The Clinic of Dr. Sterns

By Anonymous

His nervousness seemed to rise as rapidly as the elevator rushing them towards the top of the immense high rise building. The woman, known to him only as Kasha, gave him a reassuring smile and pat on the hand.

“Don’t worry my pet, I’m sure you’ll do fine, the staff here is renowned for their expertise in these matters,” She said to emphasize her soothing actions.

Kasha exuded an aura of quiet calm as she leaned casually against the wall of the ascending car, her words and gestures helping to settle his nerves. Finally, a soft chime indicated that they had reached their destination.

The door slid open silently and revealed the large waiting room of the private medical office. Kasha stepped from the car and began to walk to the reception desk, knowing full well that he would follow silently along behind her. She could almost feel the intensity of his gaze as his downcast eyes remained riveted to her beautiful ass, a sight she knew would lead him inexorably, wherever she chose. The tight fitting spandex mini-dress and tall stiletto heels she wore made sure of that by sculpting her bottom into an irresistible magnet for one such as he.

She stopped at the counter and smiled down at the pretty receptionist stationed there.

“Good morning, we’re here for our appointment with Dr. Stern.”

The pretty young girl returned the smile, glanced down at her schedule book, and replied.

“Good morning, Mistress Kasha, we’ve been expecting you. The doctor has you booked in for the standard slave exam and will be with you shortly. In the meantime my name is Alex, and with your permission, I need to get our patient ready,” she said cheerily.

“By all means, Alex,” replied Kasha.

Both women turned their gazes to ‘the patient’, and were equally delighted by the red, embarrassed flush that began to cover his face.

Alex rose from behind the desk, then walked around it while beckoning the patient to follow her. She led him to an open alcove adjacent to her workstation, then slid back a wardrobe door recessed into the wall.

“Please disrobe, and deposit your clothes in here, you won’t be needing them for the rest of your stay,” she said.

He was momentarily stunned by the casual command. To expose himself in such a public space before this complete stranger seemed a very daunting task, one with which he hesitated to comply. Alex quickly overrode his embarrassed hesitation by saying sharply, “Do it now,” with a surprisingly steely content to her otherwise innocent voice. Immediately he responded to that tone, quickly shedding his clothes, then depositing them in the wardrobe. As he bent over to remove his shorts, Alex pulled open an adjacent drawer and began to remove two sets of restraint cuffs.

He could feel his cock beginning to rise as he deposited the last of his clothing into the wardrobe, then turned to face her. Alex smiled sweetly at the sight of his stiffening rod, advancing with predatory grace towards his waiting body, a sly smile on her face as she brandished the cuffs.

First, she knelt down and attached a set around his ankles. Alex glanced up at his hardening cock, then slowly rose to fix the other set of cuffs around his wrists. She made sure to let the stiff rod ride between her firm tits as she straightened to complete her task.

“Hands behind your back please,” she said sweetly.

He quickly complied and his downcast vision filled with the sight of her delicate cleavage as she pressed close to him, then reached around and locked the cuffs together. Alex lingered for a moment, pressing and rubbing her mound against his steely cock before returning to the open drawer for the last piece of equipment.

She returned to him wearing an even broader smile, carrying another cuff which had a long lead attached to it. He trembled slightly as her hand reached out to expertly encircle and capture his throbbing balls. She squeezed them gently as she knelt, silently urging him to stand still as she applied the training cuff. She quickly had him encircled with the cuff, lacing it around behind his scrotum then over his cock, capturing his entire sex in her noose. Finally she tightened the wide strap, firmly enough to cause a drop of prelube to appear at the tip of his engorged member.

Alex sighed contentedly as she rose from her task, letting her hand cup his captive and throbbing balls. The strap around his scrotum presented the swollen beauties nicely, forcing them to stand out hard and firm. She noted with approval that his scrotum was absolutely hairless leaving his heavy sack quite soft and very vulnerable, while the strap now left the contents very well controlled. She dropped the attached leash to the floor, and smiled as it’s sudden weight caused his cock to bob gently.

She told him to remain still before returning to her station at the desk.

Soon, a door opened and a regal Amazon beauty walked into the room.

“Good morning Dr. Stern, Mistress Kasha is here for her appointment,” said Alex brightly. The Dr. nodded, and turned to her client.

“Kasha, so good to see you, please follow me.”

“Alex, please do the preliminaries on this patient, then deliver him to nurse Susan. After that you can begin your rounds. Janet is here to relieve you at the desk.”

Mistress Kasha rose from her seat and followed the Doctor through the open door as Alex made her way to the waiting slave while another young beauty replaced her at the desk. All of this transpired without undue attention being placed on the naked male captive standing in the alcove of the elegant office. As if this was all just another day’s work, which indeed it was!

Alex walked over to him casually, picked up the leash, then lead him by his harnessed balls through the open doorway. The new girl Janet didn’t even bother to look up as his naked form passed her on the way out.

He saw both the Doctor and his Mistress disappear into an office as Alex led his blushing form past the crowded Nurse’s station to a set of scales in the hall. One of the nurses, a stunning blonde beauty, looked up.

“Alex, is that my new patient?”

“Yes Susan, it is,” said Alex as she herded him onto the scales to record his height and weight. She positioned him facing the wall, then began to manipulate the scales as the other nurse said brightly.

“Well, I have set up exam room 1 for our use this morning so just call me when you’re ready,” then returned to the chart on her desk.

Alex nodded as she wrote the data down on his chart and then picked up his leash and led him to Exam 1 to start the blood tests and other preliminaries…..

“Well, Kasha did you follow the pre exam instructions I gave you?” said Dr. Karen Stern as the two women sat across the elegant desk in her office.

“Yes Karen, he’s not been allowed to come for a week now and his poor little balls are quite tender. He was so precious by the end of the week, the three times daily masturbation exercises were leaving him in tears,” Kasha said with a chuckle, before continuing.

“I kept him on the liquid diet all day yesterday but was a little disappointed with his reaction to the Fleet’s treatment you prescribed,” said Kasha with a sigh.

“How so, dear?” said Karen.

“Well, he had no problem with the first one at 6:00 p.m., but he couldn’t hold the second one at 10:00 p.m. for the full 15 minutes I wanted. As you know, I had planned to use enema discipline quit extensively during his training, but now I’m not so sure that he is capable,” Kasha said with a slight pout.

Karen smiled at her distress, then said in a reassuring tone.

“Don’t be too concerned about that dear, the Fleet’s enema is designed for one purpose only, maximum evacuation in minimum time. It doesn’t surprise me that he failed. Discipline and punishment enemas are quite different and we’ll be happy to teach and equip you to administer them like a pro. In fact, nurse Susan is our resident expert on enemas which is why I assigned her to this case. She has an innate ability to get the most from her charges and you’ll get a chance to see her work shortly.”

After the necessary tests had been completed, Alex brought Susan into the room and then left to start her rounds. Susan smiled brightly at her new charge, then led him to the exam table and told him to climb on top and lay face down. She was delighted with the small groan that escaped his lips as his captive balls made contact with the cool surface, then bore the brunt of his weight. She knew full well that doctor’s orders always required that male patients arrive with an advanced case of “blue balls”. This fact, plus his position on the table combined with the action of the training cuff was causing him to suffer wonderfully. The thought made her little puss perk. God she loved her work!

With a smile on her face, Susan quickly proceeded to secure him onto the table by his wrist and ankle cuffs. He lay there quietly for awhile as she disappeared behind him, but soon the unrelenting pressure on his balls had him whining for release. He heard her voice from behind him.

“Yes poor baby, I know that’s uncomfortable, but I must complete my work, so you’ll just have to suffer a little longer. But, I’m afraid you’ll have to do it in silence.”

He felt her hand grab his hair, then pull his head back before sliding the black rubber gag into his open mouth. He gurgled deep in his throat as she secured it, then lowered his head back to the table.

He heard clinking noises and a drawer opening behind him, then saw her appear before him, vigorously shaking something in her hand. Her voice trembled slightly with her exertions.

“Now dear, I need to take your temperature. Since your mouth is unavailable I’ll be using the other end.”

Once she had finished shaking down the thermometer, Susan reached into her pocket and pulled out a tube of KY jelly, then disappeared behind him. She expertly spread the cheeks of his ass with one hand, and then slid the greased tube into his waiting puckered hole. Once it was in place, she released his cheeks.

“That should take about 10 minutes to register fully. I’ll be back by then.”

He heard the door open, then Susan walking to the nurse’s station located directly across from the exam room. From the sound of things it was obvious that she’d left the door standing wide open. He heard her stop to chat with some of the other nurses, before saying that she had to go “get the stand set up.”

Unbeknownst to him this statement brought knowing smiles and glances from the other nurse’s as they turned their attention towards the open doorway. They knew that soon the little glass rod nestling so gently between his firm cheeks would be replaced by something completely different.

The sound of rubber wheels squeaking across linoleum, snapped his attention back to the present. As Susan entered the room with the rolling IV stand, she noticed the red lights were glowing on the video cameras indicating that Dr. Stern was recording the session. She carefully positioned the stand at the foot of the table, making sure that it was in line of sight for the camera.

Susan glanced through the open doorway and saw the girls at the workstation smiling as the pole’s heavy passenger swayed with the force of the sudden stop. Just to tease them, Susan bent over her patient, then spread his cheeks as widely as possible before slowly withdrawing the glass rod. Finally she walked to the door and began to shut it, silently mouthing the words “Sorry girls” and giving them a wink.

Susan then returned to the table and pressed a button on its side, listening to the quiet whir of the motors as the table began to move. Her patient jerked with the sudden motion, but then soon began to make happy sounds of relief from beneath his gag. A section of the table directly below his straining balls had begun to swing away, instantly easing their discomfort. It was a few more seconds before he noticed the other changes that were happening to the table.

It had begun to lift and bend at the middle, slowly raising his ass into the air while dropping his head and legs. When it finally came to rest, his ass was at the apex of the table, while his knee and head areas hung well below. He heard Susan’s voice from behind him but was unable to see what was transpiring at the rear of the table.

“Now dear, I’m going to proceed with the next part of your examination. We’re going to take some very special pictures of your tummy called a lower GI. These are in order to make sure everything is okay down there. But for the details to show up on the X-rays, your tummy must contain a special solution called barium that will glow on the film. So first I need to give you a little enema…..”

As Kasha watched the image on the big screen TV in Karen’s office, she chuckled out loud as Susan had issued those last words. For as she’d made that innocent sounding announcement, the woman had been gently caressing a HUGE, clear enema bag which hung suspended from the chromium pole. At that precise moment, the camera zoomed in to show the gradient marks on the side of the bag which indicated it’s volume. The level of the milky white substance contained in it’s bulging form rested quietly at the 1 gallon mark! Kasha looked over in surprised awe towards Dr. Stern.

“Don’t worry dear, as I said, Susan is an expert at administering enemas. I guarantee that before she’s through she’ll get EVERY LAST DROP of that bag into him.”

With that rather certain proclamation, Kasha returned her gaze to the monitor, determined to give it her utmost attention during the procedure.

As he heard the word “enema” escape Susan’s lips, he immediately stiffened with the remembrance of the “Fleet” ordeal from last night. That had been his first experience with an enema and he vividly recalled the awful burning, cramping sensation that the foul chemicals had induced in his bowels. Mistress Kasha had been extremely upset at his inability to retain the noxious fluid…and now he was going to have to suffer it again!

As if reading his mind, Susan said. “Don’t worry sweetie, this won’t be ANYTHING like those awful little “Fleets” your Mistress had to give you last night. This solution doesn’t burn at all and I’ll be using some very special equipment to help you hold it. Just try to relax while I get things ready, and it will be over before you know it.”

Her sunny voice helped to calm him, and fortunately he was blissfully unaware of what awaited him at the other end of the table.

Kasha noticed that as Susan had said the words “special equipment”, she’d removed a towel from an equipment tray suspended from the I.V. stand. She then slowly and reverently lifted a bright red object from the tray and held it up for the camera.

Kasha had only heard of a inflatable nozzle nozzle, but had never actually seen one. Susan took the inflator bulb and gently began to squeeze. The head of the massive nozzle slowly began to swell with the air pressure until finally, it was as big as a fist. Susan smiled directly into the camera and Kasha could clearly see the lust in the woman’s eyes as she lovingly planted a kiss on the huge head of the bulbous invader. She then released the inflator valve and the head began to shrink.

The hissing sound of escaping air was quickly followed by the snap of rubber gloves as Susan began her preparations. First she squeezed a large glob of KY jelly onto the tray, then began to lubricate the nozzle. She took her time, making sure to work the slippery lubricant well into the folds of the deflated balloon so that it would more easily slid into her victim. Once this task was complete, she turned her attention to the spread and waiting target before her. She extended a glistening finger and slowly began to rub the crinkled opening with it. As her patient involuntarily began to tense up, she cooed to him softly while sliding her finger into his tight little hole.

“It’s okay baby, it’s just my finger, everything’s going to be all right.”

Her soothing words produced the desired effect and he loosened considerably, allowing her to slip another slick finger into his little virgin rectum. Soon she was working both fingers well into his anal canal to prepare the way for the assault. With her other hand she picked up the nozzle and slid the head down to nestle at the entrance along side her buried fingers. Then in one smooth motion, she slipped her fingers out and the head in, to begin the actual insertion of the giant nozzle.

Initially, he was only dimly aware of the larger presence there since for some time he’d been losing himself to the sensuous touch of her slippery fingers. But soon he felt the size of the massive nozzle as she began to slide it home with slow but inexorable pressure.

Susan was delighted by his loud grunt as the largest diameter of the folded balloon was reached, then finally popped into place just inside of his quivering anal ring. She could hear the heavy breathing that escaped through his nostrils due to the intensity of sensations produced during the insertion. The poor thing wasn’t used to having such a large object forced into his tight little back door!

The particular nozzle she’d selected for him was one of her larger ones. When completely deflated it measured 6 inches long by 1 1/4 inches in diameter at it’s widest point. Of course those dimensions would change considerably by the time the balloon was fully inflated. But Susan was quite certain that he was going to need all the help he could get to contain what she was going to give him. She paused for a few moments to let him catch his breath before reaching for the inflation bulb.

Kasha could fell the heat and slickness rising between her legs as she watched the close up view of the insertion on the large television monitor. She had been surprised at how massive the nozzle had appeared as compared to the small wrinkled rosebud of her pet. Susan had made it all go in however, without too much struggle on his part.

As the woman began to inflate the balloon buried in her pet’s tight little rectum, Kasha’s clit began to pulse as she watched his ass cheeks quiver under this new assault. Susan stopped after two squeezes on the inflation bulb, and Kasha looked over at Dr. Karen Stern.

“She won’t inflate it to it’s maximum size until the bag is completely empty, like I said she is an expert at getting the most out of her patients. And if you look carefully you’ll notice that dear Susan has just had the first of the many orgasms she will experience during this procedure,” Karen said in a knowing voice.

After her climax passed, Susan carefully manipulated the protruding hose to make certain the balloon was firmly seated, then patted the offering before her and began to speak.

“There, that wasn’t so bad was it, dear? That balloon will help you immensely in retaining this little enema, since you won’t have to strain to keep from expelling. Now all we have to do is fill you up and like I promised, this solution won’t burn at all. Of course, it is a little thick so I’ll have to pump it in. You just let me know if the pressure gets too great and I’ll stop and help you get comfortable. Here we go now!” she said cheerily.

Susan then settled into a chair at the foot of the table and reached for a pump bulb imbedded in the hose. She sighed contentedly at the view laid out before her; the massive bag suspended above with its fat tube leading directly to the tightly sealed rectum of her spread and restrained captive. As she began to pump the thick fluid into him, she scooted her bottom forward on the chair so that her short skirt rode up to reveal her glistening pussy. Soon, both of her hands were busy bringing her pleasure….

Kasha found herself mimicking the view of Susan on the screen. She’d pulled the spandex skirt up and her fingers were busy playing with her own dripping sex. Kasha tried to time herself with the woman so they could both reach their climax together. As the level in the bag slowly descended, both women came simultaneously, accompanied by the sound of the muffled cries of the poor recipient.

The pressure in his belly had been building steadily as the fluid was slowly pumped into his quivering asshole. At first he had tried to relax as Susan had suggested and was grateful that he wasn’t experiencing any of the burning sensations like last night. But God, it felt like there was a gallon of fluid working on his insides! (He was half right.) And the large balloon locked inside of him was making sure that it all stayed there! He finally began to scream into his gag, hoping to get Susan’s attention. She had been curiously quiet for a long time, except for the sounds she made as she shifted around in her chair. Finally, the pumping pressure had stopped and he felt her panting breath next to his ear.

“Poor baby, is the pressure too much? Don’t worry, momma will fix,” she whispered gently.

Susan reached over and wiped the tears from his eyes before disappearing from sight. He heard the whine of the table motors again, and felt a further section of the table below his straining belly drop away. He sighed into his gag as the intensity of the pressure dropped immediately. The table continued to whir and he felt his whole body tip up and forward…

Once the table was jacked up, Susan had clear access to his swollen belly and harnessed cock. He was distending nicely, Susan noticed as she ran one hand over his straining middle while slipping the other down to encircle his hard cock. She began to expertly massage both areas.

First, she gently kneaded his belly to work the solution further up into him. This would help to relieve some of the pressure, and also make room for what was still to come. She was aided in this by the gravity effect of the raised table, and could soon hear gurgling as the pressure started to equalize. She now turned her full attention to his cock, using both hands to gently stroke it and offset some of the pain he was feeling with pleasure. She was very careful not to let him come, though she did bring him right to the brink several times, prompting a steady stream of prelube to drip from his engorged cockhead. Satisfied, she walked around to the head of the table and smiled down at his sweating face.

“Feel better now, sweetie?”

He looked into her angelic eyes and nodded his assent. She smiled sweetly again.

“Good, we just have a little more to go, then we can take those pictures.”

Susan casually walked back to the foot of the table, gently patting the still half full bag before once again resuming her seat and reaching for the pump bulb….

Kasha’s nipples stiffened immediately at the delightfully innocent cruelty of the woman. She looked over to Dr. Karen Stern.

“You certainly train them well, don’t you?”

“Some of them, yes, but dear sweet Susan is a natural, particularly when riding on the strength of her own deep fetish. I discovered her while undergoing a lower G.I myself at a local hospital. The exquisite pain and humiliation that she so innocently delivered to me, a Doctor, was masterful. The little minx enjoys treating both male and female patients equally. I hired her on the spot and tripled her salary. She is truly one of the best investments I’ve ever made,” said Dr. Stern, without once taking her eyes from the large monitor screen.

Susan was infinitely patient with her charges and when her subject began to scream into his gag again at the 3 quart mark, she stopped to repeat her soothing ministrations. She gently massaged and stroked him while cooing softly that they were almost finished.

She could tell that the special ingredients in the solution were beginning to take effect. The bag contained not only the requisite barium mixture, but also an analgesic compound to desensitize his intestinal area to the building pressure. As a final measure, she’d also added certain, more exotic chemicals, to increase the intensity and duration of his erection. The gorgeous purple crown of his throbbing cock was now emitting a continuous stream of pre- lube as she ever so gently stroked it…

He couldn’t tell how long this ordeal had been going on. The pain had seemed to decrease in intensity as time went on but he was acutely aware of the large growing presence in his belly. It seemed to have a life of it’s own as it swayed and gurgled under the pressure of the nurse’s gently kneading fingers. His cock however, was another matter. It felt like it was electrically charged, leaping to the exquisite touch of her hands as she stroked him. It was quite a blissful agony since, like his Mistress, she never granted him any release.

As he finally settled down, Susan gave one more gentle stroke to his raging cock before resuming her seat. She pumped gently now, in time to the soft stroking of her hard clit. Such was the level of her skill, that he was less distressed by the injection of the final quart, than all of the preceding 3 quarts. She reached a thundering climax just as the bag went completely flat. As she rode down the back side of the crest, she continued to squeeze the bulb softly so that the fat hose would also be emptied, ensuring that he received the full measure. Once the last drop had run in, she paused to smile at her handiwork. He was now host to the entire gallon of solution, where it would stay for quite some time as this was just the start of his ordeal.

She rose slowly from the chair while quietly sucking on her sticky fingers, then reached for the balloon pump while announcing.

“There, it’s all in now baby and you’ve been a very good boy! Now I just need to pump this balloon up a teensy bit more….then we can get you off of that table. Just a little bit more pressure now…”

Susan deftly squeezed the bulb until the balloon inside of him reached its absolute maximum locking diameter. She knew he would need all of its help when she made him stand up and bear the full weight of the huge load she was going to force him to carry. His soft moaning told her that he was intimately aware of the growing presence of the large balloon.

She quickly disconnected the thick hoses from the protruding base of the self sealing nozzle, then once more slipped under the table to soothe him with her experienced hands. By the time she was finished he’d regained some of his composure and nodded his head when she asked him if he were ready to stand up. Susan loosened the restraining straps that held him pinned to the table, then pressed the motor button again.

On the screen, Kasha watched as the table came up and began to re-articulate itself. It finally came to rest in a vertical position, with the patient’s feet just touching the floor. Kasha watched as Susan gently eased her charge out of its embrace. But she was astounded when his belly finally emerged from the open center of the table….

“My God! He looks like he’s nine months pregnant!”

Susan let him step back and sag against her body as his eyes tried to flutter open. By now, the pain in his belly had been reduced to a large, dull aching presence. He felt the tension on it increase slightly as Susan gently pulled his wrists behind him, then cuffed them together. When he could finally focus, his gaze fell downward and it was a good thing that she was supporting him! He let out a long moan from behind the gag as he stared in stunned disbelief at his immensely bloated belly. His entire lower body was completely hidden from view, totally obscured by the obscene bulging produced by the “little enema” she had given him.

Once again he became acutely aware of his throbbing hardness as Susan reached her hand down to lovingly caress his stiff length. Finally, he saw her hand slowly creep up to gently caress the immensity of his fully distended belly as she whispered into his ear.

“What a good boy you are.”

When she felt that he was able to stand on his own, Susan released him and opened the door of the exam room. She then bent, and gathered up the end of the leash. As she began to make her way towards the door, she turned her head addressing him over her shoulder.

“Come on, Sweetie, time to take those pictures now,” then gave a firm tug on the leash attached to his tethered balls.

He gasped at the sharp jolt of pain, then again at the sudden realization of where she was going to lead him. As he looked through the open doorway he could see Alex and several other young women crowded around the Nurse’s station and they all had their eyes firmly locked on him.

“Where is she taking him?” asked Kasha as the two figures disappeared through the doorway.

“They’ll be going down to the X-ray department at the end of the hall to shoot the full lower G.I. film series. Nancy, the X-ray tech will assist her. I suspect that between the two of them your little pet is in for quite an ordeal before he gets any relief. They’re both terrible little she- devils,” Karen chuckled.

As Susan slowly led her charge out into the hall she called to one of the women at the desk. “Okay, Nancy we’re all ready now.”

A stunning redhead rose from behind the desk and made her way through the gaggle of staring girls. Nancy fell in beside Susan and the pair began to chat gaily as they slowly made their way down the hallway trailing the waddling patient behind them. It made quite a spectacle for the curious onlookers….

As always, the new girls had been informed that Susan was going to work a prime new patient that day, which was an event not to be missed! Several of the girls had been waiting ever since they had heard Susan announce that she was going to “get the stand ready.” When she’d wheeled that huge bag into the exam room and placed it next to her waiting victim, the bets had quietly started. None of the girls believed that Susan would actually be able to get all of that gigantic load into him, so they wagered on how much fluid would be left in the bag.

When the door had finally re-opened and Susan had led her charge into view, they’d quickly lost interest in the bets due to the awesome nature of the sight before them. He did indeed appear to be nine months pregnant as his belly sagged under the immense weight of the load he’d been given. A few girls even felt a brief pang of pity as they watched him waddle slowly along, forced to trail behind the pair of towering Domme’s while carrying such a heavy burden. Of course, this emotion was offset by the incredibly erotic sight of the raging hard-on that preceded him by a good 8 inches! As he’d turned to follow the pair of nurses, the profile view had been even more impressive, causing a silent whistle to escape from many sets of perfect lips. For with each shuffling step his huge belly swayed and bounced while his steel hard cock bobbed enthusiastically to the gentle urgings of the training lead held in the firm grip of Susan’s hand.

Eventually, the small parade disappeared into the X-ray Dept. and Alex made her way into the empty exam room. She stared in mute fascination at the large bag that still hung suspended there. It had been pumped completely dry, sucked flat without a trace of the thick white fluid remaining inside.

Once inside the x-ray room, nurse Nancy quickly took charge and began to issue instructions for the procedure.

“Okay, honey, I need you to climb up on the table there. Susan, let’s start with him on his hands and knees.”

Susan helped him to slowly mount the table and get into the required position. The gaze of the two nurse’s locked across the table in silent admiration of the display before them. His heavily distended belly was gently swaying from the exertion of climbing onto the table, and appeared to hang mere inches above the hard surface. Nancy blew Susan a silent kiss before turning to gather up the x-ray plates that she would need.

For her part, Susan reached out to still the swinging of his swollen tummy, easing the strain on her sweetly suffering patient. Once again she cooed and petted, calming him for the ordeal ahead.

Nancy came over to the table and slid a large x-ray plate directly beneath the heavy target. She then softly patted his rump and addressed him in a calm but firm voice.

“Honey, I’m going to take a series of pictures of your insides. That little enema Susan gave you contains special ingredients that will show the details on my films. I’m afraid that we’re going to have to move you around a bit to get all of the pictures we need, which may cause a little discomfort. But once we’re all finished, Susan will be able to take you to the potty. Until then, please be a good boy and do exactly as I say.”

Kasha watched intently as the two women began to position her pet for the film series. First, Nancy placed a pair of padded bolsters under the quivering patient. One of these, she slid under his chest just below his armpits to support his upper body. The second was placed between his spread legs where a cupped depression came to rest just beneath his dangling balls. Kasha watched in fascination, as the two nurses each grabbed an ankle and began to slowly pull them towards the edges of the table. His knees began to slide outwards, causing his dangling balls to settle into the cup of the bolster while his bloated belly slowly descended to the cold plate. The girls quickly tied his ankles off. He was now cruelly suspended with his huge belly firmly pressed to the plate while his straining armpits and squeezed testicles supported the rest of his body weight.

The two nurses quickly disappeared behind the lead barrier, where they embraced in a long passionate kiss before returning to the job at hand.

“I want you to remain absolutely still when the camera fires. If you move it may blur the picture, then we’ll have to do this all over again,” said Nancy.

As the implied threat sank in, he concentrated with all his might to freeze in position, trying to ignore the crushing weight on his balls and the unrelenting pressure on his belly. Finally, the camera whined.

“Just relax while we come out to move you.”

He couldn’t see the lust filled gaze the two women exchanged as they slowly made their way towards his straining body.

Kasha continued to watch as the pair repositioned him several times for different camera views. First, they removed the bolsters, then rolled him onto his left side. They pulled one knee up towards his chest and rolled him so that once again his straining belly was forced into contact with a cold plate. This procedure was then repeated with him laying on his right side.

Kasha’s admiration for the skill, control, and cruelty of the two women increased when she glanced at her watch. It had been at least 20 minutes since she had seen the last drop of fluid run into her pet, and they didn’t appear to be finished yet! He must be suffering exquisitely by now, and yet…….As the two women rolled him onto his back for the final film, the video camera zoomed in to reveal his still raging erection!

Dr. Stern noticed as a broad excited smile crossed Kasha’s face and knew she had picked the right nurses for the job!

“Okay, honey. This is the last one, so you just have to be good for a few more minutes,” Nancy said in answer to his groaning.

The girls quickly positioned a long spreader bar between his knees and strapped it firmly into place. They pulled it forward towards his chest and then suspended it from a cable hanging from the low ceiling. He was now arrayed with the snout of the camera between his widespread knees, resting gently on top of the huge mound that was his stomach. As a final measure, Nancy took the leash and pulled it down towards the end of the table where she tied it off. His captive balls were now stretched well away from his body “So they won’t get in the way,” she said.

Once again, the two women headed for the shelter. In her haste, Susan “accidentally” caught her hand on the leash, then smiled as the taut restraint hummed like a bow string.

As he lay there trying to recover from the shock waves of pain that still tormented his balls, the command to be still was issued for the last time……………he prayed!

As if reading his mind, Nancy said “Now let me go check these films, if they look good Susan will take you to expel your enema. If not, we’ll have to re-shoot the bad ones. So cross your fingers!”

Kasha watched as Susan carefully began to release the restraints while Nancy took the exposed films to the darkroom. She admired Susan’s evident care and concern as she gently helped him down to stand next to the table. As a further act of kindness, Susan left his hands unsecured, then watched tenderly as he carefully massaged his huge aching belly, trying to gain some relief while they waited for the films.

Soon Nancy emerged with a concerned look on her face. She beckoned Susan over and the pair went into quiet consultation over his fate. Kasha noticed that his erection was completely gone now as he waited in fearful, swollen silence for the verdict.

Nancy had also noticed the flaccid state of his cock and knew that this signaled the end of his endurance. The films were good enough and it was time to grant the poor thing some relief. She cleared her throat before passing judgment.

“Well, this one’s a bit fuzzy………….But I think it will do.”

She had to smile at the look of absolute relief that crossed his face.

“Susan, why don’t you go ahead and take him to the potty.”

Susan gently pulled his hands away from his belly, then secured them behind his back before picking up the leash.

“This way, Sweetie,” she said calmly.

Once more he was forced to waddle behind the towering figure of the beautiful blonde Domme as she slowly led him out of the room and into the long hall.

The girls were still gathered around the nurses station as the two figures gradually worked their way towards them. They looked on in silent admiration as Susan carefully led her submissive, waddling victim. Their admiration was for both the skill of the Domme and the stamina of the captive she was leading. Several of the girls had glanced at their watches when the pair had finally emerged from X-ray. It had been almost an hour since Susan had wheeled the huge bag into the exam room and started his exquisite torment. For at least 30 minutes of that time he’d been forced to retain the full gallon in his trembling and bloated belly.

The beautiful Domme passed the little group with a regal air, her grip firm and steady on the training lead as she slowly guided him by his straining balls. Stately and unhurried she progressed down the hall towards their destination, the place where she would finally deliver his huge aching belly to blissful release from her liquid agony! What a true inspiration for them all!

At last, they reached the entrance of the expulsion room. Susan tenderly guided him in, then slowly pushed the door until it was almost shut. She decided to leave it open a bit so that the waiting girls would not be deprived of the incredible sounds that would soon fill the small room.

In the center of the room, a small toilet seat was perched on legs above a wide, sunken drain grate located there. She expertly guided him to it, then gently urged him to rest upon the throne. She knelt down, removed his gag, then looked him in the eyes.

“I’m so proud of you. Now just lay back, relax, and let me do all the work baby.”

He was much too exhausted to reply. Susan reached between his legs to find the release valve while at the same time lowering her eager mouth to his poor little cock. She could soon feel it stirring as he responded to the warm velvet caress of her insistent tongue. As his cock began to rise in earnest, she twisted the valve to begin releasing the air from the balloon. It’s angry hissing startled him at first until he felt the pressure of it’s massive presence slowly subside, then he sighed deeply and sank back into the seat.

The balloon finally deflated completely, then slowly slipped through his straining rectum and plopped to the floor. For a moment, nothing happened. Susan slid his slick, steel hard cock out of her mouth and into here waiting hand where she began to stroke and pump. Then the first wave of fluid exploded from his tormented gut, and he cried out in both pain and pleasure. Susan tightened her grip on his straining cock as the second wave exploded. She was an expert at this and was waiting for the third wave. As she sensed it gather strength she increased her stroking speed and pressure, then just at the instant the flood erupted from his rectum, she released the restraining cuff from his balls…

Kasha watched in absolute fascination as a gigantic streamer of come spewed from his cock at the exact instant that a huge load of barium solution hit the floor. Susan had him squirming exquisitely as jet after jet of milky white fluid exploded from both of his tormented openings. Kasha looked over at Dr. Stern who smiled knowingly before speaking.

“In psychological terms, it’s called transference. Due to Susan’s skilled manipulations, he will forever associate this intense pleasure with the straining pain of the enema. Your wish has been fulfilled.”

That being said, both of the beautiful Dommes returned their attention to the video monitor. They were just in time to see him pass out from the incredibly intense sensations.

As the explosive sounds of his well-earned release echoed through the halls the young girls gathered around the entrance to the expulsion room. Alex decided to sneak a peek through the open door.

She was presented with the sight of the blissfully lust filled visage of Susan, who was riding the wave of her own orgasm as the straining cock in her hands leapt excitedly and spewed it’s load high into the air. It’s owner was lost in the incredible sensations as his torment finally at an end, the intense fluidic release erupted from both of his most intimate openings. Alex quietly pulled the door shut just as the overhead speaker came to life.

“Attention girls, the video tape of this session will be available for viewing in the nurses lounge in ten minutes.” Dr. Sterns amplified voice had barely finished making this announcement when the stampede towards the lounge began.