The Medical Examination

The 18 year old blond girl obediently walked between her captors into the examining room of the deserted medical office. The masks over the eyes of the two men made it impossible to know who they were or exactly what they looked like. They were both well dressed and appeared to be in their late 30s or early 40s. The gag in her mouth made her jaw ache and the handcuffs on her wrists were causing one of her hands to feel cold and numb.

Once inside the room one of the men when into another room while the other turned to the girl and told her they were just going to play some doctor/patient games with her. He went on to tell her that she would not be hurt if she would go along with their little games. He told her that she would have her body played with and then be set free before midnight if she cooperated. He told her that if she did not cooperate she would be forced into the examination and then she might never be turned lose. He then asked her if she would willingly cooperate. She hesitated a little and then nodded her head.

He smiled at the girl as she nodded. He then pulled a bottle out of his pack and told her all he had to do was to pour it onto a cloth and hold it over her nose and she would not be able to do a thing to resist. She looked frightened as he asked her if she would be a “good girl” if he took her gag out and took the handcuffs off. She nodded her head again. He gave the girl a kiss on the cheek as he untied the gag and then turned her around to unlock the handcuffs. As soon as the girl had her mouth free, she asked “what are you going to do to me?” He again assured her that as long as she cooperated that no harm would come to her. He explained that the two men just wanted to fulfill some childhood fantasies.

These fantasies were of playing doctor with a young girl. He explained that she would have her body played with, examined and have some test performed, but no harm would come to her as long as she cooperated. He went on to explain that they were both married men with families, not some nuts out to kill her. He said she might be embarrassed or humiliated by some of the things they would do to her, but she did not have to worry for her health or safety.

The girl was very nervous and started to plead with the man, begging him to let her go. He looked at his watch and said “it is 6pm right now, if you completely cooperate you will walk out of here by midnight as free as a bird.” Just about then the other man came out of the room he had been in and had changed his clothes into a surgeon’s outfit, complete with mask and gloves. He immediately asked “is she going to go along with us or are we going to have to put her to sleep?” The girl looked back and forth at the two of them as the first guy asked “well?”. She realized she really didn’t have any options, so she reluctantly sighed and said “okay, what do I have to do?”

The guy who had changed into doctor’s clothing said “Well, first I think we will have to wait for Bob to change into his surgery clothing”. While Bob was changing clothes, Mark told Lisa to sit down on the examining table while he asked her a few questions, prior to beginning her physical examination.

Question: How long has it been since your last pelvic exam?

Answer: About 6 months

Question: When was the last time you had intercourse?

Answer: 2 nights ago

Question: Have you recently had her breasts checked for lumps?

Answer: No

Question: Any problems having a bowel movement?

Answer: No

Question: Ever engage in anal sex?

Answer: Yes, once.

Question: Why only once?

Answer: Didn’t like the feeling.

Question: Do you masturbate?

Answer: Sometimes

Question: How often?

Answer: Depends on my mood, usually once or twice a week.

Question: How do you masturbate?

Answer: With my fingers.

Question: Do you enjoy being given oral sex?

Answer: Yes

Question: Do you have multiple orgasms when having oral sex?

Answer: Sometimes

Just then Bob walked back in the examining room dressed in his surgical clothing and joined Lisa and Mark. He walked over behind Mark and while looking at the sheet of paper asked how she was doing with the questions. Mark replied that she was going to need some in-depth examining after the oral exam was complete. Bob told Mark to continue with the questions.

Question: Have you ever had a bisexual experience?

Answer: Not exactly

Question: What do you mean “not exactly”?

Answer: A friend once gave me a nude massage and used a vibrator on me to cause me to orgasm.

Question: Do you suck your boyfriend’s penis?

Answer: Yes

Question: Does he come in your mouth?

Answer: Yes

Question: When he does, do you swallow?

Answer: Yes

Question: Are your breasts sensitive to being touched?

Answer: Yes

Question: If a stranger were to play with your nipples would it excite you?

Answer: I don’t know.

Question: Do you shave your pubic hair?

Answer: No

Question: Before today, have you or anyone else shaved your pubic hair?

Answer: No

The examination continued with Lisa’s verbal questioning …

Question: Are you using birth control currently?

Answer: Yes

Question: What form?

Answer: The pill.

Question: Have you ever been pregnant?

Answer: No

Question: How long have you been using the pill?

Answer: Three and a half years.

Question? Since you were 14?

Answer: No, right after I turned 15.

Question: Have you ever had sex with 2 men at the same time?

Answer: No

Question: Have you ever been raped?

Answer: No

Question: Ever had fantasies about being raped?

Answer: Yes, kind of.

Question: What do you mean “kind of”?

Answer: I have tough about what it would be like to be forced to have sex with a man.

Question: Would you like to live that fantasy?

Answer: I don’t know.

Question: Have you ever had sex while having your period?

Answer: No

Question: Do you smoke grass?

Answer: Yes

Question: Do coke?

Answer: I have, but not regularly.

Question: Ever had sex while being watched or photographed by someone else?

Answer: No

That concluded the oral part of Lisa’s examination. Bob walked back over to where Lisa and Mark had been talking and was hold a cloth in his hand. Mark told Lisa it was now time to change into her “hospital gown” and then Bob handed her the piece of cloth and instructed her to go into the room he had used to change. Lisa looked at Mark with pleading eyes and asked “do I really have to do this?” Mark replied, “Yes, we won’t hurt you and just might enjoy it”. Lisa realized there was no sense trying to talk her way out of it and resigned herself to what she was going to have to do.

She went into the other room, closed the door behind her and removed her clothes. She put on the hospital gown and couldn’t believe it. She was 5’5” and 115lbs. She thought to herself how the gown must have been made for a girl no more than 4’10” and 90lbs. The back was completely open and it didn’t even cover all of her fanny. She didn’t really know what to do about it when she heard knocking on the door and a voice asking “Miss Robertson, are you ready for your examination?” That worried her even more now that they know who she was, they knew her last name!

She hesitated and then slowly opened the door saying she was ready. Once she had the door open she said “there must be some mistake, this gown doesn’t cover half of what it should”. Bob replied to her saying “that is exactly what it is supposed to do, you didn’t think we were going to give you a long flannel nightie did you?”

Bob went on to explain to Lisa that the gown was not really necessary since the first part of her examination was to be a breast exam and for that she would have to remove the gown. Lisa had been doing the best she could to keep the gown around her hips and pulling it down as far as possible in order to hide her bare fanny and her naked crotch.

She got up on the examining table as Bob had instructed her to do and then did not resist as he took the gown off of her shoulders, leaving her sitting there naked. Lisa shivered as her cover was remove and naturally reacted by covering her breasts. Mark pulled up a stool beside her and told her put her arms at her side. She did as instructed and then Mark explained to her that he was first going to check for lumps and then if everything was all right with her breasts he would perform a sexual sensitivity test. She look a little puzzled, but did not resist as Mark put his bare hands onto her right breast and began to feel around. Lisa watch as he completely felt deep inside her right breasts and then moved to her left breast, finally telling her that he felt there was not problem as far as lumps.

Next, she was told to lay down on the table and to put her feet into the stirrups of the table. She did it, but felt uncomfortable, knowing Bob was at the end of the table looking between her legs as she had to spread them to put them into the stirrups. Mark then told Lisa to put her hands over her head and to close her eyes. She did and then Mark used his fingers to gently run circles around her nipples. Both Bob and Mark watched as her nipples began to grow in size and gradually become erect. Lisa remained perfectly still as Mark continue the circular motion around each nipple until her nipples appeared to have obtain their maximum size. At that point, Mark used his thumb and forefinger to gently squeeze and twist Lisa’s right nipple.

He continued this for about 20 seconds and then switch to her left nipple. After alternating for about 2 minutes he told Lisa’s to spread her legs so Bob could inspect her. Lisa kept her eyes closes but spread her knees apart as she had been told to do. Bob carefully spread her vaginal lips wide and used two fingers to check her most intimate area. After an careful inspection, Bob announced “She is quite wet. It is a clear fluid and appears to be increasing in quantity quickly.” Bob spread her vagina wider and announced that her clitoris seemed a little enlarged and very moist.