The Medical Model

I’m sorry, Miss. We’re just not hiring right now.

With that, Rebecca had just been turned down for the third time that day for a job. She was getting pretty desperate. She had been a legal secretary for a small law firm downtown, but was laid off the month before. The rent was due the following week, and she was broke. She solemnly left the office and went home.

Alone, sitting on her couch, she realized for the first time that she was going to have to try to find something outside her usual profession. She once more picked up the want ads and began looking for something, anything. About the third page in, she saw something that caught her eye.

Wanted: Female model in early 20’s for medical educational video.

A large medical company needs a female model for an instructional medical video.

Excellent pay, no experience necessary.

Call 555-1212 and ask for Dr. Edwards.

Rebecca had never thought of herself as modeling material before, but this sounded like something she could do to hold herself over until she found a real job. She called the number and set up an interview for the next day.

Early the next morning, Rebecca drove over the Axis Medical, Inc. and went in. She walked up to the receptionist and asked for Robert. She was directed to the third floor and to the elevator she went. She got off the elevator and began looking for room 335.

She knocked on the door and heard a voice from inside say come in. She entered a large office and was greeted by a man in his late 40’s.

“Rebecca? Hi, I’m Dr. Edwards, head of the educational division. Please, sit down.”

Rebecca, calmed the butterflies in her belly and sat across from his desk.

“Let me tell you a little about what we do here at Axis. We are the country’s largest supplier of medical educational videos to medical schools. We produce videos for the smaller schools who have had to cut back in their teaching staff. If you decide to take the job, you will be appearing in one of our instructional videos. We pay $2000 per session and they usually take about a day to shoot. Are you interested?

“Yes, I am, sir. When can I start?” Rebecca said, trying to hold back here eagerness. She could really use the two grand.

“We begin the next series this afternoon at 2:00. Can you make it?”

“Yes, sir, I can.”

Rebecca got up and shook his hand and began to leave, when a question popped into her head.

“Dr. Edwards, what area of the medical field do these videos cover?”

“Female anatomy, Rebecca, and Gynecology.”

Rebecca felt her heart jump in her chest. She hated going to her gynecologist. She thought about backing out for a moment, but realized that she needed the money too badly.

At 1:30 that afternoon, she left her house for the medical company. All the way over she, thought about what she might have to do that afternoon. She kept on thinking about the money and reminding herself that this was going to be an educational video, not the smut that her old boy friends.

Rebecca showed up at Axis and went inside. She found her way back to Dr. Edward’s office.

“Are you ready, Rebecca? Then let’s start. They left his office and took the elevator to the basement. The doors opened and she found herself in what looked to be a photographer’s studio. There were lights and cameras everywhere, but it was what she saw in the middle of the room that took her breath away. It was an examination table with the stirrups on the end, juts like her doctor had. Her stomach began to churn and she turned to Dr. Edwards.

“I don’t know if I can go through with this, sir. I mean I’ve never done anything like this before.”

“Don’t worry, Rebecca. This is a professional company. Just think of all of the young doctors you’ll be helping out. But if you want out, you can leave now.”

Rebecca thought about it for a moment and then gave in.

“If you’re ready then, Rebecca. I want you to go behind the dressing screen, remove all of you cloths and put on the robe.”

Rebecca went behind the screen and undressed.

She came out from behind the screen and was immediately blinded by all of the lights. She also heard other voices and realized that this was going to be done in front of more than just the Doctor.

“The first part we’ll shoot will be the female anatomy section. Rebecca, if you would please. Stand in the middle there and remove your robe.”

Rebecca moved to the center of the studio and stood there.

“Anytime, Rebecca.”

“I…I…I can’t do this, sir. I’m too embarrassed.”

“Rebecca, look. We have a time limit and a budget to work with. If you don’t want to do this then leave.”

Rebecca thought about it for a moment and then loosened the belt around her robe. She closed her eyes and slowly let it fall open.

“All the way off, Rebecca.”

Rebecca let the robe fall from her shoulders and drop the floor. She stood there stark naked in front of the camera crew.

“That’s good. Joe, let’s begin.”

A young man with a video camera appeared from out of the bright lights and moved up to her.

“Let’s begin with her breast and nipples.”

The cameraman moved in close to her and began taping her breasts as she stood there in the nude. He slowly panned from one nipple to the other.

“That’s’ good, Joe. Rebecca, I need you to stimulate your nipples so that your areolae become erect. We need to show the response of the female nipple to stimulation.”

Rebecca brought her hands up to her nipples and began to slowly twist them in her fingertips. They quickly became erect from the attention and stood out from her breasts.

“That’s excellent. Next we need to videotape your external genitalia. In order to do this, I need you to stand on this stool.”

Rebecca saw the stool he was pointing to and went over to it. She climbed up, which put her about three feet off the ground, and brought her pelvis right to eye level. The cameraman came over to her and put the lens right up to her crotch.

“I’m not getting a good, clear,” the cameraman said. “She’s got too much pubic hair in the way.”

AI was afraid of this when I saw you undress. Your pubic hair is covering your labia and we need a good clear shot of them. Rebecca, I’m going to ask you something. If you don’t want to do it, we can quit now. I need you to shave your vulva for me so that we can get a decent shot of your genitals.”

Rebecca was mortified. She had never let any of her boyfriends see her like this and now she was being asked to remove the last bit of covering she had and totally reveal herself to these strangers. But she needed the money so she agreed. Rebecca picked up her rob and slid it back on.

“There’s a razor and shaving cream in the bathroom”, Dr. Edwards said. “We’ll wait for you. Just don’t nick yourself.”

Rebecca walked over to a small bathroom and went inside. She closed the door and found the shaving cream. She propped one leg up on the sink, letting her robe fall open and squirted some shaving cream on her mound. It was cold and she quickly spread it all over her labia. She then picked up the razor, took a big breath, and began to drag the razor across her vulva. In a few moments she was as smooth as a twelve year old. She had managed to shave herself without a nick, but she wanted something to use as a balm to cool her skin. She found a bottle of baby lotion and put some in her hand. She rubbed it over her smooth mound and down to her lips. It really felt good, and before she realized it, she was getting turned on. She rubbed her clitoris and slid her finger up into her pussy. She was getting wet and her clitoris was now hard and sticking out from between her outer lips. She quickly stopped when she realized that she was going to have to go back out in front of those men..

There was a knock at the bathroom door.

“Rebecca? Are you ready yet?”

“Y..y.. Yes, sir. I’ll be right out.”

Rebecca knew that her genitals were now in a state of excitement and these men would be able to see that. She opened the door and hoped that by the time she had to strip again, her pussy would look normal.

“O.k. Let’s get going. Rebecca, back on the stool, if you would please.”

Rebecca climbed back up onto the stool and waited for the cameraman’s intimate approach. She watched as he brought the camera lens up to her barren vulva and began to film. After several minutes of silence, the cameraman signaled that he had enough film shot. She looked down and realized in embarrassment that there was a drool of lubrication making it’s way down her inner thigh.

“O.K., Rebecca, it’s time for the examination table. Please go over and get up on it.”

Rebecca stepped down off of the stool and walked over to the exam table. It was just like the one in her gynecologist’s office, except the stirrups were a little different. She looked back and all of the men were watching her. She felt totally exposed and helpless. She climbed up onto the table and crossed her legs, waiting for the inevitable order to mount the stirrups.

“Rebecca, if you would, please slide to the end of the examination table and put your feet into the stirrups.”

Rebecca released her tight grip on the edge of the table and slowly moved to the near end of the table. She brought one leg up at a time trying to cover herself modestly, but it was not use. Her smooth vulva peeked out from between her legs as she reclined back. The entire film crew moved in around her, enjoying the view in front of them.

“Now, if you’re ready, Rebecca, we need you to spread your legs as wide apart as you can.”

Rebecca hesitated for a moment but did as she was told. Her legs began fanning apart, exposing her newly shaven pussy. Her outer labia parted, exposing her thin inner lips. The further she moved her legs apart, the more of her inner genitals became exposed. Finally, she could open her legs no more. Her inner sex had opened into a wet, yawning crevice.

The was an awkward minute of silence as Rebecca felt the eyes of everyone in the room gawking at her naked body and exposed genitals. The men seemed entranced by provocatively inviting display before their eyes. It was as if the primordial instinct to reproduce had arisen in each of their loins.

“Can we please get on with this?, Rebecca asked pleadingly, breaking the thick air of lust.

“O.K., Joe. Let’s get going.”

The cameraman pulled a low stool out from the wall and positioned it between Rebecca’s spread legs. He sat down and began the filming again. Things were proceeding at a painfully slow pace for Rebecca when Dr. Edwards spoke.

“Rebecca, I am going to do a simulated pelvic exam now on you now, so please relax your vaginal muscles and breath deeply for me.”

The cameraman stood up and Dr. Edwards took his place at the foot of the exam table. She started to lift her head to see what he was about to do, but the cameraman spoke up and told her to lie back down. Rebecca returned to her prone position, staring at the ceiling and gripping the sides of the exam table, wondering what was going to happen next. She was startled momentarily when she felt his hands touch her outer labia.

“Easy, Rebecca. I’m going to do a manual examination of your genitals and then I’m going to do a Pap smear”, Dr. Edwards said as he took his fingers and parted her outer lips. He noticed that she was somewhat wet inside her pussy. He touched her inner lips and spread them open, exposing her vaginal opening to himself and the rest of the crew. They smiled and returned to the job before them. Dr. Edwards them moved to the top of her pussy and exposed her clitoris. He noted that the head had become quite firm and erect. Rebecca could feel her clit being manipulated and tried to stop the feelings that were coming from it, but it was no use. It felt so good to have a man’s hands on her sweet spot. She felt confused at being so aroused in front of a group of strange men. She was self conscious with her lovers; now here she was getting turned on in front of a bunch of men she had never seen before. She tried her hardest to hide her feelings, but it was no good. Her pussy juice began to trickle down the inside of her pussy and onto the exam table.

“Your vulva appears to be normal. Do you masturbate, Rebecca?”

Rebecca was shocked at the question. She wasn’t going to answer, but Dr. Edwards insisted it was part of the examination.

“Yes, sometimes”, she whispered in a quiet voice. The men looked at each other and smiled lustfully.

“I’m going to do an internal examination of your vagina now, Rebecca. Please try to relax your vaginal muscles for me.”

Dr. Edwards held her pussy open and began inserting two fingers into her humid cavity. Her vagina immediately tightened up at the intrusion. Dr. Edwards looked up between her legs at her and she smiled meekly and closed her eyes in an attempt to open herself to his exploration. His fingers glided easily into her hole and came to a stop at her cervix. He placed his other hand on her abdomen and began to feel around inside her pussy. She squeezed her eyes shut and endured the intimate probing. After what seemed like several minutes, he withdrew his finger from her vagina and announced that her internal sex organs were normal. I’m sure that comes at a great relief to the video crew, she thought sarcastically to herself.

“I’m going to insert this speculum into your vagina now, Rebecca.”

Rebecca felt herself being opened by him again. Then she felt the cold, hard speculum being inserted into herself. She could fell it’s entire length as it slid up into her vagina.

“Her it comes”, she thought as she waited for the inevitable opening of the instrument. Dr. Edwards slowly opened the speculum, exposing her interior to all in the room. The cameraman directed that another light be brought in closer to better illuminate her vaginal interior and cervix. Soon her vulva was brightly lit.

“ Only a little while longer”, she thought. “ I can hang on.”

I’m going to do the Pap smear now, Rebecca. You might feel a slight pinch, but don’t worry. That’s normal.”

Rebecca felt a slight jab and it was over. She thought that it was all but over now and she could collect her money and get the hell out of there.

But that was not to be. Instead of taking a sample of cervical cells, Dr. Edwards had given Rebecca a small injection into her cervix. With its rich supply of blood, soon the drug was tracing its course through her body. At first, Rebecca though that she was felling light headed from being on her back for so long, but soon it apparent that something else was at work here.

But it was too late to do anything about it. She drifted off into unconsciousness.

Dr. Edwards stood up and looked around at the other men.

“Fellas, it’s time to get to work.”

They all laughed approvingly. Dr. Edwards unfastened his pants and brought out his manhood. After a few short strokes to arouse himself, he moved between his slumbering patient and started gliding the tip of his penis up and down her slit. He pushed the head between her lips, trying to find her vagina. After a few seconds he stopped and began inserting himself into her. Slowly at first, but the quickening the pace, he fucked Rebecca. He pumped away furiously at her, causing her breasts to roll up and down with each thrust. The cameraman caught all of the action on tape. The tight grip of her wet pussy and the sight of his passive victim was too much for him. He unloaded his cock with violent thrusts into her violated pussy. He moaned softly and withdrew his spent cock.

“Who’s next?”, he asked. One at a time the rest of the crew violated Rebecca and the entire obscene act was caught on video. When each of the men had had their turn, the cameraman panned back and recorded a white flow oozing form her abused pussy.

Dr. Edwards brought over a douche and cleaned out the cum from her red and swollen pussy. He wiped her of and the men dressed her again and took her to the Doctor’s office where they placed her on a couch.

Dr. Edwards sat down behind his desk and waited for her to regain consciousness.

“What…what happened?” Rebecca asked groggily as she awoke.

“It seems as if you had a reaction to the Pap smear. I’ve never seen it happen before.” Dr. Edwards explained. “ But you appear to be O.K. I think you can go now. Here’s your check and thank you for helping out the medical education field. Your work here will be remembered.”

He smiled and held out his hand in gratitude. She smiled as she took the check and shook his hand.

“I’m glad I was able to help.”

She turned and left his office.

It was some time later that she found herself in the local video store, picking out a few movies for a Friday night, when two men in the store kept looking at her and looking back at video tape. They smiled a lustful smile and put the tape back on the shelf. She wondered what the heck their problem was. After a few minutes, her curiosity got the best of her. She walked over to where the men had put the video back on the shelf. She picked it up and stared at the cover.

It was her.