The Enema Clinic

It was soon obvious to Robert Harlow that there was more to Langley’s than met the eye. He had come to stay at the nature cure center in an effort to get his weight down, but it was apparent that the majority of the other guests were having so many ‘extras’ at meal times that they might just as well have been staying at the Savoy.

Harlow wasn’t the kind of man to make friends easily and it might have been this that soon made him feel that he was something of an outsider. He had barely exchanged half a dozen words with any of the other guests by the end of the first week.

It was when Janet spoke to him that he first learned that everything wasn’t what it seemed at Langley’s. She was a tall dark girl with an attractive figure. Robert felt flattered by her attention but he thought it very unlikely that she wanted to do more than have a chat with him. He quickly found she had other motives for pursuing him.

Meeting with Janet

They met one lunch-time when Janet came in late and found that two new guests had taken the small table near the window she generally sat at. She looked round in the hope that another table might be free but soon saw that she would have to sit with somebody else. As she glanced round the room Robert happened to catch her eye and when her eyes widened as if to ask whether she would be welcome at his table, Harlow at once got to his feet and drew out the chair facing him.

‘That’s very kind of you,’ said Janet as she approached his table. ‘I hope you don’t mind, but my own table seems to have been taken by two newcomers.’

‘It’s a pleasure,’ said Harlow. ‘Make yourself at home.’ And, then, after a short pause he added: ‘By the way I’m Robert Harlow, a publisher.’

‘Glad to meet you Mr. Harlow,’ said the dark-haired girl. ‘My name’s Janet -Janet Walker. I’m a secretary. And if you’re a publisher we have something in common. I work for a newspaper.’

‘Oh, good, that’s excellent. I hope it’s one of the more serious ones,’ Harlow laughed.

‘The Daily Times,’ answered Janet, her voice indicating that she was fairly sure Harlow would approve.

‘Oh, yes, indeed. Take it myself. Well, you’ll know my firm, no doubt, Hall and Mannin, not very far from your own office.’

‘Of course.

‘But we mustn’t talk shop too much, my dear. I’m really here to get away from it all for a week or two and, with a bit of luck, to get some weight off.’

‘Really? Well, you don’t look overweight, Mr. Harlow. But I think it does one good here. I suppose it’s because drink is limited and the food is at least healthy - that’s if you don’t order too many of the extras.’ She nodded to a nearby table.

‘Yes,’ commented Harlow. ‘It really is strange the way some of them are tucking in. They might as well stay in one of the best hotels, don’t you think?’

‘Maybe,’ said Janet, ‘but I think there are various other reasons for coming here if you know what I mean.’

‘No, quite frankly I don’t, but I’d wondered. I suppose I’m a little naive about these things,’ he said smiling into her enigmatic brown eyes.

‘Come Mr. Harlow, you a member of a famous publishing firm and you don’t know about Langley’s?’ she chided.

‘No, honestly, Miss Walker. I just don’t. Are you willing to enlighten me?’

Janet raised her eyebrows. ‘Well, Mr. Harlow, it’s a funny thing that I should have to tell you about such things but - and here she leant forward - ‘Langley’s is sometimes referred to as the sex clinic. I’m sure you knew.’

Good heavens, is that so? No, I’d no idea. Well, that does make things a little more interesting,’ remarked Harlow, surveying Miss Walker somewhat critically. ‘Then, may I ask?’

‘Ask me why I’m here?’ Janet laughed. ‘Well, of course. To tell you the truth Mr. Harlow,’ and again she leant forward, lowering her voice, ‘I’m doing a bit of investigative journalism for my paper.’

‘I see. Well, have you found out anything yet?’ Harlow was now distinctly curious.

‘Not a lot. There’s quite a lot going on, of that I’m sure. But I’ve already decided that if I’m to get anywhere I’ll have to take up with someone in the know, or make it clear that I’m not unwilling to let myself go a bit.’

Harlow was thinking quickly. He would very much like to get to know the girl better and if she wanted a partner he would be very happy indeed to take on that role. He could hardly believe he would have such good fortune, but it did seem that Janet, like himself, was a bit of an outsider as far as Langley’s was concerned.

‘If there’s anything I can do to help, Miss Walker, you know I’d be delighted. But don’t let me foist myself onto you if you think there are better ways of getting what you want.’

‘Do you know, Mr. Harlow, I was just thinking that my job would be much easier if I had a kind of male escort or partner, call it what you will. I’d like your help very much. It might be better if we didn’t make it too obvious just in case they prefer to admit ‘singles’ to the inner circle, but on the whole I’m pretty sure that we’d be much more likely to find out things if we co-operated.’

Have You Any Ideas?

‘I’ll be very happy to do so, Miss Walker. Where do we begin? Have you any ideas?’

‘I think I have. ‘I’ve got to know one or two people and a couple called Morrison, John and Betty Morrison, rather hinted at something when I saw them at tennis this morning. They asked me to their rooms this evening. I don’t see why we shouldn’t go together. It might strengthen my hand. But we’ll soon know when we get there. Are you willing to come with me?’

‘Of course, I’d like it very much. I think we’d better pretend we met once before somewhere, don’t you think?’

‘Yes, I think you may be right. Then I’ll see you at seven o’clock. They asked me up there for a drink before dinner. See you in the hall at seven.’

Dominated by Betty

John and Betty Morrison were a somewhat unusual couple: for one thing it was immediately obvious to Harlow that Betty, a large-breasted blonde who showed an unusual amount of thigh, completely dominated her husband. Nor did she make much effort to hide the fact.

‘Come in, Janet,’ said Betty as they arrived at the two rooms they had had assigned to them. ‘Ah, I see you’ve brought a friend.’

‘Yes, this is Robert Harlow,’ said Janet, introducing him.

‘Hello, Mr. Harlow,’ smiled Betty, but it was a hard, appraising smile and he knew that she had weighed him up in a matter of seconds.

Mr. Morrison was a small man and he seemed to take the lead from his wife most of the time, leaving it to her to take all the initiatives. Harlow wondered what on earth Janet could see in either of them, but he was prepared to go along with her if it would help her ‘investigation’ and if it meant that he would get to know Janet herself more intimately. Not only that, he was rather curious about Langley’s and if Janet was right about the Morrison’s he might well learn something.

It was not long before Betty took the conversation in what appeared to Harlow a possibly fruitful direction.

‘We’ve been here before, of course,’ said Betty,’ and we find it exhilarating. I think we learn more about ourselves each time we come. John, for instance, wouldn’t ever have found out about himself if he had never come here, would you. darling?’

‘No, that’s true,’ answered Morrison meekly.

‘Found out about himself?’ queried Janet, jumping at the opportunity of finding out more.

‘Yes. He never really knew how much of a masochist he was until Dr. Langley pointed it out and gave him the chance to discover his true sexual role. Now our relationship is a very compatible one. I think perhaps my only regret is that I haven’t got two husbands as I have enough domination in me for two men. With that she gave Harlow a bold, almost brazen look.

‘How did Dr. Langley give your husband his chance to find out about his role as you put it?’ Janet pressed her.

‘Oh, he had various sessions with him and one or two of his assistants. It was Miss Henderson who really took my husband in hand, wasn’t it darling?’

‘Yes,’ said the almost silent Morrison. ‘Yes, I soon knew that I was really looking to be completely dominated. I suppose I had known before but Betty had felt rather ambivalent about us. In her heart she knew what I was really like but she herself hadn’t fully accepted her own role, It was Dr. Langley that saved us.’

Harlow was staggered at the way they were admitting the nature of their relationship and even more amazed that they had had to come to Langley’s to find out about themselves. He supposed he was rather out of touch with what went on these days for it didn’t seem to surprise his new-found friend Janet.

‘So you are quite open about your relationship?’ asked Janet. ‘I mean you live your lives that way, your husband assuming the passive role, you the active one, is that it?’

Dressed as a Maidservant

‘Quite right, Miss Walker,’ laughed Betty. ‘We rarely live our lives any other way. Of course there are occasions for formal and social reasons when we have to forgo our feelings and desires but in the main we behave together as we really want to. My husband always dresses as a maidservant when we are at home and I more or less treat him as a slave.’

This came as another shock to Harlow who had never really done more than read about such things. But he felt a faint quiver of excitement as he tried to imagine Betty using her husband. He could almost understand that it wouldn’t be such an awful thing to be dominated by such a woman as long as it wasn’t carried too far.

Could you be Dominated?

Betty must have read his thoughts for after a brief pause in the conversation she said: ‘Well, Mr. Harlow could you see yourself being dominated by a woman?’

‘Good heavens no,’ lied Harlow. ‘I don’t think that’s really my scene. Not that I’ve ever really thought about it.’

‘Well, don’t be too sure, Mr. Harlow. You may well find that you’re not living your life in accordance with your true nature. You ought to have a few chats with Dr. Langley, you know.’

‘Perhaps I will,’ he laughed, trying to get away from the subject of himself. ‘How did your husband really find out that he wanted to be to be dominated?’

‘Oh, it doesn’t take long for a man to find himself if her puts himself in the hands of Dr. Langley and Miss Henderson. Miss Henderson soon had my husband almost eating out of her hand and then after a few hours he was ready to submit to her merest whims completely. I think it was when she gave him an enema that he really knew how much he longed to be submissive.’

Enema Therapy

‘Gave him an enema?’ echoed Janet.

‘Yes. An enema often tells one a lot about oneself. It’s one of the things to which Dr Langley attaches a great deal of importance.’

‘I wish you’d explain,’ ventured Harlow. He had never heard of anyone having an enema except for medical reasons, like a woman having one before childbirth.

‘I’ll do my best,’ said Betty, ‘but you ought to see Dr. Langley. Anyway an enema is a good thing for purely cleansing purposes and you should have one.

‘Perhaps I will,’ agreed Harlow. ‘But please go on.

‘Well, I think there are three main reactions to an enema. Probably most people, quite insensitive to such things, react with indifference, but a minority -more sensitive people - either find them almost painful or they find them exhilarating, even exciting. Do you follow me so far?’

‘Yes, I think we do,’ said Janet, speaking also for Harlow.

‘Good. Now those who find them painful can be sub-divided into two groups. Those who like the pain and those who don’t. My husband liked the pain, you see. Now among those who find an enema quite pleasant there are some people who actually find them sexually rousing. One woman who was here last year used to get an orgasm every time she had an enema, and it was an orgasm of an intensity she had never known through intercourse with her husband. Now do you see?’

Both Janet and Harlow, after giving a somewhat perfunctory nod, were silent. Harlow had to think about what she had said for it was the first time he had ever heard about the erotic effects of an enema.

Janet thought her investigations were going quite well though she didn’t see that so far there was much that would interest her newspaper. However, she was learning about life and that was a subject that always captured her interest. Her immediate response to what she had heard was that it was high time in her life that she experienced what it was like to have an enema. She always liked to go through things at first hand before she wrote about them and she could already see herself doing an article on the subject. She might call it the ‘Cult of the Enema’.

Betty was still looking at them for their comments on what she had told them. ‘Well?’ she asked them when they both remained silent.

‘Well, indeed,’ was Janet’s response. ‘I suppose I ought to have an enema myself so that I can find out which category I come under.’

Harlow noticed the gleam in Betty’s eyes before she spoke.

‘I’d be very happy to give you one myself, dear,’ she said, her voice mellifluous and reassuring. Harlow could see her dominating the girl and enjoying administering an enema.

‘All right, I’m game,’ said Janet. ‘Anything that I haven’t tried before. Where? When?’

‘Now,’ said Betty. ‘There’s an enema room downstairs and there’s no objection to guests using it. I’d enjoy acquainting you with the subject, my dear. We should get through by eight o’clock’.

‘Right. Let’s go there now,’ said Janet, eager for such a new and novel experience.

They all got to their feet and Betty led the way downstairs.

Harlow realized that he wasn’t wanted and he saw that John Morrison wasn’t eager to accompany the woman. When they got to the bottom of the stairs he nodded in John’s direction. ‘I think we’ll leave them to it, shall we?’

John gave an affirmative nod and the two men went off in the direction of the garden.

‘Now, my dear, let’s see what kind of woman you are” said an eager Betty.

The Enema Room

The enema room was simply furnished, almost clinically. There was a low bed in the middle of the room and a stand beside it, fitted with an enema can from which ran a rubber tube, at the end of which was a torpedo-shaped nozzle. On one side of the room there was a porcelain sink fitted with hot and cold water. Various other items that reminded Janet of her last visit to her local health center were neatly arranged on shelves at one side of the sink.

‘Well, my dear, I want you to undress first,’ said Betty.

Janet guessed the large-breasted woman was more than eager to see her naked for her dominating temperament could just as easily be focused on a woman as on a man. She might also have lesbian tendencies, decided Janet.

The young girl began to undress, still quite ready to go through with whatever was required of her. She did so in the knowledge that she had an almost perfect body that was more than likely to appeal to Betty. he unzipped her frock and stepping out of it Betty saw a tall, shapely body, already naked except for her mauve bra and panties, and her elegant shoes. It was the kind of girlish body that strongly appealed to Betty and she felt a growing eagerness to be in a position where she could get her hands on it.

Janet hesitated for a moment and then, first kicking off her shoes, she started to push her tights down her legs. When she had drawn them from her feet she then removed her knickers.

Betty took a deep breath at the girl’s loveliness, especially her shapely legs and plump feminine bottom. She waited with mounting curiosity and interest as Janet took off her bra to reveal her white breasts, firm and shapely.

‘You’ve got a beautiful body, my dear,’ said Betty moving towards her and placing a hand on her shoulder.

‘Have I?’ said Janet, mildly flattered but beginning to wonder whether she had been right to come with Betty who was quite obviously taken up with her sexually.

‘Yes, indeed. I’ve never seen such a perfect body, my dear,’ added Betty. Then to Janet’s amazement she bent over and kissed her on her lips.

The girl didn’t respond but Betty didn’t press matters any further.

‘There,’ she said. ‘Now we can get on with the enema. I want you to lie on the bed on your left side, darling.’

Janet saw that the bed was covered with a rubber sheet. She made her way to it and lay down on her left side.

‘Relax your body, darling,’ said Betty. ‘That’s it. Now flex your right leg.’

Janet did as Betty told her and then the large woman came over and pushed her right leg slightly farther forward so that Janet’s anus was fully exposed.

‘Right,’ said Betty, briefly touching the girl’s attractive buttocks. ‘I’ll get things ready. Just lie still and, as I said, relax as much as possible.’

Janet wondered what was going to happen next but always ready to go through with things in the interests of new experience she relaxed. She wanted to give herself to the novelty of an enema - it might turn out to be something quite out of the ordinary.

Betty quickly undressed down to her bra, suspender-belt, panties and stockings. Then she went to the sink and began to prepare the enema.

She filed the can with the warm water, into which she had squeezed a small amount of liquid soup, and then attached it to the metal stand. She then moved the stand back to the side of the bed where Janet was laying. The sight of Janet’s prone body had an immediate effect on Betty. Instead of going ahead with the enema she knelt at the girl’s back and stroked her uppermost buttock, using the excuse that she wanted to be sure that she had relaxed completely.

‘I want you to be completely relaxed, my dear,’ she said as her hand moved over the luscious buttocks and the upper part of her right thigh. ‘Relax, my dear,’ she intoned, her fingers moving into Janet’s cleft. ‘I want you to lean very slightly forward and your right leg should be bent a little more.’

Janet bent her leg a little further so that she completely exposed her anus as well as much of her pudenda. As soon as she had done so Betty took a small tube of lubricant, squeezed a little on her fingers and then began to apply it to the girl’s anus. At first she merely rubber it round the area but after a few seconds she pushed her index finger into the small orifice, at first no more than a millimeter or two, but in the end as far as the sphincter.

‘Does that hurt at all, my dear?’ she inquired.

‘No, that’s all right,’ said Janet wondering why Betty had to finger her anus.

Relaxing Janet’s Sphincter

‘Good,’ said Betty. ‘You see I want to relax the sphincter before I put the nozzle in.,

It was true that the sphincter had to be relaxed but this could quite well have been done by pressing the nozzle into Janet’s anus very gradually until it met with no resistance. But Betty was enjoying the pleasure of touching and fingering the girl’s most intimate parts.

She pushed a freshly lubricated finger against the sphincter, doing so very gently and a number of times before she finally thrust her finger into the girl’s anus. It went in easily and without Janet making a murmur.

‘There,’ remarked Betty, ‘There my dear, the sphincter is quite relaxed now.’ But she kept her finger there, moving it back and forth quite gently until she was able to push her finger in as far as it would go.

She continued the gentle massage for some time, meanwhile using her longer finger to caress Janet’s labia.

Janet got no pleasure from the woman’s finger in her anus but when she felt her move a finger to her outer lips her pulse quickened. She had never been touched there before by another woman, but it made no difference at that moment to her reactions: it was a specially sensitive spot for her and as soon as Betty’s finger flicked across her lips she began to feel roused sexually.

Touching Inner Membranes

Betty’s finger now insinuated itself between the girl’s lips until she was touching the inner membranes and slowly moving up her slit to feel for her clitoris.

Janet wanted to stop her for she could see that having an enema didn’t require that she should first be stimulated sexually in this way1 but the fingers caressed her with such deftness and skill that she began to feel incapable of putting up any resistance.

‘Ooooh!’ Janet murmured as Betty felt her clitoris and began to titillate it lightly.

‘You like that, my dear?’ ventured Betty, her voice betraying her own excitement.

‘Y e s,’ said Janet in a low, husky voice that told Betty all she wanted to know.

The enema could wait until another time. The girl had immediately responded to her touch and at this rate she would be able to get a great deal of pleasure from continuing to stimulate her. She felt her power over the girl, a power intensified by the fact that she was so young and vulnerable. She had no intention of letting her go now, for if she once got the girl to acquiesce in sexual intimacy then she had a new victim for her pleasure and delight.

Betty Massages Janet’s Clitoris

She now withdrew her finger from Janet’s anus and then risking the girl’s protest, she pushed her onto her back, still keeping a finger gently massaging her clitoris. For a moment Janet raised her head as if she were going to stop the older woman from continuing, but then she almost immediately lay back, relaxing her thighs and opening her genitals to Betty’s invading finger.

‘There now, my dear,’ murmured Betty, her voice mellifluous. ‘There, darling, let me make you come.

Janet lay back eager that the finger should go on stimulating her. She knew that if Betty went on in this way for a few more minutes she would reach a climax.

She had come with Betty to the enema room hoping to discover what it felt like to have two pints of water in her colon, but when Betty had fingered her labia she felt an immediate desire to let go and give herself up to the pleasure of sexual arousal. The enema was something she could have another time, she decided.


When Betty pushed her onto her back she had momentary misgivings. Had Betty brought her here simply to enjoy her sexually without any intention of giving her the promised enema? For a few brief seconds she almost thought so and was inclined to get up from the bed and push the woman aside. But she was already quivering with excitement in every limb and she suddenly felt an overpowering wish to let the woman have her way with her. It was another experience after all, she told herself, and, apart from that she had felt increasing sexual frustration ever since she had come to Langley’s.

Betty now knew that she had nothing to worry about and that she could do what she wanted with the girl. She took her finger from her clitoris and then lying at Janet’s side she bent over and kissed her lips as her hand went to one of her soft, white breasts.

‘Darling,’ she murmured lifting her head for a moment. ‘Oh, darling, you’re so nice.’ She kissed her again as her fingers began to work on the girl’s nipple, pressing it and tweaking it until it was fully tumescent.’ Then she bent over her and took the nipple between her lips, sucking it voraciously, her right hand now going back to Janet’s genitals where she soon found her clitoris that she was rapidly approaching an orgasm. She wanted to delay it but with all the win in the world she was unable to do so and almost at once she found herself convulsing in ecstasy as the woman’s fingers brought her to a conclusion.


‘How did you get on with the enema?’ Harlow asked her when he saw her over dinner that evening.

‘I didn’t,’ laughed Janet, deciding that there was no reason why she shouldn’t be honest with the publisher.

‘Was it unpleasant?’ said Harlow, his face betraying his concern for her.

‘No, I didn’t have one. I’ve still got to have that experience.’

‘Oh, what happened then?’

‘You’ll never believe it when I tell you. I went with Betty to the enema room but as she was getting me ready for it she started to caress me. In the end she gave me an orgasm, and that was that.’

‘Gave you an orgasm? Good heavens you let her?’

‘No choice, real]y. I hope you’re not shocked. It was simply that she discovered how sensitive I am and I suppose she’s a bit of a bisexual and decided she could enjoy herself with me.’

‘Do you think the enema was just a way of getting you down there?’ asked Harlow, looking at her with obvious concern.

‘No, I’m sure she didn’t have anything in mind when we went down there. She made all the proper preparations but I suppose when she began to use the lubricant on my anus she began to get excited and turned her attention to my to my genitals.’

Harlow wanted to hide his sense of shock. But if she had allowed Betty Morrison to have some sort of sexual relationship with her, then she might be ‘game’ in other directions.

‘I see,’ was his comment. ‘Then I suppose you II get her to give you the enema another time?’

‘She said she would, but I’m not sure that I shouldn’t get one of Dr. Langley’s assistants to give me one. I doubt whether Betty would ever get further than my. my cunt.’

The word shocked Harlow coming from the young Janet. It was becoming more and more obvious that he was out of date. But he’d had an idea.

‘Well, suppose I have an enema and tell you all about it, Janet,’ he proposed.

‘Would you like to? I think it’d be a good idea if you did. I think I’d like to write something about people’s reactions and sensations when having an enema and what you feel about it would be invaluable. Why don’t you get one of the staff to give you one?’

‘All right. Let’s go to the office after dinner and see what they say.’

After dinner they made their way to the office where one of the nurses was on duty.

‘Oh, Nurse Hobbs. I am wondering whether you could arrange for me to have an enema?’ asked Harlow. Already he was feeling a kind of quiet excitement at the thought of it.

‘Certainly, Mr. Harlow. As a matter of fact I am free myself in half an hour and I could give you one. Would that suit you?’

‘Yes, that sounds all right. 9.30 then,’ said Harlow.

They left the office and walked towards the wing where their rooms were situated.

‘I’ll just change quickly,’ said Harlow. ‘And then I’ll tell you all about it afterwards. Cheerio.’

‘Best of luck, Robert,’ laughed Janet.

Nurse Hobbs Administers an Enema

Robert undressed, took a shower and put on a fresh vest and pants. He made quite sure that his anus was spotless before he drew his pants on, using a hand mirror to check. Then he put on a fresh white shirt, a pair of light-weight trousers and socks and shoes.

His own sex life had been blighted by the failure of two marriages and in recent years he had had to put up with a series of passing affairs. Sex played quite a part in his life just the same for he masturbated frequently, having a large spectrum of fantasies to rouse and stimulate him. At one time he had been in the habit of making a model woman, fitting it with an artificial vagina, but of recent months he had adopted a passive posture, lying on his back and imagining himself the victim of some dominating female. On one or two rare occasions he had even imagined himself being made love to by another man. His main sex drive was heterosexual but he wondered sometimes whether he wouldn’t enjoy a homosexual relationship. When, however, he actually thought about the men he knew in his life the idea seemed to lose its appeal. He decided that somewhere there might be a man whom he would not find repellent, and if he ever came across such a person he would be willing to find out what it was like to have sexual intimacy with him. Perhaps, he decided, he was bisexual.

The idea of submitting to an enema had secretly appealed to him from the moment the Morrisons had mentioned it. It rather fitted in with his feelings of passivity. He recalled that Betty had said that there were people who found them painful, and these people were divided into two sub-groups: those who rather enjoyed the pain and those who didn’t. He didn’t think of himself as a masochist but he certainly seemed to have leanings that way as one of his fantasies was being roughly treated by a large, well-built woman. He didn’t really think that Betty Morrison was the type he was looking for but it might be very different with Nurse Hobbs. Already he was feeling a small tingling in his loins at the thought of being naked in the hands of the heavily-bosomed young nurse.

He made his way to the enema room at precisely 9.30 and found Nurse Hobbs looking extremely efficient and commanding in a white overall. As far as he could see she was wearing no more than a bra and panties under the overall, for her stockings were of the self. supporting kind, the short overall having revealed that as soon as she turned round and bent over the sink.

‘Will you kindly undress, Mr. Harlow?’ said Nurse Hobbs.5

It was nice to undress in front of her. It made him somehow vulnerable and this sense of vulnerability added to his growing excitement. When he stood naked in front of her, he was pleased to see that her glance at his body was an approving one.

She slipped out of her overall and he found himself confronted with a strikingly well-made woman of about twenty-nine wearing a black bra and the briefest of matching knickers. He could see that her breasts were large without being unshapely and that she possessed ample buttocks and powerful, somewhat heavy but well-molded thighs. The tingling in his loins seemed to spread to his spine.

‘Will you lie on the bed, Mr. Harlow? You’ll see that there is a rubber sheet on the bed, but if you find it cold I can put a small flannelette sheet on top.’

‘No need, no need at all,’ said Harlow, getting onto the bed.

‘On your side, please.’

He got onto his right side.

‘No, your left side, Mr. Harlow.’

He turned over onto his left side and then she pushed his right leg forward, flexing it a little so that his anal orifice was exposed. He quivered as she touched his bare flesh.

‘First I shall lubricate your anus. That will make it easier for the tube to pass the sphincter.’

She took a tube of lubricant and squeezed some onto two fingers on her right hand and then applied it to the small brown button in the cleft between his buttocks. She was surprised to see such a tight anus in a man of his age and one that showed no sign of hemorrhoids. It was obvious that nothing had ever been inserted into it before.

She applied the lubricant to the external part of the anus and then gradually worked a finger into the orifice. She took her time about it for she realized that it would be very painful for him if she suddenly thrust a finger past the very tight sphincter.

Anal Excitement

Harlow quivered with excitement as he felt her fingers on his anus and he moved his right leg a little further forward to expose himself as much as possible. He wanted to let her See his most intimate orifice and felt the greatest pleasure at her caressing fingers as they first smoothed the cold lubricant over his anus and as she started to push the tip of her index finger inside.

She had administered an enema to many hundreds of times before, but she always got a certain amount of pleasure from it. She liked to see how different men reacted: it gave her special pleasure when she came across a man who evidently took pleasure from the submissive posture necessitated when an enema was administered and who found it almost painful when the water was injected. She was not normally a sadistic type of woman but she felt it pleasant to dominate a man in this way, to have a man completely at her mercy.

She sensed that Harlow was going to be one of her ‘victims’. It was obvious that he was enjoying her finger in his arse, that he was something of an anal erotic. For as she worked it gradually into the sphincter muscle and began to stretch it he moved gently to the rhythm of her thrusts.

Submissive Pleasure

Harlow felt a strange submissive pleasure at being penetrated. He wanted her to push her finger as far as it would go and hoped that she might then begin to move it up and down his anus. But she seemed content simply to push the finger past the sphincter and then withdraw it. In time this repetitive opening and closing of the sphincter, especially the closing as her finger was ejected, began to affect him intensely and almost to his surprise his penis hardened.

It wasn’t easy for Nurse Hobbs to see his genitals but she felt sure that he was being roused by the movement of her finger in and out of his anus. To satisfy herself and to speed up his arousal before giving him the enema she took her right hand from his anal sphincter and reached round to take hold of his prick. It was almost hard so she quickly drew the foreskin back and forth a few times until she felt it was completely tumescent.

Harlow himself was amazed but delighted at the way she had taken hold of him and he now completely gave himself up to the delights of being in her hands, a delight intensified by the uncertainty of what would happen when she injected the water into his rectum.

As his excitement mounted he heard Nurse Hobbs preparing the enema and a few minutes later she moved the stand over to the bed, bringing it quite close, the enema can about two feet above his body.

Then she briefly lubricated the nozzle and pushed it into his orifice. He felt the nozzle penetrate, move past the sphincter and then it seemed almost as if it were sucked into him. But Nurse Hobbs continued to push it higher until it was about three inches inside his rectum.

He could sense that the nozzle was fairly deep inside him, and already the warmth of the water could be felt through the tube. Nurse Hobbs now adjusted his position slightly, slid a bedpan under his buttocks and told him that she was ready to turn on the stopcock.

He waited breathlessly, his prick still throbbing.

She turned on the stopcock and he suddenly felt the warm water flowing into him.

Painful Delights

It was a very extraordinary sensation to have the warm liquid flowing into you thought Harlow. There was nothing else quite like it because there was no analogous experience in life. The colon was emptied of matter everyday of one’s life, not the reverse.

He wondered how long it would go on, how deeply the strange sensations he was experiencing would penetrate. But suddenly it began to feel painful as the amount of fluid inside him grew heavier, almost completely filling and swelling the lower colon.

‘I think that’s about enough,’ remarked Nurse Hobbs. ‘You must have about two pints inside you. How does it feel?’

‘Quite extraordinary,’ said Harlow. ‘Nothing quite like it in my life before.’

But he was in no mood for talking He wanted to lie there and wallow in the sensation which he could only think of as a mixture of pleasure and pain. He didn’t want to talk but he liked the thought of Nurse Hobbs being there, efficient and in charge of him as he lay completely vulnerable, naked on the bed.

He moved gently and felt the weight of the water shift to another part of his colon. As he continued to lie on the bed, face to the wall, he tried to imagine what Nurse Hobbs looked like. Only a few minutes before he had seen her without her uniform for the first time and he had been impressed by her general appearance. She was strong, comely and efficient all at once. almost the kind of woman who would allow to dominate you. He had a vision of her in her black bra and knickers and then he saw himself being suckled at her large breasts. She was at once motherly and dominating, detached and desirable.

But the water was weighing him down more than it had done at the beginning and it was becoming painful to retain it. Nurse Hobbs had been silent, however, and Harlow felt it was up to her to decide when the water should be expelled. She was in charge of him after all; he would do exactly what she told him.

This sense of dependence on Nurse Hobbs grew with every second that Harlow lay on the bed. He was lying there because she had injected him with liquid, she had taken control of him, almost of his destiny.

He was never sure later whether he had really thought about her in this way as he lay with the enema inside him; it might have been fantasy. But it would be a condition, a state of mind and body, he would want to repeat the opportunity came his way again.

Fantasy or no, his thoughts were rudely interrupted by Nurse Hobbs voice telling him to get to his feet and go to the lavatory.

‘You haven’t leaked any,’ she added. ‘No need for a bedpan for you.

He struggled to his feet, but hardly felt the water as he made his way to the lavatory. He sat down, almost squatting and then without effort the water was leaving him, a hot flow gushing into the pan while it seemed that at the same time everything else was falling out of him.

When he looked into the pan a few minutes later he saw nothing but the kind of water one sees in a dirty river. He pulled the plug and made his way back to Nurse Hobbs.

‘I think you’re a Masochist’

‘Well, Mr. Harlow?’ Nurse Hobbs queried as he returned to the enema room.

‘Difficult to say, Nurse,’ said Harlow. ‘You mean you want to know what I felt about having an enema


‘Pleasant enough in it’s way. I suppose I’m much cleaner for it. But I suppose you mean what it felt like when I was lying on the bed.’

‘Yes, I’d be interested in that,’ she said, still in her bra and knickers.

Why?’ asked Harlow.

‘Oh, I don’t know. I’ve given so many enemas it might seem strange that it should matter. But I’ve noticed that some people take an enema very seriously and those are the ones who are so sensitive that they get special sensations inside. I’m interested in that.’

‘And you think I did?’

‘I’m quite sure. In fact I’m quite good at detecting such people almost as soon as I meet them. I think to myself: “He’d enjoy an enema” and so on.’

‘Well, I suppose I did have some special sensations. Almost as if I were enjoy pain, wanting it to continue, and feeling it had something to do with you.

‘I think I understand. I think you’re a masochist, Mr. Harlow. It’s not uncommon. From my point of view it’s quite flattering too, though it really has nothing to do with me. It’s in you, purely subjective. Still I rather like dominating men.

‘What are you, a dominatrix?’ he laughed.

‘No, not really. I’m not one of those woman you read about in books about feminine domination, but I do get a certain pleasure from dictating to a man. I mean it’s a role I like playing, not something I want to do all the time.’

What an attractive, intelligent woman she was, thought Harlow. And how readily he would accept her domination over him! How nice to be in her competent, proficient hands and let her take the responsibility!

‘Well, I think I’d be very happy to take the opposite role, Nurse, and surrender myself completely to you. I felt like that particularly during the enema. I felt completely at your mercy and enjoyed the feeling enormously.’

‘All because of an enema,’ she laughed.

‘I suppose so. Well, at least that triggered off my feelings,’ he admitted.

‘That’s what I said before. Enemas reveal personalities. They identify a masochist every time. Come then, let’s go to my room and try some role reversal, shall we?’

She was slipping into her nurse’s cap and overall and beginning to look even more efficient. Harlow felt himself almost hypnotized by her and took her hand as she led him from the enema room to her flat on the floor above.

As soon as they got there she told him to undress. Almost as if he were in a dream he took off his clothes and waited for her to tell him what he had to do next.

She had taken off her overall again, as well as the cap, and now stood over him naked except for her bra, panties and stockings, as well as a pair of high-heeled shoes she he’d quickly changed for the flat-heeled shoes she had been wearing earlier.

She had been playing with him but she was quite serious about her desire to dominate him now. It gave her immense pleasure to see him there, surrendering abjectly to her whims. She would go on, testing him to the limit, the more he could take the better she would like it, the more delicious her sensation of power.

She pulled off her knickers for she knew that would excite him. Then she kicked off her shoes and stood over his face, her legs parted slightly so that he could see her hairy pussy. But she was not going to allow him to touch her. Instead she knelt over him so that her genitals were about an inch from his face, tempting him so much that he was almost bound to fail.

‘Look at my pussy,’ she told him. ‘but if you dare to touch me, I shall urinate over you.’

He had never heard of such a thing but he had learned so much in the previous twenty-four hours that he was no longer shocked. He wanted desperately to touch her, even reach up with his tongue, but he had to do what she told him and he certainly didn’t want her to urinate over him.

She lowered her bottom even closer and her genitals were so close that he could catch their sweet-sour odor. Oh, how desperately he wanted just to lick her for a moment!

Lower and lower until her pubic hair was tickling his mouth. He could stand it no longer and reached out with his tongue and slid it between her labia.

She allowed him about ten seconds of contact when she got to her feet, her face slightly flushed.

‘Did you lick me?’ she asked him.

‘Yes, Nurse, it was just too much for me - irresistible.’

‘Then you know the punishment.’


‘Well, I am going to give you a choice: I shall either urinate over you or give you a much bigger enema, a really painful one. Which do you choose?’

He didn’t like the idea of a really painful enema, but perhaps it was better than being urinated over. Even an attractive, healthy female like Nurse Hobbs would have much the same urine as anyone else.

‘Please give me an enema,’ he said after a moment’s thought.

Enema Masochism

Harlow really knew that he would enjoy the enema she was about to administer. In his heart of hearts he had chosen the enema not because he was frightened of her urine pouring over his body, but because he felt it would be much more submissive to be in her hands and have an enema run into him, even if she was going to give him much more fluid than on the previous occasion. He knew that it would be painful, but it would be a kind of pain he would enjoy, he felt certain of that.

Anyone who had met Harlow in his office in Bloomsbury would never have believed that a time would shortly come when he would be eagerly looking forward to being given a massive enema that he had been told was likely to be very painful. But that was the situation.

He quickly put on his clothes as Nurse Hobbs got into her nurse’s uniform and prepared herself to return to the enema room. When they were both ready she led the way.

‘Are you still sure that you want it to hurt you?’ she said in a low voice.

‘Yes, I want it to hurt. I want it because you are giving it to me,’ he said quietly.

‘Do you feel dependent on me?’

‘Completely,’ he admitted.

‘I could do great harm to you, do you realize? I may do so without realizing it,’ she told him.

‘I know, but I want it that way. I am your slave and I don’t mind what you do to me.

‘You’ll really submit to pain for me?’ she said, excitement in her voice.

‘If it is you that causes the pain, yes.’

By this time they were back in the enema room and Nurse Hobbs had again divested herself of her uniform and cap. She was still wearing her bra and panties but she had kept on the high-heeled shoes she had put on in her flat. She looked every inch a dominating and capable woman and Harlow gladly put himself in her hands.

He lay on the bed and she quickly squeezed some lubricant on the end of the enema tube and thrust it into his anus, pushing it as far as it would go.

It was a pleasant feeling to have the slim, smooth tube in his rectum, and the pleasantness was intensified by feelings of anticipation as he waited for the warm liquid to flow inside him.