica’s anus and allowed her to stand up. Jessica was led to the toilet and told that she could let it all go now.

A few minutes later, a much relieved Jessica returned to the examination room. When asked, she replied that she felt much better now. The doctor had her take place on the examination table again and inspected her rectum internally by inserting her index finger. Satisfied that the young girl had emptied herself, the camp doctor quickly gave Jessica a follow-up rinsing enema, which contained nothing but scented water. She was allowed to expel it after a few minutes.

Jessica was strapped in the stirrups again, ready for the final part of today’s examination. Her bare vagina and anus were well lubricated so as to facilitate the insertion of the measuring instruments. The camp doctor decided to begin with her asshole. Laid out on the rolling table next to Jessica were a row of black plastic anal probes, neatly sorted by size. The smallest was not much thicker than the doctor’s finger, while the largest was much wider than the average erect penis. They had all been cleaned for use and daubed with a coat of lubricating jelly, making them glisten in the bright light of the overhead lamps. The camp doctor explained to Jessica that she was going to insert them one by one until she could not accommodate anything larger, or until she could take the largest model. The doctor doubted that Jessica would be able to do so, since Jessica had admitted to never having engaged in anal sex play. This was nothing to be ashamed of, she was reassured, the majority of the girls at camp had to be stretched before they were up to standard. In any case, she was told to relax her anal muscles and try to enjoy the procedure. Since she had just received several enemas and relieved herself, she should be less tight than was normally the case.

The doctor took the first one and quickly slid it into Jessica’s rectum, encountering no problem whatsoever. The next three followed easily, but after that it was more difficult to insert the probes. The doctor had to exert more pressure and work the tip into Jessica’s anus while moving it around and pumping in and out. Jessica clenched her teeth together and closed her eyes, tensing up and making it more unpleasant on herself. The doctor used one hand to stimulate her labia, hoping to calm her down and focus her attention on more pleasurable sensations. This worked to a degree, but Jessica fell far short of accepting the required size. In fact she could not even take half the erect penile girth, which would pose a problem during the sexual activity seminars all camp members were required to attend. Therefore the camp doctor prescribed a semi-permanent anal plug to be worn for a week. Jessica’s dorm superintendent would receive notice and be responsible for the daily insertion and removal. Jessica would be given a pliable rubber probe to wear of progressively larger size. She would not be allowed to remove it unless supervised. By the end of the week, she should be up to size. The camp doctor informed Jessica that this was nothing out of the ordinary. Most new arrivals were fitted with the devices and after some initial discomfort, soon adapted to the feeling and grew used to it. Many even continued to wear the plugs by choice, growing used to the pleasurable sensations caused by the constant friction of the probe in the rectum.

Jessica didn’t greet this prospect with any great enthusiasm but resigned herself to its inevitability. She just nodded and sighed with relief when the probe was finally removed from her bottom.

The camp doctor repeated the procedure, this time inserting the larger probes into her vagina. Jessica did not have an intact hymen, but still claimed to be a virgin. The camp doctor first rubbed her outer lips, gently stroking them until Jessica started lubricating. I could see her clitoris stiffen, but the camp doctor ignored that part of her sex organ for the moment. Even though she professed never to have allowed a boy to actually penetrate her, she could fit all the required sizes in her without much effort. This elicited approval from the camp doctor and the formal conclusion of today’s examination, but for one item.

However, first the camp doctor wished to finish all the girls. So Jessica was released from her straps for the final time today and given a copy of the questionnaire to fill out while the camp doctor attended to the other two girls. By now, I was familiar with the procedures and I gave credit to the camp doctor for her speedy and expert handling of all parts of the examination. Susan and Kelly emptied themselves, were given a follow-up rinsing and measured in quick order. Neither of the girls could take the largest size probe in their anus, but were much further along in terms of accepting large sized objects. The camp doctor only prescribed daily insertions for short periods, since she was sure both girls would easily adapt.

I had been deeply engrossed by the proceedings to say the least. All three girls were quite striking in their own ways, and I truly could not say which I found to be the most appealing. Susan and Kelly were eager and willing to comply with everything the camp doctor ordered. Jessica’s continued reluctance and vestige of embarrassment however, made her more pleasant to observe, in my opinion. I was enthralled when she averted her eyes away from mine whenever I stepped closer to take in some detail of the camp doctor’s examination. She would blush, from her face down to her breasts and at times heave a sigh of helplessness. I never said anything to her directly, but smiled as if to say that I understood her predicament. I really did in a way actually, but at the same time the truth is that I absolutely relished observing her. Up until then I don’t think that I had ever had such a sexually charged experience. I want to be precise about this, because of course I had participated in all kinds of sex play and activity, but as a participant, not as an observer. This was something that went beyond the bounds of watching an x-rated film or peeking in the bushes at a copulating young couple (not that I had ever had much luck). I was almost saturated in sensations and desires of an intense nature. To say that I was sexually excited would be a gross understatement. At the same time though, I could not imagine indulging in any personal gratification in these circumstances. Not because I am shy in a group but because it would have been inappropriate to do so. All of this was officially sanctioned activity and I had every right to be present and observe the proceedings. Still my longing and desire built up the more I observed the intimate probings and examining of these young girls. I kept it under control of course and presented a professional demure, but underneath I was like a cauldron brought to the boil. It was as if I were charging my batteries for some later occasion.

I dare say that the girls were also highly charged by these procedures, but at night they had the company of their roommates and the approval and encouragement of the camp authorities when they engaged in sexual activity. I had to present a professional front to the girls and staff. I really wondered how the camp doctor managed it. After all, she was in even closer contact with the girls, touching, entering and examining them regularly. Did she ever give in and indulge herself ? How did she find satisfaction ? These were just some of the questions that were whirling through my head along with visions of those lovely young ladies I had so intimately viewed.

Speaking of questions, the camp doctor asked for the completed questionnaires to be handed in. All three bought their copy to the camp doctor, who put them away in their individual files for scoring. I was curious about the test and was given a blank copy to look through. There were 500 questions to be answered as either ‘Yes’ or ‘No.’ Here is a sample of some of the more ordinary questions.

Have you ever ………

  1. had an orgasm while petting?

  2. given your partner an orgasm while petting?

  3. given finger scratch marks?

  4. received finger scratch marks?

  5. drawn blood by scratching during sex?

  6. drawn blood by biting during sex? (hickeys do not count as having drawn blood)

  7. given or received scars from scratches or bites made during sex?

  8. performed oral sex?

  9. received oral sex?

  10. swallowed semen, or licked female liquids off of fingers?

  11. done 69 ?

  12. performed mutual masturbation?

  13. had sex? (No need for orgasm; penetration counts.)

  14. had sex on the first date?

  15. had sex with a virgin? (Not yourself.)

  16. had sex with someone whose name you did not know? (and still don’t know)

  17. had sex with someone whose face you never saw? (** see notes)

The test went on in this manner and covered all types of normal and less than normal sexual activity. If this was just an abridged version, I wondered what the full questionnaire was like. The camp doctor suggested that I keep a copy and fill it in myself. She would be happy to score it for me, making some adjustments for my older age. I started to smile at what I thought to be her joke but stopped when I saw she looked dead serious. I wondered what her motives might be and if it would be wise to let her know intimate details of my sex life. Still I was intrigued and was of a mind to take her up on her offer.

Meanwhile the camp doctor had finished her examination of the girls and told Susan and Kelly that they could dress and go back to their activities. She wanted to keep Jessica here so she could take care of one last matter.

The doctor and I sat down on a bed and had Jessica sit on another facing ours. She was still shy at being naked in front of us, even after all the examinations she had been through. I thought it was somewhat touching and endearing, but the camp doctor was of another opinion. She stated that Jessica was by far one of the shyest girls she had ever encountered at the camp. Luckily she was obedient so the camp doctor surmised that her problem was not one of willful obstruction. She said that she would pay extra attention to Jessica’s test and afterwards have her come to the doctor’s office for a more intimate discussion.

Right now however, the camp doctor thought it best to finish today’s session by giving Jessica a therapeutic orgasm. If she wished, the doctor said, Jessica could do it herself either by using her fingers or a vibrating apparatus. On hearing this she blushed so deeply that the camp doctor asked the girl if she did in fact masturbate and know how to use a vibrating device. She didn’t answer the first question but simply said that she would rather not do it herself. The doctor nodded and reminded Jessica that it was acceptable this time, but on other occasions she would be required to participate actively.

She made Jessica lie down on her back and pull her knees up to her chest. Jessica’s genitals and anus were still somewhat moist so the doctor started gently rubbing her outer lips. The doctor told Jessica to close her eyes and relax. The massage continued until the doctor inserted several fingers into the girl’s vagina and spread her labia open. She was breathing more regularly, but faster now, and had started to move her hips up and down in rhythm to the doctors rubbing. The doctor changed position now and sat down next to Jessica on the bed, her hip to the girl’s head. She bent over and spread Jessica’s leg wide open, using her arms to hold Jessica’s thighs in place while caressing her wet little slit.

Shy though she may be, Jessica was clearly sexually aroused and would have no trouble climaxing. In a soft voice the doctor asked me to insert a finger into Jessica’s anus as gently as possible. She had both hands occupied for the moment, and wanted me to verify Jessica’s impending orgasm. I would be able to feel her anal muscles contracting and pulsing around my finger as she climaxed.

Somewhat nervously, but also quite eagerly I pressed my finger up against her pouting asshole. When I had taken Jessica’s temperature the previous time, I had been wearing Latex gloves. Now I felt her bare flesh and the warm slippery wetness that coated her lower regions. She had been thoroughly cleaned inside and out and the mixture of her natural sexual odor and the fresh clean smell of soap was as overpowering as it was delectable. I pushed against her and slid into her rectum. There was no resistance due to the frequent probings and enemas she had endured this afternoon.

When the camp doctor was satisfied that I had inserted my finger as deep as I could, she began to stimulate the area around Jessica’s clitoris. Using her left hand, she placed two fingers, each to one side of Jessica’s clit, and pulled up and outwards, baring the girl’s erect miniature counterpart penis. The doctor lubricated it by spreading fluid from Jessica’s vagina over it. I could feel Jessica clench herself taut around me as the doctor first touched her clitoris. The doctor increased her rubbing, moving to and fro in very small but precise movements across Jessica’s swollen little clit. This continued for some minutes until Jessica began to moan softly. The doctor said she was approaching climax. Jessica lifted her head and groaned, while her body pulsed with the sensations of sexual release. I could feel her anus pulsing rapidly around my finger as if trying to pull it up into her body. She shuddered and fell back, spent and exhausted. The doctor continued a soft massage over Jessica’s vagina, as a sign of tenderness or understanding I suppose, until she decided to let the girl stretch out and recover from her exertions.

I still had my finger up Jessica’s bottom, waiting for instructions from the camp doctor on how to proceed. She smiled at me and took hold of my hand, indicating I was to pull my finger out now. When I had retracted my digit, she took hold of my hand and squeezed it softly, playing with the finger that had just invaded Jessica’s intimate parts. She held on to it longer than necessity dictated, and seemed to relish the mingling of wetness and fluids that covered both our hands. Quickly our fingers intertwined and the doctor gave my hand the briefest of squeezes, then she let go and said a few words to Jessica before going to wash up.

A Short Interlude

The camp doctor was all business afterwards, dismissing Jessica, making notes in the girls’ files. We talked for a few minutes about the procedures but she told me she was running behind schedule and had to be getting on. We left the medical building together, but before I left she asked me if I would be back next week to attend to further sessions with the girls. She did this in a manner that was more of a reminder than of an invitation, as if it were understood and agreed that I would be present from now on. I put on a polite show of consulting my schedule to see if I could ‘fit it in’ but I wasn’t fooling anyone, not least myself. Of course I found ‘a slot’ and we agreed on a time. Did I detect a trace of a smile when we shook hands and parted ? Was she reminding me of my part in helping Jessica achieve orgasm ? Or was it because of this use of phrases with double meanings ? It didn’t matter of course, because she knew I would be coming back. Who could resist it ?

During the next days I mulled over what I had witnessed at the camp. On the surface, there was nothing untoward going on really. The camp doctor was clearly adamant about personal hygiene and went to more trouble than others would to see it applied. It was also to her credit that she took an individual interest in her charges and gave them extensive medical check-ups and examinations. There was really nothing to fault her with on any of these points. Nor had she abused or mistreated her patients in any way, in fact it was my impression that most were very willing participants, even Jessica in her own fashion. After all, she was of age and was not forced to attend the summer Recreation Camps if she did not wish. The camp doctor was also very competent and quite knowledgeable in her field and ran a very well organized medical facility. All of the procedures were standard medical practice, there was nothing new or unheard of taking place here. Maybe it was a bit irregular that I had actually participated in them and lent a hand (so to speak), but I was an inspector after all and had considerable leeway in how I carried out my inspections.

Then there was the camp doctor, the very attractive female camp doctor who could keep her professional poise and cool throughout the most intimate sexual examinations. Had she let me glimpse something of her longing and desire when our hands had met, covered with Jessica’s secretions ? Or was she luring me into something else? I had no way of knowing but I was not going to stay away. I was living alone at the time so there would be no irksome excuses and lying if it turned out that the lovely doctor would be willing to initiate intimacies. This was something I doubted, as a more conventional straightforward course of action would be much less trouble to go to. And besides, I wondered : Why me ? Then again, why not ?

I pondered these and many other thoughts and could come up with no satisfactory answers. Still there was something very intriguing going on in this camp and I wanted to find out what it was.

The Evening Seminar

I arrived at the camp for the third time. It was late Friday afternoon when I met with the camp doctor in her office. She told me that she had had to reschedule today’s examinations for later. “Things had come up” she informed me. If this had been a boy’s camp I might have thought that she was making a little joke, but from my previous experience with the camp doctor, I knew that wasn’t her style.

She inquired if I would be inconvenienced if things were postponed until after the evening meal. It was over by 6:15 and we could start immediately afterwards. If it got late I was always welcome to spend the night at the camp. There was plenty of room for a guest. Of course I accepted, wondering if this had been the doctor’s plan all along. I didn’t mind in any case, I had nothing particularly important or fun to do over the weekend and could just as well spend the time up here, in this splendid wilderness area as in my empty apartment back in the city.

The camp doctor had an assistant accompany me in a leisurely tour of the camp and surroundings. We first visited the sports recreation area, where various groups of girls were engaged in team sports or working out under supervision. We then toured the various buildings such as the library, auditorium, the administration block, and the sleeping quarters. Next we walked around the wilderness preserve for an hour or more, taking in the lake and surroundings, followed by a short look at the limestone bluffs that had been equipped for rock climbing. Several girls were clambering up the rock face, secured by their partners with climbing ropes and carabiners. I admired their skill in negotiating the seemingly sheer wall without slipping, at the same time taking in the contorted positions they had to assume to find a grip. They were all scantily clad and I could not help imagining these same girls laying naked on a bed, assuming the same spread-eagled poses. I had had no idea that rock climbing could be such an inviting spectator’s sport.

Finally it was time for the evening meal, and I joined the camp doctor at her table in the mess hall. We ate our meal engaged in conversation and surrounded by the cheerful commotion caused by the hundred some girls merrily chatting away. After dinner there were other activities, hobby clubs, seminars and classes, even time for reading or letter writing (old fashioned letter writing, no e-mail from this place).

The camp doctor took me to the medical building, where she would give a sexual education seminar. The girls attending were expected in 15 minutes, first having been given time to shower. The doctor explained that there would be 4 girls attending tonight. They would be paired 2 on 2 and instructed in basic sexual education and techniques. Theory would be kept to a minimum, this was to be a practical, “learn by looking and doing” type of seminar. Since there were only girls in attendance tonight the instruction would be confined to female-to-female activity. Males would be present at later seminars, but not initially. There were a number of reasons for this, primarily to gradually initiate the girls into intimate practices with their own sex. It was also felt that they would be less relaxed in mixed company, until they had experienced sex play among themselves. Once they were confident about their bodies and self-image they could begin to explore that of the opposite gender. Females did very well in this manner I was told. They were less reluctant to expose their intimate parts to other girls than to males.

I asked how the boys were handled in the male camps. It was more or less in the same manner, the doctor told me, though males generally were less comfortable about male-to-male experiences. Therefore the sexual education seminars were given to 2 boys at a time only. That way there was no choosing partners and that seemed to work out better initially. Males were also more reluctant to engage in homo-erotic activity than females. She had found it to be preferable to have the supervisors be female in both cases. Only true homosexual males were comfortable with male instructors but as a rule they did not enroll in the camp program in any large numbers.

In any case there would be no male participating tonight. When the girls entered the room I was caught off guard again, though by now I should have known that the camp doctor liked to tease me. Then again maybe she was trying to please me, I have no idea. Anyway I was surprised to see 4 girls I had already observed the previous times. There was Susan, Kelly, Christine and of course bashful Jessica. They all greeted me cordially even Jessica, though I must say they were all a bit nervous and jittery.

We all took a seat and since introductions were unnecessary the camp doctor gave a short résumé of tonight’s program. She would give a short lecture on the build and workings of the female sexual parts. The girls would then be given the opportunity to examine their own and other girls sexual and erogenous zones in close detail. This would be followed by instruction and displays of solitary and mutual masturbation by each of the girls. If time permitted the group would move on to oral sexual activity. The girls would be paired. The camp doctor had chosen two of the more uninhibited girls to team up with two quieter campers. Christine and Susan were to form a couple, Kelly and Jessica the other.

First the girls were told to undress completely. From now on there were no medical gowns worn for purposes of false modesty. All complied quickly, even Jessica. The doctor stated that cleanliness was an absolute requirement when engaging in sexual activity. She assumed that all the girls had relieved themselves before coming here and she said that she would skip administering a cleansing enema because of time constraints. Still she strongly advised both partners to receive vaginal and certainly anal enemas before the start of sex play. If they wished, they could even include it as part of a ritual of foreplay. She was going to consider it taken care of now, but she warned that if any girl was found lacking in hygiene tonight then she would be punished for it. The doctor was also pleased to note that all the girls were still clean shaven. She had each of them come up to her so she could feel their genitals.

The girls had all showered before coming to the seminar, but the camp doctor still wanted each girl to practice using a bidet. There were two bidets in the room and one girl of each couple was to wash her outer sex organs and anus with the other girl in attendance. The doctor and I went along with Jessica and Kelly. The doctor designated Jessica to begin so she bent down and squatted over the bowl, legs spread open, her bare pussy facing the faucet. She adjusted the water to her liking and was then told to wash herself with the soap that was provided. There was no washcloth on hand since the doctor wanted the girls to lather their hands and use them to wash themselves. Jessica took a bar of lemon scented soap and held it under the running water. She lathered her hands liberally and rubbed the sweet smelling soap over her vagina and inner thighs. The doctor instructed her to insert her fingers inside of her and wash her inner labia and the area around her clitoris as well. She said that at times there can be a build-up of secretions under the clitoral hood and that it was preferable that this be washed away before sex. When she was satisfied that Jessica’s genitals were clean and sweet smelling she then made Jessica take care of her anal region. This was done much faster. Still the doctor insisted that the girls push outwards on their anus and wash it vigorously all around. Finally she made Jessica insert a soapy finger into her rectum and slide it in and out several times, thereby effectively cleaning out any residual matter and at the same time preparing her rectum for subsequent insertions.

This done, Jessica was allowed to take the spray nozzle and rinse herself off. The doctor explained at this point that a very pleasurable form of masturbation could be engaged in by directing a spray of water onto the clitoris. Individual tastes differed of course as to the temperature and force of the water, but she urged the girls to experiment later on under the showers with each other. Jessica was allowed a few moments of pleasure this way, the camp doctor directing the spray while Jessica spread her vaginal lips open. She seemed to enjoy this, much to my surprise being less inhibited than I had imagined she would be. When this was finished, she stood up and dried herself with a towel while Kelly took her turn at the bidet.

When the girls had finished the doctor made each of them lie down on an examination table and present themselves for inspection. Spreading their legs the doctor rubbed her hand over their outer organs and afterwards checked it for any unpleasant odors. The girls had done their work well. The doctor presented her hand to me also, but there was nothing I could discern except for the smell of lemon soap.

After inspecting the girl’s vaginas, she also inserted her finger up their bottoms without the benefit of lubricating cream. In this manner she checked if the girls had properly coated their fingers with soap and stuck them in far enough and if they were empty and clean on the inside. She invited me to check-up on Kelly, so I dutifully and none too reluctantly slid my finger up her fanny hole. It went in without any trouble. I felt around inside of her, but found no blockages or such. She was as clean as the proverbial whistle.

This done, the girls each received a small hand mirror and were told to sit on the rug in the center of the room. The camp doctor instructed the girls to place their mirrors so that they could study the reflection of their own genitals. This caused some squirming around and movement until each girl had found a position to their liking. They were then told to look at the build, make-up, texture and other attributes of the sex organs. Touching was encouraged, they were told to open the lips of their vagina, inner and outer, feel around inside of themselves, stroke, squeeze, probe, pinch and pull wherever they wanted. If so inclined, they were permitted to include the anal region in their explorations, as well as the urethra and clitoris. In short, they were to get a good look at their own sex organs.

Now of course this was not the first time any of the girls had examined themselves, even Jessica had admitted to examining her genitalia on previous occasions, the doctor told me. I made a polite noise indicating puzzlement at how she had obtained that information. She informed me there was a rather exhaustive section in the Kitzsler-Altmann questionnaire on masturbation and self-stimulation.

While the girls were engrossed in their viewing, the camp doctor prepared a little kit that was handed to each of the girls for use in the subsequent stages of the seminar. Each kit contained various instruments that the girls could use in examining and stimulating their genitals. There was the usual type of dildo/vibrator in smooth plastic that, in the doctor’s opinion, should be a standard item in every person’s inventory of hygienic effects. I was wondering if she was using the word ‘person’ in a politically correct manner, meaning instead ‘females’, but no she elaborated, in her opinion it was an essential hygienic and personal tool for both genders. Of course it was no mystery to me what a sexually excited male would use a dildo for, but Jessica’s puzzled expression caused two of the other girls to have a giggling fit. The camp doctor explained that Jessica should think about what uses a male could put that type of object to, but not to worry unduly if she came to no clear conclusions, all would be explained and maybe even demonstrated during later seminars. This remark piqued my interest, as I had still not observed any male at the camp. But the camp doctor did not elaborate.

Aside from the inevitable dildo, there was also a small sized plastic speculum, a smaller sized anal probe, a tube of lubricant, various attachments for the dildo and a tube of toothpaste. This really did puzzle me, the more so as there was no toothbrush included. I wondered whatever the camp doctor had included that item for, was she trying to introduce dental care into this engrossing seminar ? She noticed my scrutiny from afar of the tubes of toothpaste but she only smiled enigmatically and continued about her preparations.

She was now satisfied that all the girls had sufficiently examined their own genitals so they were instructed to do the same to their partners sex organs. There was a lot of moving around again until the girls had positioned themselves in satisfactory positions. The examinee could assume a more comfortable position since they had no need to participate in the viewing. They lay upon their backs, legs spread wide open and knees drawn up. The girls were again instructed to closely examine their partners genitals and to note the differences and similarities between their own.

Soon the girls became engrossed in their explorations, much as the camp doctor had hoped they would. After exhausting the digital possibilities the camp doctor invited the girls to use the various instruments that were provided in the kits. She recommended using the speculum first so as to get a better idea of the build and make-up of the inner vagina. As a rule, most girls go for the dildo first she explained to me, but she liked to encourage using the other instruments first.

I went to observe how Kelly and Jessica were progressing. Kelly lay on her back in the proscribed position and Jessica had just lubricated the speculum. Her hands were trembling and she was taking rather rapid breaths. Clearly shy little Jessica had become quite aroused this evening. I did not notice any of her usual attempts to conceal her intimate parts either. Indeed, from my viewpoint I had a very alluring view of her as well as of Kelly.

When Jessica was ready she delicately parted Kelly’s labia and slowly slid the speculum into her vagina. The instrument had been liberally coated with jelly, a hardly necessary measure, since Kelly’s sex organ was wet with natural secretions. Clearly the girls were both highly aroused. Once in position, Jessica opened the prongs of the intruding speculum and Kelly’s vagina was opened to view, it’s pink interior glistening with moisture.

Jessica took her time looking and almost reluctantly it seemed to me, retracted the instrument. I could see her trembling as she cleaned the speculum and put it back in the box. She then took the dildo and inserted it into her partner’s opening, sliding it in and out, turning it about or pushing it to the left or right.

After the vaginal explorations, the girls were instructed to examine their partner’s anal region and to generally repeat the same procedure. This took some time, and when the girls had completed their inspection they were ordered to change positions and the whole procedure was repeated.

The camp doctor had alternated her attention between the two groups, joining first one then the other, all the while pointing out various details, offering suggestions and advice and generally encouraging the girls to forego any false modesty. I think she need not have been too concerned on the last account, as to my observations all of the girls were sexually charged and on the brink of orgasm throughout most of the proceedings. The camp doctor had not expressly prohibited the girls from climaxing, something she knew many of the girls would not be able to completely control in any case, but she did encourage them to hold back if possible, or if that failed to try and mask their orgasms. I did not observe any unmistakable signs of sexual release in the girls, but I think that Kelly passed over the brink at least once, shuddering with her eyes closed and toes curled up. However, she did not make any noise at all or move about so I could have been mistaken.

Satisfied that the girls had just about exhausted the possibilities of mutual exploration, the camp doctor instructed the girls to each take up an individual position. She expressed her satisfaction and said that since the proceedings had taken longer than she had allowed for, it was now time to conclude this evening’s seminar. Smiling, she said that apparently none of the girls had made any use of the toothpaste in the kit. I too had been curious what she intended it for and was eager to hear her use for it.

It was now time to conclude the evening she explained, but first all of them would be allowed or required to orgasm, whichever was the case. I think this was one of her attempts at humor, since as a requirement, climaxing was not an overly unpleasant task.

It was the camp doctor’s intention of having the girls try out a novel aide to sexual pleasure that is readily available in all households : mint flavored toothpaste. I think all of us were wondering if the doctor wasn’t confusing the dental care seminar with tonight’s’ sexual techniques lessons, but that was hardly the case. She instructed the girls to put a daub of it into their mouths and to mix it generously with their saliva. She reminded them that saliva, being one of the body’s natural secretions, was very useful in providing lubrication for the sex organs during masturbation. Males especially can benefit from it, as their sex organs provide less natural lubrication than those of females. Still, she wanted to demonstrate a very pleasurable method of adding extra stimulation for both genders.

The doctor told them to generously apply saliva to their genitals, especially the clitoral region. I heard a few of the girls gasp when the mint-flavored mixture unexpectedly stimulated their exposed sex organs. Just as described in commercials, the feelings were both refreshing and titillating, she needlessly explained. Applied to the moist, sexually excitable areas of the genitals, the mint flavor provided extra sensations that were novel and pleasurable to the girls. They were encouraged to use several applications of their flavored saliva, continuously adding toothpaste as needed.

Finally to conclude the seminar, the girls were instructed to continue their masturbation until orgasm. She gave them ten minutes until the close of the evening, during which time they were permitted to climax as often as they wished or could, whatever the case. The girls needed very little urging and were soon busily engrossed in manipulating their genitals and riding waves of sexual exhilaration provided for by their own ministrations. All climaxed at least once before the end of the proscribed period, Kelly I am sure managed at least three orgasms.

Satisfied that all had gone well, the camp doctor ordered the girls to clean up a bit and make themselves presentable before returning to their dormitories. Once back in their own dorms, they were told to wash thoroughly and shower before bedding down for the night.

The camp doctor was discussing various details of the girls’ performance tonight with me, as one by one the girls passed by to bid us good night. They all had an exhilarated look on their faces and appeared quite lively and refreshed. When Jessica came by, the camp doctor asked her to wait with us until all of the other girls had left. I wondered what the camp doctor had in store for Jessica after tonight’s work-out.

I had sometimes half wondered if the camp doctor held a measure of resentment against shy girls like Jessica, but I needn’t have worried. As odd as it may seem, she truly did care about her charges and tried very hard in her way to instruct them in methods of sexual gratification. If she placed more of an emphasis on technique and less on inter personal interaction, that can be attributed to her profession and chosen calling. Sometimes, it did make her seem to be a trifle distant, or cold even, but that was totally unintentional. At least that is my opinion of her.

Whatever her motives, I had no cause to be concerned about her intentions towards Jessica. She praised her in particular to the progress she had made in overcoming her natural shyness and misplaced prudery. We even all had a good chuckle about her first day in camp, when I had been a party to her admittance examination and enema. But, true to her inclination, the camp doctor urged Jessica to keep up the good work and not to let up on her striving to excellence. Jessica promised to do her best during the rest of her stay at the camp.

Before sending Jessica on her way, the doctor asked her how her anal widening was progressing. Of course she did not doubt that the dorm supervisor was doing her job as instructed, still she wanted to hear Jessica’s opinion of her progress.

Jessica told us that she had still not managed to accept the standard erect penile size yet, but was dutifully wearing her anal dildo every night.

The camp doctor suggested that perhaps I might be willing to fit Jessica with her device tonight. It would be silly to pretend that I was other than thrilled at the idea. I agreed wholeheartedly and even Jessica did not show any concern that I do her the honors. Of course I had seen just about all of her anatomy that it was possible to see, indeed I doubt that normal lovers are so acquainted with each others bodies as I was with hers. Still, for all my gazing and admiring we had not yet shared intimacies of any kind except for visual ones. So I was particularly pleased that she accepted me as part of the normal procedures at the camp.

Since the doctor did not have the proper probes with her, it was decided that we would all go to the medical building where Jessica could be fitted in the examination room.

We stepped out onto the camp grounds and I for one was surprised that night had already fallen. The seminar had taken far longer than I had imagined, for by now the sky was painted with myriad’s of bright stars, shimmering in the warm summer heat. The sounds of crickets and insects were everywhere, and brought about a restful, easy mood. I thought back on all the summer nights I had stayed out after dark, and truthfully I experienced the same comforting feelings as when I was young. I was among friends, the night was warm, enticing and still young. And we were going to have a lot of fun doing things we probably shouldn’t be doing.

Jessica Gets Tucked In

The camp doctor took out her keys and unlocked the door to the medical building. She turned on the lights in the corridor so that we could find our way into the examination room. Once we were in the room, the doctor turned out the lights in the corridor behind us.

It was an eerie feeling, just the three of us alone in a building that normally was bustling with activity. There were no attendants or campers come to receive medical attention, no new girls being admitted to the camp. The room was quiet and hushed, but also warm and inviting. I felt a faint thrill of anticipation.

The doctor went to a cabinet and opened the door. She choose a flat box and then indicated that Jessica go over to the nearest examining table. Inside the box was a set of anal dildos complete with strap-on belt. They were all rather large sized, made in black pliable plastic. She asked me to choose one for Jessica, I was to use my own judgment in picking the size she would be wearing through the night. Much as I relished doing the honors so to speak, I really didn’t know what was expected of me. I certainly didn’t want to cause young Jessica any undue discomfort or pain by inserting too large a model, but on the other hand I guessed that I wouldn’t be doing her any favor by making her wear something she could already easily accommodate. I pondered the situation a bit, wondering what the camp doctor expected me to do.

I finally decided upon a method of choosing the correct size. I inquired if it was acceptable that I quickly verify Jessica’s stretching to date, since I had not been present at any of her examinations for about a week. The doctor nodded so I asked Jessica to bend over forward on the table and lay her head down flat. When she was ready I lowered her shorts and panties and parted her buttocks so I could have a clear view of her anal region. I know that it was only a short while before that I had been able to gaze upon these very same sights, but still I was thrilled and excited.

Holding her behind open with one pair of fingers, I softly pressed down upon the pulsing little star of her anal sphincter. I had been inside of this same girl before, in just about the same manner, but tonight it was difficult to pretend I was attending a medical procedure. There was something about the atmosphere, the hushed silence and lazy warmth of a darkened building in the summertime, that sent a vaguely disquieting but delicious thrill through my body. I was aware of Jessica’s body, the odor of a freshly washed but recently sexually active young female, her soft and taut flesh, and her effortless compliance. Was this the girl who several weeks ago had barely managed to undress without bursting into tears ?

Almost lost in thought and anticipation, I felt her little rosebud, prodded around the edges and pushed inwards to gauge her resistance. She opened up without much difficulty and my finger slid inside. Gently I probed with a second expecting Jessica to tense her anal muscles and resist the new arrival. However instead of pulling away, she pushed her rear end outwards, aiding me in sticking a second finger into her rectum.

There seemed to be ample room inside at least, and allowing for the slack tension of her anus I decided to use the second largest anal probe, the one just under average erect penis size. I asked Jessica if she had already worn that size at night and she replied that she had not, but was willing to do so.

I took the appropriate dildo and attached it to the snap-on connection of the belt. At the doctor’s recommendation I lightly lubricated the plastic shaft and added some mildly laxative mineral oil to the gel. It would not work immediately in such a small concentration the doctor told me, but by morning it would certainly aid Jessica in getting a ‘good start’ for the day.

To be continued in another lifetime………

Notes : This story was inspired by another shorter story written by Playdoc. The initial entrance exam part is a revised and modified rendering of his very enticing and alluring story. The subsequent parts are wholly my own but are obviously inspired by the original story.

*The camp doctor’s little lecture on enemas is historically correct. For more information see ‘The Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices’ by Brenda Love (Abacus Press)

I first heard the term ‘To blow smoke up a lady’s ass’ from my father. He probably picked it up before the war (WW II) in some southern port or from home. He used it to mean that one should unashamedly flatter a lady and play to her vanity if one wanted to get into her pants. Usually it was used as this : ‘Blow some smoke up her ass, make her feel important.” I always considered it to be a rather curious, vulgar and old-fashioned, but still a somewhat funny phrase until I read about the 19th century French practice of giving tobacco enemas to fainting women. Then I understood where it came from, though I doubt if my father ever did (or cared).

Is it any wonder that the French were considered to be practitioners of filthy habits ?

** These questions are taken for the ‘Purity Test’ that has been posted so often in the newsgroups. If you ever have the occasion, I recommend you fill in the questions and score your ratings. Loads of fun.