The Friendly Enema

By Anonymous

From: “The Sex Life Letters” by Dr. Harold Greenwald and Ruth Greenwald. Copyright 1968 by Penthouse Publications.

Throughout my boyhood I was given frequent enemas by my mother, and except for the fact that I was made to go to bed immediately afterwards, I secretly enjoyed being syringed in this way.

The enemas always gave me certain pleasurable sensations, and these were intensified by the fact that my mother’s free hand would gently caress my genitals while the syringing was taking place.

As I grew older I began to get erections on these occasions, and because of these erections I started to associate an enema syringe with sex. Whenever my mother was out of the house I would steal into her room, take the syringe from its box, fondle it with one hand, and masturbate with the other.

I was 13 when the enemas finally tapered off, and as I grew up they faded from my mind, although from time to time I did recall them when masturbating.

Some months ago however, at the age of 50, I became very, very, constipated and my wife said she would give me an enema. I agreed and while she prepared the warm soap suds I undressed myself. Even at that stage I found it all very exciting and sexually arousing. An erection took place, and as I felt the syringe entering into my rectum, memories of my boyhood were revived, together with the sensations. Before my wife had finished syringing me I had come.

She was somewhat understanding for she herself had been given enemas as a girl and because of them, always expected titillation of her anus during loveplay.

This enema had thrilled and excited me so much that ever since I have been syringing myself in this way two or three times a week, and in doing so have given myself intense sexual pleasure, not, I might add, to the detriment of relations with my wife.

I have experimented with a cylindrical piece of rubber, some five inches long and five-eighths of an inch in diameter, with a rounded end. After thoroughly greasing with Vaseline I introduced it into my rectum, the resultant sensations were so intense that I experienced a violent orgasm.

I have, however, been scared to use it again, in case it is dangerous. Is this so?

Could you please give me some information about enemas - do people in this day and age use them, and do they affect others as they affect me, sexually? Also, are they harmful? I can’t believe that they are for I certainly haven’t been upset by them.

Reply to above letter by Penthouse Forum Board

The passage of a short, soft, lubricated rubber tube into the rectum will not cause harm unless hemorrhoids or some similar disease is present. such a procedure would tend to aggravate any trouble.

Enemas are used today, but in medical practice they are “small volume” enemas containing an active principal to stimulate the bowel, and are hardly perceptible when given. Usually circumstances in hospital and the reason for emptying the bowels preclude and possibility of sexual interest in such a procedure.

The use of large volumes of fluid as in years past would lead to sexual feelings in many men if circumstances were favorable. There is a close relationship between sexual feelings from the rectum and penis - this relationship is less marked in women. No harm would come provided the enemas are used in moderation - if excessive, or soap or other materials are used in too strong a concentration, a colitis (an inflammation of the lower bowel) would arise, and hemorrhoids and fissure formation would be likely.