The Girl

The girl grew up according to the strict rules her parents observed. When she was seventeen years old and had just started Matric, her mother sent her off to their GP for a check-up.

She arrived at the doctor’s consulting room after school on a hot January afternoon. She had never met her parents’ new GP but gathered that he was a young recent graduate who had started practice in their home town.

Several other people were in the waiting room. The receptionist was an ancient old woman who ordered her to sit and wait her turn. The atmosphere in the waiting room did nothing to alleviate the hollow feeling at the pit of her stomach. Soon the heat in the waiting room had her thighs clinging together under the skirt of her school uniform.

After about half an hour the old woman said: “Famina, your turn. Knock before you enter and take your card with you.”

She did as she was instructed.

The doctor sat behind his desk. He was wearing a white medical jacket over his pants and shirt, a stethoscope protruding from the breast pocket, all very official. He gave a slight smile when she handed him her card. While he read the card she observed the shortish but strongly built muscular man.

“Oh yes Fam, your mother phoned and told me about you. She asked me to give you a check-up and to decide whether you should go on the pill. Have you been naughty with the boys?” he said, smiling at her.

She blushed red, “I…I…ooh…do not really know what you are talking about, doctor,” she stuttered.

“Never mind Fam, I am only pulling your leg. Mothers can be very inconsiderate at times. Please go into the examining room. Take off your blazer, loosen your bra and please take off your panties. I will be with you in a moment,” the doctor said as he left down a passage that led from his office.

Her heart leapt to her throat. What was he going to do to her? Will it hurt?

Going into the room that he indicated she saw the high examining table draped with a green cotton sheet. Next to it stood a white trolley loaded with vicious looking gleaming instruments. On the walls were medical placards showing various human organs.

She took her blazer off and hung it on a hook on the wall. Reaching behind her back she unhooked her bra. After some hesitation she stepped out of her panties and bundled them into the pocket of her blazer. Then she sat down sideways on the high table.

After a while the doctor entered.

“All set. Please lie down on your back.”

Demurely she did as the doctor told her, her legs tightly together, her hands protectively folded in her lap.

The doctor stepped to the side of the table and pressing both hands behind her ears he started his examination. Reaching the base of her neck he unbuttoned the top few buttons of her school shirt. He pressed the cold tip of the stethoscope to her chest and listened. Then he unbuttoned the rest of the buttons and bundled the simple cotton bra to the top of her chest exposing her young virgin breasts.

“It is wise to regularly check the breasts for lumps,” he muttered and at once proceeded to press his palms against the soft flesh of her titties, his fingers wandered ever closer to her nipples. She became aware of a tingling feeling in her groin. She blushed and heat sprang to her cheeks. When she looked down her body she saw the hard, large, pointed tips of her breasts.

“You have beautiful breasts my girl. You should be very proud of them,” the doctor muttered under his breath. “Please turn onto your stomach. Remember certain things might be very awkward to you but to your doctor it is very run of the mill stuff that he sees every day.”

She turned onto her tummy, pulling her clothes down as well as she could. Yet, the doctor pulled her shirt out of the band at the top of her skirt. Then she felt the cold disc of the stethoscope between her shoulder blades. He placed his hands on the sides of her narrow waist and squeezed deeply.

“This is going to be rather embarrassing to you but please remember I do this regularly,” the doctor said. “Please pull up your right leg as far as it will go towards your chest. Keep your shoulders and left arm flat on the table.”

Pulling her right knee up to her chest she felt her buttocks separate. Cool air brushed over her hot crotch as her cunt lips opened. Fortunately her skirt was draped over her bottom.

“That’s good. Pull your leg up some more.”

Then he unceremoniously lifted the back of her school skirt and draped it around her waist. She knew he could now see her totally exposed perineum. In later years she learnt that this position was called the Sim’s position and that doctors used it to do gynecological examinations when they wished not to expose the patient unduly.

“Please keep your left leg straight and try to drop your waist and stomach down as far as possible.”

She felt his fingers opening her vulva. “Girl, you are a virgin!” he blurted, “Why does your mother want to put you on the pill?”

He squeezed something onto his fingers from a white and blue tube. When his hand touched her she felt the partial penetration of his hard thick finger into her small hymeneal opening and instinctively clamped down on the vicious alien intrusion.

“Relax Fam, relax, I will try not to hurt you my girl,” came the doctor’s comforting voice. “You are just fine but I will have to phone your mother to inquire whether she wants to put you on the pill. I would suggest that a fine young woman like you should not upset her body by using unnecessary hormones. I would rather suggest an IUD. How do you feel?”

Speaking into the green sheet on the table she inquired with a muffled voice, “What is a U I D, or whatever it is called.”

“An IUD is an inter uterine device that is inserted into the womb and prevents impregnation,” the doctor said as he left the examining room to make the phone call.

She remained in that uncomfortable exposed position, to scared to move.

After, what felt like ages, he returned.

“Shame, I should have told you to make yourself comfortable. Please turn onto your back. Your mother says that she would prefer you to use a contraceptive. She leaves it to me…us… to decide which method will be the best. What do you think, Fam?”

“I don’t know. Do what you think best,” She told the doctor.

“O K then we go for the IUD,” he said while he sought amongst the instruments on the white trolley.

He produced a slender plastic tube from one end of which hung a piece of string.

“Do you take biology at school?” the doctor inquired. When she nodded he continued, “This little tube is inserted into the cervix of the uterus. Then I push this springy copper wire out of the tube into the womb. Thereafter the plastic tube is withdrawn from the cervix leaving the copper spring in the womb. The little string remains hanging into the vagina so that the device can be removed from the womb when the need arises.”

“Won’t it hurt terribly,” She asked.

“I will try to hurt you as little as possible and to be as quick as I can,” he said. “Please scoot down here towards the end of the table….That is it….a little more.”

She walked her bottom down towards the doctor. Her school skirt worked up her thighs exposing the thick springy pubic hair at her crotch. She wondered what would next be expected from her. Her ass had reached the edge of the table and she had to strain her tummy muscles to keep her legs from dropping over the edge of the table.

“That’s good,” the doctor said, “now please put your feet in the stirrups.”

Placing her feet in the menacing metal hooks she tried to keep her knees together but to no effect. Her thighs were fully opened, her skirt dropped to her groin and the doctor moved it even higher to drape it across her stomach. Adding to her misery he swung the stirrups wider apart, stretching the intimate flesh between her legs to the limit. With a sigh she relaxed her body and gave myself over to whatever was going to happen to her.

“Just relax then this is not going to be as bad as you are now imagining it. It will not take long,” he said while he squeezed a large amount of gooey stuff from the white and blue tube and began to spread it in the crack between her buttocks. The intimate contact of his hands aroused the heat in her cunt. A curious heavy sensation gathered in the pit of her tummy.

“In order to insert the IUD I will have to deflorate you,” he said while selecting a conical chrome plated probe from the white trolley. He moved between her splayed legs. Then the heat of his breath played onto her open lubricated pussy. His hands delicately inserted the dilator between her cunt lips. She felt the cold intrusion of the metal into her body, the thinnish rounded point slipped in easily but soon the thicker portion of the cone started stretching her small hymeneal opening, the doctor pushed hard…..White hot pain bolted through her loins……The heavy weight of the probe slipped into her virgin love channel filling the, up to then, empty hole. Meanwhile the doctor’s clever fingers moved in her vulva sending pleasant little flames into her loins.

“OOOOH….that hurts terribly!” she cried.

“Sorry, it had to be done,” he said while his hands touched something in her vulva that generated pleasure that mingled with the pain and built the heaviness in her tummy. Unfamiliar feelings spread in her crotch. Feelings that she had never experienced before.

In the mean time the doctor was choosing some new and terrible looking object from the white trolley. It looked like some eight inch long metal duck bill with a double handle at the bottom. He pressed it against her recently opened vaginal orifice…some more pain and then she felt the cold metal device slipping into her vagina. His fingers occupied itself in the top of her vulva spreading more joy into her tummy. Deep in her body she felt a spreading sensation, as if he was opening her from the inside.

“It is nearly done,” he attempted to soothe her.

Before he again disappeared between her thighs she saw the plastic IUD in his hands. She felt movement inside her vagina, then red hot pain shot deep into her womb!!!…The copper spring crawled into her core. The plastic tube withdrew…..The girl cried out. His hands were very busy at the top of her pussy, there where that curious new pleasure generating spot was located. The heavy bulb in her tummy swelled to bursting point. She felt the duck bill slipping from her cunt and heard the doctor saying, “One last thing, I must check your ovaries and feel if the IUD is correctly placed.”

The next moment his thick middle finger glided down her bottom crack, it thrust against her anus and forced its entry into her rectum, pushing far and deep. His thumb worked the novel pleasure spot in her pussy while his other hand prodded down onto her stomach palpating for the ovaries and the IUD.

Suddenly the heavy swelling in her tummy erupted……Her body contracted……Molten pleasure sped from her loins to her stirruped feet…..up her backbone to the pointed nipples of her breasts…….pulsing in her newly opened vagina contracting her womb….!!!!! The clever doctor felt her anal muscles rhythmically pulsing in climax around his finger.

When she regained her full consciousness she was aware of her throbbing sore cunt and heard him saying, “That’s it, it was not so bad, was it?” A cunning smile showed around his mouth, “There, use this sanitary towel, there might be slight bleeding for a day or two. Come and see me in a months time to check that everything is OK”

What a long month that would be before she could again see the man that brought about such marvelous pleasure in her body !