The Neighborly Enema

By Anonymous

My first enema experience may not seem very exciting to you but I’m convinced that it was one of the most healthful, rejuvenating and exciting experiences I have every encountered. In fact (even though it happened many years ago) I can recall it as if it were only yesterday.

I was employed by a nationwide organization and had been experiencing severe constipation for several days. Finally when I could no longer stand the sharp stabbing pains, I secured permission from my department manager to go to the hospital for an examination. Fortunately my company maintained three large hospitals, one of which was located nearby.

At the hospital a doctor asked a number of questions, felt around on my stomach and inserted a finger into my rectum. He said he could feel some hard masses that had built up and that possibly the colon was impacted. As he was finishing the examination, a nurse entered the examining room and asked if she could be of any assistance. The doctor indicated he had completed the examination and would prescribe certain medication - then he left the room.

The nurse, quite attractive in her uniform and in her early thirties, asked what the doctor had diagnosed. After I told her, she said, “Forget the medication - go home and take an enema.” I guess I looked rather startled, but she said, “There’s nothing to it - I take enemas several times a week and I never have constipation problems.” She suggested that I use about a pint of milk with about a cup of molasses added and heated to about body temperature. I told her I would try it, thanked her for the suggestion and left the hospital.

After arriving at my apartment, I pondered for a while as to whether I would take the medication or the enema. My wife was at work, so I decided to try the enema since I was alone. I located my wife’s bag syringe, attached the tubing and the black enema nozzle. I took the assembled bag to the kitchen to prepare the solution of milk and molasses, but after searching the kitchen thoroughly, found no molasses. I had already stripped to my shorts preparing to take the enema, so I didn’t want to get dressed and drive to the store.

Living in an apartment complex, I thought one of our neighbors might be home and I could borrow the molasses. Our immediate neighbors had always been cordial, so I went and knocked on there door. Pam answered - she was about 25 years old, very pleasant and had a keen sense of humor. She had recently quit her job due to pregnancy and was home alone during the day. A little astonished to see me standing there in my bathrobe, Pam asked. “Is there something wrong?” I asked her if she happened to have a can of molasses that I could borrow. She thought she did and went to the kitchen. On returning, holding a can of molasses she asked, “What are you cooking?” I felt I should tell her the truth so I told her it was to be mixed with some milk and used for an enema.

“That seems like an odd combination for an enema,” she said. I thanked her for the molasses and went back to the apartment and started to heat the two ingredients.

The solution had just reached the proper temperature when there was a knock at the door. On the other side of the door stood Pam holding a medium size tray filled with syringes, nozzles, tubes and all kinds of items I’d never seen before. I was more than curious as to what she had and didn’t have to wait long to satisfy my curiosity. She asked if the solution was ready and suggested that it not be put into a rubber bag explaining that it would be extremely difficult to clean. The tray contained many different sizes and colors of bags, douche and enema bulbs, assorted attachments and an enameled enema can. She said, “Use this can - it will be easier to clean after your enema.” She took a length of tubing out of the tray and attached it to the can and then attached another tube, about 20 inches long. “Use this,” Pam said, “you will find it more comfortable and more efficient,” - referring to the last tube she had attached. It was now obvious to me that she, and her husband took frequent enemas.

I turned on the burner to re-heat the solution and added a little more milk. She said, “I’ll take care of this - get a large towel, spread it on the bed, get your shorts off and I’ll be there in a minute to give you the enema.” Wow, what an offer! What a neighborly thing to do! I did just as she requested, and as I stood naked, she entered the bedroom carrying the enema can which she put down on the small table near the bed, while saying, “You just lay face down on the bed while I get the Vaseline.”

When she returned she asked when I had my last enema and I replied it had been at least two years. “Fred and I give each other enemas very frequently, but the doctor said I shouldn’t take any enemas during my pregnancy, so now I have to be satisfied with only giving them,” she said.

While telling me about their private ‘world of enemas’, Pam smeared Vaseline on the tube and then spread my buttocks to reveal my ass-hole where she used her finger to smear more Vaseline. She said, “You are going to have an enema you won’t forget!” She started to insert the tube into my ass and as she did I heard the clamp snap and I waited for the solution to start to flow, almost instantly I could feel it flowing as Pam continued to push the tube farther into me.”

Pam held the can high while tipping it so every ounce of fluid would enter my guts. She said, “It’s gone already, so just stay quiet for a few minutes and let the milk and molasses do it’s job.”

She put the can down on the table but left the tube tightly in place. “When you feel you have to expel,” she said, “I’ll take the tube out!”

Well, all to soon, I felt like I was going to explode and Pam knew it. As she was taking the tube out, she said, “When you are through, I’ll give you a two quart soap-suds enema to further clean you out, and then after that, two quarts of plain water.” I went to the bathroom and Pam stood in the doorway listening to the shit fall! Soon I was finished, and as I walked back to the bedroom, I saw Pam in the kitchen preparing the next enema. My ass-hole was already a little sore and I wondered what it was going to feel like after two more enemas!

It wasn’t long before Pam was sticking that tube up my ass again! This time while I lay on my left side. “I’m going to let it run very slow this time - hoping you can take the full two quarts. She held the can low and I could hear the clamp being opened and closed to control the flow. Pam really know how to give an enema! “About half the can is gone,” she said, “roll over on your back while you take the rest of it.”

While on my back she would reach between my legs to move the tube in and out of my ass. As she did, her hand and arm rubbed against my balls and erect cock. She was aware of what she was doing, but said nothing! After several minutes the can was empty - I had taken the two quarts at the skillful hands of Pam again.

After sitting on the toilet and expelling with great force, my erect cock was soon limp! Could I take another two quarts after this, I asked myself knowing that I wanted to, more than anything. The shit was really flowing now. Pam stuck her head inside the door and said, “That’s what I like to hear - the enemas are really doing their job. I’ll just start getting the next one ready.”

Soon I was through and made my way back to the bedroom where Pam waited. “This time,” she said, “up on your hands and knees with your ass towards me.” She had already greased the tube and was holding it, well greased, in the air. It had felt so good I hadn’t even realized my cock was again fully erect! Up went the tube again while Pam’s skillful handling had the tube nearly inserted its full length before I realized it! She slid the tube in and out in short movements as my guts again became flooded. My cock remained erect as the water flowed!

“I think you have had enough,” Pam said as she closed the clamp. “The can isn’t quite empty, but you have taken most of it.” As she removed the tube, she told me to remain in that position, she began rubbing my stomach rather awkwardly with one hand, she began stroking my throbbing cock with the other hand. She stopped rubbing my stomach and the stroking of my cock quickened. Soon my cock exploded in utter abandon - ecstasy running through my veins. With my guts full of water, I had ejaculated like never before! Pam watched each spurt from my cock with pleasure and approval.

As I was in the bathroom expelling the last enema, I could hear Pam in the kitchen cleaning and putting away the equipment. She had just finished as I came out of the bathroom. “I am sure you feel much better, but I’ll check with you in the morning.”

The next morning, shortly after my wife left for the office, Pam was knocking on the door. “How do you feel this morning?” she asked.

In reply I said, “Maybe if I take more enemas today, I’ll be able to go back to work tomorrow.”

“I think you’re smart,” she said, “I’ll be back in a few minutes to help you!” Soon she was back with her tray preparing the enema. This time it was a red rubber bag and I could hardly wait to get another enema - and she could hardly wait to give it to me! I was ready in the bedroom naked when she came in carrying that beautiful, bubbling bag. This time, no long rubber tube - she used the black curved douche nozzle. Pam gave me only two enemas this day, but they were fantastic! We both decided that I still wasn’t fully cleaned out so it was agreed that we would meet at the same time the following day for the betterment of my health.

The next morning when Pam arrived at my apartment it was so early that she was still in her shorty night gown and knee length robe. This gave me a perfect opportunity to do a little exploring. While she was giving me the enema, I reached over and under her legs and around her cunt. While I was probing, I felt her legs part to make those sought after areas more accessible to my hand and fingers. I heard Pam close the clamp; she asked me to hold the bag for a minute.

As she handed me the partially full bag, she said, “I’ve seen you completely naked for two consecutive days and I’ve enjoyed giving you all of these enemas - I’m sure you would like to see me nude while we finish this final enema.” It was the final enema for that day, but more enemas and more fun were to follow in the months ahead. It turned out to be great fun to be constipated occasionally!!!

Of course, it goes without saying, I’m always good to my neighbors cause I never know how neighborly they might be!