The M.O.

“Come in Sergeant. Take a seat. I have been reviewing your medical files and I am a bit disturbed by the problems you seems to be having with your stomach. I am worried that if you were to have an abdominal attach while on an operation, you could quite likely endanger your entire crew. How long have you had this problem and what has been done to remedy the situation if anything ?” the chief medical officer asked. I was truly shaking in my boots as I sat across the desk from him. He was turning page after page of obviously documented history of my Bowel Problem. I wondered what this meeting was all about.

“Your file shows that you had this problem when you first enlisted in the airforce back in Canada. Was there not some objection to your affliction? Were there no tests done before you were accepted?” he asked incredulously, as though mine was the first case of its kind in the history of the service.

“Sir. I was given a clean bill of health and my problem was never a concern as long as I was able to receive treatment (Enemas) when the occasion arose. I have never once missed a flying assignment or been ill while on a flight of any kind. Sir I am not bothered by my problem,” I assured the M.O. I wasn’t sure I had convinced him.

He continued to flip pages and paid particular attention to the number of times I had been treated while being attached to the R.A.F. He started counting— one ,two ,three until he had counted 38 times. This is most unusual sergeant. Everywhere you have been there are treatment records from each M.O. in the areas where you were serving. I cannot for the life of me understand how you have not been grounded . This is deplorable and as far as I am concerned unacceptable.

“Sir Please don’t ground me. My crew need me and I must complete my tour . I have only ten more Operations to go . I’m fine and always feeling great. I am not sick in the least. Ask my crew Sir, if you doubt my word. I have never been sick one day in all my airforce career so far,” I said trying to be brave and convincing, but the scowl never left the doctor’s face.

“Well young man, other than looking like a school boy, you appear to be in perfect health but there is obviously something going on in your bowels I will have to examine. On your next Operational stand down, I want you to report to me, and I will schedule a series of tests. You no doubt have been through the test routine many times ,so one more time will not upset you surely,” he instructed.

“Sir. I’ll undergo anything you want just to prove I’m fit. Please give me the opportunity to be re- examined?” I begged.

He dismissed me giving me a questionnaire on health information and of course my bowel information and so on. I was now feeling positively ill where I had been feeling fine before.

I was walking along suffering through my predicament, when Jack, my Bomb Aimer and senior officer aboard “E” for Easy happened along. .

“What’s up youngster, you look like you lost your best friend or wet your pants. Can’t be all that bad Skip?” Jack joked.

“Jack, I just came from the M.O. and I think he wants to ground me for health reasons. Could you talk to him please? Find out what he has in mind and why all of a sudden is my health a problem to my flying . You can tell him Jack please?” I asked.

“Skipper. Don’t you worry I’ll attend to everything. Nothing to get your little butt in a knot for. Just leave it to me,” he said, and left taking my medical questionnaire with him. I presumed he would be going over it with the M.O. later. Rain set in and the squadron stood down. Looked like it was going to settle in for a few days. Training would continue to keep everyone busy. No one was allowed off the base. Jack informed me that He couldn’t see any big deal. The M.O. informed Jack that it was just routine due to the number of medical visits I had made over the past months. Nothing to worry about ,he informed Jack. That was a relief.

“You still have to take the tests Skip, but I wouldn’t worry about it you’ve had them all before. Just don’t bend down to pick up the soap ,you hear?” jack laughed at his own humor. I didn’t see it quite that way.

I was standing in line for Sick Call, when the M.O. passed by going down the hall. He informed me that the X Ray was booked for that day, but being as I might get called, he agree to do the tests himself . He would be available at 8 PM. that night. I was going to get the big cheese himself. I wished it could have been just an ordinary exam done by one of the technicians. I guess it was not to be.

When I was off duty, I felt most comfortable in a pair of shorts and a “T” shirt and sweater. It always got a lot of comments from everyone about “the kid on the base.” I didn’t mind, as it always created a bit of humor and fun. I guess I was a common sight riding around base or in town on my bicycle. I still wasn’t shaving and that bothered me. I was almost hairless. Almost. I noticed a bit of fuzz growing down below. I felt proud and wished I could have shown it to everyone. “Hey everybody. Look at me. I am in puberty,” I thought.

I arrived at the hospital at ten to eight and the place was almost in darkness except for the M.O.’s office light. I knew where his office was. I sat in the waiting room and almost immediately the doctor came in dressed in his green surgery gown. I had been in too many hospitals not to be able to recognize the uniform.

“Come on back here Sergeant, we can get right at it. I’ll bet your glad to have a bit of reprieve from Ops. Eh what?” he chuckled.

I told him I would be happy to be through my tour. I didn’t like stand downs as it gave you too much time to think about your last few Ops. That was never a good thing to do.

We walked back to the end of the hospital to an operating room. The big lights were on and there were a couple of other lamps on stands near the table.

“My God but you look like a child,” he remarked. “Okay let’s get on with it. Undress and put your clothes on the chair in the corner,” He instructed. I expected he was going to give me a cleansing enema before he took the barium x-rays, and I was prepared for that having had them all before.

I undressed down to my shorts and sat waiting for the doctor to come back. I presumed he was getting everything set up. I felt rather important to think the doctor was doing the test himself.

He called to me from a small examining booth leading off the operating room. I walked in and was surprised to see that it was for examining female patients. It was like the gieny room I had seen in hospitals before. The table had stirrups for your legs that spread them apart so the doctor could examine his patients. He made me stand on a scale in the corner where he measured my weight, then he had me stand so he could measure my height. He measured me from top to bottom . My waste, my chest and shoulders, my buttocks, my crotch to my feet, my navel to my penis , which he also measured. He measured my tail bone to my anus then my anus to my scrotum. Then the base of my penis to my knees. Good grief I wondered what next.

“All right my lad, off with your shorts and I want you up on the table. I’ll show you what I want you to do once you get up there,” he said as he helped me onto the table. It was very small ,but he made me move down to the end so my bum was almost off the end and my head was on a bit of a pillow. I heard him pulling out the stirrups. They were to put your legs in when you would be spread apart. I had never had this done before. I felt embarrassed as my legs were raised and spread apart almost to the point of hurting . He wheeled a cart up to the table and walked in between my legs where he would have full access to my butt hole . He inserted his finger and moved it around inside. He smiled as he advised that I was going to have an enema, but in the mean time I was going to get some oil to sort of loosen things up. This was something new again. He pumped five huge hypodermic syringes of oil into my rectum.

“There that should do for now,” he smiled. I want you to relax and just lay quietly. I’ll be gone for a few moments so you just lay still. “

He left and flicked off the light. I was laying in complete darkness but for the lights from the operating room shining over the wall. I didn’t feel too uncomfortable except for my legs being spread apart. That was tiring.

I had been laying for about ten minutes when the doctor returned. “How ‘s the lad?” He asked.

“Fine thank you Sir. I have never had this done before,” I said trying to make conversation.

“No I don’t think you have,” he said as he went between my legs again. He was very close to me as he started to massage my stomach asking if I hurt anywhere. I assured him I was feeling fine and there was no discomfort although I had to admit I was very apprehensive.

“Well now little man. It is time you and I had a little talk about your evening treatments here in the hospital.”

Good grief how did he know about those ?” I thought.

“I suppose you thought that these episodes would go undetected just because they were not documented. Well you are mistaken. The Sergeant in charge of the hospital will be placed on charge and you will be grounded . Do you understand me?. You know what I’m saying. The sergeant has been getting into your ass for the past two months, and as if that wasn’t enough, you allowed the corporal orderly in there as well. Well don’t think I haven’t been watching that little ass of yours the way you wiggle it and thrust it into the face of everyone, wearing those tight shorts. I know what you’re about and I intend to have some of it. Do you understand me ? Do you know what I’m going to do to that little peeping asshole of yours ? I’m going to plug it and then give you your enema. Here is the situation young man. You be available whenever I call you from now on, and I will allow you to continue your flying and I will not press charges against the other two staff members. Now what could be better than that? as if you had any choice.”

I had no choice but it would not have made any difference because he was already entering my oil filled ass standing between my upraised legs. He would stop every now and again to prevent his climaxing then he would start all over again. I had not seen him when he came into the room but he was wheeling an IV stand with a full enema can hanging from one of the arms. He stopped once again and pushed a long colon tube up my butt and the water started. He kept it up until I complained. I think I must had taken half the can when he pulled out the tube and once again thrust his penis into the water filled rectum. He pounded about 6 times and then blew his load. I never felt anyone climax like he did. He grabbed my legs and wrapped them around his waist thrusting in and out for a few more times. Then he slowly pulled out telling me to pinch off the water.

I asked to be allowed to go, but he said I had to take the rest of the can. In went the tube and he inserted it to its full length. My cramps came and went but I wasn’t in such agony. This was the strangest experience of my life. It seems I have had everything under the sun shoved up my ass at one time or another since I was six.

The M.O. allowed me to go to the toilet while he watched.

“We do have an agreement do we not Sergeant ? “ He asked.

“Yes Sir. “ I didn’t have anything further to say to him. I wanted to get dressed and get out of there. I would not be able to tell anyone of this episode, not even the sergeant or corporal when they would be cleaning me out and doing their thing. I would be thinking of how I held there’s and my job in my hand or should I say my ass. I secretly wished I wasn’t such a kid.

“Okay my lad now it’s your turn. You cannot say that I treat my patients cruelly. Come into this room and lay face down on the hammock Use the little step . The hammock looked like many others about 5 feet off the floor and was about 24 inches wide. I crawled up onto the hammock and laid face down as instructed. The cloth material hardly gave at all as I lay on it. Then I felt him pulling away a piece of the material under my dork which fell through a hole in the material. I felt the doctor pulling my testicles through the hole as well, then he started to masturbate me. I had such a roaring erection I blew within a minute onto the floor below. He said I should be able to generate more sperm than that and that he was going to look after that. I felt week from the experiences. He left and returned a few moments later with a rubber catheter and a syringe. I was still on the hammock with my penis hanging through the hole when He inserted the tube. I groaned and moaned at the pain of the tube going into, what I thought was my bladder. Then came the liquid. I felt like I was going to shoot again. My erection was back in full again.

He removed the tube and began to masturbate me again. This time it went on for some time. I groaned and writhed as I was slowly being overtaken by the extraordinary power of the forthcoming climax. I cried out, almost screaming as I felt my entire guts being shot out of my dork. I kept spurting for almost six or seven times. I was finished. I was done in. The doctor lifted me off the hammock carrying me like a child. He sat me on the chair and instructed me to rest and then get dressed. We were done. He was done. I was done. Oh my good heavens I had never experienced anything like that in my life. I didn’t think it would ever occur again. How could it ? It had to be the most powerful climax in the world.

It was a couple of weeks before I was in the hospital again for an enema. I was attended to in the usual manner by the sergeant. He loved my ass as much as the doctor. As we were leaving the doctor walked in greeting us with a smile.

“Oh Sergeant I want to see Scott in my office. You can go. I’ll lock up.”

And so it went until I finished my tour. The doctor often asked if I would like his special treatment again. I readily agreed. He smiled as he knew damned well I wanted it again.