The Gift

By Heart


You’re standing in the doorway to my bedroom, completely unclothed – completely naked – completely filling my senses with the desire to please you….no, make that the desire to give you total pleasure. Seated in the center of the bed, I motion for you to join me, to stretch yourself across my lap so that we can begin a great and varied journey of the senses.

Settling you face down before me, I trap your already stiffening cock between my thighs, your upturned bottom directly before me, awaiting the beginning of the realization of your most intimate fantasy. And you will not have long to wait, as I reach to retrieve a small bowl of warm olive oil from amongst a variety of items that have been prepared and await the moment of their use atop a bedside table. Dipping my fingers into the warm oil, I first anoint the small of your back, gently massaging and relaxing the tension from your muscles. More oil on my fingers, and this time, I knead small circles into your backside, working closer and closer to the vertical ‘smile’ that still holds my destination a secret.

One last time my fingers sweep through the oil, and now they slide easily between the crease of your buttocks, massaging deeply as I spread you, the tip of my index finger at least coming to rest ever so lightly against the rosebud of your ass. An involuntary tightening meets my touch, and my other hand continues a massage at the center of your back as that one finger resting at the opening to the core of your body starts a gentle press, requesting entry.

There is no doubt in my mind that you wish me to enter you in this fashion, but I know that the most pleasure will come with a slow, gentle preparation. So it is only the very tip of my finger that I allow to slide past the muscle and into your tight warmth. You’re telling me you want more – but I remove my finger and massage the tense opening once again before entering, this time deeper and for a longer length of time. Twice more I leave, and then reenter you, each time pressing further, feeling you tighten around me as if to hold me inside. But then at last, I am buried to the greatest depth of my finger, and I begin the search to find your pleasure. Beneath my finger, I feel a firm roundness, and when I sweep my touch across its surface, I feel your cock between my thighs jump and stiffen – and you moan with the ecstasy brought by the sensation.

My finger still buried deep within you, I set the bowl of oil back on the table, and pick up another – this one cool to the touch compared to the warmth of the first. You glance over your shoulder somewhat questioningly. I explain to you that in order to enjoy the mysteries that are yet to come, it is necessary to do a bit of preparation – and that the bowl contains four glycerin suppositories that I will gently insert in a very pleasing fashion. Without protest – and in fact with a bit of a smile – you relax back over my lap, sensuously wiggling your cock a bit higher between my thighs in the process.

Once again spreading your buttocks, I pick up the first suppository, feeling its delicate surface already begin to melt against the heat of my fingers. Placing the tapered tip against the center of your rosebud, I press it in part way….then let it slide back out… then part way in once again – and then back out…thoroughly stimulating every nerve ending in the process until I finally sink the partially melted rod deep into your ass. And then I reach for the next suppository, repeating the gentle in and out process until it is also partly dissolved….and then again with the remaining glycerin tapers.

Now, to wait for them to melt. Keeping my finger deep within you as it pressed the last suppository home, I once again initiate the massage of your prostate that only moments before had you urging the motion deeper and faster. And this time, I comply with your wishes, stroking you deeply, pressing firmly, against the source of such intense pleasure for you. I can feel your cock growing harder still, but as your breath quickens, I set aside the chilled bowl, and have in my hand the culmination of the initial cleansing – a bulb syringe with a thick, slightly curved nozzle. Within its sixteen ounce capacity, is a hot soapy mixture, that will combine with the glycerin to assure a thorough purging. But, what pleasure it will bring as it is tenderly administered.

Touching the flared tip to the center of your oiled rosebud, the nozzle slides in easily, and with obvious satisfaction on your part. I had chosen this particular instrument with your enjoyment in mind, and I allow you a moment to savor its entire length as I gently move it about within you – and then begin a slow squeeze on the bulb that begins the delivery of the cleansing warmth. You react quickly, lifting your bottom as if to take the small enema deeper within you, but then as you feel the heat spread up into your belly, you ease back to my lap, thoroughly enjoying every drop the bulb delivers. All too soon the syringe is empty, and I slowly remove the nozzle, replacing it again with the full length of my finger. The muscles are more relaxed now, and you accept my entry as smoothly as the enema….and as I slide my finger gently in and out, again stroking your prostate, the warm water, the soap, the glycerin, all combine to make for an erotic ‘finger fucking’ that has again arched your back. The stroking continues for many minutes before the mixture begins to work, and you suddenly roll off my lap, making a dash for the bathroom across the hall.

This one time allowing you your privacy, I gather up and remove the used items from the room, returning with a fresh supply just as you emerge from the bathroom. Thoroughly emptied by the ‘appetizer’, you are now ready for the ‘main course’.


You have come back to my bedroom to find that a brass clothes tree has become the hanging post of two rather ordinary looking (two quart) enema bags – both quite thoroughly filled with very warm salt water, and encased in a flannel wrapper to retain their heat. What is not at all ‘ordinary’ about the setup though, is that from the tubing of the first enema bag, a shiny ‘silver bullet’ awaits your pleasure, and from the second bag, a red, thumb-thick colon tube coils, ready to be put into service. And, the bowls that were on the bedside table have now been replaced by a larger tray that is covered with a small white towel, hiding its contents for later discovery. You glance at me with a raised brow, but still smiling.

I smile back.

Asking if you’re ready to continue, I pat the center of the bed, inviting you to hop up beside me….which you do with what seems to be a mixture of excitement and gleeful anticipation. The enema bags are a dead giveaway of what is to come, but how they’ll be used will definitely be a very entertaining surprise. I explain that the enemas will be given in four parts, and for part one, I help you ease into a knee-chest position. Adding a couple pillows to make you as comfortable as possible, I reach for the silver bullet, and tell you that the first enema will only be one quart – and the reason I wanted you ‘butt up’ is so that it will flow deeply and make the other enemas easier to take and retain.

Somewhat fascinated by the bullet, you ask to examine it first, and are impressed with the slick, polished sliver surface, as well as the extended length and swollen diameter. Without question, it will make for a very warm, memorable filling as the heat from the water is transferred through the metal, intensely warming you deep inside. Turning my attention to your raised backside, I first anoint your awaiting rosebud with a dollop of petroleum jelly, pressing my finger into you as well as thoroughly lubing the area outside. The bullet, being quite large, needs a well prepared entry to make reaching its destination stimulatingly comfortable. Picking up the ornate nozzle, I gently position it against your rosebud, and then tell you to take a deep breaths as I slowly ease it in, watching you open to accommodate the entry, and then close back around the less expansive hub. Teasing you, I pull back on the silver bullet, thoroughly enjoying your reaction to my newest offering. Eyes closed, you are relishing the feel of the invasion – the slow retreat – and finally the insertion to its fullest depth. Allowing you a few seconds to regain your breath, I then reach for the tubing clamp, and ask if you’re ready – which you eagerly assure me that you are – and I gradually open the tubing to allow a slow flow of the comfortably hot water. About the same time I tell you to expect the feeling of heat in the nozzle, you jump – discovering for yourself that the first time with the bullet is rather enlightening!! And you’re leaving no doubt in my mind that you are loving every moment of the experience.

But a one quart enema goes very quickly, and within moments, I’m asking you to turn over onto your back to take the second quart. Nozzle still in place, you turn, and with a little warmed lotion on my hands, I massage and knead your belly as I open the clamp and allow the first enema bag to ever so slowly empty. As the water fills you, I work my way up to your chest, leaning forward, tasting first one erect nipple, and then the other – licking, gently nibbling, and finally sucking each rock hard morsel until you’re again moaning with the pleasure of my thoroughness.

At last, with the full two quarts deep within you , and with only the slightest rise to your stomach, there’s little question that you’ll be able to take the third and fourth enema quite easily – and it is time to move to the next level of pleasure. Leaving the bullet in place, I now ask you to turn sideways on the bed, on your back, butt on the edge, legs hanging over the side. Without question, you comply, but again you’ve raised one eyebrow at the choice of such an unusual position.

Pulling a small chair to the side of the bed, I place it between your now spread legs, put a soft pillow comfortably beneath your head, and seat myself in front of you, positioning your legs up over top of mine. Odd position for an enema, you note. Yes….but a great position for a catheter, I reply. I now have your full attention. Your first experience with a catheter, and I want to make it as memorable and as thoroughly enjoyable as possible.

Reaching for the tray at the bedside table, I remove the covering towel, and reveal among a number of other items, two catheters that look nothing alike in regard to size, color, or structure. Your look is slightly concerned, but your trust allows you to lay back and enjoy as I rub a small amount of alcohol onto my hands in preparation.

After making sure you’re comfortable, the first thing I take off the tray, is a rather soapy looking gauze square. Gently scrubbing the head of your cock, I then remove the soap with a wet swath of gauze, and then dry it with another square. Taking your cock into my hand, I ask if you’re ready – and with a slightly anxious look, you never-the-less eagerly agree that you are. Reaching for the thinner of the two catheters, I dip the first several inches into a puddle of KY that is already on the tray. We had talked about catheter insertion many times in the past, but as we prepare for your new and exciting experience, I again remind you that this is something you will most thoroughly enjoy. The point is to relax and allow the catheter to pass smoothly and easily – and not to worry, that an erection only adds spice to the process. You agree, and take a deep breath in preparation, as I pull back on the head of your cock to fully expose the opening to your urethra. Touching the tip of the catheter against you, I wait for the grimace that is always caused by the cold lube, then with only a little pressure, I move the first inch of the catheter down into your cock.

The look on your face is of pure, unbelieving amazement – I told you it wouldn’t hurt – only total pleasure. And now I can see that you’re starting to believe me! I advance the catheter a little further, opening what used to be a slit on the tip of your cock, into a full, open circle. By now, three inches of the available sixteen have disappeared, and the tip of your cock seems to gobble the length of the catheter, as it invades deeper still….then suddenly you take a quick breath. I stop advancing the catheter and have to smile at your reaction. You look like your seconds away from a climax – obviously the catheter has passed into the confines of your prostate. To prolong the experience and to help you savor it more, I move the catheter in and out, stimulating the prostate and in the process, lifting your hips right off the bed. You’re moaning in sheer delight now, as I clamp off the end of the catheter, and advance it the rest of the way into your bladder. Altogether, about twelve inches of the catheter is inside of you.

Telling you to just relax now and enjoy the filling sensation, I explain to you that this is a Foley catheter, and I’m going to inflate the little balloon on the end that will keep it in place for a while. I reach for a syringe filled with sterile water, insert the needle into the nub that goes to the balloon, and I inject the water, in turn inflating the balloon. Removing the syringe, I test the balloon by tugging gently on the catheter. Firmly in place…, on with the fun.


Asking you what you think of a catheter so far, you seem to be somewhat surprised and quite delighted with the erotic feelings the small tube that now extends only a few inches from the tip of your cock, has created so far. You mention that you feel like you have to ‘go’ – but I reassure you that the sensation is to be expected until your body becomes accustomed to the catheter being in place.

I then ask if you are ready to continue on our very exotic, sensual trip. Relaxing back against the pillow, you eye the still full tray somewhat suspiciously, but give me the go-ahead to continue.

Picking up a 100 cc syringe (no needle this time), I suggest we check and see if we have indeed struck liquid gold with the catheter. You mention you’d emptied your bladder with the first enema, but I remind you that kidneys being what they are, always produce more. So, we’d just see how much. I also remind you that nothing I am about to do is going to be painful, so just relax and enjoy. Attaching the hub of the syringe to the opening at the end of the catheter, I release the clamp and very slowly and gently pull back on the plunger. You watch intently as the syringe immediately begins to fill with liquid gold. I explain to you that the reason I needed to know how full your bladder was, is that I’d planned to do an ‘infusion’ at this time, and didn’t want to over fill you in the process. Then to your surprise, I inject the ‘gold’ back into your bladder, reclamp the catheter, and remove the syringe. Replacing the first syringe back on the tray, I pick up a second one that appears to be filled with water, but actually holds a full compliment of slippery elm ‘tea’. This is a very soothing liquid for bladder infusions. Attaching the new syringe to the catheter, I remove the clamp and tell you that you’ll probably feel an increased urge to ‘go’ as the liquid is injected, but relaxing and enjoying the experience was the key to the entire process. The infusion, combined with the enema you’re already holding, and the presence of the ‘bullet’ pressing against the prostate, should be enough to cause a very sensual feeling of exquisite pressure.

Starting to inject the infusion, you shortly make the comment that you could feel it, but it’s not uncomfortable. And watching me inject the slippery elm water into you causes you to get hard – and the catheter slips and moves with your erection, which just serves to make you harder. After a moment, the full contents is in, and I clamp off the catheter again, and remove the syringe.


Time for the third part of the enema…..

Pushing the catheter tray aside, I reached for the colon tube that extends from the second enema bag. Asking you to draw your knees up to your chest, I slowly withdraw the bullet, and again lube your rosebud with a generous amount of KY this time, working it deep inside of you, and all around the tip of the colon tube. Already holding a somewhat forgotten 2 quarts of warm saline, the full length of the tube slides in with amazing ease. With the catheter extending nearly a foot inside of you and passing through the center of your prostate, and the colon tube snaking more than two feet into your belly and resting up against your prostate as well, the next part of this enema is going to be extremely erotic for you. The quart that’s given this time nice and slow, is received with your back arched high, and with great verbal embellishments of the pleasure you are receiving..

But with the enema bag still half full, I once again close the tubing clamp, and allow you to savor the intense sensations that are filling you as I gently massaged the upper part of your belly to work the enema more deeply into the far reaches of your colon. This is definitely going to be an enema you’d never forget.


Leaving the colon tube deep inside your belly, I now turn my attention back to the catheter. Time for a bit of a change. Reaching for the syringe with the attached needle, I pierce the catheters nub, deflate the Foley balloon, and slowly slide the tube out of your cock. A bit thicker at the tip this time than when it was inserted (from the balloon being inflated), it races a chill of erotic excitement up and down your spine as the now enlarged and rounded tip slides through your prostate once again. Finally, the last of the catheter slides from the tip of your cock, and is set aside.

A bit more quickly this time – because you are now holding a three quart enema for me – I clean the head of your cock once again, and prepare to insert the second of the two catheters that had originally been on the tray. This one is different, light blue in color compared to the buff Foley, and lacks the nub where the other catheters balloon could be inflated. I explain to you that this is a ‘straight’ catheter, and that while you receive the last part of the enema, I’m going to simultaneously allow your bladder to empty by way of this new length of tubing. I also tell you that while the Foley had been a ‘16-French’ catheter, this one was a bit bigger, being an ‘18-French’. When you frown at the idea, I reassure you that having comfortably accommodated the first, the 18 fr will only have the slightest bit of a stretching feeling when it’s inserted, and that you’ll love it.

Again taking your cock firmly in hand, I lube the tip of the new catheter, and again place it against the opening of the urethra and wait for you to lie back, relax, and enjoy the penetration. The slit on the head of your cock opens more fully this time, swallowing the larger tip of the tubing, and again I can tell that you’re a bit surprised when there is no discomfort, only a feeling of complete fullness - in more than one way. The catheter disappears into your cock and again, when it reaches your prostate, you gasp, enjoying the pulsating sensation that an orgasm is so very near. And again, I manipulate the catheter, extracting every sensuous, erotic impulse possible as the tube moves through the prostate, and approaches the muscle guarding the bladder. Before it reaches liquid gold though, I take a small basin from the bedside table, and place it beneath the opening at the other end of the catheter. Then finally insert the tubing fully, leaving only two to three inches extending from the tip of your cock. A stream of gold begins to trickle into the basin – and with that, I turn the clamp that controls the flow of the enema wide open, allowing the last quart of warm water to enter deep into your belly at a mind blowing rush, as the catheter slowly drains your bladder.

You buck, moaning loudly at the need to cum, but there is yet the final course, and the dessert to be delivered.

Your bladder is completely drained at almost the very same time the enema bag delivers its last drop of water inside of you. No more pressure in one area, a great fullness in another. I slide the blue catheter and the colon tube out slowly, letting you relish the sensation as they pass through and past the prostate one last time.

Now, I ask you if you will be able to hold the enema for just a short while longer – there is one last pleasure I would like to introduce to you. Your belly is roundly distended, but you tell me that the feeling is quite warm and pleasing, and you will hold my enema for me as long as I ask. I am very flattered when you call it ‘my enema’, as indeed, it is my gift of love to you. There will be other enemas that will be shared together, and other times where we will couple our bodies in the heat of a deep erotic enema – but for now, this is my gift to you – one to be savored and remembered for a long time to come.

Asking you to lift up, I slide a small pillow beneath your hips, and then pushing my chair out of the way. I reach for the last item on the bedside table -–a strap on dildo, designed with the anatomy of a man in mind. Angled to interact with the prostate with each stroke, its blue jellied length and girth appear enormous, but I have no doubt you will be able – with gentle persuasion – to accommodate it quite well.

For the lubrication of this unique instrument of pleasure, I’ve chosen a small amount of Astroglide this time, making certain that the entire length of the dildo is well coated with the slick liquid. Asking you to lift your legs up, I press your knees apart, and angle my hips so that the tip of the dildo just very lightly caresses your rosebud. The glycerin, the soap, the KY, the oil – all will combine with the Astroglide to allow for an easy entry, but I wish to take you slowly, allowing you to open to me with nothing but wave after wave of excitement and pleasure. And with that very thought spoken to you, I gently press the dildo against the tight entry, meeting with an expected resistance that gradually eases, allowing the first inch of the dildo to slide in and gently stretch you.

Your breathing is heavy now, the pressure of the enema wanting out – the pressure of the dildo wanting in…and your chest heaves as you grab your knees, holding them back and open for me. I ease the tip of the dildo out….prodding in quick little strokes that tease the tight opening, and then I center the dildo, and again press inward…this time one, then two, almost three inches before I stop and allow you to adjust to the gentle invasion. You are asking me to ‘give it’ to you…you want more…yet I remain still, waiting for the tension to pass and for you to once again relax.

You ask me to ‘fuck’ you – which will be my pleasure as soon as I am certain I can do so without hurting you. And as you reach to take your cock into hand, I again press forward, allowing another inch to pass beyond your control. You are now stroking your cock, and your balls are tightening – and I at last, press the full length of the dildo deep into your ass.


You have taken the full six inches of the blue dildo to its greatest depth. We are now joined in a dance that will shortly grow to a frenzied pitch, and culminate in an orgasm for you. My hips are matching the rhythm with which you stroke your cock, and I am ass-fucking you deeper, and faster with each penetration. You are beyond control now, as I urge you to cum with my voice, my hips, the dildo – and within only a matter of short moments, you accommodate that wish with a great explosion of mind and body. You cum for me in rolling waves and spasms that shake you to the very core – my holding the dildo deep inside you as you thrash on the bed – holding the enema inside of you, holding the pressure against your prostate, and holding this moment between us as neither one of us will ever forget.

Slowly you return to me from the realm of the orgasm, and you begin to relax as I still hold the dildo deep inside of your ass. I am stroking the inside of your thighs, wanting your desperately at this moment, but knowing that within seconds, the pressure of the enema you have been holding for me will overtake your control, and it will soon be a quick trip to the bathroom.

Oh but then, as I hold you as you expel the vast enema I have given to you, I will tell you about the shower we will take together – and the nap we will allow ourselves to enjoy - and then…..: smiling : Our imaginations will be our only limits to the pleasures we will create and enjoy together.