The Insurance Exam

By Anonymous

My high school buddy Chris sells life insurance, financial planning, the works. With my business growing the way it is, I figure I better increase my coverage.

“A million dollar policy?” says Chris when I call him. “You’re what, 34? The premium will only be about $900 a year. Let me take your application now and I’ll set up a physical for you.”

A week later I get a call from his assistant, Tracy, who sets me up for an appointment the next morning at their office. I arrive the next morning and meet Tracy, who turns out to be a real knockout with dark hair in a tight skirt and blouse. She shows me into the conference room and offers me coffee. Chris shows up a few minutes later. We chat for a few minutes about sports and local politics. “The nurse should be here shortly. I’ve got to go downtown to another appointment, but Tracy will take care of your application,” he says and leaves. Tracy comes back with the nurse, an older woman, graying but attractive and trim, carrying a big briefcase. Tracy introduces her then leaves.

The nurse pulls out a stack of forms and sits down.

“Now, there are some questions to answer, then some measurements and some tests. Have you ever been told by a physician that you had dizziness, fainting spells, or convulsions?”

“No.” She checks off a box on a form.



This goes on and on, covering diseases, height, weight, drinking, smoking, drugs, hang-gliding, then she asks “What is your sexual orientation?”

“Um, that seems kind of personal.”

“On a policy this size the company has to be very careful. This information is strictly confidential. In fact, if you don’t get the policy the information will be destroyed.”

“Um, OK, straight.”


“Yeah.” I notice she doesn’t write on the form.

“Do any of your sexual practices involve stimulation or penetration of the anus?” she asks.

I feel myself blush. “Why do they want to know that?”

“Nowadays there are risks associated with certain activities and the company needs to evaluate that.” She watches me carefully. I haven’t done anything along that line since I was a kid, but I have had some fantasies.

“Well, no.” I say.

“Do any of your sexual practices involve being tied, gagged, or bound?”

I hesitate. I once had a girlfriend who loved to tie me up and suck me off, but that was a long time ago. I start to get turned on thinking about it.

She waits, then says, “The company just wants to estimate its risk. This information is only used statistically.”

“Oh,” I say. “Not really.”

She smiles, but doesn’t write anything. I smile back.

“Please remove your shirt, shoes, and socks,” she says. “We’ll do an EKG.”

She rolls out a mat. I lie down on it and she attaches wires all over my chest and from my wrists and ankles to a small black box. “Now just lie quietly for a few minutes,” she says. I do, but I still have half a hard-on from her questions. She obviously notices it. Eventually she detaches the wires and I stand up.

“Now we need a urine specimen,” the nurse says. She hands me two little plastic bottles and a larger clear plastic cup with a dark strip along the side. “Fill these two bottles, then the fill the cup enough to cover the dark strip.”

I try to remember where the restroom is in this building and start to reach for my shirt.

“No,” she says sharply. “Do it here.”

I look at her with my mouth open.

“We’re just being careful,” she says more soothingly. “Applicants could provide faked samples. Don’t worry, I’ve seen everything in the hospital.”

I turn my back and work my half-hard cock out of my pants with one hand while I hold the bottles with the other. I manage to fill both bottles, but now I have two full bottles in one hand, and I can’t really get my cock back in my pants with one hand, and anyway I still have to fill the cup. I turn around with my cock hanging out and put the bottles on the table. The nurse is watching. She gives me a smile, then looks down at my cock, so I pick up the cup and pee into it while facing her, my cock stiffening.

“Very good,” she says, and lifts white latex gloves out of her briefcase and pulls them on. “Now I need to do a physical exam.” She scoots her chair close and reaches for my cock with one gloved hand. She slides a finger inside my pants and pushes it in behind my balls.

“No hernias,” she says. “Now if you’ll please undo your pants, we’ll do the rest of the exam.” I slowly unbuckle my belt and loosen the snap, wondering where this is going. “You’ll probably find it most comfortable to lie face down on the mat,” she says. I do. “Now pull your pants down.” I work them down so my butt is exposed. Nothing happens for several seconds, then I fell something cold pushing against my ass hole. I twist my head to look back, and the nurse has a gloved finger in my ass crack, pressing against my ass hole. “This is some lubricant to make this more comfortable,” she says.

Actually it feels sensational. She is pressing gently and rubbing her finger slowly around my rim. I halfway expect her to push a finger quickly into me and then quickly withdraw, like my doctor has done during a physical, but she just rubs the outside of my ass hole. My cock is hard as a stick, and my balls are pulled up tight. I lift my butt up and she presses a little harder. I get up on my knees and elbows and work my pants down around my ankles, moving my butt around as she continues to rub a lubricated finger up and down in my ass crack. The feeling is absolutely wonderful.

Suddenly I hear the door open. I twist my head around and see that Tracy has slipped in, but I’m beyond caring. The feeling of the nurse’s finger rubbing against my asshole is so good that I just close my eyes and keep moving my ass in a slow circle.

After what may be seconds or minutes, I turn my head again. Tracy is sitting in a chair with a hand up under her skirt, her eyes fixed on me and her tongue out.

“Turn around,” says the nurse. I close my eyes and just enjoy the sensation, my forehead down on the mat. Suddenly a hand grabs my hair and tilts my head back. I look up and see Tracy kneeling in front of me, her skirt rolled up around her waist and some sort of dildo pointing out from between her legs. The dildo is on some kind of belt that is strapped around her hips. She has no panties on and I can see her nearly shaved pussy. One hand clutches my hair and the other holds a shiny black leather riding crop.

“Suck it stud,” she says, and pushes herself forward so the dildo is in my face. “It’s going in your ass, so get it good and slick.” The nurse is still rubbing a finger around my rim. I open my mouth and take the dildo in it. Tracy forces my head up and down, her hand still in my hair. I almost gag when she pushes her hips forward, shoving the dildo to the back of my mouth. I reach out one hand for her pussy, but she whacks it with the crop and says, “Don’t touch.”

Finally she backs away and I close my eyes again. The nurse is still sending waves of sensation from my ass. Then I feel something pressing into my ass hole. For a moment it feels good, but then it hurts like hell. At the same time a hand grasps my swollen cock and begins to stroke it slowly. The pleasure and pain are incredible. I manage to look back. Tracy is kneeling behind me, the dildo pressed into my ass. The nurse is kneeling beside me, stroking my cock. Tracy thrusts in and out very, very slowly. It hurts and feel like I need to shit, but the feeling from my cock is wonderful.

I can’t tell how long this lasts, but then the intense sensations stop and I hear “Turn over.” I’m in a daze, but I roll over on my back. My cock is still as hard as it has ever been and I haven’t come. I reach down to stroke it myself and Tracy hits my hand again with the crop. It stings and I yank my hand back.

“No,” she says. She runs the crop lightly up and down the shaft of my cock and says “Are you going to be a good boy and do what I say?”

I nod weakly. “Say it,” she barks and raises the crop.

“I will.”

“SAY it,” and she runs the crop over my balls before raising it even higher.

“I’ll be a good boy and do what you say,” I manage to get out.

“Good.” Then she crawls over and squats over my face. “Eat me,” she says and lowers her pussy down to my mouth. It is shaved almost hairless. I start licking and she moves around so my tongue gets to different parts of her pussy and her juice starts to flow down my chin. “More tongue,” Tracy says, and I try to stick my tongue out even farther. She moves so that her hard little clit is right over my tongue, and I run my tongue first in little circles around it, then back and forth over it. Meanwhile the nurse has started stroking my cock again, but so lightly and slowly that I can’t come.

Tracy stiffens, then starts to come, shuddering five or six times as the orgasms take her. The nurse starts to stroke me more firmly now, but very slowly. I shove my hips up to prolong each stroke. She puts the other hand between my legs and pushes a finger against my ass hole again. The combination is just incredible. Tracy’s pussy is still over my face. My cock starts to spurt and the nurse matches her strokes expertly, making it spurt again and again, the longest orgasm I have ever had. Tracy gets up and I fall back with eyes closed, exhausted.

When I open my eyes Tracy is gone. The nurse hands me a towel and I wipe myself off. She has packed up everything but the mat. I groan and roll off the mat and lift myself to my feet. She quickly stows the mat.

“Use these pads in case you experience any pain or swelling,” says the nurse and lays two foil wrapped packages on the table. “You seem to be in excellent shape,” she says with a smile. “I don’t think you’ll have any trouble qualifying for this policy.”