The College Handyman

A lot of guys worked their way through college, but I doubt if any of them had a job as good as mine. About midway through my second year, my funds were beginning to run short and I knew I had to take on a part-time job to help make ends meet. I checked the job board at the student union building, but by this time of the school year, all the choice jobs had been taken. I noticed one near the bottom that said College Handyman Needed. I used to work construction during the summer so I figured what the heck, I’ll give it a shot. The job was sponsored by the college and consisted of getting a list of minor repairs from the head engineer in the morning, and doing the work when I wasn’t in class. This was great because I worked whatever hours I wanted, day or night; all I had to do was make sure the jobs were done. Most of the jobs were little run of the mill repairs: fix a hinge, change a door knob, that kind of thing. The thing was, in order to perform these repairs, I was given a set of keys that allowed me to open almost every lock on campus. It was about two weeks into my new job that I realized what potential laid in those keys.

I was given a work order to fix a burned out light bulb in the campus clinic one Friday, so I got my material and walked over to the clinic. I walked in the front door and went up to the nurses station. I asked what room the bulb was burned out in. She said she’d have to ask the doctor and left the reception area. While I waited for her, I turned around and noticed the waiting room was full of girls; not one guy. It struck me as kind of odd, but I really didn’t give it much thought, until I noticed the bulletin board: Fridays—Gynecological Appointments. An alarm bell went off in my head. My perverse mind began to wonder if I could put my easy access to any room on campus to some erotic use. The nurse came back and said the storeroom was where the burned out lamp was, and pointed me in that direction. I repaired the lamp and left.

Late that evening I returned to the clinic and used my keys to get me in. The place was dark, but I knew just what I was looking for: An exam room that adjoined a closet or storeroom. I wandered around the clinic, checking out each exam room, one by one. After scouting them all out, I discovered that only one exam room had a table with stirrups that could be used for a pelvic exam. I exited the exam room to see what laid on each side. On one side were the stairs, but luckily on the other was the electric closet. Perfect. I carefully searched the exam room for a place I could make a small hole in the wall. There was a spot right under the paper towel dispenser that would work great. It was below eye level, so no one would see it, and it faced the foot of the exam table. I took out my knife and made a small hole in the wall and then pushed in through the other sheet of drywall. I went into the electric closet and made a larger opening so I could peek through and see almost the entire exam room. The trap was set, all I had to do was wait.

Late the next Thursday evening, I went back over to the clinic to make everything was O.K. I checked the exam room; no problem, the little hole was still there. Before I left, I decided to check out the appointment book to see what time the fun would begin and who would be there for it. The gynecologist’s first appointment was at 10:00 A.M. That works, I thought. Now, who’s on the menu? Kelly Anderson. Cynthia Peters. Rebecca Chase. Laura Thompson. LAURA THOMPSON! I couldn’t believe my eyes! She was that statuesque blonde cheerleader I had only admired from afar. Every guy on campus had tried to get into her shorts without luck. This was going to be great.

Friday couldn’t come soon enough, but finally it arrived. I completed my to do list early in the morning and made tracks for the clinic. I sheepishly entered the waiting room and went up to the reception desk.. I told the receptionist that I had some basic repairs to make and that I would be a while. She didn’t even look up, but told me to help myself. Little did she know, I would. Before I went into the back office area, a had to put a face on the names I had seen last night. I turned around and gave a quick glance at the girls in the waiting area. There were two brunettes, one red head, and lastly, there was Miss Thompson. I felt a swell in my pant as she looked up from the magazine she was reading. She gave me a stuck-up look and returned to her reading. Little did she know that I would soon be seeing her like no other guy on campus had.

The receptionist called out for Kelly Anderson and one of the brunettes rose and went over to the desk. She was about 5’5” 110 lb., with short hair and was pretty cute. I noticed she had a nice butt as she disappeared behind the office door leading to the back room.

I turned and went into the back area and acted busy. As soon as no one was in the hall, I quickly sneaked inside the electric closet and shut the door. It was suddenly pitch black except for a shaft of light coming from a hole under one of the electric panels. I locked the door to insure privacy and stepped over to the hole. I bent down and slowly brought my eye up to the opening.

The sight that I saw I will never forget. It was that brunette, Kelly Anderson, laying stark naked on the exam table with her feet up in the stirrups and her legs spread wide open! Her pussy was yawning wide open and was clearly visible to me, as I crouched there, peeping in stunned silence. She had shaved her pubes into a thin Mohawk that ran from the top of her slit up her pubis. Who would have figured? This was only the first of many discoveries I would make that year about how women keep their intimate areas groomed. I almost forgot that there was going to be a doctor in the room with her, when he came into my view from the left. He sat down at the foot of the table and began to manually examine her pussy. He opened her vulva up repeatedly as if he was looking for some kind of lost treasure. He then opened a drawer in the table between her legs and pulled out this silver, metallic instrument, I later found out was called a speculum. He held it in his hand a minute and then brought it up to her pussy. My eyes almost popped out of my head as I watched him spread her pussy open and stick this thing up into her vagina!

Then he opened it up and I damn near came in my pants. Her pussy looked like it was stretched open to the max. He then took a flashlight and peered up inside of her pussy for a while. He then took a long cotton swab and stuck that up inside her. Man, I thought, how much more shit is this guy going to stick up inside this girl’s pussy? He moved the stick around a bit and then pulled it out and wiped the tip in a little glass dish. He then pulled out the speculum and put it on a portable table that was next to him. Thinking that this poor girl’s indignities were over with, I was really amazed when he brought his hands back up to her violated pussy and spread it wide open with one hand. He took his other hand and slowly stuck two fingers up inside her pussy and began to feel around. I could tell that this chick was not enjoying this at all because she whimpered every now and then, cringing with her eyes. Then he took his fingers out and stuck one of them up her asshole. This must have been the limit for this poor girl, because her ass rose right up off the table in response to his penetration of her bowels. He brought his other hand up to her vagina and stuck two fingers back into it. The way he was moving his fingers around inside her, it looked like he was trying to get the last olive out of a jar. Finally he removed his fingers from her orifices and moved away from the table. She sat up and hopped down off of the table, her little breasts bouncing as she hit the floor. He left the room and she began to get dressed.

I moved away from my little portal and just sat there in stunned disbelief. Did all women have to go through this humiliating procedure? Must be I thought. Suddenly, the closet was thrown into darkness as someone had turned out the lights in the exam room. All of this had to be saved for my later enjoyment, so I quickly developed another plan: My video camera. I knew that Laura Thompson’s appointment wasn’t for another 30 minutes, so I quickly exited the closet and went out to the front desk. I informed the receptionist that I had to go get some parts and sneaked a glance over to Laura as I left. As I ran back to my room, I kept imagining seeing that gorgeous cheerleader up on that table. I quickly grabbed my video camera bag, shoved it in an empty box and ran full speed back to the clinic. I entered the waiting room, hoping I was not too late. I wasn’t! Laura was till there, reading away, along with the redhead. Fantastic, I thought. I’ll film both of them! I met the other brunette leaving the exam room on my way back to the electric closet. Too late for that one, I thought, but I have bigger fish to fry. I quickly slid into the closet and set up my equipment. The exam room was dark, so I sat and waited in stealth.

The exam room light turned on and I quickly brought the lens up to the opening and began to shoot. The redhead entered the room and the nurse told her to undress and left. So this must be Rebecca Peters, I thought. I watched as she pulled her sweater over her head, exposing her light pink bra. She had nice, full tits that almost spilled out of their cups as she bent over to take off her shoes. Next was her jeans. She unzipped them and slid them down her long legs, revealing a matching set of pink bikini briefs. She reached behind her and unsnapped her bra and slid it down her arms. Yes, they were very nice tits. Her nipples were small and looked like two erasers stuck to her boobs. She finally slid her panties down and stood back up, admiring herself in the full length mirror on the wall. Her pussy was covered with curly, strawberry pubes that exactly matched the hair on her head. This, I found out was a relatively rare thing. She hopped up on the table and pulled the sheet over her naked body and waited.

The doctor came in and they chatted for a while. I could barely make out what they were saying, but I did hear the word diaphragm repeated several times. What the hell is that, I wondered. I would soon find out. She slid down to the foot of the table and placed her feet in the stirrups. The doctor said something and she opened her legs for him. What power, I thought; with a word, having a woman spread her legs wide open for you. He pulled the sheet up and folded it over her raised knees. As he moved back, I was greeted by the sight of her lovely pussy. Her labial lips were thin and they met at mid-line in a thin slit. The doctor brought that portable table over to his side and took what looked like a rubber cap off of it. With one hand he squeezed it together, and with the other, spread her pussy lips open. He slid the diaphragm into her vagina with his fingers and checked the fit. He then fished it back out and tried several other sizes. When he seemed satisfied, he moved away from the table, and she sat up. I stopped the video cam and checked my battery and tape. I wanted to make sure everything was going to work for the main event.

The light came back on through my peep hole and I knew it was show time. I didn’t want to miss a moment of this, so I got in position and started taping. Laura Thompson had just entered the exam room and received her instructions about getting naked from the nurse. When the nurse had left the room. Laura looked around with this strange look on her face like she knew she was being watched. I knew this was impossible because of my peep hole placement, but it added to the excitement of the moment anyway. She shrugged her shoulders and began the erotic process of unknowingly baring her body to me. She slipped off her high heels and set them by a chair. She was wearing a white cotton top, which she unbuttoned and pulled off of her shoulders, revealing a large pair of breasts, topped with large, puffy areolae. She didn’t need to wear a bra, because her tits appeared very full and firm. She turned her back to me and lowered the zipper on her jeans skirt and let it fall to the floor, revealing a tight, little ass covered by what appeared to be white satin panties.

She bent over and picked up her skirt, really giving me a great shot of her round rump. She hung her blouse and skirt up on a coat rack and then the spectacle really began. She hooked her fingers in the sides of her panties and quickly slid them down her long legs. When she stood back up, I was greeted by the sight of a tiny patch of light, blonde hair balanced atop her pubic mound and the quick hint of a slit. She had great tan lines and made a mental note to try to scope her out in her bikini once. She went over to the exam table and picked up the flimsy exam gown and slipped in on so that the ties were in back. She struggled to tie the thing shut, although I don’t know why. In a couple of minutes, she would just have to take the perverse thing off again. When she seemed satisfied that the gown was covering her naked body sufficiently, she sat up on the table and waited. This was an extremely erotic moment because I could tell by the look on her face that she was running the impending procedure through her mind.

The doctor entered the room and closed the door behind himself. They chatted for a while and then he began her examination. Oh, please, I thought, let this be a good one! He checked her blood pressure and her eyes and ears. Then he reached behind her and untied her gown. She let it slip from her shoulders, but kept her breasts covered. He took his stethoscope and listened to her heart and breathing, which I imagine must have been pretty heavy by now. The doctor said something and she grudgingly let her thin gown fall to her waist, revealing her lovely breasts. Even the doctor seemed momentarily impressed by her tits, as his eyes seemed to grow wide for a split second.

He brought his hands up and gently cupped each one, slowly massaging it in a methodical manner. He then rubbed each of her nipples until they were firm and erect. He said something and she brought her legs up onto the table and reclined back on it, taking great care to make sure her gown was still covering the lower half of her body. He continued examining her breasts in this position, and then began to run his hands down her chest to her belly. She kept her eyes tightly shut and I could see that her hands were tensely gripping the sides of the exam table. He lowered her gown down her body until it was just barely covering her hips, and then he slid one hand under the gown towards her crotch. I could tell when he reached her pussy, because her little toes curled up suddenly. She was not relishing this at all. He withdrew his hand and then grasped the sides of her gown and lifted it from her, finally revealing her in all of her naked glory! From my vantage point, I was looking straight up her legs into her crotch. Although her legs were still closed tightly together, I could still make out the beginnings of her sex slit. She had a very prominent pubic mound, so it really stood out. The doctor the began to fell all around her belly, working his way towards her vulva. He ran his fingers through her silky pubic hair, and then down to her slit. He took his fingertips and gently pulled the top her outer lips open, revealing the bud of her clitoris, He ran his fingers over it several times, which again, caused her toes to curl up.

The Doctor said something again and she hesitantly brought her feet up and put the in the stirrups, but she kept her knees tightly together. In this position, I could easily make out two fleshy vulval lips squeezed between the undersides of her thighs.. The doctor stepped back and said something else. Laura slowly spread her legs apart until the were in a wide Vee. I almost blew my load right there. Here was the most desirable chick on campus laying totally naked and spread eagle, right in front of me. I quickly zoomed in on her vulva, filling my viewfinder with her pussy. I could almost count the hairs on her labial lips. I was surprised that even in this position, he pussy still seemed to stay closed. She must really be one tight, little bitch, I thought. The doctor’s finger’s then came into my view as he slowly and methodically opened up her pussy and studied her vulval interior. She was the lightest shade of pink inside, and I realized that the doctor was taking much longer examining her pussy lips than he did with the last girl. I saw the shiny glint of the speculum come into view as he brought it up to tight vaginal opening. He spread her vulva open and began to insert the tip up inside of her vagina. He seemed to have to twist it more firmly this time, and I knew that she was really tight! When he managed to get the thing all the way in, he cranked it open.

I quickly zoomed out to take in the whole scene. The doctor had moved away to get his flashlight, which left her there in all of her naked glory, with a speculum sticking out from her cunt, curled toes and all! I zoomed back in, just as the doctor returned to her. He took great time as he looked up inside her vagina. His flashlight was bright enough that even I could see up inside her. It was all pink and I could see her vaginal muscles move and he twisted the speculum for a better view. The doctor took his swab from her cervix and then removed the speculum from her pussy. I stayed with a tight shot of her pussy, because I knew what was coming next. His fingers came back into the viewfinder. He slid two of the into her vagina and he really worked them around. He then put another one into her asshole, and played find the olive again. After what seemed like hours, he pulled them out. Well, I thought, this was the best.

I zoomed back, expecting to see her hop off the table like the other girl, but instead, she rolled over onto her hands and knees and stuck her bare ass into the air. What the hell is going on now, I wondered. The doctor rolled another cart over to the exam table, only this one had an enema bag hanging from a hook on a metal rod. Oh my god, she’s going to get an enema! The doctor picked up the white nozzle from the table, and brought it to her ass. With one hand, her spread apart her muscular ass cheeks, exposing her wrinkle pink anus; with the other he put the tip of the nozzle into he ass and slid it in. She moaned so loud that even I could hear her. He reached back and undid the retaining clip from the hose and I watched in fascination as the enema bag emptied its content into her waiting bowels. When all the liquid was deposited inside her, her removed the nozzle. She stayed in this position for several minutes and then hurriedly climbed down off of the table and ran to a toilet seat mounted on metal legs with a plastic bag underneath. I watched in screaming silence as she voided the contents of her bowels into the bag. She reached down between her legs and wiped herself with some toilet paper that was sitting nearby. When she was done, the doctor said a couple of things to her and left the room. She quickly gathered her clothing, put them on, and exited the room, not even bothering to turn out the lights. This was all just too much. I rewound the tape right there and rubbed one out as I watched the whole scene over again.

For the rest of my time in college, I videotaped over nine hundred beautiful college girls getting everything from birth control pills to their annual pelvic exams. My video collection taught me a myriad of intimate things about women. I was able to look at a girl on campus and imagine what her pussy and breasts were like. I’d then go back to my room and check my video library to see if I was right. I had it subdivided into blondes, brunettes, and redheads, and by their height and weight.

Isn’t dBase great, I thought. After a while I could look at a girl I saw on campus and think to myself, “great tan, tight ass, large areolae, pointy nipples, shaves her pussy, nice inner lips, petite vagina… “. It was like having a carnal catalog of the girl at school!