The Detention Center

One night last year I thought I’d go into the Bar and say Hi to some of the guys (it was a while since I’d been there for a drink). Anyhow later in the evening I met a rather nice looking young man called Wayne, and after a few drinks and a couple of dances…..well to cut a long story short I ended up back at his place.

Good sex, but he’s not into enemas. When I was asking him about enemas he told me a very interesting story that I know you will enjoy. When he was younger, about 16 he’d been a bit of a problem child and for a while he was placed in a Welfare Detention Center; and that’s where the story got interesting.

Apparently when each new youth is admitted, they not only undergo a full body inspection including a “…bend over and grab your ankles…” while a gloved finger probes their arse, but before they are allowed to mix with other detainees, they get a compulsory 2 quart enema (soap and water plus Epsom salts) to make sure they are clean and not concealing any drugs. As there is usually some protesting by the youth concerned there is always at least one officer present to hold them down on the examination table while the Nurse (female) administers the enema, and if the kid kicks up too much fuss, he’s secured with ‘restraints’ and she use a inflatable nozzle nozzle to make sure all the enema is taken (as he described it, “a long tube that expands inside your arse so you can’t shit”).

But that’s not the only time they are forced to take an enema. Frequently boys are placed in a ‘solitary’ room (usually 48 hrs, sometimes longer), because of an infringement or something similar - he found himself there several times during his time there. However, isolation is not the only thing that happens. Sometime during the night, two of the Night Officers come into the room and bring with them a trolley. They lock the door and pushing the trolley so it can be clearly seen, tell the inmate that he is now going to get the rest of his punishment….something to make them remember their time here. On the trolley is a large irrigation enema can (full), another large container (full), a leather paddle, some rubber gloves and of course an enema hose, complete with a long thick snub-nosed end pipe.

One of the guards (he’s been there for about ten years) usually points to the enema can and say’s “…you know what this is for don’t you ?” It appears he gets a quite charge out of giving enemas. The guy must then strip and bend over the end of the bed while he gets 5 or 6 good whacks with the paddle.

Straight after that one of the officers straddles him so he can’t move and wearing rubber gloves spreads the cheeks of the kid’s bum. Immediately the older guard pushes the enema up the kid’s arse and let’s it empty into his bowels. But that’s only the half of it. While the basic enema is soap and water, there is always something added which makes holding it very difficult.

Once they’ve given him the enema, they make him hold it for at least 15 minutes, and if he doesn’t…he gets another six whacks and the enema is repeated, this time with a inflatable nozzle firmly in position up his arse. It is not removed until it is time to release the enema.

So this was why he didn’t like enemas - pity it could have been fun…..for me at least.

According to Wayne this happens each night (sometimes they get woken up) and has been going on at the Welfare Center for several years and is accepted as part of the discipline.