The Eight Hour Purge

The day started like any other Monday morning. My two sisters, Karen and Kathy, were yelling back and forth as each tried to get as much time in front of the bathroom mirror as possible. Just like any other school day! Except, of course, I knew that this day was not going to be an ordinary day. My mom, an RN at the local hospital, had declared this day to be a punishment day for me. I waited in bed as my sisters got ready for high school. Mom had already written a note for them to take to the principal explaining my absence. As I listened to the normal noises of the morning, my mind wandered back to the events of yesterday which got me in trouble.

Most Sundays, Karen is at the hospital working as a candy-striper and Kathy is at work downtown at the mall. Mom usually plays cards with some of her friends around noontime, so I pretty much have the house to myself. This time I decided to attempt to open the locked travel case which was at the bottom of my mom’s closet. I had suspected for some time that this was were she kept something valuable since it was buried in the back of her walk-in closet. I pulled the case out in to the center of the closet and after struggling for awhile, I managed to spring the lock, tipping the case and allowing the contents to tumble out on to the floor. Looking at all of it, I couldn’t figure out what the stuff was, let alone why mom had it locked up. There just seemed to be plastic and rubber bags of various sizes, some tubing which looked like the kind we had in chemistry class, a couple of pipe fittings, some kind of weird looking balloon-like things, and assorted other stuff.

I was still intently examining them when I heard a sharp intake of breath behind me followed by “WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOUNG MAN?!” I spun around and couldn’t believe it! Mom was home! Boy was I in trouble now!

“So…I see I can’t trust you alone anymore, huh? You finally got curious enough to see what was in the case. Do you know what those things are used for?” I had to admit that I didn’t. “It’s some special equipment we use at the hospital to give enemas. Do you know what an enema is?” Again, I admitted I didn’t know. “Well, tomorrow you will find out! You’re staying home from school and I will demonstrate exactly what each and every one of those are used for. Now go to your room!”

“Are you ready to learn what an enema is?” This question brought me back to the present. I looked up to see my mom standing in the doorway with the travel case in her hand. She was dressed in her nurse’s uniform, consisting of a zippered white top, a pleated white skirt, white stockings and shoes. I always thought she looked particularly attractive in this outfit, with the way her breasts filled the top and the skirt hugged her hips

“Yes ma’am,” I answered.

“Good! Then let’s begin. An enema is a way to help you have a bowel movement. We place some liquid into your butt which then allows you to go to the bathroom. The amount of liquid depends on the patient, but is never less than two quarts. Sometimes we use something called a suppository to accomplish the same thing. You will become familiar with both of these by dinner time today. Now I want you to remove your pajamas and roll over on your stomach.” As I removed my bed clothes, she placed the case at the foot of the bed and opened it. Moving to the head of the bed, she showed me my first instrument of punishment. Withdrawing a jar from her pocket, she held it for me to see.

“These are glycerin suppositories. They melt in your rectum and force you to have a BM. Now reach back and spread your ass cheeks.” As I held my butt cheeks open, I could hear mom snap on a pair of rubber examination gloves. Opening another jar, she applied some lotion to my asshole, and then began to slide the suppository inside me. I could feel her gloved finger moving inside of me as she pushed the suppository deep into my rectum. Withdrawing her finger, she said “You seem to have quite a load packed in there. I think one more is in order.” Slowly she worked the second suppository inside, but quickly added a third! “I think that should do. Now we’ll just wait while they start to work.”

As the three suppositories began to melt in my butt, mom displayed the next item she would use in my punishment. “This is a standard red rubber 2 quart enema bag. It has an open top which allows us to add extra solution if called for in the treatment. Attached to the tubing is the standard white hard plastic nozzle used for vaginal douching.” As she was speaking, the suppositories began to work and I started to wiggle a bit on the bed. “I want you to wait a few more minutes before you go to the bathroom. In the meantime, I’ll start mixing the solution for your first enema in the kitchen sink.”

As she disappeared towards the kitchen, I began to wonder exactly what I had gotten myself into. I’m not sure how long I waited, but before mom came back I made a quick run to the bathroom to evacuate my lower bowels. As I came out of the bathroom, mom was waiting for me in my bedroom. “I want you to lie down on your right side with your back towards me.” As she applied lubrication to me once again, she said, “For your first enema, I have mixed a solution of soap and hot water. The soap will help your colon to push out the waste that is inside of you.” Slipping the douche nozzle inside of me, she opened the clamp on the hose leading from the bulging enema bag.

With a rush the soapy solution began to fill me. “I am not going to stop the flow, but will slow it down if you start to cramp.” As the enema made it’s way deeper inside of me she raised the bag higher to keep the pressure of the enema constant, inflating my insides like a mini balloon. Before I knew it, the entire two quarts had drained into me filling my lower intestine. “You took that quite easily. Good! That means you will be able to handle the next series of enemas just as well.”

Emptying out the first enema wasn’t so hard since, good to her word, the soap in the solution actually helped force the solution out of my colon. However, the cramping caused by the soap did make me break out into a sweat. After cleaning up, I returned to my bedroom for the promised next set.

Holding aloft a clear bag Mom explained “This is a 3000cc enema bag used at the hospital. That’s roughly three quarts of solution. You will need to be very clean inside before we get to the last item in the case, so we’ll use this for the next three or four enemas.” Three or four more enemas! Now I was certain that I wasn’t going to like this!

“I want you in a different position for this next enema. Get on your knees with your head and shoulders on the pillow.” With my butt sticking straight up in the air, I waited while mom filled the bag. As she returned, she was pushing what looked like a coat hanger on wheels. Only no coats were hanging from its hooks, just the enema bag. She attached a long orange colored tube to the bag and as she was applying some lubricant explained that this was called a colon tube and was 24 inches long. It would allow the water to squirt way up high inside of me. Pressing the tip of the tube against my butt hole, she started the flow of water and pushed the tube in, stopping once in awhile to give it a twist or to pull it back a bit. Slowly the entire length of tubing was snaked inside of me as the enema bag deflated.

Finally I cried out “That’s enough!” and mom stopped the flow of water. There was still some enema left in the bag but try as I might I was unable to take any more. Mom, my Enema Nurse, continued this for three more enemas, having me change positions throughout…on my back with legs up in the air and a pillow under my butt, bottom half on the bed with my face and arms on the floor. Until, at last, I was able to take the entire three quart bag.

“Now, before we go on, I want you to rest for a little bit and get used to holding that amount of enema.” Pulling two more items of the case, she handed me one of them. Unfolding it I could see that it was a pair of underwear, except that it felt like plastic or something. “Those are rubber panties we use to make sure our patients don’t wet the bed. And this is a rectal plug, it’ll help hold in the enema. See how it goes from a narrow tip to a slightly larger base? I have others here which are larger, but this one is only 3/4” wide.”

Pulling on the panties as instructed, I once again assumed my ass up position on the bed, my slightly enlarged stomach stretching the rubbery material. Pushing the fabric to one side, mom inserted the plug into my waiting ass. “Now just relax and try to hold in the enema for fifteen minutes.” The slight pressure from the enema held inside of me and the feel of the rubber panties against my skin soon had me sporting an erection which pressed firmly against the material. If mom noticed it or knew, she didn’t let on. Eventually, I was allowed to expel the enema, but as soon as I was finished wiping, a rectal plug was once again inserted into my puckered hole. This one was a bit longer and had three segments of increasing diameter before once again narrowing down at the base. Pulling the rubber panties up tight, my private Enema Nurse escorted me back to my bed for a nap.

“Wake up dear! It’s almost 2 o’clock. Time for your last enema!” I rolled out of bed and followed my mom into the bathroom. My eyes widened as I stared with apprehension at the size of the bulging black enema bag that now hung from the shower curtain rod. It was larger than anything I had ever seen! Connected to the tube was one of those balloon like things with two black bulbs attached.

“This bag holds slightly over one gallon of very warm saline solution, and this is a special nozzle called a inflatable nozzle which will help you hold the enema inside.” She squeezed each of the black bulbs once to demonstrate what the nozzle would look like inside of me. “This first one will be inside of you while this second one remains outside, forming a near perfect seal.” Removing both the rubber panties and the rectal plug, mom had me lay down facing the tub as she lubed up the nozzle, and applying a little more to my bunghole, slipped the nozzle inside. Giving the bulb a few squeezes, she inflated the balloon inside of me and completed the seal with the second balloon. Holding the tube in her hands, she sat down on the edge of the tub in front of me.

“This is going to be a very special enema for you.” Loosening the clamp she allowed the steamy water to begin it’s decent into me. As the warm enema filled me, she shifted her position a bit causing her nurses skirt to creep up. Spreading her legs slightly, she reached down and began to rub my stomach with a circular motion. I looked up and could see where the lacy tops of her silky white stockings ended and were held in place by a garter belt. Beyond that I could see the crotch of her white panties which were made puffy by her concealed womanhood. Although I didn’t want it to happen, my dick started to get hard. I had often peeked on my sisters as they paraded around in their tight panties and skimpy bras getting ready for school or work. Noticing my now very hard member, mom murmured that it was perfectly common. “I find that most young men are able to take more of an enema if they are just a bit distracted.”

With this, she shifted her skirt so that the pleat was now directly in front, affording me an unobstructed view of her stockings and panties. She increased the path her hand was making on my stomach to include my straining penis, at the same time she opened the clamp completely. Warm water rushed into my bowels, I gasped in surprise as new and exciting sensations rippled through out my body. Alternately pinching and releasing the tube, my Enema Nurse sent pulses of fluid deep into my colon. My eyes were fixed on the crotch of her white panties where a small but unmistakable wet spot was appearing. I soon lost all track of time as I watched the stain get bigger. The only things I was aware of was the increased pressure of the water in my stomach as the big bag quickly drained and the pleasurable feeling of my penis being milked. The bag gurgled empty but I hardly noticed.

I was lost in another world as images danced through my mind…Kathy in a pair of pink panties drying her hair, her breasts jiggling with every move…Karen on her bed in flowered panties with one leg raised high in the air as she pulls on her stockings…Kathy and her friend Simone getting ready for the prom…Karen getting ready for bed, the hem of the nightshirt revealing her round buns shrouded by blue panties…both of them side by side, their bellies distended by the enormous enemas given lovingly by mom… A stream of hot sticky cum erupted from my penis brought about by the voyeuristic images, the pressure of the enema and the ministrations of my Enema Nurse who continued pumping my shaft until the thick pasty liquid no longer flowed. “Did you like your enema lesson?”

Looking up into her eyes I nodded yes.

“Would you like us to do this again sometime?”

Again I nodded yes. Smiling widely, mom helped me to the toilet and allowed the massive enema to begin draining from my bottom. “Next time maybe I’ll have a candy-striper help give you an enema. Maybe even Kathy. Would you like that?”

“Yes ma’am, I would,” I answered.

“I thought so…I think you’re going to enjoy getting enemas as much as I like giving them.”