The Enema

This story contains graphic sexual description, as well as consensual anal sex, and, of course, an enema. If this sort of thing bothers you, then please don’t read any further. And for those of you who just have to ask, yes, I am a female, even though I am writing this story from a male point of view. Okay ?

She was waiting for me when I came in, already stripped and bent over a table. Her buttocks bore the bright pink welts of her earlier transgression, but her punishment was not ended. She turned her face to me - a young woman, perhaps no more than 19.

Wordlessly, I turned to my task. I removed the bag and rubber hosing from their drawer and turned on the water. Not too cold, not too hot. Her eyes were wide. She asked what I was doing. I told her I was preparing the next part of her prescribed punishment. I filled the bag when the water was just right. Her eyes never left the bag.

I lubricated the nozzle then turned my attention to the girl. She had quite a thorough spanking, indeed! My experienced eye told me that my “patient” had enjoyed at least 10 strokes of the strap, all carefully applied to her bare little bottom. I wondered silently what she had done to merit her chastisement - I could not imagine this pretty, young girl as being anything other than biddable and obedient. Ah, I reminded myself, looks can be deceiving.

I got some lotion from the work table and applied some to her anus, inside and out. She looked very surprised when my lubricated finger slid into her bottom. I decided to make a game of it and finger-fucked her asshole for a while. She seemed to enjoy this. Then, I withdrew my finger and slid in the enema nozzle and started the water flowing. She looked very surprised, but not totally unhappy with the situation. As the water flowed in, I fingered her clit and she cried out in surprise, then moaned in pleasure.

When the water was all inside her, I carefully removed the nozzle. I had a lubricated butt plug waiting, which I quickly inserted. Then we waited.

After about 15 minutes, the last five of which had my pretty penitent begging to be allowed to let go, I led her to a toilet, carefully removed the plug and let her expel the enema. It took a long time, as I had given her a lot of water. When she was finally through, I had her bend over, and I cleaned her bottom for her. She had an adorable, pink bottom, with an inviting little asshole. I had an idea…

I led her back to the table and made her bend over again. I lubricated her anus, stepped out of my pants, and slipped my cock up her ass. She squealed in surprise, then started to move her hips in time to my thrusts. It was so hard not to cum right then and there, but I held off for as long as I could. The sensation of her tight, hot, freshly-cleansed little rosebud was indescribable; I know she enjoyed it, too, by the rhythmic contractions of her anal sphincters as she bucked against me. As I heard her start to moan in the throes of the orgasm, I let go and shot my load into her lovely ass.

We rested again for a few minutes, our breath coming hard and heavy. I finally pushed myself up, got a towel, and wiped my cock clean. Then I had her get back up on the table and tenderly cleaned her anus and cunt - which was still sopping wet from her climax. Unable to resist, I slid a finger into that soft, wet slit and another into her ass. She squeaked, then purred, moving herself back onto my fingers. I made her cum a few times more, admonishing her only once to silence.

Before I finally left her, I wrote her a small note and instructed her to take it to the disciplinarian. The note recommended that regular enemas might be the solution to the young lady’s behavioral problems. I remarked in my note that I would be happy to assist this particular subject in attaining a proper attitude toward authority.

I think I’ll be seeing quite a lot of her in the future - I had better keep that bag ready.