The Company Physical

It was a routine physical at the health center of the company that was giving me a job. I got there early in the morning and was the first patient there. The receptionist took me to an examination room where I waited. Finally a woman entered who identified herself as a “nurse-practitioner” who was going to give me the physical. Strangely enough, I was a little nervous over getting a checkup from a woman–every other examination I had ever had had been done by a man. But still it made me a bit less self-conscious knowing I would not have a strange man seeing me naked. Not that I ever had any real trouble like that during checkups, but well, I digress.

Well, the woman was friendly and professional and gave me an examination very much like those I’d had before. Then she asked me to get dressed and return to the reception area. I was glad that it was over though it hadn’t really been that bad. When I got back to the reception area, besides the receptionist and the nurse-practitioner, there was another woman, a nurse who hadn’t been there before. She was talking to the nurse-practitioner, but after I approached and the nurse-practitioner turned to talk to me, this nurse turned and saw me. Something made me watch her—actually it was that she was absolutely beautiful– blonde, with the face and figure of a model. She also had a look about her–a look of assurance that made me nervous. She looked briefly in my eyes, then I saw her eyes go down and look at my chest for a second.

You might think this strange, but I am used to it from both men and women: I have rather large breasts. Of course a lot of men like that, but though it is nice to be noticed which always turns me on just a touch, at the same time it makes me very self-conscious. Her eyes returned to mine, then she interrupted the nurse- practitioner and drew her away and they talked in low voices. After a minute, the nurse- practitioner came back and told me to go with the nurse for the rest of my physical. The nurse told me to follow her and I followed her to a different examination room. I was surprised because it had seemed that my physical was over.

Well, when I entered the room, she shut the door and told me to take off my blouse. This surprised me even more since it didn’t seem logical for them to ask me to undress two times for the physical. Also, she stood there watching me which was weird. I hadn’t really thought of it previous to that, but medical personnel usually let me undress in privacy. She just stood there watching as I unbuttoned the blouse and slipped it off. Then she told me to take of my bra. She spoke in a businesslike voice, almost impersonal–I preferred at least a hint of friendliness to go along with the professionalism. I took off my bra and she had me stand right in the center of the room. Then she had me put my hands on top of my head and she stood right in front of me, face to face. I was immediately aware of her perfume. She looked down at my breasts, took one in her hand and felt around it with her fingers. This was making me much more self-conscious than usual–maybe it was how close she was, or that I was standing like that, or her incredible beauty, or her perfume. Then she gave the other breast the same examination. Then she put one hand under each breast and sort of hefted them a little as if feeling their weight. I started getting really self-conscious. After a minute or so, she allowed them to sit in their natural position again and started softly rubbing them starting from underneath and going up to my nipples. I realized that I was getting a little turned on and I struggled to hide it! Imagine, getting turned on during a physical examination!

Well, after a couple of minutes, she stopped, stood back, and told me to take off my skirt and everything else down to my panties. This time she left the room while I continued my undressing which was a relief. She returned a minute later, but I was ready, sitting on the examination table. With her came the receptionist! At least I had assumed she was a receptionist, but soon I realized the nurse had brought her to assist with the examination. The nurse had me return to the center of the floor and she told me to remove my panties. After I did that, she had me put my hands on top of my head again. Let me tell you, it was weird standing like that in front of those two women. Then she gave the receptionist a rubber glove and told her to put it on. When the receptionist had the glove on, the nurse put KY jelly on her index finger. Then she came to me, circled around behind me and dabbed some KY jelly on my rear hole! The receptionist came around behind me too, and soon I felt her finger right on my rear hole, probing its way in! Soon she had her finger plugged in and she was standing right behind me so close I could feel her breath and smell her perfume too. I couldn’t believe it.

Then the nurse came around in front of me, and put her hands lightly on my breasts again, rubbing the nipples lightly. Then her hands passed lightly down from my breasts, down my stomach, right to the top of my sex! Her fingers lightly touched the top of my cunt and then she ran her hands back up to my breasts, then started repeating that motion.

You can’t believe how self-conscious I felt. I also definitely got turned on and felt like a pervert for getting turned on during a medical examination. What would they think of me if they noticed? I struggled to hide it as best I could and kept my breathing pretty steady, considering my state. It seemed like forever that she did that. While she was doing it, the nurse-practitioner walked in. She looked at me and I thought I saw a little amusement on her face, but I must have been mistaken. Well, the nurse stopped her examining and walked over to the nurse-practitioner who handed her something–a camera I noticed, an instant type camera. The nurse- practitioner left and the nurse stood back and took a picture of me! She told me it was for my medical records, then she took another one from my side! Needless to say, I was embarrassed by having my picture taken naked with my hands on top of my head, but I couldn’t understand why they did it when the receptionist was so close behind me, with her finger obviously inside me. And when she took the picture from the side of us, it would be obvious in the picture exactly what was happening!

After that, the nurse came back in front of me. She came up just inches away from me again and looked right into my face and told me to look straight in her eyes. Then she lightly ran her fingers up and down my cunt. I was aware of her perfume again and the closeness of that sexy body. I just knew my legs would buckle and I would moan out loud, but I kept it to myself as best I could.

It seemed like forever, but right when I was about to break down, she finally stopped. She told me to get dressed and receptionist removed her finger from inside me. They stood there talking to each other while I dressed and they often were watching me while they were talking. When I was done, they took me back to the reception area. There were some more patients in the waiting room then and the receptionist started taking names. The nurse told me I needed a follow-up visit in two weeks, but they had no time to schedule me. She told me that they would stay late one evening and I should come at 6PM. I agreed, thankful that they were willing to go out of their way for my benefit.

Well, I have gotten really nervous about that follow-up visit: a couple of nights after that first visit, I dreamed about those two. Since then, I can’t help myself: when I masturbate, I think about lying between those two women, on my side with the receptionist behind me with her finger in my rear and the nurse lying in front of me in her nurse’s uniform, kissing me! I just know that if this follow-up visit includes either of them being close to me that I will be all-the- more turned on. Since then, I’ve started playing with my rear hole when I masturbate. My worst fear is that I embarrass myself at the next visit by leaning over and kissing the nurse— she would be disgusted with me and recognize me for the pervert I am. I can’t stand it.

My new job is going fine, but somehow I get paranoid about those pictures that the nurse took–I imagine my coworkers somehow getting to see them! I would die if it happened– especially my new secretary who is very efficient but seems a little snotty at times. I saw her looking at a snapshot with some of the other women in our department and they nonchalantly slipped it out of sight when they noticed me approaching–and I can’t shake the irrational thought that it was one of those pictures that the nurse took.