The Little Red Bulb


Even though many years have passed since my childhood, I can still remember in vivid detail the first time that I was given an enema by my mom with the infamous “Little Red Squeeze Bulb”. Other events seem to have faded into history, but that event I can recall with the same clarity as if it happened yesterday.

I know that some people wretch at the mere thought of their childhood memory of being given an enema, but for me, other than the initial shock and embarrassment of it, I didn’t find the experience unpleasant at all. As a matter of fact, after that initial introduction, I sort of looked forward to it for some reason. I just didn’t know why…

My first remembrance had taken place the summer I turned nine years old. I was out in the backyard playing when I heard my mom call me into the house. Being a typical kid, she usually had to call me a few times. She wasn’t a stern mother or anything like that, its just that I knew better than to push her limits. Looking back, I couldn’t ask for a better mother. She was (still is) a loving, gentle, God fearing no nonsense mom. I think the mom’s of the 50’s & 60’s were a lot different than they are today. Back then, they were like the “Rock of Gibraltar”, the only real constant in a world of ever changing variables.

Anyway, after going into the house, I found her in the kitchen. She was in the process of cleaning a few pan’s in the sink. I remember staring at the big bow on the back of her flowered apron that she use to wear when working in the kitchen.

“Yes…mom, you called me?” I asked.

“Oh, there you are!” she chimed, with a little smile, as if somehow I just appeared out of nowhere.

After a momentary silence, she said, “I want you to come inside for awhile, I have something that I want to give you.”

“What’s that Mom?” I asked, immediately wracking my little brain trying to figure out what she had for me.

“I want to give you a little cleaning out.” she replied, in her soft motherly tone. “It should only take a few minutes honey, then you can go right back outside and play.”

“A cleaning out!” I stammered. “What kind of cleaning out mom?” I asked, with a puzzling concerned look on my face.

Detecting my sudden nervousness, she looked at me and smiled. “Oh don’t worry.” she said, in a soft tone. “It’s just a little enema to clean you out, that’s all.”

“An ene-a-what, what’s that?” I asked, inquisitively.

Smiling again, she let out a little laugh at my apparent adolescent inquiry. “It’s just a little warm water in your butt, that’s all.” she said, trying to explain it in words that a nine year old would better understand.

“In my butt!” I blurted. “Will it hurt?” I added, stammering a little.

“Of course not, dear.” she said, smiling again. “You know I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you. I’m just going to squirt a little warm water in your bottom, and that’s all there is to it.” she explained.

I was still somewhat hesitant, but her warm smile and reassuring tone did seem to put me a little more at ease. Knowing that I could go back outside afterwards, did give me a reassuring feeling that she didn’t think there was anything to worry about. You know how parent’s can be sometimes, especially through the eyes of a kid. They tell you that something is wrong, then…”Boom”, the next thing you know, your picturing yourself either dead or laid out in a coffin somewhere. Holy shit! It’s enough to scare the hell out of you. Kind of like the time I got hit in the head with a rock. When I went into the house, there was a little blood running down my hair line. Upon seeing this, she screamed “Oh my God!, your head is split WIDE open”. I started dancing around the kitchen freaking out, wondering if I was going to “live” or not! Actually, I needed four stitches and a band aid. See what I mean…

Anyway, getting back to the story at hand.

“I’m going up to the bathroom.” she said, drying her hands on the kitchen towel as she spoke. “I’ll call you when I’m ready.”

“Okay mom.” I stammered.

Nervously, I sat there in the kitchen waiting for her to call me. I could hear the sound of the bathroom medicine cabinet being opened and closed a few times, followed by the sound of the water running. I couldn’t help but wonder what she was doing up there. Her words that she was going to “squirt a little warm water in my bottom” kept running through my mind. I just couldn’t visualize how she was going to do this. At that point, all I knew for sure, was that I probably wouldn’t have to wait very long to find out…

Suddenly, the sound of my Mom’s voice rang out from upstairs. “Tommy, you can come up here now, I’m ready for you!” Instantly, I glanced towards the stairway. I was a little nervous, but the tone of her voice pretty much gave me the feeling that there was nothing to “really” worry about.

Moments later, I found myself stepping into the doorway of the upstairs bathroom. The distinct smell of ivory soap lingered in the air. My mom glanced at me with a smile as I went into the bathroom. She was sitting on the closed lid of the toilet straightening out a large fluffy blue towel that was draped over her lap. She was still wearing the flowered kitchen apron that protected her dress.

Glancing at the sink, my sense of smell was verified when I noticed a bar of ivory soap floating among the bubbles in the half-filled basin. Almost immediately, my attention was also drawn to something else that was on the sink, something that seemed to mesmerize not only my thoughts, but my imagination as well. Something inside told me that “that” was the instrument She was going to use to “clean me out”.

There on the top edge of the sink counter, apparently balanced on it’s base, sat this formidable looking object. It was a little smaller than a baseball, but not quite as round. It was an off-red color, and had this rounded black tube that was about three inches long sticking out of it. It even “looked” like something that you would squirt water with. I noticed a box with its top flap still opened sitting a little further behind it. The picture on the box told me that it was the container that it came in. The box read “Squeeze Bulb Enema Syringe”. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out just where that little black tube was meant to be stuck.

“See, there’s nothing to worry about.” she said, softly. “It’s just warm water and a little soap.” she added, gently swishing her finger tips through the bubbly water. “Now pull your pants down, honey.” she said, taking my arm and gently pulling me towards her as she spoke.

Standing next to her, I unbuttoned my shorts and let them fall down around my ankles. Being shorts, it was easy to step out of them without taking my sneakers off. Once my shorts were completely off, she reached for my arm and told me to lay across her lap, explaining that it would be easier that way. My t-shirt was long enough that I don’t think she noticed that I hadn’t taken my underwear down yet.

Awkwardly, half kneeling, I leaned forward and began to push myself across her lap. For support, I extended arms and clutched the top part of her opposite leg, then pulled myself the rest of the way over, falling snugly in place. It was almost as if her lap was meant for this. Holding my arm, she sort of guided me into place. I remember the funny sort of feeling it gave me to lay over her lap like that. I know this must sound silly, but it actually felt quite comfortable.

Apparently, I wasn’t in the right position, because no sooner was I over her lap, when I suddenly felt her hands grab hold of both sides of my hips. “Up you go!” she said, with a slight grunt, hoisting me up a little higher on her lap. I felt like a bag of potatoes being shifted around. I was still in a comfortable position, but I was high enough on her lap that my lower section dangled freely. I was just about balanced in the center of her lap. I remember looking down and seeing her shoes. She was wearing a pair of those open-toe summer shoes that had a little strap that buckled around her ankle.

“What’s this?” she exclaimed, laughingly, pinching the fabric on the back of my underpants, amused by my adolescent attempt at modesty.

“I, umm…, forgot them.” I stammered, childishly thinking that somehow it “might” have been okay to leave them on.

Becoming aware of my adolescent shyness, she tried to put me a little more at ease by making light of the whole thing. “Oh, don’t worry.” she said, in her reassuring motherly tone. “I’ve seen that little butt of yours plenty of times, and there is absolutely nothing to be shy or embarrassed about.” she added, jokingly. “A lot of people get them, and probably at lot of your friends do also.” she laughed.

No sooner were those words out of her mouth, when suddenly, I felt the fingers of her right hand clutch the elastic waistband of my underwear. She began to pull them down with a side to side pulling motion, working them down over my hips and rear. I could feel her left hand across my back holding my hip while she worked them down. Once they were below my knees, they sort of fell the rest of the way down, landing loosely around my ankles. I gasped at the sudden bareness when I felt the room air engulf my entire midsection, especially when she pulled the back of my t-shirt up. Even though she was my mom, I felt embarrassed knowing that she was looking right down at my bare rear.

Once I was over the initial shock of being bared, a funny sort of feeling started to come over me. It was an unusual sort of feeling that I had never experienced before. I found myself secretly enjoying the little tingly sensations that I was getting from being bare bottomed over her lap like that. It was more than just being bare, it was the whole combination of sensations that produced this new found euphoric feeling. The position, the soft towel under my tummy, the way I was draped over her lap, the way my arms were crooked over her opposite leg. All these things together, seemed to produce a peculiar sort of sensation that was unlike any other that I had ever felt. Maybe it was just the adolescent newness of discovering my body for the first time. I’m not sure just exactly what it was, all I knew for sure, was that I was thoroughly enjoying this new found euphoria. Little did I know, that these sensations were nothing compared to the what I would feel in a few moments!

Waiting for what was to happen next, I felt her turn and reach for something on the back of the toilet. For a second, I thought that it was that little bulb she was reaching for. I turned my head back to see what was going on. She had retrieved a small jar of vaseline, and was in the process of opening the lid. I watched as she dipped her index finger into the jar and extracted a thick glob of the translucent goo. Still looking back, I couldn’t help but notice the shape and curve of my own rear-end as it extended up over her lap. I could see little goose bumps on the upper curve of my bottom cheek. My head was down to low to see anything else, not that I really wanted to anyway. I turned my head down, waiting for the inevitable…

“Now just relax, honey.” she said, in a gentle voice. “I’m just going to put a little vaseline around your opening.”

As I laid there with my eyes closed, I felt her hand gently clasp the inside of my thigh and tug it towards her. “Open you legs a little.” she said, alternately tugging one leg, then pushing on the other.

“There’s the problem!” she exclaimed. “Your underpants! Bend you legs back a little.” she said, reaching back and pulling them off my ankles when my feet were within arms reach.

“There, that’s better.” she said.

Immediately, my legs splayed open and free. I felt that strange tingly sort of feeling again, as the cool room air went all up between my legs and thighs. I remember it giving me one of those twitching shivers for a second. I know this must really sound weird, but for some reason, I remember having this sudden desire to just do all sorts of movements with my legs. I wanted to open and close them, bring my legs back, kick them around a bit while opening them real wide, just do all sorts of stuff like that. I didn’t dare though, fearing that my mom would think that there was something wrong with me. It was just a nice feeling, to feel yourself bare like that from the waist down.

Suddenly, I felt the fingers of her left hand touch my bottom crack, then began to spread my cheeks open. As my bottom opened up, I could feel a rush of cool air go right up the middle of my butt, causing a tickling sensation all around my back hole. At just about the same time, I felt her vaseline coated finger suddenly touch the outer opening. I gasped at the suddenness of it, involuntarily clenching my bottom cheeks around her finger.

“Just relax.” she said, softly, detecting my sudden tensing.

Relaxing a little, I felt her finger begin to make little circular motions all around the opening, then start push in a little at the same time. It wasn’t so bad I though, relaxing a little more as I got use to this new intrusion. Of course, her reassuring tone had a lot to do with it. As I relaxed, I could feel my bottom cheeks slowly unclench, then spread open by themselves. That in itself, gave me a funny sort of feeling. It was like your insides were opening up or something.

“That’s…it hon, relax.” she said, softly, almost whispering.

With my bottom relaxed, I suddenly felt her circling finger sink right down into my hole. Letting out a gasp, I squirmed as her finger started to move slowly in and out with sort of a twisting motion. I could feel my little hole involuntarily tighten right around her moving finger. I was totally unprepared for this! I never had anything touch me there before. It didn’t hurt or anything like that, it was mostly just a sudden intense tingle that seemed go all up through me.

“Well, that should do it!” she exclaimed, slowly withdrawing her slippery finger from my bottom.

“Now, that didn’t hurt, did it?” she asked, with a pleasant laugh.

Still overwhelmed, I managed to mumble that it hadn’t…

I was relieved that it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I only hoped that the rest of it would be that way! I was still a little worried about this enema business though…

Turning my head back again, my eyes widened as I watched her pick up the little squeeze bulb. After moving it to her left hand, she dipped her right index finger into that jar of vaseline again. Only this time, it was sitting on the counter. Withdrawing her finger from the jar, I watched as her finger applied the lubricant up an down the little black shaft, hooking her finger and moving it around the nozzle until it glistened with a thick coating. I was mesmerized at the sight of the little black tube, knowing that that very tube was going to be put right up my bottom in a few moments.

Wiping her fingers off, she took the bulb in her right hand, clasping it with her fingers positioned vertically around the rubber bulb part. I could hear it make a funny sort of sound as she gently squeezed it a few times, apparently testing it.

Turning slightly, she extended her arm towards the sink. Squeezing the bulb again, she dipped the nozzle into the soapy water. I could hear a faint gurgling sound as the water was apparently being sucked up into the rubber bulb. I thought to myself what a good squirt-gun it would make!

A few moments later, she withdrew the nozzle from the water, quickly turning it upwards. I felt my stomach flutter as I watched her hand move back from the sink. My eyes were fixed on the slightly dripping nozzle as she moved it towards my rear end. I just turned my head down and closed my eyes.

I jerked a little when I suddenly felt the fingers of her left hand begin to separate and open my cheeks again. I knew that she could feel my cheeks clench.

“It’s okay, just relax.” she said, in her soft voice, reassuring me again that it wouldn’t hurt a bit. “Your just going to feel a little tingle when I put the nozzle in, that’s all.” she said. “It won’t be any more than what it felt like when I put the vaseline on you.” she added, in a quiet reassuring tone.

“Now, relax your bottom a little.” she said, softly.

Gradually, my lower portion began to relax. I could feel the cheeks of my bottom open again as the muscles released. Almost immediately, that funny sort of euphoric feeling came over me again, like when she had pulled my underpants down. It was sort of a warm fuzzy feeling that seemed to emanate right in the middle of my bottom and travel right up through me. I had no idea what it was, but I knew I liked it…

At that age, I knew enough to know that I wasn’t supposed to “like” things like that…at least I thought so at the time. Religious upbringing I suppose.

Suddenly, I felt the tip of the nozzle touch my rear opening. My eyes shot open when I felt the coolness of it’s tip begin to slip into my hole. A moment later, I let out a gasp as she slipped the nozzle all the way in, right up to the base of the bulb. I felt tiny little prickly sensations suddenly shoot out from all around my rear opening. She released her left hand, causing my buttocks to close in around the nozzle and part of the bulb. I could feel her left hand cup the fleshy part of my outer hip while she held the bulb in place.

A moment later, she gently squeezed the bulb. Instantly! I felt a warm tingly sensation shoot all the way to my tummy. My whole bottom seemed to flood with the warmness of the soapy water. I could feel the warm tingly feeling slowly spread throughout my entire midsection. I could even feel it in the lower part of my tummy underneath me. It was such an indescribable sensation that it immediately made me squirm and bend my legs back. I could feel my feet and toes curl involuntarily.

“Are you all right down there?” she asked.

“I’m, umm…okay, mom.” I stammered. “It just surprised me”, still feeling it squirt in as she asked.

“Just making sure.” she said. “You just let me know if it feels like it hurts…okay hon?”

“I will mom.” I muttered, emitting little guttural sounds as the warm fluid pulsed in each time she squeezed the bulb a little more.

Almost involuntarily, I could feel my muscles around my rear hole expanding and contracting, as if trying to milk the slippery little nozzle. It was definitely a weird feeling.

“I’m just going to give you a few more bulbs full.” she said. “That should be enough to give you a good cleaning out.”

Turning my head back, I could see the top part of her hand holding the red bulb in place. I watched as she started to slowly pull the nozzle back out of me. It gave me a strange feeling to see the nozzle come into view, and feel it at the same time. It still glistened with vaseline and water. I heard it make a sucking sound as she released her grip.

Once she took the nozzle out, I felt myself relax back down a little. At least now, I knew what it felt like, and, what to expect…

She repeated the whole process four more times, and each time, I felt that same strange tingly sensation go all through me. She was right, at no time did I ever feel that it “hurt”, like I expected. Although, I have to admit, after four more bulbs full, I did feel a little cramp and fullness in my midsection, but it was not unbearable or painful at all.

After the last bulb full, she kept me over her lap for a few minutes. She said that she wanted to give the water a chance to “work”. Even though I felt a little full, I was getting a little thrill from being bare butt over her lap like that. At the time, I didn’t understand just why it felt nice, I just knew that it did…

After helping me up from her lap, she told me to sit on the toilet for awhile until all the water came out. As I sat there, she picked up the squeeze bulb and box, then went back downstairs.

It seemed like it took forever for all the water to come out of me, but it finally did, after about 15 minutes. Cleaning myself up, I went back downstairs. My mom was sitting in the front room reading the newspaper.

“There you are.” she said, with a smile, lowering her paper as she looked towards me. “Is everything okay?” she asked.

“Oh yah, I feel okay Mom.” I said, smiling back.

“That’s good.” she replied, still smiling. “A good cleaning out once in awhile is healthy for your system.” she added, further explaining the importance of a proper diet, and of course an enema once in awhile to clean you out.

A few minutes later I headed back outside to play. I remember being acutely aware of a refreshed sort of feeling in my lower section.

Even though it gave me a thrill to be bare ass over her lap, I didn’t really think much about it at that point. I hadn’t made a connection yet between those tingly feelings and eroticism. It wasn’t until about a year later that I actually started to associate the sensations that I had experienced during the enema, with other sensations that I was just starting to discover, ie., the adolescent joys of masturbation.

That connection came one afternoon while I was helping my mom around the house. I had been putting away some towels in the upstairs hall closet, when I suddenly noticed something that captured my immediate attention. There, sitting behind some towels, quite hidden from direct view, was the box that the little red squeeze bulb came in. I stared at it for a second, almost like I was hypnotized. I remember it having sort of a medicinal look to it. Just seeing it sitting there like that made my stomach flutter. My heart began to beat faster as I slowly reached out to touch the oblong little box. It was like I was touching a “forbidden” object or something. Gently clasping it, I could feel the round shape of the rubber bulb inside of it. I wanted to take it out and look at it, but I was worried that my mom might catch me.

My overwhelming curiosity was getting the best of me. I Quickly glanced down the hallway to see if anyone was coming. Satisfied that I was alone, I took the box out from behind the towels. Nervously, I pried open the top of the box. After moving the side flaps out of the way, I peered down into the container. A flushed feeling came over me when I saw the little black nozzle sticking up, resting against the side of the box. I stared at it for a moment, as images and feelings from the enema flashed in my mind. Wanting to feel it, I stuck my fingers into the box and felt around, exploring its contents. I was mesmerized by the texture and feel of the rubber bulb and nozzle. As I gently touched the black plastic tube, I was reminded of the fact that it was the same one my mom had used on me last summer! My curiosity temporarily sedated, coupled with fact that I didn’t want to get caught, I quickly closed the box and placed it back behind the towels.

Over the next few days, I kept thinking about the little squeeze bulb that lay hidden in the closet, and remembering all the tingly feelings that it had produced the previous summer. I started to wonder what it would feel like to be given an enema again. As I had mentioned, it was at a time when I was just starting to discover my body, so it didn’t take very much for me to make a connection between the enema that my mom had given me and the new feelings I was experiencing. I started to think of ways that I could somehow take the bulb out of the closet. I wanted to see it again, feel it, play with it!

The final connection came one afternoon while I was home alone. I knew everyone would be gone for a few hours, so I decided that this would be a perfect time to play one of my “exploring myself” games. Until now, my activities had been limited to my bedroom at night. I definitely did some exploring in that room, but that’s another story in itself. Only Now, I was going to expand my explorations beyond my bedroom.

I made sure the doors were locked and the curtains were drawn. I was always a little paranoid that someone might see me. You know how it is when your ten years old. All that morning I had been thinking about all the stuff I could do. This might sound weird, but I would think about things like, pulling my pants down, stripping, running around the house bare naked, just all sorts of little things like that to get a thrill. I’ve often wondered if other kids did that sort of stuff when they were growing up.

Anxious to experience that “bare” feeling, I started to undo my jeans right there in the front room. Out of habit, I glanced around for a second, then pushed my jeans and underwear down to my ankles. I could feel the cool room air suddenly tickle my front and back at the same time. Little prickly goose bumps began to form on my bare skin. To get more of this delightful sensation, I pulled up my t-shirt and tucked it up under my arms. It felt so wickedly naughty to be standing there like that with my whole midsection bare. I gently ran my hands over my front and back for a few moments, then stretched myself, delighting in the fresh tingly sensation that it was giving me all over my body. I know it must sound hilarious, but to me this was the awakening of a whole new world of physical sensations. I noticed that it felt more bare like that for some reason, than if I had my cloths completely off.

For the next hour or so, I did all sorts of things to heighten the sensations I was getting. I finally found myself lying on the couch enjoying the feeling of the fabric as it tickled my tummy and butt when I squirmed around. Then something happened that started my imagination working. While lying on my tummy, I had inadvertently let one of my knees fall over the edge of the cushion. I began to notice that it gave me a tingly sort of feeling all up between my legs when I would gently rock against it. I especially noticed how nice if felt all around my little cock. Wanting more freedom, I kicked my jeans and underwear off from around my ankles, then let my left leg fall completely over the edge of the cushion. The sensation was exquisite!

I suddenly became aware of an openness feeling all around my bottom and up between my legs. The open sensation reminded me of the feeling I had gotten when my mom had given me the enema. Wanting to explore this unique sensation further, I reached back and gently touched the little opening with the tip of my finger. I delighted in the little prickly sensations that I began to feel. I’m not sure exactly why, but suddenly I wanted to see this hidden place that had given me such nice tingly feelings.

I remembered the oval stand-up mirror that my mom had in her room. It would be perfect for what I had in mind. I could turn the mirror down, then lay on the floor in front of it, viewing myself in any position that I wanted to. The thought of it excited me. It suddenly dawned on me, “why don’t I take that little squeeze bulb with me”! I felt my stomach flutter in anticipation of what I was about to do. I couldn’t do a real enema, but at least I could put the nozzle in me.

I got up from the couch and headed for the upstairs hall closet. I enjoyed the sensual feeling that it had given me to walk through the house bare ass like that. I knew right then and there that I would be doing this again real soon. I just loved the feeling of being bare like that. Opening the closet, I reached in and took out the little box. My heart began to beat faster as I pried open the top of the container and took out the little squeeze bulb. I stared at the nozzle, mesmerized by its medicinal look. Remembering back to the previous summer, I could picture my mom holding the rubber bulb while it was in me. I ran my fingers down the length of the black tube, fascinated by its smooth shiny surface and rounded tip, and knowing where it had been…

Remembering that I would need to put some vaseline on the nozzle, I went to the medicine cabinet before heading to my mom’s room. I must have looked quite a sight walking through the house bare ass carrying an enema bulb and a jar of vaseline.

Once in my mom’s room, I turned the stand-up oval mirror downwards, angling it towards the floor. With my back facing the mirror, I laid down on my stomach in front of it. Turning my head back, I could see my reflection in the mirror. I was fascinated at the sight of my own bare bottom. It was real smooth and almost milky white in color. I remember it standing out from my tan legs and back. I had never seen my rear quite like that before. Wanting to see more, I had to place my legs on the outside of the mirror stand in order to spread them. I watched in fascination as my rear hole and crotch started to come into view. I scooted back a little so that I could get a closer look. Suddenly, there it was, the pink wrinkled little opening that had given me such tingly sensations. I kept visualizing what my bottom must have looked like over my mom’s lap.

Just like my mom had done, I picked up the enema bulb and held it with my fingers. I squeezed it a few times, trying out the flexibility of the rubber bulb. Reaching back, I teased myself with the nozzle, gently trailing it over my cheeks, pretending that It was going to be stuck right in me at any moment. It gave me a funny feeling to see the bulb syringe and my bottom at the same time. It looked so formidable when juxtaposed against the milky whiteness of my adolescents.

Unable to wait any longer, I brought my hand back so that I could put some vaseline on the nozzle. Remembering how my mom had done it, I held the bulb in one hand, while I applied the lubricant up and down the length of the nozzle with my index finger. It gave me a little thrill to know that in a few moments, that very nozzle would be sliding in me. I could almost picture my little hole surrounding and clutching it’s length.

Reaching back with the syringe in my hand, I gently angled the nozzle between my cheeks. I felt my face flush, knowing that it was about to go in me. Ever so gently, I began to insert the tip of the nozzle. It’s cool hardness tickled as it slipped past the opening just a little. I found myself savoring the tingly little sensations that prickled all around the wrinkled little hole. My eyes were transfixed on the scene that was taking place in the mirror behind me. Suddenly, as if it had a mind of its own, I watched the slick nozzle begin to glide effortlessly into the hole. I emitted a moaning sound as I felt its length slip all the way in, stopping at the base of the bulb. I could hear myself emitting little “oohing” sounds, as the nozzle seated home.

I laid still for a few minutes, delighting in the sensation of the tube that was lodged in my bottom. I could feel the muscles surrounding the ring of my ass hole repeatedly contracting around the nozzle, as if somehow trying to milk it. Wanting to experiment with my new found toy, I Pulled back on the bulb, allowing the nozzle to slide out a little. The movement seemed to heighten the tingly little sensations that were building up throughout my whole crotch. I could see some of the black nozzle start to come into view. Becoming confident that everything was okay, I gently moved the nozzle in and out a few times. The movement was so overwhelming, that it caused me to squirm my bottom. The soft carpet underneath me only added to the tingly sensations.

I must have laid there for an hour playing with the enema bulb. The more I played with it, the more innovative I became. I twisted myself into all sorts of positions to see what it would feel like. I would especially delight in the feeling it gave me when I would take it completely out, change position, then reinsert it again.

Satisfied that I had experienced enough of the enema bulb for the moment, I cleaned it off with soap and water, then put it back in the closet. I made sure that everything was exactly as I had found it. I couldn’t imagine what my mom would say if she discovered that I had been playing with it!

All the playing had left me with an unusual sort of sensual feeling that I hadn’t experienced before. It seemed to spread throughout my whole crotch area. It was like an intense tingling itching sensation that I couldn’t quite scratch. I hadn’t experienced an orgasm yet, so I had no idea just what this new feeling was. All I knew for sure, was that it seemed to intensify when my genitals rubbed against something soft, like the sofa cushion or the carpet in my mom’s room. I knew that it was normal for my little cock to get hard sometimes, but I wasn’t sure yet, just exactly what the reason for it was.

I had a sudden urgency to feel more of this new sensation! It was like a driving force teasing and beckoning me. My whole midsection seemed to be alive with this fuzzy tickling feeling. I couldn’t quite pinpoint the exact location, but it seemed to concentrate somewhere deep inside the lower part of my abdomen. The only thing that seemed to satisfy this new itching sensation, was to rub myself like I had done earlier. Even then, it seemed only temporary…

Suddenly, I got an idea!

Still bare ass, I walked down the hall to my bedroom. The gentle breeze coming in through my window felt nice against my bare skin. I was glad that I hadn’t made my bed yet. Leaning over, I gathered up my sheets and pillows, putting them into a big pile in the center of the bed. I thought it would feel nice to lay over something soft like that.

Once my pile was formed just the way I wanted it, I got up on my bed and crawled over it, straddling it with my legs. The coolness of the sheets felt nice all up between my legs and thighs. Leaning forward, I laid down on the pile, relaxing my body against the soft coolness of the crumpled up sheets. Drawing my knees up along the sides seemed to elevate my bottom up a little. The light breeze coming in through my window felt nice going right up my rear and back. In that position, I was acutely aware of how open I was back there. If Someone looked in my window, they sure would have gotten an eye full! Like a little baby, I ran my arms up under the pile, hugging the coolness of the sheets to my body. I was delighted with my new idea, and it’s sensations…

As if by instinct, I began to rub myself against the pile of sheets in a slow rhythmic rocking motion. It was almost overwhelming to feel the sheets caressing my stomach, thighs, and all up between my legs at the same time. I could feel that familiar tingly sensation start to build up between my legs again. I just closed my eyes and kept gently rocking against the sheets. The sensations seemed to be building up around my cock area. I could feel it sliding back-n-forth between the folds of the sheets that bundled up around it. It started to feel so tingly that I found myself letting out little gasps and moans. The more I squirmed and moved around, the more intense the tingles seemed to become. I knew something was happening, but it felt so good that I didn’t care. I was in my own little euphoric world.

Suddenly, I found myself hugging tightly to the pile of sheets. An intense tingly sensation seemed to suddenly build up in my loins. It was like all the sensations that I had experienced so far, had suddenly burst forth all at one time. My whole crotch seemed to light up with intensely pleasurable spasms. Involuntarily, I began to squirm and moan, bucking my hips against the pile underneath me. My crotch exploded with spontaneous electric tingles. Hunching tightly in my leapfrog position, I felt my cock begin to jerk and spasm convulsively, as a wave of the tingles suddenly shot through my twitching cock. I let out a volley of boyish moans and squeals. Instantly, I felt a wet warmness surround my pulsing cock as squirt after squirt came out of me, flooding the folds of the sheets underneath my tummy.

A moment later, I fell limply against the pile of sheets that I was hugging tightly. I didn’t move at all. I just laid there with my eyes close, totally sedated. I was acutely aware of the wet warmness that surrounded me, which seemed to add to my already high euphoric state.

From that point on, a whole new world had opened up to me. Now I knew for sure, just what that “scratch” I couldn’t itch was….