The Modesty Towel

By [email protected]

Throughout my childhood and teen years, it wasn’t uncommon for my family to visit my cousins for summer or Christmas holidays, I would get along great with Ted, who was about my age, and his older sister Karen, then when it was time to go, I’d beg my parents to let me stay.

Permission would be granted by my aunt and uncle, my parents, and arrangements would be made for me to be picked up the following weekend, it was on one of these week-long stays over the summer after my sophomore year in high school this story takes place.

It was a great week, my cousin Ted, took me all over and introduced me to his friends. The highlight was a little pizza party Saturday night at his house with his friends. Sunday morning, on my last day, Ted and I were laying in our beds (I had slept

in his older brothers who was away at college), chatting , when my Aunt Lindsey rapped on the door, poked her head in the room and said casually. “You guys had a lot of junk last night. I want to clean you both out before you get dressed, OK?”

Ted gave a casual, “OK,” but I sat up in bed. “Clean us out?”

“Sure,” she said, “Hasn’t your mom ever given you an enema?”

“When I was little…” I said, not-terribly-fondly recalling bending over the bathtub as my mom stuck a bulb syringe up my butt.

“Well, you’re never told old.” She said. “Besides, if I send you back to your mom constipated, she’d never let you stay over again.”

I attempted a small protest. “Do I have to?”

Aunt Lindsey smiled, “If your mom brought some food to my house and I returned her dish all dirty, shed never speak to me again. I’m certainly not going to return her son all full of junk. I’ll do you together so you won’t feel so self-conscious. It won’t be bad.”

She placed some towels on the dresser. “I’ll be back in ten minutes, be ready and have your modesty towels on. Ted, you

help him out.” She left.

“Modesty towels?”

Ted saw my distress. He got out of bed. “Don’t worry about it, it only takes about ten minutes. She’s gives them to me about once a month. First thing we have to do is to take a leak, you’re going to need all the room inside you that you can.”

I followed him into the bathroom in the hall where we took turns relieving ourselves.

“Do you hear that,” Ted asked, referring to the sound of water rushing through the pipes in the wall. “That’s mom in her bathroom filling up the bags.”

We went back to the bedroom where Ted took off his pajamas. I followed suit. We had seen each other naked before when we went swimming, so it was no big deal when we took off our underwear. (Ted also would masturbate late at night

when he thought I was sleeping, and I’d do the same when I thought he was sleeping. We never really mentioned this though).

“Now do what I do.”

He laid his pillow sideways on the center of his bed, then turned to the dresser where his mom had left two big towels and two wash clothes. He grabbed a big towel and laid it out longways over the pillow. I did the same. He grabbed one of the small wash clothes, got in bed, and, laying on his back, with his butt on the pillow, he put the washcloth over his dick and balls.

I moved my pillow to the center of my bed, spread the towel over it, then laid down, it felt funny with my hips elevated like that. I put the washcloth on my dick.

Ted was on his elbows and looked over at me, “No, put the wash cloth at an angle, it covers you up better.”

I adjusted the washcloth and he was right. One corner of the cloth pointed at my navel and the opposite corner was draped

over my balls.

“When you open your legs, you’ll be covered better,” Ted explained.

Laying there like that, with a small, thin washcloth over my dick, I felt very exposed and a little nervous. No woman had ever seen me naked since I went through puberty. What made it worse was I always had a crush on Aunt Lindsey, who was now in her early 40s, with long brown hair, and a nice figure. What if I got a hard-on? I panicked, and the panic increased the chances of it happening.

Soon there was another rap on the door. “Ready?” I heard my aunt say.

We said we were and she came in carrying two bulging enema bags by their hooks in one hand and a jar of Vaseline in the other. She placed a wooden coat rack between the two beds and hung the bags on the lower hooks. She put the nozzle of the bag near me on my bed, then sat on the edge of Ted’s bed, holding his nozzle, which was bigger than mine.

“Now Ted, I have to use the douche nozzle on you because I can’t hold both of your nozzles in at the same time. You’ll hardly feel the difference, and it won’t pop out.”

“Now don’t be nervous” she told me, “You’ll see I’m very gentle with Ted.”

She popped off the top of the Vaseline and dipped the nozzle in the jar. She twisted her wrist and when she pulled it out, it the nozzle was coated with Vaseline.

“Open you legs, sweetheart,” she said.

He spread his legs, which were bent at the knee and she reached between his legs. My view was obstructed by his leg, but from the look on his face I could see where the nozzle was going. Suddenly, there was motion under his washcloth.

“I think we woke up Mr. Peabody,” she said.

She turned to me. “When Teddy was little, we never needed a modesty towel, but when Mr. Peabody started getting

big you insisted on having one, didn’t you Teddy.”

Ted blushed, “oh mom…”

She undid the clip on the hose, then turned to me. “Now it’s your turn.”

I gulped as she sat on the edge of my bed.

“Just relax,” she said, reaching her middle finger into the jar of Vaseline.

“If this is your first enema in a while, I want to make sure you’re well lubricated”.

She pulled her finger out and it had a big glob of Vaseline on the tip.

“Open up sweetheart, and lay your head back.”

I did what I was told, and spread my legs, and raised my knees. I looked down and watched her hand disappear between my legs, I felt her other hand, warm and soft hold my thigh, then felt her slippery digit against by butt hole, she wiggled it around at first and the feeling was incredible. Then what I feared would happen happened, my dick started stirring, then, like a python, started slithering downward, taking the washcloth with it. If I didn’t grab it soon it would pop straight up.

“You can arrange Mr. Peabody if you want, I won’t look.”

She closed her eyes and I quickly grabbed my dick under the towel and pointed it north. Its outline was still visible under the washcloth, but I knew it wouldn’t flop around so much.

“That’s OK, that always happens to Teddy, too, It’s a perfectly normal reaction” she said, “Now take a deep breath,”

I did so and she plunged her finger up my butt. It felt so good, my second concern was that I would start coming. She withdrew her finger, and scooped out some more Vaseline and spread it on the length of the nozzle.

“Now just relax,” she said, aiming the nozzle,

She pressed it against my opening and said, “now try to push it out,” I pushed and amazingly, she slipped it right in.

It was a little uncomfortable, but it didn’t hurt. Holding the nozzle in place, with her other hand she undid the clasp and I felt this warmth spreading up my butt.

“If it goes too fast, let me know.”

She looked over at Ted. “How’s it going sweetheart?”

“I could use a break,” he said.

She reached over and pinched the clamp, “Rub your belly,” she told him.

She turned back to me, “just take deep breaths out of your mouth”.

I did so, and I never felt so helpless, or so good. She reached over and with Ted’s approval, undid his clamp again and after a few minutes I looked up and saw my bag collapsing as I was getting more and more full. I looked down and my belly was looking like a ball of dough rising. Every time my sphincter clamped down on the nozzle, my dick would give a little jump. Aunt Lindsey was kind enough to ignore the spasms. Suddenly, I gave a little grunt as a cramp hit me, and Aunt Lindsey pinched my clamp. Then with her free hand she pressed against the side of my belly and she slid her hand across my belly under my dick and then lightly pressed upward nearly up to my chest. She repeated this a couple times, each time the back of her hand would brush against my dick. She explained that was to push the water up into me and relieve cramping, but my head was too much in a fog of pleasure to listen. The only thing that kept me from coming was I had to concentrate on keeping the water in me. When the cramp passed she reached up and turned my clamp back on.

In a few minutes She said, “OK Ted, you’re almost done.”

I looked up and the last of the contents in Ted’s bag was draining out. She reached over, pinched his clamp.

“I have to hold in Billy’s nozzle, why don’t you pull out yours.”

Ted reached down, and with a grunt, slowly withdrew his nozzle, he put it aside, then let his legs down. I looked over and he looked a little funny, laying flat, except for his hard dick lifting the washcloth, and his now-bulging belly sticking up. He automatically started rubbing his belly with his eyes closed. She turned around and saw my now empty bag.

“You did a great job,” she told me, pinching the clamp.

She then slowly withdrew the nozzle from my butt. I didn’t lay my legs flat because I didn’t want to draw too much attention to my throbbing hard-on.

“Now lay still,” she said, standing up. She started collecting the enema bags and hoses.

“I want you both to hold it for at least five minutes. Ted, when you go I want you to use the bathroom in my bedroom, I’m not sure how long Ted can hold so he should use the closer bathroom in the hallway.”

She placed the Vaseline on the night table between our two beds.

“I’m leaving the Vaseline here in case you need it.”

She turned and left the room. Then I lowered my legs and my dick practically made a tent pole for my modesty towel. I started rubbing my full belly like she showed me. Both of our engorged bellies made gurgling noises as we rubbed.

“Ted, what would we need Vaseline for?”

He reached up and grabbed the jar.

“My mom’s not blind, she can see the effect enemas have on us.”

He reached his hand in the jar, pulled out a glob, then, putting his modesty towel under his dick, he smeared it up and down his dick. He tossed me the jar.

“You should do the same before you explode.”

I pulled out some of the greasy lubricant, and was too horny to be shy. I pulled off my modesty towel and smeared the grease on my dick. I put the modesty towel across my belly, now it would have another purpose. It was the first time I jerked off knowing someone else in the house knew I was jerking off. And not only did Aunt Lindsey know, she encouraged it!

The two of us started yanking our weasels and with a loud grunt, he came first, then I started squirting uncontrollably. I had whacked off before, but it never felt this good. The first jets never hit the washcloth, they went straight to my shoulders and chest.

Ted then stood up, wrapped his towel around his waist and ran out the room. I sat up, too, and noted how funny it felt when my engorged belly rested on my lap. I stood up, wrapped he towel around me and ran into the hallway with the need to go.

And the bathroom door was locked, I knocked and my cousin Karen was inside. “one second” she said.

The door opened and she took a look at me in my towel, with a look of desperation on my face.

“Look at you,” she said, “And such a bloated belly.”

She reached forward and touched my distended belly.

“Mom must be cleaning you out,” she smiled. “I’m probably next. I won’t stand in your way.”

I didn’t have time to be embarrassed as I ran past her, sat on the john and let loose. Later when we were having breakfast, I did feel better, And that was the first of many enjoyable enemas I had at my cousins, later in the summer there was an experience with Karen, but that’s for another time.