The Doc and His Daughter

By Anonymous

This is a story about Charles and his 16 year old daughter Danielle. Charles is a practicing pediatrician and has been for 20 years now. He has always been a very regimented person and keeps very strict control over Danielle’s activities. Danielle doesn’t always agree with everything her father tells her or asks her to do, but she does it anyway. Charles is very detailed in every aspect of his work.

One day this week Danielle felt a cold coming on. She was not happy to come to this conclusion because she knew she would be under the watchful eye of her father, and this would certainly call for an examination by her father.

She came home from school and put her books down on the table. Her father was sitting in his chair reading the newspaper. Danielle’s nose was already starting to run. “Sniff sniff…” she couldn’t hold it back.

Her father looked up from his paper and said “Come over here young lady.” She walked over to her father’s side. He reached up, felt her forehead and he asked “Are you coming down with a cold?”

She replied “I don’t know…”

He looked her in the eyes and said “Well, go up and get in bed, I’ll be up in a minute.”

Danielle did as her father had asked. As she was climbing the stairs, she felt the tightness in her stomach as she realized she was soon to be examined.

Charles waited about 5 minutes, then put the paper down and went upstairs, stopping first at his bathroom to get his doctor’s bag. He walked softly down the hall and entered Danielle’s room. As he stands in the doorway, he notices Danielle is sitting on her bed wearing only her red and white polka-dotted underpants and an undershirt. She has her headphones on and is listening to music.

Danielle looks up and sees him standing there with the doctors bag and takes off the headphones. He doesn’t need to say a thing, Danielle knows what’s coming. He sits down next to her on the bed and opens his doctor’s bag. As Danielle looks on with suspense, he pulls out a jar of Vaseline and puts it down on the nightstand. Then he reaches back in and pulls out a clear tube containing a slender glass piece with a red tab at the top and a shiny silver bulb at the other end. He sets it down on the nightstand.

Turning to Danielle he says “OK, roll over onto your stomach!”

Danielle looks up and says “Can’t we do the kind for the mouth?”

His answer was a firm “You know its not as accurate dear!” to which she moans “Ooooohhh…” and turns over. She sticks her perfectly formed ass at him, her underwear tucked tight into her crack, and settles into position. She can’t help but look back as her father grabs her waistband and peels back the pink material, leaving her naked white buttocks exposed.

Charles reaches for the thermometer case and Vaseline. He pops off the lid of the jar onto the bed, exposing the supply of well-used lubricant with dozens of tell-tale holes in it. He takes the thermometer out and holds it under the light of her nightstand lamp, rolling it in his fingers looking for imperfections, and satisfied there are none, gives it a few swift snaps to shake it down.

Danielle lets out another moan of protest “Oooohhh!” as Charles pokes the entire length of the glass stem into the creamy Vaseline. He wiggles it around a bit and pulls it out to inspect the greasy coating. He reaches over Danielle and with his left hand firmly parts her buttocks. Her round pink anal opening comes into clear view. With insertion imminent at this point, Danielle grunts her final protest “Dooon’t put it in!”

“Just relax, it’ll only take a second!” Charles says. He nudges the bulb of the thermometer into the center of her anal opening. The sensation causes her buttocks to tightened up, but his grip is strong, and the thermometer continues inward, slowly and smoothly. When he had inserted two-thirds of it’s length, he switches his hand to the outside of her buttocks and holds them closed. He helps Danielle relax by rubbing her back and buttocks.

After about 30 seconds Danielle asks “Can’t you take it out now?”

Charles twirls the thermometer around to see the reading and says “Not yet…” After another 2 minutes, he spreads her buttocks and wisps the thermometer out. Looking at the thermometer again under the light he announces a temperature of 100.6 degrees.

“You’re definitely sick young lady!” Charles says placing the thermometer down on the nightstand. Reaching into his bag again, Charles says “I’m going to give you a digital exam… Up on your knees.”

Danielle looks back again and says “Do I have to!?”

“Yes, you don’t have a choice!” replies Charles. Danielle reluctantly gets up to her knees and bends over against her pillow. Charles reaches into his bag and pulls out a latex glove. Placing it on his right hand, he runs it around the edge of the Vaseline jar. “Easy does it” he tells his daughter as his finger enters her stretched rectal entrance.

“Rub your stomach slowly” he tells her as his finger goes deeper and deeper into her young behind. Moving it around inside her he feels she’s full and says “You need to go to the bathroom right away!” and sends her off to the bathroom.