The insertion

By: Bargyn

Returning from my latest trip which was a Caribbean and Central AmericaCruise, Susan picked me up at the airport as usual. It was mid afternoon andafter the welcome home kiss and hug, Susan said we had to hurry as she hadan appointment at the clinic.

On the way Susan explained she had suffered a severe cramping of her rightleg which had literally floored her. We entered the new all glass building of the clinic near where Susan works,instead of her normal GP due to having the seizure that morning.The receptionist directed us towards the right and room 10 where we shouldtake a seat and wait for the doctor to call us. We had a short wait beforethe doctor called us.

It was a tiny room, hardly enough room for the doctors’ large desk, a chairfor the patient and a plain examination couch so I was left standing in theonly available space by the door. To the left of the desk was a floor toceiling window, shielded only by pale Venetian blinds.

After checking Susan’s details which had been completed when the appointmentwas made Doctor Moore asked Susan about medication she was taking, which wasonly the birth control pill, whether she was having or had in the past dizzyspells and then what the problem was, she explained she had been struck by asudden camping sensation while at work, which crippled her, when the nursein the building was massaging the affected calf muscle, she had found alump, she suggested it should be looked at by a doctor as soon as possibleso made this appointment.

The doctor asked Susan to lie down on the couch so he could examine the leg,he washed his hands as Susan lay down, he turned around and asked which legso Susan indicated the right, he then realized Susan was wearing nylons andasked her to slip off her tights or stockings, Susan was wearing PrettyPolly hold-ups for me coming home, she blushed slightly, bunched up herskirt and slid down the stocking, in doing so I caught sight of her tangacovered mound, since I was at the end of the couch. Once more the doctorstarted to examine Susan’s leg, beginning at the ankle working gentlytowards the knee, he found the tender spot, and asked her to roll over so hecould see the area and looked closely. The doctor explained that the lumphad gone but there was some localized bruising, he then asked Susan to situp and swing her legs over the side of the couch so he could listen to herheart and lungs. Susan did so, and was asked to undo the buttons of herblouse, the doctor then sounded her chest followed by her back using astethoscope, he announced that Susan’s´ heart and lungs sounded fine andthere were no irregularities, she could get dressed. With her back to thedoctor Susan buttoned up and straightened her blouse, slipped on the holdup, and again I got a glimpse of her knickers encased mound as she smoothedthe nylon up her thigh, then she tugged the elastic cuff to prevent anywrinkles. When he had finished writing up Susan’s notes he asked her to havea seat and explained that the cramp may have been a small blood clot causedby the pill, so he would recommend that Susan stopped taking it, he alsosuggested she have a follow up with her own GP, for further tests toconfirm his diagnosis, and in the mean time to take half an aspirin a day,to reduce or prevent clotting, which is what may have happened that morning,We both started to speak together, then stopped as quickly, Susan thenexplained we did not want to start a family yet, due to our careers, and didnot like using condoms. The doctor suggested we should consider another formof contraception either, diaphragm, cap, an IUD or IUS, or perhapsinjection, and due to the possible risks of continuing the pill, soonerrather than later. Susan made the point that the diaphragm would take awaythe spontaneity of our love making, and the doctor suggested that didn’thave to be the case, if I were to insert it as part of foreplay or makinglove, Susan countered that with the fact she would always have to carry itaround with her which would be a bore, and she didn’t fancy an injectionevery 3 or 6 months. I then asked the difference between an IUD and IUS, thedoctor went on to say they were very similar except the IUS gave offhormones, he said they could be left in place anything from 2 to 10 years.Susan then asked how quickly they became effective and how effective theywere, to which the doctor replied immediately and 99%, the family planningdoctor could give more specific details and also recommend the mostsuitable, at which point he excused himself, picked up the telephone anddialed an internal number. We then listened as he talked with a Dr Smyth,explaining our situation and wondered if the doctor could fit us in to herschedule, to which he got an affirmative.

The doctor said he would accompany us, have a quick word with Dr Smyth, andhand over Susan’s notes if we had the time. I immediately agreed andconfirmed with Susan the sooner the better. We passed the reception and intoanother corridor, which had doors in pairs instead of at regular intervals,one with a number and the one adjacent marked private, we came to number 5and were asked to take a seat. The doctor entered the door marked private,and I could see it was some sort of store or lab with instruments andsterile looking packages.

Within a few minutes Dr. Moore appeared at door 5 and asked us to enter, weentered and were ushered to 2 firm but comfortable chairs, and introduced usto a rather attractive Dr Smyth in white lab coat, sitting behind a large,tidy, well polished wooden desk.. Dr Moore took his leave and Dr Smythcontinued to hand us each a questionnaire to complete, so she could betterevaluate our needs. I filled out the form as quickly as possible answeringall the questions, some of which were to do with relationships, sexualpartners, and diseases. Susan was taking longer so when I handed back thecompleted form to the Dr, I looked to see how many questions she had tocomplete, it was then I noticed the female questionnaire had extra pages,when I looked closer I could see Susan filling in information regarding hermenstrual cycle and contraception. Once the Dr had read our forms she wenton to tell us about the options we had then asked if we had any preference,Susan explained she preferred something that would allow spontaneity, and noinjections. Dr Smyth would not recommend an IUS since Susan already probablyhad a reaction to chemicals or hormones, she suggested that the mosteffective would be an IUD, It’s very small – not much longer than amatchstick, in fact. Indeed, any IUD could comfortably sit in the palm ofyour hand. Your womb (uterus) is actually about the size of your clenchedfist. So if you close your hand round a matchstick, which gives you a roughidea of how an IUD sits inside your womb. Most IUDs are now T-shaped they’remade of plastic and copper, sometimes with a little silver inside. All IUDshave either one or two little threads, which hang down a short distance intoyour vagina. These are useful when you or a doctor or nurse, are checking tosee that the device is still in place. Also, most importantly, the threadsare used when it’s time to remove the IUD; the nurse or doctor just grasps athread with a surgical clip and pulls the device out. If Susan was in favourshe could begin straight away, by examining her to establish which modelwould best fit. She went on to explain the process, it would begin withSusan being given a mild pain killer Ibuprofen to be taken orally, andsomething to empty her bowels which would make the fitting more comfortableand avoid anguish. We agreed.

We followed Dr Smyth round the end of the partition which separated theoffice part of the room from the examination area. The doctor handed Susantwo tablets and a glass of water, when she had swallowed these, she wasasked to strip off from the waist down, there was a chair beyond theexamination couch she could put her cloths on, and in the mean time the Dr.who wore no un-necessary jewelry or any apparent make up was preparingsome instruments.

A nurse appeared and started positioning leg supports in place of thestainless steel stirrups on the end of the examination couch and a tissuepad between them.

Susan was soon undressing, first she rolled down the hold-ups, next hookedher thumbs into the waistband of her white Sloggi tanga and slid it down tostep out of them, then finally unzipped the pin stripped skirt allowed it tofall around her ankles then stepping out of it, gathered it up, folded andplaced it over her underwear on the chair. As Susan approached the couch thenurse placed a small stainless dish on a trolley and indicated to Susan thatshe should sit up on the pad between the supports, lie back and bring herknees up to her chest. When Susan was in this position I could not help butgaze at her full rounded bottom, looking like a firm peach, ready to beeaten, the nurse at the side of the couch told Susan to relax while sheinserted two suppositories these would provoke a bowel movement, the nursethen moved to the bottom of the couch and exposing Susan’s sphincter withthe gloved fingers of her left hand, placed the first bullet shapedsuppository against the rose bud and pressed it in following to the fulldepth of her gloved middle finger, closely followed by the second, Susan wasthen told to sit up, it would take a few minutes for the suppositories totake effect, and when they did there was a toilet just off the examinationroom.. While we were waiting for that to happen Doctor Smyth said she wouldstart by having a look at her leg, which she could suspend immediately Susanfelt the bowel movement coming on., the doctor rolled a stool in front ofSusan and took both her feet into her lap, she then using both hands beganto compare the muscle texture, next the right calf was being examined whenSusan said she felt she had to use the toilet. The doctor lowered Susan’slegs and rolled out of the way so Susan was free to hop off the couch and goto the toilet, I could see her bum cheeks clenching as she scurried to theloo.

On returning Susan was asked to sit on the pad again, the nurse helped herlie down and put her legs in the supports, Susan then had her legs adjustedso her knees were a little more than hip width apart, raised so her silkythighs opened to give complete access to her nether regions. From myposition by Susan’s left hip I could plainly see her puffy outer labia majorparting to show the inner moist pink labia also parted with the clit justpeeping out from under its hood. The end section of the couch was lowered toleave Susan’s bottom just over the edge, she was then told by the nurse shehad to swab her outer and inner labia, her urethra and the entrance of thevaginal canal, to prevent transferring any germs or infection into the wombduring the insertion process, but due to Susan having no hair down there, itwould make her job much easier. Using each swab for only one wipe from frontto back the nurse started working inwards till she had reached the centrethen she gently pulled up on the hood and wiped under the hood and clitoris,then finally with another swab worked into the folds all the way to theentrance of her vaginal canal. The nurse moved aside to tidy away thetrolley with the swabs and bowl containing the solution used to wash Susan.The Doctor again rolled the stool between Susan’s legs and sat down movinganother trolley to within easy reach to continue the procedure, The doctorput on a face mask and handed me one saying if I wanted to see what she wasdoing I had to do the same, to minimize risk of infection to Susan’sunprotected uterus which under normal circumstances had the barrier of thevagina and cervix preventing germs entering.

After putting on sterile surgeons gloves Dr Smyth picked up a speculum froma tray which had been uncovered by the nurse, she then asked Susan to stayrelaxed especially her tummy and vaginal as she was about to insert thespeculum, with that she used the first and second fingers of her left handto part Susan’s labia a little further so the speculum, something whichlooks like a duck bill, would have access without undue pressure, which letsher see Susan’s cervix. The Dr. gently slipped the Speculum between herfingers and into Susan’s vagina with the handles horizontal, when they cameinto contact with Susan’s left buttock the Dr. twisted them downwards andexplained she was going to start to spread her vagina while positioning theend of the speculum around her cervix. I could see the doctor squeezing thehandles and at the same time manipulating and pressing the speculum deeper,when it was fully inside she then completed opening the speculum till weheard a click as the handles locked into expanded position, next the Dr.turned a thumb screw which I could see stretched Susan’s outer lips giving aclear view and access inside. The doctor asked me if I had ever seen acervix, I had to admit I hadn’t so she moved aside a little to give me abetter look, it was just like my bell end in a tunnel, smooth and glisteningwith natural lubrication. She then used another swab soaked in thesterilizing solution, held with long pincers, to apply to Susan’s cervix.Next doctor Smyth told us she had to hold the cervix to prevent it movingduring the insertion, she picked up an instrument called a tenaculum, whichlooks like a set of small pincers with long handles, she passed them throughthe speculum manipulated them into place and told Susan she would feel anache when she grasped her cervix, Susan then almost squealed as I watchedthe doctor close the handles and lock them together. Next she explained shehad to check the length of your womb with an instrument called a sound. Thismight feel like a period pain or hurt very slightly, it looked like a smallpenis or dildo on the end of a thin rod and about the thickness of a pencil.I watched carefully as Dr Smyth worked the sound into Susan’s womb, thismade Susan whimper, and reach for my hand, in a few minutes the Dr told usSusan was very normal and of average size inside. The doctor asked the nursefor a specific IUD, she held the sound in place and questioned Susan abouthow she was feeling and gently calming her, while the nurse quickly went tothe adjoining store and returned with a sterile package. The Dr then removedthe sound, after the nurse opened one end of the packaging, revealing aplunger at the end of a slim instrument, which is shaped like a longdrinking straw, taking hold of the plunger end, Doctor Smyth explainingexactly what she was doing, as she passed it inside the speculum, slipped itthrough the small opening in Susan’s cervix, which she had just dilatedslightly with the sound, and into her womb. Finally, she pushed the IUD outso that it released into Susan’s womb, and then withdrew the ‘straw’. Nextshe peered into Susan’s vagina through the speculum then picking up asterile long handled scissors trimmed the strings attached to the IUD,retrieved them with a tweezers and then released the tenaculum. Dr Smythmoved aside and indicated I could have a look to see how the strings looked,and she said they should not interfere with sexual intercourse, and that Iwould more than likely never notice they are there, unless I went lookingfor them. Susan was asked to lie still and relax to allow her internal partsto relax into their natural state after having been stretched and pushedaround, Dr Smyth asked how Susan was feeling and if she was in any pain,Susan replied it was more discomfort now and that the worst part had beenthe taking hold of the cervix with the tenaculum then the dilation, she wasfine now.

The Dr suggested gentle massage of the abdomen helps, and then disappearedto her desk, so after squeezing Susan’s hand and giving her a kiss on thelips, I placed my hand just above her triangle of pubic hair and rubbed hertummy in a circular motion staying well clear of the speculum which wasstill in place. After about 10 minutes Dr Smyth reappeared asked how we weredoing and took a seat between Susan’s legs again, looking into her vaginashe declared everything was normal and progressing nicely, just to carry onas we were for another 15 minutes or so and everything should be in goodshape, all this rubbing was getting me aroused, I just hoped it wasn’tobvious.

After the prescribed time Dr Smyth again sat between Susan’s legs, after abrief examination she said everything was back to normal, asked if I wanteda last look which I did, and I could see Susan’s cervix had contracted andthe strings were held tightly, As I moved back to Susan’s side and held herhand the doctor slipped out the speculum, wiped off Susan’s pudendum andraising the lower section of the exam couch lifted her legs out of thestirrups. Susan was then asked to sit up slowly, as it is not uncommon tofeel dizzy when the blood rushes back into the legs, Susan sat up slowly,she said she felt fine and the doctor told her to hop down and get dressedwhen she was ready.

I watched as Susan got dressed, first the tanga, skirt and then thehold-ups, stepping into her shoes she turned and caught be gazing at herbeautiful body. We strode back to the doctors desk, were asked to have aseat, and Susan was told she should have a check up in at the end of herperiod, to make sure the IUD wasn’t expelled during Susan’s period. Avoidpenetration for the next 24 hours, to allow everything to settle into placeand help prevent infection, if there were no questions the doctor wished mea happy leave and Susan all the best till her next visit.

We didn’t have conventional sex that night, that didn’t stop us enjoyingeach others bodies or discussing the feelings we had in the doctors’ officethat afternoon.