The Catheter

The first time I got a catheter was in a medical setting, but it turned out to be an incredibly erotic experience for me. I had been having some urinary tract problems, so I went to see a local urologist. I was led into the examination room and told to remove all my clothes and put on the famous backless hospital gown.

My eyes popped open when into the room walked the doctor’s assistant - a rather attractive female. She very nonchalantly told me that she did the initial history and physical exam on all the doctor’s patients before he saw them. I had never been examined by a female before - I realized I would soon be seeing just how the girls feel with a male gynecologist giving them a thorough going over. She took a few notes as she wrote down the pertinent facts of my medical history, and then instructed me to remove my gown for the examination. I did, and sat on the examination table as she checked my ears, listened to my chest, etc., etc.

After probing my abdomen, she had me stand, and very closely examined my penis and scrotum, feeling for masses or anything else abnormal. I was trying my best not to get hard, but wasn’t doing very well. I apologized for my rising erection, and she said not to worry because it happens all the time. She did the familiar “lift your head and cough” hernia check familiar to most males, then turned and slipped on some gloves. Obviously, you don’t get out of anything with a urology exam. I was instructed to bend over the table, spread my legs a couple feet apart, and turn my feet inward. She went right to work and shoved her gloved finger right up my ass, moving it around and around. It felt very pleasant as she moved her finger around my prostate gland, and I must have let out a little moan.

She asked me if what she was doing to me felt good, and I sheepishly admitted that it did. Of course my still rising erection confirmed that too. She pulled her finger out, then immediately started back in with two fingers. My asshole was really being stretched, but it didn’t hurt. She went straight to my prostate gland and started massaging it. I groaned with pleasure, and she smiled and continued working on me. My cock was now at full attention, but with the sensations I was feeling, I didn’t care. Suddenly, I started feeling that familiar feeling that occurs when you know you’re going to be cumming soon. I stammered out that I thought I was getting close to cumming. She said not to worry, and handed me a specimen cup to catch my load in.

She worked her fingers in and out, round and round, and with aloud groan, I tightened and shot my load into the cup. She removed her fingers, took the glove off, and smiled. She asked me if I enjoyed that, and I admitted I did. She said that many male patients enjoyed providing semen samples from that method of stimulation instead of the usual method of masturbation. She said that many men couldn’t provide a sample by masturbating in a doctor’s office, but that this method almost always gave a good result. I agreed.

She said there was one more thing she needed to do, and that was to obtain a sterile urine specimen from me. To do this, she said she would need to put a catheter in through my penis and into my bladder. I told her that sounded really scary, not to mention painful, but she replied that it wouldn’t be all that bad, and that she would be as gentle as possible.

I laid back on the table, cock still dripping some cum after my prostate massage. She put on some sterile gloves and washed my whole crotch with some warm soapy solution. That felt real nice. Then she put some more solution on my penis that she said kept it sterile. She then showed me the catheter. It was a rubber tube about 12” long and maybe 3/16” in diameter.

My eyes widened - I couldn’t believe it could go inside me through that little hole in my penis. She said not to worry, that it would go with no problem. She lubricated the tip of the catheter, and placed it at the tip of my penis. Very slowly, she pushed the tip of the catheter in me. I immediately felt a burning sensation in my penis, not a pleasant feeling at all. She continued pushing the catheter in, and I felt like my whole cock was on fire. I told her it hurt, but she said to be still and she would be finished shortly. Then the catheter started threading through my bladder sphincters and prostate. I had this incredible urge to pee, but felt like a couldn’t. At the same time, it felt like I was getting another prostate massage, only this time it was coming from the inside of me.

I gasped and groaned from the feeling, and suddenly felt my bladder shrinking as the urine poured out of me through the catheter. She then asked me how I was feeling. I told her that it hurt like hell with the catheter going in, but felt incredible when it got to my bladder and prostate. She grinned, and started working the catheter in and out, maybe and inch each way. I squirmed and groaned as she grinned seeing the look of combined pain and pleasure on my face. I couldn’t decide if I wanted her to stop or keep going. Suddenly, she just pulled on the catheter and it came out quickly.

I let out a loud groan, then a deep sigh. She smiled and left the room. It took a couple of minutes for me to regain my composure, and I realized I had better put my gown back on before the doctor came in. It was one of the most erotic experiences I have ever had, with an incredible combination of pain mixed with pleasure.