The Doctor Is In

Chapter 1

My Dearest Jennifer,

“Are you ready to go out and see the sights of San Francisco? We can go up to Coit Tower, drive down Lombard street, and I especially want to see the model boat basin in Golden Gate Park that I loved as a kid. I wish Sutro’s hadn’t burned down. It was the greatest!”

As we drove through the Presidio and wandered towards the Cliff House, you mention that all the travelling has left you with an upset stomach. Not really sick so much as the blahs from too much hotel food and time zone changes. Continuing past the park, I take a left at the first street, Lincoln, and start looking for a pharmacy. On the corner of 40th is a sign in the window of the corner townhouse: “Dr. Campbell, Hydrotherapy and Bowel Disorders - Walk-ins Welcome.”

“That place looks like it might be even better than a pharmacy. Why don’t you run in and see if they can help you while I wait here. Parking looks pretty tough today.” A few moments later, you return and tell me they say they can help, and to come by in two hours to pick you up. “OK, I’ll go over to the park and watch the model boats, and then meet you here at 3pm.”

You return to the small lobby on the second floor, and the young nurse tells you that the doctor will see you in a few moments, and asks you to step into a small examination room. Handing you a white paper gown, she asks you to please disrobe and don the gown while she takes down your insurance information, and a short medical history. Hanging your clothes on the coat rack and chair, you wrap the paper gown around you, feeling naked in spite of the gown. Finishing up, the pretty nurse asks you to sit up on the end of the examination table to wait for the doctor.

After the usual wait, the doctor knocks and opens the door. He is about 50, gray hair, and glasses, looking very professional in his white lab coat. You feel more comfortable dealing with a more mature man, rather than some kid barely out of school. After listening to your malady, he suggests a more through exam, starting with blood pressure, pulse, and the usual tests. Finding those within normal parameters, he says, “I need to take your temperature, and I would like to have my nurse present if you don’t mind. She is still in school and tries to get as much practical experience as possible here three days a week.”

The young nurse enters the room with a wheeled tray, covered with a white cloth. Placing the cart near the end of the table, she asks you to turn over and lay full length on the table. “I’m going to use a rectal thermometer, since they give a much more accurate measurement. So just relax, it won’t hurt a bit.”

As you lay face down on the table, you hear a rustling of paper as your gown is raised to your waist, leaving your rounded cheeks bare and exposed. As the doctor looks on, the nurse spreads your cheeks, baring your little crinkled rosebud, and squeeze out a large drop of cool gel from a tube. You clench your cheeks at the cool touch, but as you relax, you feel the nurse’s well trimmed finger spreading the lube over your rosebud. As her fingertip penetrates your sphincter, you feel it sliding up your dark passage, a tingling feeling spreading throughout your body, centered on that special area. You suppress a low groan of pleasure, as the pretty nurse slides her finger in and out a number of times. You think to yourself: ‘She must feel my contractions as she moves her finger in and out!’ But without a word, the nurse finally withdraws her slippery finger. A moment later you feel the cool tip of the thermometer replacing her finger. As she slides it inside you slowly, you feel the creeping coolness penetrate you deeply.

Holding her hand lightly across your cheeks, the thermometer captured between her fingers, she tells you it will take a few minutes for it to register. The cool probe inside your dark passage, the exposed feeling of having the mature doctor standing beside the pretty young nurse as she takes your temperature makes your velvet valley start to moisten with an unmistakable urge to be filled. You fantasize that the doctor will explore your tunnel of love, probing with his rigid member rather than a cold metallic instrument. You even picture the nurse holding your dripping lips apart with one hand as she guides his throbbing member to the winking opening, keeping her hand wrapped around it as she guides it inside you. The mental images, the sounds, the smells of the office only serve to cause you to literally drip, your little nubbin standing out with pride, and your coral nipples to erect fully. You grip the edge of the table and try to avoid squirming with unsatisfied passion, as the nurse’s hand remains holding the thermometer.

Finally, with a nod from the doctor, the nurse starts to withdraw the now warm glass instrument. Looking at it carefully, she says, “Well, it’s a little above normal today, maybe due to the change of diet with all your travelling. Based on the tests we have run so far, I think rather than any specific medication, a small series of enemas will have you up and running in no time!”

While you certainly did not come here for an enema, the thought of feeling better shortly was very appealing Besides, maybe an enema would stem the electric tingling spreading through your pelvic region. The doctor tells you that he will give you a warm water and soap enema first, followed by one or two of plain water as a rinse.

“For the first one, I would like you up on your knees, with your head and shoulders down on the table. Sally will place a small pillow there…. yes, up a little more…for your comfort. We will start in just a minute, so just stay like that.”

“OK, Sally, test the water like I showed you yesterday, and we are ready to proceed.”

Sally again places a large drop of the cool lube on your rosebud, working it deeply inside your rectum. again you feel that tingling from the erotic friction of her finger as it moves back and forth. That, and your exposed position makes you feel that your passion and excitement will be clearly seen. With your knees slightly apart, your silken valley is very visible, your inner lips engorged, and your portal draining slightly, the sweet essence flowing over your little nubbin which peeks out of it’s hood.

Sally finally slides her finger back out, leaving you feeling empty back there, wanting something to fill the void. Something to hopefully quench the passion in your loins. The nurse spreads your cheeks and places the cool nozzle in the center of your little brown rosebud, and with a slight twist, slowly begins to push it inside you. Your sphincter clenches tightly at the cool intrusion, but the relentless advance of the nozzle soon has it seated fully inside your rectum. Your cheeks tighten with anticipation of the flow, as if to grip the nozzle. The nurse opens the clamp, starting the warm flow. You feel the warmth spread out inside you, a gentle flood that serves to intensify your erotic feelings. The warmth seems to concentrate all your sensations in your love triangle. rather than the distraction you had hoped for, you find that the enema is concentrating and intensifying your feelings. You again imagine the doctor probing your depths as the water fills your bowels.

Just before you are tempted to moan with pleasure, the doctor says, “While we wait for the bag to empty, I see no reason to delay the rest of my examination.” Trading places with Sally at the end of the table, he reaches forward and spreads the wet inner lips guarding your passage. “I see we will not need any lubrication today. I’m sure you don’t like that cold stuff any more than I do.”

As you lay there, feeling the warm flow filling your insides, the doctor slowly inserts two fingers into your steaming portal. You are only a bit embarrassed as your contractions seem to pull his fingers inside you ever deeper. It feels so good as his fingers probe deeply. If he hits that special spot towards the front, you know you will get off in a flash. doctor, or no doctor!

“Sally, would you mind doing a breast exam please while I’m busy here? I’ll keep an eye on the nozzle for you. The bag is almost empty anyway.”

Oh. No! One touch of her delicate hands on your fully erect nipples will send you over the edge. You will risk breaking the poor doctor’s fingers with your powerful contractions. As Sally’s hands cup your full breasts, you cry out as your stunning orgasm overwhelms you. Clamping down on the probing fingers in a series of rhythmic contractions, it is all that you can do to retain the enema inside you, churning, moving, building a pressure of it’s own.

As you finally start to relax a little, the doctor says to Sally, “You can stop your exam for a moment. I think our patient needs to get up. She is much more relaxed now, and probably needs to expel rather urgently.”

With that, you open your tightly shut eyes, and slowly and carefully get off the table. As you go into the small bathroom adjacent to the office, the nurse is filling the bag again, and lubricating a complicated device of tubes, bladders and bulbs. The doctor’s lab coat is bulging in the front as he turns to look at something on the wall. Does he have an erection from giving you an enema while probing the hot steamy depths of you love passage?

Chapter 2

My Lovely Jennifer,

I left you in the doctor’s office, just coming out of the bathroom after your first enema. The doctor is reading something on the wall, and Sally, the young and pretty nurse has just finished changing the paper on the examination table. You are not sure, but it seemed that the doctor’s lab coat was bulging out as he turned to the wall. Was that an erection???

“Well, let’s have you back up on the table again, please. It seemed that you found the experience not too uncomfortable, and I think you will find this second enema equally pleasant.”

“Sally, I want her on her back this time, please.” as Sally positions you on the table, the doctor stands between your slightly spread legs. You feel his cool hands spread your cheeks apart, baring you little crinkled rosebud to the air. You feel the cool touch of the lubricant as his fingers spread it around your opening, and tighten up just a little as his slippery fingers start to invade your secret passage. The smooth friction as he moves his finger in and out makes you tingle with anticipation. You wonder if this second enema will arouse you as much as the last one. Far too soon, the doctor’s finger is slowly withdrawn, leaving you feeling empty back there.

“Sally, watch closely how we position this inflatable nozzle tube. Note that both balloons are fully deflated, and the first is completely lubricated for easy insertion.” You once again feel the doctor’s hand spread your cheeks, and are surprised at how the first part of the tube slides in so easily. With a twisting motion, he continues to push it inside you until the first balloon disappears completely. As the doctor starts to inflate the first balloon, you feel it inflate inside you, causing the tube to slide in just a little bit. As the second balloon is inflated on the outside, partly buried between your round cheeks, the two combine to form a firm water tight seal. You feel a slight fullness, but are unable to relax your sphincter at all, captured between the two inflated balloons.

Standing between your slightly spread legs, the doctor attaches the tubing from the large red enema bag hanging on the stand, and upon unclamping the tube starts the flow of warm water into you bowels. The warm liquid extrudes a feeling of warmth throughout your pelvic area, concentrating all your feelings in that sensitive area. You wonder if you will again become aroused by this second enema. But it does feel so good going in!

After a few minutes of building pressure and passion, you mention to the doctor that a little cramping is starting. Stopping the flow he says, “Up on your knees then, no, keep your head down on the pillow. I will massage your stomach which will serve to relieve the cramping.”

With your cheeks in the air, and legs spread out to the edge of the table, the doctor reaches between your legs and starts to massage your stomach. It feels wonderful, and it also relieves your cramping. Leaving one hand on your stomach, he again starts the flow of water. Again the feeling of warmth concentrates all your attention on your pelvic area. While one passage is so delightfully filled, your love tunnel is tingling, craving something to fill it up also. With the return of the warm flow, you bear down a little, brushing your fine, but damp, hairs against the forearm of the doctor as he massages your stomach. You are surprised when rather than flinching, he presses his arm against your love triangle. With a sigh, and abandonment of all modesty, you begin to rub your velvet valley against his arm! you can feel your little nubbin, fully erect and exposed, slide across his arm. Oooohhhhh, that feels so good, enhanced by the flow of the enema.

after a few moments, the doctor says, “It seems that you are enjoying this enema even more than your first. Would you like me to ease your passion a bit?”

With a groan, you say, “Oh, please do. I want to be completely filled, please hurry!”

“Sally, if you are finished with your breast examination, would you please step around here and assist me?” With a nod, Sally stands up beside you and adjusts the flow of water to a trickle. She then unzips the doctor’s pants and draws out a large, throbbing member. As it points towards your dripping passage, Sally places a low stool at the foot of the table. As the doctor stands up on the stool, Sally grasps the rigid shaft and guides the purple, swollen head to your gapping lips, dripping with your essence of love. Your portal opens and closes with the anticipation of being filled with the massive member. Placing the head at your entrance, she keeps her delicate hand around it as it slowly disappears inside your slick portal.

The continued flow of the enema amplifies the erotic feeling of penetration as the doctor slides his now slick shaft deeply inside you. The fullness of your rectum causes your love passage to grip his member tightly as he glides in and out silently. Just when you are getting used to the erotic friction, Sally reaches under you and starts to stroke your little nubbin with her finger. You begin a small series of contractions, your insides flexing with all the water you have taken, your slick tunnel gripping and releasing the doctor’s strong shaft. Finally, the doctor stops the flow of water, and disconnects the rubber tube, but the inflatable nozzle nozzle prevents even a drip from escaping your flooded rectum. You feel his cool hands massaging your round cheeks in time with his slow strokes, as Sally continues to stroke the little man in the hood. You have never experienced such a concentrated set of feelings before! The enema has amplified and enhanced the slick friction of your love tunnel, and the rhythmic thrusting seems to slosh the water back and forth inside your bowels.

You feel the beginnings of a huge orgasm building inside you as the doctor’s rhythmic strokes continue. With a sudden crash of emotions you cry out as your sweet tunnel squeezes tightly, and your bowels seek release at the same time. Your initial contraction releases the pent up flood from the doctor’s mighty member, splashing your love tunnel with jets of steaming sperm. The sudden spray causes you to experience a continuing series of gut wrenching contractions, heightened by the large enema held prisoner inside you by the inflatable nozzle nozzle.

Squirming, impaled on the throbbing shaft, you try to expel the water, only to be foiled by the inflated balloons. Each contraction of your bowels only triggers another massive orgasm as your hot passage milks the doctor’s shaft.

Finally, with a contented sigh, you slump down on the table, the doctor’s slick and shiny shaft slowly sliding out with a plop. Your eyes closed, you savor the glowing after effects of a most satisfying orgasm. your love passage tingling with pleasure, your rectum bathed with warm water, and the doctor’s soft caress on your cheeks.

Sally finally says, “If you are ready to get up now, I will help you to the bathroom, where we can remove that tube so you can expel.” Rolling off the table, you stagger, bow legged, to the small room, where after sitting down, Sally deflates the inner balloon and slowly withdraws the special nozzle. No sooner has the slender tip left the slippery grip of your crinkled rosebud, than the water starts to gush out in splashing torrents.

After a while you come back into the office, weak, but feeling much better. The doctor is making a few notes at the small desk in the corner, and he turns and says, “It’s too bad your husband is waiting outside. I was just about to give Sally an enema, and was hoping you might be free to assist.”

Explaining that you had better be going, you pick up a business card in case you need to return while in San Francisco.

Entering the waiting room, you see me reading a magazine. As I look up, you tell me we will need to pick up a few things at the drug store, but otherwise we are all set. As we walk down the stairs to the street, you say, “The doctor said I will need some help tonight with my medication if you don’t mind, and I think it might help you too. I found his treatment to be very effective for me, and I don’t see why it won’t work for you too.”

“Maybe it will be a good night to stay in, and get to bed early.”