The Checkup

Gary was in a foul mood when he arrived at the Dr.’s office. When he approached the receptionist’s counter, he was instructed to sign in and take a seat. “Dr. Bloomington is running late today. Have a seat. He’ll get to you when he can,” the receptionist said.

“Oh, great,” Gary murmured as he did as he was told. The receptionist must have been at least 70, or so Gary thought. “You’d think in an office like this, they’d hire the kind of women you don’t mind having to sit and look at for an hour,” he thought to himself as he picked through the available magazines.

Family Circle. Woman’s Day. “I must be in the wrong office,” Gary muttered. Just as he was settling in with the only copy of Sports Illustrated, Gary’s name was called.

“Gary Jones, the doctor will see you now,” came out loud and clear over the intercom.

Gary sauntered up to the counter where he was greeted by Dr. Bloomington’s nurse, Maggie. “Did you bring a sample for us today?” she asked, before realizing that she’d fail to shut off the intercom.

Gary’s face turned beet red. “It’s bad enough that you share a waiting room with two gynecologists and a dentist. You really don’t need to announce to the world who I am and what I was supposed to bring,” Gary barked.

“Now have a sense of humor, Gary,” Maggie purred. “Did you bring a semen sample or not?”

“No. I didn’t have time,” Gary answered.

Maggie’s baby blue eyes lit up. “Gee, Gary, that’s too bad. We are a bit rushed today, but we’ll find you some time,” she said with more than just a hint of a grin. “Just follow me.”

Maggie let him down a long hallway past the examining rooms. They turned a corner, and walked to the end of the corridor. She opened the door and ushered Gary in.

“Looks like an old coat closet,” Gary said unbelievingly as Maggie handed him a cup.”

“Oh, it is,” Maggie responded. “There’s a stool for you to sit on and a few magazines. Just fill this little cup up and let me know when you’re ready.”

She closed the door and Gary could hear her footsteps as she hurried back down the hall.

Before preparing to do his little job, Gary turned toward the door to lock it. The doorknob was the same one that was on the door when it was used as a closet, and had no lock. Since there wasn’t a latch hook either, Gary positioned his stool in front of the door and turned his back to it. He unhooked his belt and lowered his slacks to the floor.

“If I’d known the humiliation I’d be forced to endure, I’d have given up sex rather than have the vasectomy,” Gary said aloud.

He sat down on the stool, a magazine in one hand and his limp cock in the other. He began reading a tale from the “Forum”, stroking his cock gently, when he heard a tap on the door.

“Yes,” he called out.

“Could you hurry up in there, we have a few more guys behind you,” Maggie called out loud enough to be heard back in the waiting room.

“Trust me, I won’t drag this out any longer than I have to,” Gary retorted. His previously semi-hard cock drooped back down and Gary selected a new story…..

“Hey, come on in there…. we don’t have all day,” he heard from outside the door. He could hear Maggie giggling as walked away.

“This is impossible,” Gary thought as once again he tried to concentrate on the task at hand.

“Do you need some help?” It had been less than 2 minutes and there was Maggie again.

“Yeah, actually I do,” Gary answered, hoping to run Maggie off. But Maggie wasn’t planning on running. She pushed open the door and peered over his shoulder.

“You didn’t say anything about swelling,” Maggie said as she inspected Gary’s handful. “Oh, I see,” she said just moments later. “The swelling is going down already.” Gary turned to look her in the eyes and was shocked into the realization that she was REALLY enjoying teasing him.

“Just let me slip in here, Gary. I know how to get this done,” Maggie said as she slipped past and leaned over him to pull the door shut.

Maggie got on her knees and pulled a bottle of oil from the pocket in her uniform. “Hold this, will ya?” she said as she handed it over began unbuttoning the starched white dress.

Gary couldn’t believe his eyes…..

Maggie unhooked the front closure of her bra and her breasts, the size of cantaloupes tumbled out. Her skin was creamy white and the brown nipples stood out against their background.

“Would you mind rubbing a little of that lotion on these? I have to keep my hands clean,” Maggie said as she smiled up at him. “Oh, I see we’re having some effect already.”

Gary rubbed a little lotion on his hands. Maggie sensed that she’d have to help him out with this too, and guided his hands to her breasts. The warmth and softness of her flesh surprised Gary. “That’ll be enough,” Maggie said and he reluctantly removed his hands from her skin.

Maggie leaned forward until Gary’s swollen cock was positioned right between her breasts. She placed his hands on either side of her breasts and instructed him to squeeze her breasts together as she held the cup below them…..

She moved back and forth rhythmically breast fucking him….. until Gary moaned and released her breasts…. the cup filled up too quickly. Maggie wasn’t slow to make sure the room was going to be left tidy, as she dipped her head down and caught the rest of his cum between her lips.

“See, that wasn’t so hard,” she said as she buttoned up to leave him.

Just before the door clicked shut behind her, Gary heard a giggle and, “By the way, Dr. Bloomington was called to the hospital for an emergency. You’ll need to reschedule your appointment.”