The Doctor

As I peered over my magazine to look at the clock, the receptionist opened the door and announced “The doctor will see you now.” I knew she was speaking to me, I was the only one left in the waiting room. And I had been left sitting there for over an hour and a half. I was starting to get irritated then decided against it as the office accepted me, a new patient, as an emergency. What I was here for was not an emergency, but I knew if I told them the truth, it could be a month or two before I would get an appointment. I couldn’t wait that long, I’m a very impatient person.

The nurse instructed me to remove my clothing and put on the gown she had lain on the examining table. It was one of those ugly light blue things that you wear with the opening in the front. With the opening in the front - why wear a gown at all. I could never figure that out. As she left - she told me the doctor would be with me shortly. “Right”, I muttered under my breath. “That’s what they all say”.

I removed my black silk blouse and neatly hung it on the back of the chair. I slipped off my tight black skirt and lay it on the seat of the chair. Sitting on the edge, I unfastened my garter belt clips and slid down my black hose. I removed the garter belt and my bra, and lay it all on top of my skirt. I don’t wear panties. With this being a “spur-of-the-moment” doctor visit, I was glad I had shaven both my legs and my pussy that morning in the shower.

I placed the gown on, but it wouldn’t close over my large breasts. “Damn these things”, I whispered, “why even bother”. I climbed onto the examining table and sat with my legs crossed and head tilted back, resting my weight on my hands. I hated waiting, could be doing so many other fun things. I casually swung one leg as I sat bored in the miniature office.

After a short while, I heard rustling outside of the door, I knew I was next as it was the doctor scanning my chart before entering the room. I stayed in my “bored” position. I wanted him to realize that I was not too happy to be kept waiting two hours after my scheduled appointment. “Calm yourself, Cheri”, I told myself, “he is a busy man”.

The door swung open and in stepped a beautiful specimen of manhood. If I hadn’t been trying to look so damned bored, I probably would have fallen off the table. He stood about 5’11” and had gorgeous shoulder length black hair. It was so black and shiny it looked like a superbly polished onyx. Under long thick eyelashes were sparkling emerald green eyes. This one was a pure gem. I could see his thick build under the cover of his lab coat. His well muscled thighs enhanced by a pair of tight Levi’s. There was a huge bulk in the front of his jeans. My nipples became hard imagining what was Levi and what was the doctor. I licked my lips and sensually came to a full sitting position.

As he was about to greet me, the nurse approached from behind. I heard her remind him that he had previously given her permission to leave earlier than normal and that she was departing if he needed nothing further. “I’m fine Lois, just switch the phones over to the answering service before you leave.” She smiled then turned to me. “It is policy to have another person available during a visit - if you don’t feel comfortable with the doctor, I can stay”. Still daydreaming about the possible manhood tucked in his pants, I muttered “I’ll be fine - you go ahead”. With that, she turned and left.

“Hello, Ms. Lacey, I’m Dr. Shaughnessy” he spoke in a deep and sexy voice. His voice alone was enough to get my juices flowing. “Please call me Cheri, doctor”. I replied, Ms. Lacey makes me feel older than I am. Besides everyone calls me Cheri”. He nodded and placed his left ass cheek on the corner of his desk. Pulling a pen from his lab coat pocket, he proceeded to ask me several questions, noting my responses in my chart.

“Just what brings you here today, Ms…, I mean Cheri?” I shifted slightly as I thought of the proper way to begin. “I want you to make me pregnant”, I blurted out. “I see,” he said as he peeked at me and gave me a devilish grin. I knew it sounded all wrong as soon as the words passed my lips. My face blushed several shades of pink all the way down to my cleavage.

“I mean, I want to get pregnant, I don’t have a boyfriend, so I thought you could arrange to give me some sperm.” I tried again. This time it sounded worse than the first. His eye lids lowered slightly and I saw him stir a little. There was the grin again. “You want me to give you my sperm, Cheri?” he asked cockily. I bowed my head and began to blush again. My long, wavy auburn hair falling over my creamy white shoulders. I was afraid to open my mouth and try again. But, “how could it get worse”, I thought??

“Dr. Shaughnessy”, I began slowly, “I want to have a pre-pregnancy check up and arrange for artificial insemination.” There, I said it. It sounded much better the third time. I raised my head to look at him, embarrassed at my previous statements. He smiled and rose from the desk. I understood what you meant Ms. Lacey, just having a little fun.” “Cheri”, I spoke just above a whisper. He began to move towards me, slowly. The closer he came, the more beautiful his features were. I took in the length of his body as he moved in my direction. I noticed the bulge in the front of his pants was considerably larger. “Cheri.” he repeated huskily and licked his lower lip. A shiver ran up and down my spine at the sound of my name on his tongue. Oh, how I wanted the rest of me on his tongue as well. My nipples grew and poked through the thin material of the gown. Half of each breast was showing as well as my abdomen. A sheet lay over my lap covering my hot, wet pussy.

He cleared his throat and slid over the stool to the foot of the examining table. He instructed me to lie back. In doing so, the gown opened completely and fell to the sides of my body, my firm breasts fully exposed, each nipple taut, begging for attention. “Call me Lance since we are on a first name basis, it’s only fair.” he stated as he began to massage my right breast. He slowly moved in a circle from the outside of my breast toward my nipple, checking for lumps. “Okay, Lance.” I spoke quietly and wet my lips. He lightly flicked my right nipple before moving to my left breast. A small gasp escaped my lips. His eyes were intensely staring into mine. He spoke not a word. When he reached the nipple on my left breast, he gave it a light flick also. This was not my first internal examination and I clearly did not remember that being part of my other exams. He left my breasts exposed as he moved towards the stool.

“Your breasts are fantastic” he announced, then quickly added “I detected no lumps”, in his best “doctor” voice. A gush of juices slipped from between my pussy lips, dampening the cloth on the table beneath my ass. “Thank you…DR…..Lance.” I purred.

He pulled the stirrups forward and guided my ass to the edge of the table, he gently raised each leg and placed them in their respective spots. I was completely exposed to this man, wetness and all. I shuddered at the thought of his face buried in my pussy. “Cold?”, he asked, “Want me to turn up the heat?”. I looked at the handsome man between my spread thighs and saw a wicked grin. “I’m fine really, thanks.”

“I’m going to insert a piece of equipment into your vagina and take a small sample of the tissue of your cervix, it won’t hurt a bit” he announced.

“You’re not my first, Doc.” I said, wishing it would never have come out. What was wrong with me today?

He pulled a horrid silver piece of equipment from a warmer and turned on the portable lamp, shining it’s heat and brightness directly onto my cunt. I could swear I heard him vocalize his approval of my shaved cunt. “Breathe deeply”, he announced as I felt the heat of the equipment touch the edges of my pussy. I inhaled deeply and felt the warmth slide into me and open me like a blooming flower. I felt him tickle my insides while taking his specimen. That horrid thing didn’t feel bad heated up. Usually doctors just stick it in cold. What a shock ! They wouldn’t want that thing stuck in their private parts - let alone have it be cold also!

I saw him put the swab on a glass microscope slide and spray it with some chemical. He laid it aside and said “That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

“No, not at all.” I replied knowing that the piece of equipment was still inside of me. I could feel him running his fingers along the edges of my pussy lips, wetness escaped my spread hole and slid down to my ass. A great sigh escaped my lips and I wriggled forward. I felt him remove the piece gently and heard him lay it on the table. He removed the sheet that was covering the lower portion of my belly and gave me full view of his face between my thighs.

I’d never thought of a man as beautiful before. But this one surely was. He was perfect looking with hard chiseled features that made him appear sexy and not harsh. His eyes were half closed and his lips were glistening with newly placed saliva. An ache grew in my belly and spread to my pussy. My full breasts swelled with arousal and my nipples were standing at attention. I saw the lusty feeling I felt in his eyes also. “Please” was all I could muster as I arched my back - leaving no room for doubt.

He rose and unzipped his jeans and slid them down his thick, tan thighs. Wispy black hair covered his muscular legs. I wanted to reach forward and massage them. I diverted my gaze slowly to his manhood still entrapped in his briefs. It was large and thick. At least 9 inches if not more and almost as thick as a cucumber. I moaned loudly as I anticipated his entry. He removed his white shirt and let me bask in his glorious chest and abdomen. He’s one of the few men I’ve seen in person with a “six-pack”. His chest was large and defined. His nipples were erect. His chest was finely covered with the same wispy black hair that was on his thighs. “I could get lost with a man like this”, I thought.

He removed his briefs and stepped towards me. I sat up slightly and removed my gown. it was serving no purpose as it was and would make a great pillow. Then I would be able to have a better view of his cock thrusting in and out of my pussy.

He re-positioned my bottom at the edge of the table, my legs still in the stirrups, with one hand on each hip. He placed his cock at my opening and slid in only half of the head. I moaned and arched my back causing the entire head to become enveloped. We were both so hot. He smiled wickedly at me and shoved his entire length to the hilt. I screamed with pleasure. I’d never felt so “full” in my life. He thrust his manhood several times very quickly. I almost lost my breath. Tingles were covering my entire body and shooting up and down my spine. My breasts jiggled with each thrust and ached for attention.

He reached up and grabbed my ankles and changed tempo. He began to fuck me with very long strokes, teasing me. I couldn’t hold out much longer. His pelvic bone was rubbing against my clit with each stroke. He licked the inside of my ankle with his tongue in that oh- so-sensitive spot and ran his finger along the arch of my foot. I knew I was about to cum.

“Lance…….” I moaned his name aloud, panting. He took his cue and quickened his thrusts to match the bucking of my hips. He grabbed me around the waist and began to fuck me fast and hard. I felt my pussy muscles tighten as my orgasm began to over take me. As my muscles began to clench his enlarged member, I felt him stop suddenly and moan quite loudly. I felt his cock shoot a fantastic load into my deep cunt. It was a few minutes before we were both finished. He leaned forward and rested his face on my stomach. He gently licked my navel, causing me to squirm. “Ticklish”, he announced. I nodded in agreement. Too spent to answer with words. After several minutes of his tongue exploring my abdomen, he rose to a standing position and removed his still erect cock. I couldn’t believe it was still hard. “You are my kind of man”, I whispered loudly. “As you are my kind of woman”, he replied.

He gently removed my legs from the stirrups and lifted me to a sitting position. He kissed me deeply exploring my mouth with his expert tongue. He pressed his chest into mine and our nipples touched sending jolts of electricity through out my body.

“I’m going to have you schedule an appointment three times a week until we can get you pregnant”, he spoke matter-of-factly. “We aim to please here. We shoot for 100% success and satisfaction”.

With a satisfied grin, he ushered me to the door and gave me a long deep kiss. I felt as though I were melting in his arms. “I’d gladly come back five times a week.” I thought to myself as I left the building.