The Cure

Sitting here in the Dr.’s office I wondered how it all came about? I had been over my fiancée house doing some things for her. She was to be out for hours. While doing some chores I had to go into her room. Seeing those panties draped over her chair at the vanity I was compelled to feel them, touch them, and finally try them on. I sat there and started fingering my hardness ( it had grown at the feel of the silky panties). Sharon walked in and screamed, “ What are you Doing With My Panties?”

Now I was here in the therapist office. I was sent here to get help for my “Masturbatory Habits”. I didn’t know what to expect. I am a little afraid of just what will happen.

“Don, Come into the examining office”, called the nurse. She was young and attractive. The nurse under 25 had on a pretty uniform with white stockings and shoes. About 6’ tall with long blond hair in a ponytail I couldn’t help but admire her look.

“Don I want you to get undressed and put on this gown for your examination.” She stated. On the table was a pink hospital gown, but it was in a different material that you would get in a hospital. Kind of silky looking. “Where is the dressing room?” I asked.

“You don’t need one,” she said impatiently, “ I am a nurse after all, and you are my patient.” I started taking off my clothing. I neatly placed them on the chair standing there in only my B.V.D.’s and sox I looked for the gown.

“Not so fast mister!” Angrily the nurse stated, “Everything”!

I took off my sox and undies and stood there naked as a J-Bird. She took the pink gown and placed it on me tying it loosely. She then handed me a pair of matching pink panties, open crotched.

“Step into these!” She said as she bent down to have me place my foot through the opening. Very embarrassed I placed first one foot then the other into the offered panties, she then slid them up my legs and fondled my penis through the opening.

“You needn’t worry about getting an erection, that’s the problem that you’ve come here to have fixed in the first place!” I felt like crawling into the floor! First of all to be standing here in front of this attractive nurse wearing this feminine outfit, getting hard, and have her mater of factly talk about my masturbating.

“Well I don’t want to see you touch your self now,” she said with a smirk on her face.

After taking my weight and height, blood pressure, temperature, she told me to get up in the examining table.

“Place your feet in the stirrups”. I had seen these for women I knew that they were for women’s examination and hadn’t heard of men using them. I placed my feet in them feeling a little exposed as my gown rode up a little. The nurse took some straps and attached them to my ankles and feet to keep them in the stirrups. Now she had me lie back and took a strap from the sides and anchored it around my middle. Then taking my arms one at a time she attached some restraints to them keeping my arms at my sides and not leaving room for much movement.

At that point the door opened and the Dr. came in. Dr. Deborah Johnson was a striking figure of a woman. Standing there in her lab coat over a white business blouse with lace trim and a dark skirt over nice stockinged legs and nice shoes.

“Hello Don, I’m Dr. Johnson and I am going to be your therapist. I’m going to ask you a few questions, and I want you to answer them to the fullest. You may not understand why I am asking these things, but let me assure you that I need all the back- ground before we start.” Dr. Johnson let out in a smattering of words seemingly as if I was to understand and not ask about her methods.

I have to admit I was getting a little afraid of this happening. Here I was strapped down to this examining table, dressed in a clearly feminine outfit and these two strange women were about to ask me about my life. Watching the nurse put on a pair of rubber gloves I also wondered about what was going to happen During the exam.

“Don, why are you here today?” asked the Dr. “ I am here because my fiancée thinks I need to talk to someone” I said. “Well Don, that’s not quite it is it? In fact wasn’t there some- thing that we are to talk about in specific?” She queried.

“Well yes I guess so. The other day Sharon came in on me and found me doing some things that disagreed with her.”

“Don, I think you should tell me in exact terms what it is and cut out the trying to get around the act! I can’t help you if you don’t admit why we’re here.”

“Dr. Johnson, Sharon came home to find me masturbating.”

“And that’s not all is it, Don?” Once again with a stern look she asked?

“No Dr. I was wearing a pair of her panties at the time!” I finally let out.

“There that wasn’t too hard was it? Nurse set the table now will you.” With that the nurse hit a button and part of the examining table started to drop out. It seemed that the lower half of the table was going down on rollers leaving just the part under my back there. And this only went to about half way across my ass leaving the bottom half hanging in the air. I felt very exposed to these women, and even if Dr. and Nurse, I once again started to worry.

“So Don, your a masturbator, and a transvestite too!” She said. Not in the form of a question mind you but as a statement.

“No I’m not a transvestite!” I said. “I just tried them on and got this feeling.”

“As a matter of fact, you are. If you get strong feelings when you put on women’s clothing you are a transvestite and you had better start to get used to the idea.”

Now I was really worried. I wasn’t a drag queen. I didn’t get all dolled up and put on wigs and make up. «I hadn’t done anything like that in many a year. Although I wouldn’t admit that right now.

At this point I looked at the nurse she had been getting things out of some drawers and had placed then on the counter under a towel.

“Don, how often do you masturbate?” Dr. Johnson asked.

“I masturbate about 6 times a week..” I stated flatly.

“And how often do you wear panties During this activity?”

“I don’t usually wear panties.”

“Oh! Really now so you only wear them sometimes. But how often?”

“Dr. I don’t wear panties to jerk off!”

“Ah I see, Nurse I think we’ll start the physical part while I ask some more questions. Start his anal.”

“What anal?” I screamed! I came in here for therapy not to have my ass inspected.

“Really Don, I’m the doctor here and I’ll say what your here for, not you.”

With that the nurse came next to me inside of the stirrups and started to probe me. She took the sides of my open crotched panties and placed it so that it was around my penis and balls, and so it stayed open around my ass too. She then placed a finger in some lubrication, and started to probe my ass hole.

“Don, Do you ever play there while you masturbate?”

“No! I never do.” As the finger got past my sphincter I started to feel my cock start to grow. I was getting redder by the second. Exposed and vulnerable as I was, to get an erection now! With both of them watching, in these pink panties, and gown, tied as I was.

“I wonder about that look at how your responding just to this examining. Usually masturbators will eventually try all their orifices. Now tell me what you think of when your masturbating.”

I guess I just fantasize. You know thinking about sex with girls.’

At that the nurse rammed her finger all the way in, it hurt a bit but it seemed to go strait through my cock an it got as hard as I can remember. “ No Don, your not responding well. I want you to tell me exactly what you fantasize about while jerking off that prick of yours.”

“Dr. its hard to say what I think of there are many different things.”

Again the nurse thrust in her finger. And I started to feel like she was doing this as I answered. And if my answer wasn’t the right one, the nurse rammed it a little harder.

“Dr. is this probing During questioning necessary?”

There it went in again, this time harder than it had either of the two times before.

“Don, this is all part of your therapy. You are a masturbator, you have a fetish for women’s panties, and your a transvestite. I have worked with men with your problems before and believe me things have worked out.”

“Do you want to live your life with Sharon? If you do then you’re going to have to learn about yourself. And fix your self to meet her standards. Before catching you in her bedroom playing with your self in her panties I might add, Sharon had thought you a pleasant man, and found herself in love with you. But now she has found out what a pervert you are and If you want to have any hope of getting your relationship going in the right tract. You will have to go through my hands first.”

hearing this I wondered if it was all worth it. Sure I loved Sharon, and wanted to spend my life with her, but what did this Dr. have in mind for me?

“ Don, if you are going through with this I have to know. And I have to know now. Nurse place it in.”

With that the nurse took something from under the counter and lubed it up. She placed the cold metal at the opening of my ass, and pushed it in. As my sphincter opened to let it through I gave a sigh. I felt this very cold thing intrude deep inside of my self. As it went in the nurse took my cock in her hand and started gently stroking my cock to full erection.

“Well Don, what do you think? Are you going to go through with this?”

How could I think? My ass was full, I was totally out of control, my cock was as hard as it had ever been. And now I was to make a decision that would affect my life?

Here was my situation: I’m strapped down to an examination table. Around my chest and tummy were large leather straps. Also on both of my wrists were these straps keeping my hands tied down. My Ankles were tied to the stirrups keeping my legs open and stretched apart. I was dressed in a hospital gown, but unlike most this was made of a silky pink material. And I had on pink open crotched panties that were open showing my cock and balls and ass through the opening.

The nurse had just put something large metal and very cold up my ass! With her other hand she was gently stroking my cock. And the Dr. was asking me one of the most important questions of my 25 year old life.

“Well don, Do you want to stay with Sharon? Because if so, you are going to have to go through with this therapy till the end.” I was straining and sweating at the feelings going through my body. “ What that means is that though you may think this therapy is extreme, I have had many men with your masturbatory habits, and I have helped them through this problem. At the same time I have shown them how to be more pleasing for their wives and wives to be ( like in your case).”

“Yes, Dr., I will go through with it!” I exclaimed.

The nurse had stopped just then my cock was straining. She went to the refrigerator and pulled something out.

“Now don, I want you to tell Sharon what you have decided. She is in my office and I am going to get her.”

Oh no! I thought Sharon is going to see me like this. I felt so humiliated tied there.

Sharon and the Dr. re joined us in the examining room. Dr. Johnson was showing Sharon just how my restraints were tightened down.

“I want you to tell Sharon how you feel about going through with your therapy.” Dr. Johnson said.

“Sharon, I love you, and I will go through this therapy to prove to you how I do love you.”

“Don, I love you also, but your masturbating will have to stop!” I can’t have a man doing this self gratification when I should be the one he should be pleasing.”

Dr. Johnson at that point broke in, “ Sharon we’re going to have to see it just once more. I am going to have don masturbate right now. I want you and I to watch how he does it, and then we can stop this from happening at any time you don’t first give permission or order him to do it. This is all pat of the indoctrination of his properly giving the female in his life the proper respect and worship that she so rightly deserves. Female Domination of the male in marriage is the coming thing, and you will see right now how it is done and this will not be so much for his pleasure, but his responding to orders from a female, for her pleasure.” My mind was reeling! Female domination? What had I gotten my self into? Just then I saw the nurse take a formed piece of ice and place it in the metal object in my ass. I felt the cold start to spread. It started to get so cold it hurt.

“Don, I am releasing your right hand, and I want you to start to stroke your cock. Slowly! Until I tell you, you may go faster and harder.”

Knowing that there was nothing I could do, I started to stroke my cock.

“See how he lovingly plays with it. It is his life right now, but soon he will know that That is for the pleasure of his woman. Don, I want You to go a little faster. And while we do this I am going to ask You some more questions. I want You to concentrate on the answers and not on your masturbation. I don’t want You to cum till I say You can. If You do there will be con- sequences to bare.”

What now here I am jerking off bound in feminine clothing in front of three women and now I have to answer questions! And what could she mean by consequences?

“Don, have You ever been spanked?”, She asked.

“ not sense I was very young.” I answered.

“and who did this spanking?”

“My Mother. Sometimes my dad, but mostly my mother.”

the pressure was building. I could hardly contain my self the feelings in my cock were growing.

“Nurse, I want You to show don how we spank here.”

What was this? I wondered. The nurse took a short strap and gave me a stroke on my inner thigh. “Ouch!” She then took aim on the other and whacked it too! My thighs stung at these two blows, but more were to come. The nurse started to methodically strap my inner thighs making them sting like hell! Meanwhile the feelings in my cock were about to explode!

“ See Sharon, the discipline is working he’s ready to cum now, but the pain is holding him off.”

“Don, I want You to shoot now, You will have 40 seconds from the time I start this stop watch to cum. If You don’t by that time You will be restrained again and You will lose the privilege of cumming for the next 24 hours, but your spanking will continue.”

I worked my cock as hard as I could, the explosions of the strap on my thighs continued and then! Spurt, spurt spurt. I came That was fine Don, you’ve done your last jerk off for a while! You will be cured of your masturbatory habits now! Nurse restrain his hand again. Don, you will have to endure only two more things today before bed. I am going to show you how we keep hands off of cocks, but first, Sharon has a little present for you.

Sharon took a small box out of her bag. It was wrapped in pink paper with roses on it, and also a pink ribbon and bow. Sharon started to open the present, and showed me what was inside. A Power mini Lokc! Guaranteed bot to break!

What is that for I wondered.

“Nurse get the restraint from the freezer.” I had come to hate that freezer for when the nurse opened it, there was something to make me cold. The nurse came over to me and handed an object to Dr. Johnson.

“Sharon as his bride to be I feel that you should be the one to place it.”

Sharon took the object from the Dr. and showed it to me. Stainless Steel and leather. It looked something like the wire holder for a champagne bottle, but the wire was much bigger and of steal. Sharon then took my cock and placed the cock cage on my tired cock. once it was in the part that looked like the stopper holder she then took the leather strap and put it around my cock and balls. Taking the lock she then locked the strap in place. The meaning of this wasn’t lost on me.

“Don,” Dr. Johnson said, “this is the first step in your domination. You should understand that it is a woman who has placed this on you and it will be that only women from now on have access to your cock. You will notice that you can not get a hard on while wearing this or it will cause you some discomfort, maybe a lot of discomfort.” All three women smiled at this.

“Now for the final thing of the day, Nurse get the enema bag!”

“What! I don’t need an enema! No! Please don’t. I don’t want….”

“See Sharon, this is why we use restraint, and now you will Also see how we keep them quiet.” With that the nurse went back to the freezer and took out a cock gag! She came over to me and forced it into my mouth and then fixed the strap behind my head.

“There isn’t that better ? Now you can say all the words you want but we won’t have to listen to them Don.”

The nurse went to the sink and took a red bag. Filling it and adding some liquid soap, she came over to the table fixed a stand and hung the bag on it. At the end of the hose was a inflatable nozzle nozzle. After greasing it she then started to push it into me. I felt invaded! This rather large thing was going up my ass. Now she fixed it so it wouldn’t come out. Sharon, as the bride to be, I think you should start the water flowing into don. This will symbolize that you are his keeper and woman.

With that Sharon opened the petcock and I felt the invasion of warm ( hot actually ) water start to fill me. It took 10 minutes to empty into me and then the nurse took a clamp and closed off the nozzle.

“Don now comes the time when most men start to fail. You will keep in the water for a while as we explain what is going to happen in the next few months. You see we are going to train you. You will learn how to be pleasing and become a pleasure to your Woman, or any woman for that matter.”

“You, starting when you wake tomorrow, will start learning how to become the sissy that your woman wants you to become. We need to take your masculine aggressiveness and toss it out the window. You must become more like a sissy and give all your attention to your woman. You are here for her.”

“As a Sissy, you will remain male. Here we don’t like to do a full feminization, but rather make the male feel like a sissy. By this I mean you will wear women’s clothing but as a man. You will always be made to feel that you are a sissy man because you are being trained to be feminine, but never loosing that part of you that is manly, well maybe not that manly.”

“Donna (we will use that name from now on) you will learn how to dress, serve, and pleasure your woman. You will fail from time to time but we have discipline for that.”

I was sweating from the hot to warm pressure coming from inside of me, and now hearing this I was even more alarming! “I’m not a sissy, I only used her panties once to masturbate! Please let me up and stop this.” But it didn’t come out that way, to them it sounded only like some distant murmuring. The cock gag in my mouth kept the words from forming.. I sucked on it and licked it as the pressure grew.

The nurse took out a drawer from the table which sat under my ass. Finally I was told to expel the water. It gushed out as I felt much relief. But as this happened the cage on my cock was filed with a sudden growth of my cock as the release of one pressure started another. I felt constricted as the blood flowed to my cock and the strain was unbearable. I was taken off the table finally, and my hands were secured behind my back. The nurse was getting ready to take me to my sleeping area.

“Don, You’ll be staying with us for a while. now that you’ve been cleaned out we won’t have to worry about accidents during the night. You will be in a private room and kept there when not being trained.

The nurse walked me down a corridor and then there was a hallway with many doors off of it. We walked down the hallway and I noticed that on each door there was a window with a shade drawn. We finally came to a door at the end of the room. She opened it and it seemed very empty to me. the only thing there was a stainless steal bed. No covering on it, but attached to each of the bolted down legs were chains and leather cuffs at the ends.

“Take off your things.” the nurse told me as my hands were unsecured.

I took off the pink gown and panties I had on for most of my time here. Standing naked was chilly. I started to get goose bumps.

The nurse had me lay down, and fastened my wrists and ankles to the cuffs there. I felt cold lying there. Se left the room and returned with a hanging bag like the ones you get I V in the hospital. She then took out a needle and fixed it to my hand with tape and attached the tube from the I V bag.

Dr. Johnson and Sharon entered the room.

“See Sharon, we keep them so they can’t masturbate when left alone. And also you see the I V, well We will start a drip with sleeping medicine to keep them quiet all night.”

“Don, its time to start your meds, and I’m going to have Sharon give you your first. I always want you to know that While the nurse and I are your therapists, Sharon is your Bride to Be. And She will be in control of you when you finally leave. Sharon use this ( handing a needle to her ). It will take effect almost as quick as you push the plunger.”

Sharon put the needle in the place and pushed. I felt light headed, and almost immediately felt like I was in another world.

“That’s it, don’t fight the meds, you will come t like them I think. They are a hypnotic, and you will listen to tapes during your stay here and find that you will learn faster.”

The next thing I knew there was the nurse taking out the needle from my hand. She then released my hands and feet. We walked down to the end of the hall into a shower room. She took some nasty smelling stuff and applied it to my body leaving only a portion of the hair around my cock untouched. Attaching my arms to the wall near the shower she left me for about 20 minutes. When she returned she started the shower and all of my body hair came off. I was stripped of my manly hair everywhere but my head and that tiny spot. Handing me a towel to dry myself. she waited.

We next went to a room where there were drawers in the wall. the only other things here were a table with a mirror on it and a hard chair.

“Its time to dress you for your first day of training.” she stated flatly.

Out of the drawer she took a waist chincher, some stockings, panties, a bra, and a slip. She started dressing me, the waist chincher was very tight, I had a hard time catching my breath. Nest came the bra, it had some foam padding in it. next she attached the stockings, saying as she went, “ You will have to learn to do this for your self, tomorrow will be your first time doing it. Next she placed the panties at my feet and I put a leg in each. It was an open crotched panty just like the ones I had on yesterday, but everything was in white, except for the tan stockings. She then put the slip over my head. It was a short one and only came down to the bottom of my panties and If I moved my cock could be seen (in its cage of course) dangling. She then gave me some high heels and sat me down at the dressing table.

“Your make up will be light, we want you to remember your a man, in woman’s clothing and makeup.” My hair was styled much the same as I usually do it, but it had just a slight feminine look. She put on a light liquid, and powder. Eyes were done in earth shades, and brown mascara.

Fastening my hands behind my back again and adding a leather collar and leash, she led me to a staircase and we went down to a large room. I was surprised to see 3 other men dressed like I was/ Each was fastened arms over their heads face to the wall. I was brought next to the last and was fastened in the same manner.

Dr. Johnson entered the room from a door. “ Sissies, its time for your morning spanking. As each of you know, except for you Donna, that we start each and every day with 10 swats of the paddle. This is to remind you that We are in control of your bodies, and that you are under the discipline of women.”

The nurse came over to me and started to give each of my ass cheeks 5 hard swats. Each burned harder than the last, and my ass felt as if it was on fire. I heard the spanks that my 3 companions got.

“Today because of our new member, we’re going to start doing our walking exercises. Sissies I want you all to start to walk around the room, backs strait, small steps, and the nurse will use the crop to help you when you walk.”

We started our walking, and I got spanks on my ass, lower back and legs as I was told how to walk properly in heels. After a time this stooped.

We were told to stand next to each other and then the nurse started to rub my cock through the cage. As it got hard, I started to feel pain as it strained against the cage.

“See Donna, you can’t get a hard on to play with your self.” the Dr. stated.

Each of you are sissy masturbators. You would love to jerk off, but you can’t be- cause your under a woman’s control. Each of us were played with to show this. I could see the look on the faces of my companions as they strained, with out much success not to get hard as they too were rubbed.

“Donna, We’re going to start you on your pleasure of the woman training next. You will be taken to a private room and the nurse will start your instructions, I will come in later to see how your doing.”

I was taken to a room and told to kneel down. I chain was attached to the cage of my cock, and I couldn’t move from that spot. The nurse then attached my wrist cuffs to my ankles so my arms were pulled back in an uncomfortable position.

She then brought a chair and sat down in front of me. she lifted her skirt and under there were the same kind of panties that I was wearing, and out of it came the biggest cock I had ever seen! I was amazed that this very feminine nurse that I had thought of as a woman had a cock. She then instructed me that I was to give her oral sex!

What? I thought, I have to give a blow job to this nurse? She took a crop and struck me on the shoulder get down to it.

I had never done anything like this before. and I was a little scared at the prospect. But there it was and I leaned in and kissed the tip. It felt nice. I licked the tip a bit.

“Get on it and suck, Little girl, you should learn this very well and I can’t think of a better way to start.”

I opened my mouth. The restrictions of the bindings kept me form going too far, but here it was. I had a cock in my mouth for the first time! It felt good. The skin felt silken and the taste of skin was interesting. I also tasted a little salty drop of pre cum. I started moving my mouth up and down the shaft. It was getting more comfortable in there as my jaw muscles got used to being open like this. I worked it with a little more vigor. I felt it start to respond. Sure it was big to start, but as it got harder it stretched my mouth to its fullest.