The District Nurse

By Anonymous

It was trash day and I was off work as I had some chores around the house to do. My wife was out visiting her mother who was ill.

I’d observed DN Val. For non UK readers a DN stands for District Nurse. These are community based nurses working a “district” for a local health authority. They are based at Centers or doctor’s surgeries, but operate from home, only calling in or ringing in to base to get their list of “clients”, as they refer to the patients they visit. They do discharge from hospital follow-ups, with wound care or injections at home, deliver incontinence supplies, give enemas, carry out catheter care and in certain districts they also act as midwives. They are hospital trained with extra training for their independent role. They tend to be very confidant and extrovert. There are different grades according to experience.

Val was a Sister i.e. the most experienced DN in the field doing Nursing. Higher grades would be in education and admin.

She put out her trash, before she went on duty. She was wearing her usual royal blue, short sleeved, uniform dress, with the pleated skirt and shoulder pleats. It was piped white on the cuffs and collar. She went back indoors, and came back out with her case and shoulder bag and got into her car and drove off. I noticed that she had put next to her bin a carrier bag. I wondered if it might have some nursing mags in it. I love looking at pictures of nurses and fantasizing about receiving treatments from them !

Once her husband and the rest of the street had gone to work, I took a stroll down the street. I could see that there were no mags in the bag, but further up her drive, near her garage door, I could see a box with at least one and maybe more, nursing mags sticking out of it.

Presumably it was meant for the trash, but had been forgotten. There was no one about, and once I was in her drive, I was fairly safe from being seen, so I ran in and up to the box. It appeared full of mags. It was then that I made a big mistake! Instead of grabbing the box and making a quick getaway I looked in it. I suppose I wanted to check it was all full of nursing mags, but suddenly Val’s white car drove back into her drive. Presumably she’d forgotten some patient’s notes and had come back for them. I was trapped!

She drove right up to me and stopped the car. She got out and stood there looking at me. She had her hands on her hips, her legs were spread, pulling open the concealed pleats on her uniform skirt. This morning she had her black belt on, which I always preferred as it gave her royal blue uniform shape, and empathized her breasts. She had her navy wool nurse’s cardigan on, with the sleeves pulled up to elbow length, which always turned me on as I felt it meant she was ready for work. Her piped white collar was turned out over her cardigan’s neck.

Finally she said “WELL, WHAT do you think you’re doing?” I stuttered out that I wanted the mags, that I thought they were for the trash, I was sorry etc. I was looking down at her well polished, black, lace up, nursing shoes while I was saying this as I couldn’t look her in the eye. I couldn’t help wondering if she was wearing stockings or tights today (they were black) in spite of the fix I was in.

“I think you’d better come in,” she said, “while I decide what I’m going to do about this.” She unlocked the door and I went into the house with her.

We sat down on her sofa and she got the whole story from me as to why I wanted the mags for masturbation at the pictures of uniforms and how turned on I was by pictures of nurses in uniform. She had a sly smile on her face as I blabbed out my story, while my face was going redder and redder by the minute at the humiliation of telling it. It didn’t help that I noticed, as my eyes were averted, that she sat with her skirt pulled tight, so I could see the outline of the suspender buttons, confirming she was wearing stockings. I could also see one of her spare uniforms hanging on a hanger awaiting ironing. It was a gorgeous white one, with a mandarin collar and concealed popper fastening. There was navy blue piping, on not only the collar and sleeves, but also on the top of the two front patch pockets. She wore that when she deputized for the Practice Nurse at a local village Doctor’s Surgery every other weekend as a second job. I’d found out she did that, as it was mother in law’s doctor, and she’d told me she had seen Val there.

Practice Nurses work only in the surgery, but many functions overlap with a DNs, though they tend to look down on them. I was worried she might tell mother in law. Then I would really be dead!.

“Well,” she said. “What am I going to do about this? Shall I call the police? Shall I tell your wife? Shall I also tell your mother in law?”

I begged her not to do any of these as I stared at her well worn black lace ups.

“I know you’ve been spying on me as well, so it’s time you were brought to justice!” she said. She thought for a minute. “I think I shall have to punish you in my own way.” she said menacingly. “You can not get away with this lightly. Are you willing to accept my punishment, if I agree not to tell anyone about you?”

I felt I had no choice but to agree, though I was a bit worried as to exactly what she had in mind !

She took me upstairs and into a small back bedroom. “Strip,” she said.

I did as I was told. She picked up my clothes and went out of the room. She came back without them, carrying a white examination gown and a roll of red rubber bed sheeting.

“Put this on,” she said giving me the skimpy gown. “I’ve got to get some things from the car,” she said.

“Shouldn’t you be on duty ?” I managed to say, thinking it might be my escape route.

“No. I’ve finished today,” she said. “I only went to see 2 clients this morning as a special favor to help out, I shouldn’t be working today!”

Just my luck I thought. She put down the sheet and went out. I heard a key turn in the lock. I was trapped. I spotted a pair of well worn white Nursemates in the corner of the room, probably the ones she wore when in the white uniform downstairs, and I consoled myself examining those while I waited for her return. It kept my mind off what the large hook in the ceiling might be for!

She came back in five minutes with her cases. She spread the rubber sheet out over the bed and went back out. She came back with a big enamel jug. I estimated it must have at least 3 liters in it as she needed two hands to carry it. I could see it was full of hot water by the steam coming off the surface.

I suddenly realized, as she put the huge jug down, and got a funnel and plastic tube out of her case that I was going to get an enema !