The Fulfilling Of A Lifelong Fantasy

I have just passed the half century mark in my life and I have been an enema aficionado all of my life it seems. I started when I was thirteen and my Mother gave me my first one. Over her lap, caring and gentle and full effective to my bowel to make it move. I fell in love with them during the ensuing year because it seemed that she gave them to me on a regular basis to insure that I felt good. I found that after the year of getting them, I desired them and so I sought out the enema bag at each and every bath time. It was kept in the linen closet wrapped up in a towel and so I would take it out and give myself enemas each time I could take the time. MY mother was very careful to allow me all of the bath time I needed in those early days. Growing into manhood, I like the enemas and continued them during High School, but could never find a female to accommodate me for my needs of feeling the warm flowing water filling my ass and the pressure it generated within me to sexually arouse me. When I married, it was for lust and I soon found out that she did not care for, or even like the idea of enemas or even anal play. After my divorce, and my decision to stay single for the remainder of my life, I came to the conclusion that enemas must be part of any relationship that I would try to evolve in the next few years. I was determined to insure that some way, any way, that the enemas I desired from a wanting female would be accomplished. Therefore, the following is my first encounter with the warm and caring enema that can be given as part of the sexual foreplay that I have always desired.

Her name is unimportant to the context of the story, however, her feelings and emotions are very important to the story and what is happening now in our lives. We will call her Princess for the sake of the story. 5’ 7” 135 lbs. and blonde haired and blue eyed, she enjoyed sex, good sex and lots of it. She is 50 and I a little older than she is at this point. She has never been married and she is a very well educated person with a very responsible job as a major player in her field. She is to me now, an angel sent from heaven as she is totally into satisfying my enema cravings and also loves to take the bag herself as she has found a whole new way of feeling her sexual power become unlocked with the power of the bag.

I wondered as we got into our relationship, if she would like the idea of enemas, but I did not push or even mention it for quite a while. She wanted sex, and good sex, and I wanted the same thing it seemed, but I wanted enemas, and it is not easy to bring up in a relationship that is just starting. I decided to find out what kind of lover she was and how intense she wanted to be in all areas. I found that she loved anal play, but that her other lovers did not know how to treat a lady and were completely rough and displeasing to her. She did leave the door open to experimentation though and that is what made it happen finally.

I like sex, that is the only way that I can express myself with true honest candor. I also have over the years gained a very good understanding of the female mind and how it operates in a sexual way. Slow deliberate lovemaking, demanding nothing, but learning to arouse a woman is the surest way to her heart and her desires that even she may not know she has for her fulfillment. Each time we made love, it became better and better. I usually did many things that would please her and she reciprocated in kind for me. However, during this time I had started to play with her rosebud to see if she was just not into that socially or even in an intimate setting such as with another couple. My time, in kissing her anus, caressing it and licking it developed in her a trust in me that remains until this very day.

After many weeks of loving sex and very good explosive sex I felt it was time to introduce her to the ideas of the enema as an erotic art form. I told her that I belonged to a group of loosely related people who were into enemas as a form of lovemaking. I explained to her because she did notice that I loved anal stimulation and that it made me much more sensitive and receptive to lovemaking with the anus involved. I had already been making it known to her that I love to play with her rosebud and that I would kiss it, lick it and in any other way satisfy her with good feelings of anal stimulation. She asked me more about it and I volunteered to show her the enema sites that I had visited on the web. She was aroused when she saw it and she was very curious about it at that point.

The next meeting that we had, I brought my enema bags, nozzles and all of my equipment to her house and decided to experiment with her in showing her the equipment that I used. I brought it in, put it down and she was immediately curious about it. We made love for a while and then we rested, and she asked me to show her the equipment as I had peaked her interest. In my knapsack was an open topped enema bag that is amber in color, a red closed top enema bag and a inflatable nozzle nozzle and a butt plug nozzle that I had made from a butt plug and a pump arrangement that I had fashioned from stuff I bought locally. I discussed each item with her and showed her how it worked in theory and let her see the interest that I had in enemas.

After we were finished looking at it, there was a short silence, and then she said to me. “I trust you in all that we have done so far, and I guess I am asking if we can try this at least once so that I can feel the feelings you say that you get.” I nearly fell out of my seat, and was grinning on the inside from ear to ear. I had planned some day to introduce a lovely lady to the world of enemas, but I was always given the “no thanks” bums rush without even a try. Now I was about to give my first female enema to someone who wanted to learn if it felt good.

Slowly we kissed and fondled each other. My manipulation of her body was heaven to her. My feelings were of immense joy as I brought her slowly but surely up to a fever pitch in our lovemaking. Fondling her breasts, kissing her neck and letting her know how beautiful she is. My lips roving all over her body and her moans growing deeper I knew that the time for the enema was approaching.

Before we started, I had mixed up a two quart closed top enema bag with salt and water that was fairly hot. Knowing full well that it would cool a bit before we got to the actual enema. I decided to use the closed top bag, as it was the idea that I had played with in my experimentation as to a relaxing, sensuous enema.

I caressed her some ore, kissing and snuggling with her to let her know that I was very into arousing her. Talking as we went we were getting very aroused. She then said to me “ Baby, put that nozzle into my ass, I want to feel this now, because you make me feel so good”. We had showered before our love making session and I began to lick her ass and her rosebud to lubricate it with my saliva. I took the cap off of the personal lubricant that we used for our toys and lightly but sufficiently lubed the inflatable nozzle with the it. I had drawn the inflatable nozzle down so that there was no air in side of it to insure that it would be as small as possible to insert inside her lovely ass. I rolled her on to one side, kissing her sides and kissing her buttocks and slowly and gently slid the enema inflatable nozzle into her rectum. A slight flinch happened as it went through the sphincter muscle, and she said, “Now that felt good” and I thought to myself if she thinks that is good, she has another surprise coming in just a few seconds.

Slowly I laid her back on her back and continued kissing those beautiful round globes that protruded from her chest and heard her moaning grow in intensity. Carefully licking around the nipples, feeling the milk nodes grow in size it told me she was very aroused. As I started to suck harder on her breast, I slowly released the tubing clamp and let the water start to flow into her body. I had told her of the pressure feeling that she would feel and to let me know if it got too intense. In a matter of a few seconds, she was moaning deeper and more often as the water flowed inside of her and the pressure and erotic feel grew. All of a sudden she said “Damn this feels good Baby, how long does it take to get it all inside?” I glanced up at the bag and to my surprise the entire two quarts was already inside of her. There were no leaks and no cramps at that point and she was ver very aroused.

Sliding my hands down her body, I felt the intense pressure of her extended tummy and stopped to lick it and to kiss it for a few moments and her moaning became louder and her body language told me that she was on the verge of a very good climax. Spreading her legs I took my very stiff cock and put it inside of her very slowly and began to move to the rhythm that she had set up in our foreplay. As I did, I clicked shut the bag tubing and wondered to myself how long she could hold this two quarts, this being her first time with this experience. Slowing myself down to a nice sensual pace with my cock I moved and moved to the rhythm of her body letting her enjoy the movement of my cock inside of her and the pressure of the water and let it do the job I knew it would do. In the twinkling of an eye, she was coming and bouncing wildly on my cock and riding the feeling like the end of the world was there and she was in total ecstasy. Grinding, shouting and writhing all over under me she came like I have never seen before in my entire life. She was very vocal and very intense in her climax. I stood in awe of this experience, amazed and so damned glad that she was enjoying it.

We made love for what seemed hours with the two quarts inside of her and she did not feel the need to expel it. Actually it was about forty minutes and then she had done about six climaxes and I had had two… Sliding the enema bag to the side, helping her to the toilet, and sitting there with her while she got positioned, I then released the inflatable nozzle inflator bulb and it quickly came out of her ass. The water did not shoot out, she held it to see if she could and it was amazing to me her control. When I put my hand down under her ass, she started to expel the enema and I could feel the force of the flow coming out of her. It was so damned exciting to me!

We sat and chatted about what had happened and she was in awe of the power of the water on her climaxes. Her comment was “That was so more intense than the best climax I have ever had, it felt as though my climax started deep inside of my bowels and just kept building and building.” WE MUST do that again was the discussion that we had right after that.

After forty-five minutes of emptying her out, we cleaned up and headed for the bedroom. I glanced back and there she was, in the sink, filling the enema bag again, “ this time, it is my turn to do your big enema baby…” Hang on, this is my first time with a lady giving it to me, but that is the next story that I may or may not write.

This is my first time posting anything like this to a newsgroup or to one list…it is all true and it is my first sexual experience with a female male relationship and the use of enemas as an erotic art form, but rest assured, it is not my last.

Not the end, but the beginning….